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There is no agnostic vs. atheist! The peeve I have...
By silvereyes 8 346 comments OK Jan 20, 2018
10 of my favorite Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes: because he's just so quotable 1. The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it. 2. We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. ...
By silvereyes 8 66 comments OK Dec 11, 2017
Fellow agnostics, how do you feel about believers joining?
By Draco 6 631 comments UK Sep 25, 2017
This is a major rant about men not reading profiles. I am here for dating and I have an issue about men messaging me without first reading my profile. I may not be everyone's cup of tea but I put some effort in what I write, it's not a bunch of ...
By CaroleKay 8 97 comments CA Aug 4, 2018
How comfortable are you with the word "Atheist" ?
By Chris90045 5 592 comments CA Sep 29, 2017
The recent posts on reproductive rights and abortion hit close to home for me so I have some pretty strong feelings about it. Last year when it looked like the ACA might be repealed I decided to share my story on facebook. I thought I would ...
By AdorkableMe 7 56 comments OR May 21, 2018
A toast to Stephen Hawking. Such a great contributer to the world. Here are some of his awesome quotes: 1. Intelligence is the ability to change and adapt. 2. Perfection simply doesn't exist.....Without imperfection, neither you nor I would ...
By silvereyes 8 24 comments OK Mar 14, 2018
Too many "rules". Too many people thinking they have the right to tell anyone else how to act. Too many people trying to drag @Admin and @SiteSupport into nonsense they don't need to bother with. Block, don't block. Bitch about it, don't ...
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By KKGator 9 29 comments GA Feb 6
I read this today and thought it was sweet: “Instead of trying to get the most beautiful girl in the world, go for the girl that makes your world the most beautiful.”
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By Christiep77 7 26 comments VA Aug 3, 2018
We all have human bodies. They're all in various stages of illness, wellness, growth, and repair. They're all something so very temporary and precious. They won't hold us forever. It's okay to love yourself and this thing we're lucky enough to ride ...
By DuchessNyx 6 28 comments NE May 7, 2018
Just wanted to share a little story. My son Eli works full time in a small pet store while he's attending college full time. About a month ago he received a call at the store from a woman with a story and a plea; her daughter needed dog food but ...
By AmiSue 8 35 comments CT Sep 5, 2018
HELL EXPLAINED BY A CHEMISTRY STUDENT The following is an actual question given on a University of Arizona chemistry midterm, and an actual answer turned in by a student. The answer by one student was so 'profound' that the professor shared ...
By Tecolote 7 34 comments MO Aug 23, 2018
I'm less fearful of death now because I'm a agnostic/atheist . Several years ago I collapsed with a cardiac condition which has since been resolved. I woke up the following day in a intensive care unit . I remembered collapsing to the floor and then ...
By Lemonhead526 4 42 comments UK Oct 14, 2018
"Adults keep saying we owe it to the young people, to give them hope. But I don't want your hope. I don't want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. I want you to act. I want you to act as you would in...
By Jnei 8 20 comments UK Jan 26
Why does this community have to be so harsh? We non believers have so much going against us in the real world, we should find a way to have each other's backs. We need to find a way to support each other in our daily struggles and this difficult ...
By Akfishlady 8 47 comments WA Aug 1, 2018
Telling women not to do things because "it's not safe" is a big pet peeve of mine. I am aware that there are real dangers out in the world for men AND women but this attitude smacks of benevolent paternalism. I spent most of my high school ...
By OpposingOpposum 8 55 comments FL Apr 24, 2018
The world today🤣
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By LB67 7 10 comments CA Mar 2
Six months on the site. Looking Back How the site has evolved since last year! So I ask myself why I joined and what it is doing for me. So, this is how I see it: My atheism -- not agnosticism because I don't call myself an agnostic -- is ...
By David1955 7 32 comments Australia May 18, 2018
There are MORE than two but... This is for sure!
By LetzGetReal 8 7 comments AZ May 9, 2018
Hello Agnostic community. Wanted to announce that @Virginia and @CPAgnostic have found one another on this very site. provided an ideal environment to meet someone with whom I am highly compatible. In this world filled with religious...
By CPAgnostic 4 17 comments TX Aug 21, 2018
What makes the world go round?
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By SaucyCheryl 8 18 comments WA Feb 9
One of the things that delight and intrigue me on this site, where religious influence is noticeable by it's absence is the freedom for people to share openly and free of fear....I have been on the Internet for some 30 years or so..whenever it and my...
By NormCastle 7 12 comments UT May 23, 2018
This morning my doorbell rang. Anyone who knows me, knows that we use the back door, so I know it's a stranger. And since I use this door so infrequently, I forget that I have a peephole. Anyway, I opened the door, and it's two men in dress shirts ...
By GinaMaria 6 22 comments AZ July 14, 2018
I did it. I did the thing I said that I was going to do. After so much time of abject fear, and then education and planning to reduce that fear, I made the call… to the credit counselor. My debt had grown over time. I spent years unable to ...
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By bleurowz 8 25 comments NJ Mar 15
Sometimes we have to go through something difficult...almost to the point of breaking- to find a beautiful truth. Most of you know I fell for someone who didn't want a relationship. I couldn't do a casual FWB with him...too much emotion. Plus, I ...
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By Cabsmom 7 16 comments TX Mar 25
Should public nudity be legal?
By snytiger6 8 322 comments WA Oct 18, 2017
Lessons From a Grieving Whale The world continues to watch a grieving mama whale maneuver the waters of the Pacific Northwest, while carrying her dead calf for, as of the last report, the sixth day in a row. This sweet mama has captured the ...
By AMGT 8 16 comments CA Aug 1, 2018
Hi everyone, i have been away for a brief moment because have been dealing with some life challenges. I have always believe this community was a great place and very therapeutic for me. I have many people here who i have come to respect and ...
By twshield 8 24 comments TX Aug 30, 2018
I had an appointment with my shrink this morning, and they gave me the whole day off. So I did a whole bunch of nothing, other than a few episodes of Dexter, and world of warcraft. It's nice to have the opportunity to have most of the day to ...
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By TristanNuvo 8 19 comments FL Oct 3, 2018
"I love America more than any other country in the world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually." -James Baldwin
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By coralisthree 8 6 comments MN Dec 31, 2018
So... @ProudMary, a very well known woman on this site, was told she couldn't "live in the real world." Mary is a well known member and participant of more groups and more significant discussions than anyone else on agnostic. Her writing and ...
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By SukiSue 8 20 comments MA Dec 15, 2018
Boys and girls, Aunt Mary’s done a great deal of soul searching over the past few days and I’ve decided it’s time to exit stage left. I’ll be leaving the site after I hear back from someone I’ve asked to take over the 36 Questions group. ...
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By ProudMary 8 31 comments WV Jan 8
The Power of my Compelling Compels You! Last night, I was happily painting with a napping bird on my shoulder. When suddenly, a mutha fuckin' HUGE something scampers across my foot. Oh no, not in THIS house! Demon begone! I leapt to my ...
By Aware1 4 14 comments AL Feb 21
My neighbor is an atheist and I didn't know it. I had to laugh. I'm friends with this neighbor on Facebook and noticed some posts that seemed in agreement with my viewpoints. They invited us over to supper and during the conversation we ...
By SteveB 7 17 comments IA Feb 6, 2018
Seven Wonders of the World 😊
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By Sheannutt 9 8 comments OR Nov 15, 2018
There are more relationships breaking up because of it. People have lost touch with humanity and technology has taken its place. All we have is communication in this world. It that gets destroyed, then what is left?
By mistymoon77 9 21 comments MN June 1, 2018
Could you stay isolated for five days in total isolation as an asocial experiment?
By EmeraldJewel 7 150 comments OK June 6, 2018
America: Do you believe Canada is a socialist country?
By Athena 7 62 comments Canada June 15, 2018
Hold your groan until the end A frog goes into a bank and approaches the teller. He can see from her nameplate that her name is Patty Whack. "Miss Whack, I'd like to get a $30,000 loan to take a holiday." Patty looks at the frog in disbelief...
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By ATDayHiker 7 10 comments TN Mar 1
Out of this world relationship.
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By JackPedigo 8 9 comments WA Mar 17
I was pumping gas, when I noticed a man holding a sign saying that he would work for food. A car rolled down a window and handed the man sandwich wrapped in paper. The man said: "Thank you and God-bless" to the person in the car as the tinted window ...
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By Nurse-Quantros 7 14 comments NY Aug 23, 2018
Saw this on FB, a place I don't often go these days, and thought it sounded pretty right on the money: An anguished question from a Trump supporter: "Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?" The serious answer: Here’s what we ...
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By Condor5 8 12 comments CA Oct 12, 2018
The Right Wing is the same all over the world.
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By Surfpirate 8 10 comments Canada Nov 1, 2018
Hate - It Has Caused a Lot of Problems in This World and it has not Solved one yet -Maya Angelou
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By sassygirl3869 9 8 comments NY Dec 15, 2018
I know this is probably the wrong group to post this. But I am so angry at the greed unfolding around me I need to vent or burst. All for oil. The sweet image Canada portrays for the world is bullshit. I just wish more people would see it except the ...
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By nikkir 7 13 comments Canada Jan 12
Oldest trick in the world..
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By Charlene 8 18 comments Feb 6
So in order to get a job, I colored my hair tonight. I think I look younger? I hate that I had to do this. What kind of world do we live in that doesn't value age and experience? It's a rinse so will last a few washings.
By Akfishlady 8 52 comments WA Apr 18, 2018
I just got my second tattoo ever. I think I got my first one in 1996. This is of the coordinates of a stage in a field on an old hippie commune in southern Indiana, where Ukulele World Congress happens. This year is UWC X, and I've been going since ...
By Nottheonlyone 7 17 comments IN May 24, 2018
What is beautiful to you?
By Akfishlady 8 54 comments WA May 28, 2018
Let me Google that for you?
By pepperjones 8 15 comments WA June 25, 2018
Boundaries. Let's talk about them. Everyone has lines they don't want crossed. Some people even have lines they don't want anyone even approaching, let alone crossing. Knowing where somebodies boundaries are can be difficult to discern. But ...
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By JeremyTaylor 8 33 comments OH Aug 13, 2018
Global leaders snub Trump and his nationalistic vision Amid Armistice Day events in France, the president stands at the outskirts of the world stage. By NANCY COOK 11/11/2018 02:58 PM EST SURESNES, France — President Donald Trump looked ...
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By camne 7 11 comments OH Nov 11, 2018
How needy is needy? I met someone online. Went on one date. We have a few things in common. Funniest thing we were brought up in the same town. Small world. He has been divorced a while and I can see he wants to be with someone and get off of the ...
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By Rose2U 7 42 comments FL Nov 20, 2018
Our POS-POTUS has proven once again to the world that he is mentally ill and delusional by thanking himself for being the best thing that ever happened to America during Thanksgiving yesterday. He tried to do the same thing in the UN assembly, from ...
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By Mofo1953 7 9 comments FL Nov 23, 2018
I don’t want much out of life, just those moments when my breath is taken away, those times when I look around in wide-eyed wonder at all the splendor that is life, those people who enter my life and I am much better for the experience. I want ...
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By LimeySteve 7 21 comments NC Dec 10, 2018
Epic tweet: Don't like Mother fucker? Trump is a festering bloodfart, a semi-conscious anal fistula and a flaky pile of smegma. All the maggots squirming under all the dampened cow-paddies in the world couldn't measure up to the filth that is ...
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By Closeted 8 12 comments IL Jan 6
What the world owes you.
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By Heather2367 7 7 comments Canada Feb 12
The world explained
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By Science-guy 8 6 comments Canada Feb 18
heard around the world
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By mzee 7 10 comments MD Feb 20
If even a quarter of this is true, this could be the legal noose around Trump and his acolytes necks. Source: [] There’s yet another Trump administration scandal brewing. And it’s a doozy. Paul Waldman A report...
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By Science-guy 8 14 comments Canada Feb 20
Some people claim I am mathematically challenged, but as far as I'm concerned there are only three kinds of people in this world - those who understand math, and those who don't.
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By DougTElmira 5 12 comments Canada Mar 1
11 Fast Facts about Christianity: 1.) The Bible is the world's bestselling book 2.) The Bible is the world's most shoplifted book 3.) Less than 2/3s of the public, 63%, can correctly name Genesis as the first book in the bible. 4.) 100 million ...
By silvereyes 8 37 comments OK Nov 12, 2017
Happy birthday to the man who by the age of 30 had transformed the world.. Isaac Newton :-) ????????
By Ruetres 5 13 comments NE Dec 25, 2017
I’ve Never Believed Finding myself in a different space than most atheists and agnostics in that I have never believed in a god or gods. My family is Christian and though we didn’t go to church much or on a regular basis I have been to church ...
By itchic 4 19 comments AZ Dec 30, 2017
We are an eclectic group on this site: gay, straight, American, Brit, Aussie, Kiwi, agnostic, atheist, with varying levels in between. Sometimes we "split hairs" over meanings, interpretations, but there seems to be an overriding respect and feeling...
By tioteo 7 8 comments MI Apr 3, 2018
Carl Sagan's Thoughts About the Illegality of Cannabis
By VictoriaNotes 8 15 comments MS Apr 20, 2018
A conservative I know asked why is it that liberals hated the rich. I can’t speak for others, but I don’t hate the rich...I hate the INFLUENCE the rich have over the masses that we don’t have over them. Example...I can go my whole life and ...
By Rideauxb 7 24 comments CA May 19, 2018
It bothers me that most US citizens don't know "In God We Trust" wasn't official for the first 180 years of our country's existence. Our country was 88 years old when it was first used on some, not all, of our currency. It was 178 when "under God" ...
By Markss76118 7 19 comments TX Aug 4, 2018
Regarding my previous post, I'm sorry I bothered you guys with it. I'd like to thank you for all the support you've shown. Though I'm afraid I will not get over the rejection of such an important person in my life any time soon (she seriously made me...
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By kasmian 7 20 comments Portugal Dec 2, 2018
@Admin @SiteSupport - Really need your input on the member who posted real life names on a post about raping an unconscious woman. That member has been PMing me for weeks now. I thought it was just a matter of someone who was a bit insecure....
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By RavenCT 9 12 comments CT Jan 7
How to write a Sext that doesn't suck
By LiterateHiker 8 22 comments WA Feb 18
Two priests arrived in Spain for a holiday, happy to be away from all the dogma and whinging parishioners, they go to the beach to relax and enjoy the break. After a few hours. A gorgeous topless blond walks up to them and says, “good morning ...
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By RichieO 7 4 comments Ireland Feb 26
Hey, gentlemen, do us both a favor and please add a picture to your profile! It's not so much about whether you think your looks will help or hurt, but we women like to check out the sincerity in your eyes and we do like to pretend your smile is ...
By Deb57 7 54 comments IL Apr 2, 2018
Just wanted to share this- apologies to those who already know it, but it resonated well with me. Don't know who wrote it. I am here to share a secret- I am not who I have always been; The world that lies outstretched before me Is not the ...
By StJohn 5 17 comments Australia May 26, 2018
I guess we'll file this under non romantic relationships, and I understand that nobody really cares about this but me. But that's okay. Just venting a little bit. As you have seen from my post in the past, I have had no actual Brothers in my life. ...
By SonOfABeach 7 19 comments NE June 1, 2018
A question for those hoping to find love again. Do you limit yourself on distance or are you open to find love anywhere in the world? It may not seem practical to some but who's to say love is right next door, or even in a nearby town?
By BohoHeathen 7 75 comments OH June 30, 2018
The roots leading to and the founding of the United States of America are riddled with inaccuracies and myths to fit the concepts of what Americans claim to hold dear. It begins with Christopher Columbus and how he was hailed as a “hero” for ...
By Gwendolyn2018 7 11 comments MO July 4, 2018
These are pallets of asbestos, sealed with plastic and stamped with the image of the Trump whose EPA has just approved it for use in the United States. We have this week started importing this asbestos from Russia, the only country that still ...
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By BohoHeathen 7 14 comments OH Aug 8, 2018
A new introvert enters the world...
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By AwarenessNow 7 7 comments CO Oct 1, 2018
Putin trumpets end of US world power, says Trump listens well []
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By shockwaverider 8 4 comments WA Nov 26, 2018
Hey Folks.. 4 years alcohol free today Where I find myself is certainly not paradise: but I now have a better chance of making it so On this day I would like to extend my support and thoughts to every and all struggling with substance abuse ...
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By Davekp 7 19 comments Canada Jan 15
LIAR - World Class Liar
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By sassygirl3869 9 8 comments NY Jan 26
10 fallacies about atheists - have I missed any?
By Paul 5 24 comments UK Nov 12, 2017
Facing Pain
By AMGT 8 39 comments CA Feb 1, 2018
“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”
By AMGT 8 29 comments CA Feb 5, 2018
Well - after reading the many posts on the subject, and after being on other dating sites lately, without meeting anyone that happened to "spark" me, just by happenstance, I met this guy at the gym I go to. A very gradual development, that is...
By evergreen 8 14 comments FL Feb 28, 2018
Nine important facts to remember as we grow older: Number 9 - Death is the number 1 killer in the world. Number 8 - Life is sexually transmitted. Number 7 - Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. Number 6 - Men ...
By Surfpirate 8 11 comments Canada May 1, 2018
How do you explain to someone else why we should all fundamentally care about each other and our only planet? It’s exhausting. I count myself as a progressive primarily because I find the left’s account of the world far more compelling, ...
By thinkingsooner 6 30 comments OK June 20, 2018
Oh no. I'm not heading down the defeatest rabbit hole. I understand the reality of the world, and do what I can in my work and personal life. What do you do to effect/affect the the change you want to see? (Edited: I have a hard time with ...
By Stacey48 8 24 comments MD June 29, 2018
I'm curious, how many of you have friends and family on this site, and I'm not counting those that you've met virtually or face to face since joining agnostics, I'm talking about those from the 'real world'. For the record you are all my new family.
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By psycheworks 8 54 comments UK Aug 5, 2018
Do you know awesome it feels to have "that person" who changed your world pull into the driveway when you are looking out the window? It's amazing!
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By hipchick57 7 26 comments FL Oct 5, 2018
Isn't the ignorance surrounding atheism astounding? Don't you also find it entirely frustrating and, I can’t help but thinking, mostly intentional? As a word, atheism shouldn’t even exist. The word only serves to give non-belief a ...
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By Deiter 7 14 comments CA Nov 4, 2018
In Mexico I often heard the expression 'No trabajo, no comida' , basically if you don't work you don't eat. We live in a world that is full of abundance, over abundance to the point that we throw away much of what we make while in some places there ...
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By Surfpirate 8 11 comments Canada Dec 19, 2018
Okay then! I am officially losing faith in our world. []
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By SukiSue 8 23 comments MA Jan 19
Small world... checking in to the hotel in Dallas for the Irish Festival and this is about 20 miles south of where I live. The young woman checking me in says “ OMG you’re Sara’s mom”....I guess I looked shocked. She worked with my daughter ...
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By IrishTxJudy 7 11 comments TX Mar 8
Seeing supposedly religious people support tRump has made me incredibly angry. I want to live in a world where being kind is more important than being right and where making sure everyone has a place to live and food to eat is more important than ...
By Thoughtfuljenny 4 23 comments MA Dec 17, 2017
OK. I'm from the UK where, like Australia and many other countries we have really strict gun control laws. I have seen (and commented on) several posts on here from pro-gun advocates and I make this post not to antagonise or to offend, but as an ...
By Uncorrugated 7 38 comments UK Feb 22, 2018
I had a male boss about 20 years ago come in early most mornings to discuss our beliefs, he was a good friend and religious. The first encounter one morning he asked me " Are you a Satantist". I laughed so hard and said no Jimmy, if I don't believe ...
By Cindym1955 3 8 comments OK Mar 13, 2018
Just got bombarded by three born again Christians. They were just so certain that they needed to pray with me because my heart was broken, Ilive in pain, and (what else did they say..) oh Jesus is the one truth in life so I was lost. I told her ...
By ashortbeauty 8 27 comments FL Mar 22, 2018
'Christianity as default is gone': the rise of a non-Christian Europe | World news | The Guardian
By IndySent 7 13 comments Norway Mar 22, 2018
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