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In love, how much does money matter?
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I voted very.
I supported my ex for too many years on the thought that he’d some day work again. Kept trying to tell myself money didn’t matter.
That attitude put extra stress on my shoulders because I was the only one busting ass.
I’d prefer that whomever I’m with has a stable job, making at least as much as me, prioritizing as responsibly.
Thumbs Up: What is your motivation for NOT 'liking' someone's response to a post? My number one reason is that the response has nothing to do with the initial post Other reasons include: Not agreeing with the response, finding it shallow and not thought through, think the person is too involved with 'self'....
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Same as your #1 reason.
Pot Smokers: What are some of the positive and negative benefits you get from this illegal weed? I'm not sure why or how it's illegal, but that's another post. Some of the positive benefits for me: Helps me 'see' other ways of thinking, is great with friends and conversations, and is relaxing. Negatives: Can cause lack of motivation, bad for short-term memory, and can be easily abused to 'escape'....
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I haven’t been high in a lot of years..
I quit because I quit everything mind altering.
I’m an addict.
I miss weed the most, and often think about smoking again specifically to treat my ptsd.
I just haven’t, I sorta pride myself on the fact that I’m honoring my default sober position and have become accustomed to the clarity that sobriety affords me.

I see little to no negatives with weed, outside of its addictive properties.

Post a lyric that empowers or motivates you. "I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my sea."
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“I need my conscience to keep watch over me, to protect me from myself.”

-The Dead Can Dance
Most people confuse knowing ,with believing.
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Many dictionaries aren’t even consistent.
Why do we have the arrogance to call ourselves intelligent, when most of our species is at one time or another killing each other, destroying the environment, with a few haves and most have not!!
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We have the arrogance because of our neurology.
We can’t actually care about anything or anyone without a neurochemical dopamine reward.
An addiction to power, real or illusory, is the real dope and it’s destroying everything.

just thought I would check this out. I guess I'm looking for reasonable people who will not try to convert me. I am quite happy being Agnostic and don't feel like I have something missing spiritually in my life. in other area, well maybe. but not in my personal beliefs. so I guess what I'm saying is...hello everybody!...
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Hi & welcome
What would you prefer? 'Extremely Groveling' levels at Agnostic dot com or...?
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Points shmoints, I’m just here for all the fish
If you're were a needle that could thread your tapestry of life? What you you look like?
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The bottom would have patterns that didn’t match, it would look chaotic but 1/3 of the way up it would start to have cohesion and symmetry, then there would be nothing but black and grey, with loose stitching, holes, and damage..
The needle is still stuck in the material, there’s a bunch of swatches strewn all over the place, not connected and waiting to be part of the tapestry.
The needle’s currently broken.
A Tim Minchin quote: "Science adjusts its views based on what's observed. Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved." It's insightful, but doesn't account for the stuck-in-the-mud classical scientists who refuse to acknowledge overwhelming anecdotal evidence. Good science - referred to above - has to fight against the inertia of the establishment, and it ain't easy. Doctors and scientists take 7 or more years of their life to get their education, but it takes another 5 to teach them how to ACT like one. This, quoted by a university prof. ...
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“Overwhelming anecdotal evidence” is most often worthless, and here’s why..

From Wiki: “ Anecdotal evidence is often unscientific or pseudoscientific because various forms of cognitive bias may affect the collection or presentation of evidence. For instance, someone who claims to have had an encounter with a supernatural being or alien may present a very vivid story, but this is not falsifiable. This phenomenon can also happen to large groups of people through subjective validation.

Anecdotal evidence is also frequently misinterpreted via the availability heuristic, which leads to an overestimation of prevalence. Where a cause can be easily linked to an effect, people overestimate the likelihood of the cause having that effect (availability). In particular, vivid, emotionally charged anecdotes seem more plausible, and are given greater weight. A related issue is that it is usually impossible to assess for every piece of anecdotal evidence, the rate of people not reporting that anecdotal evidence in the population.

A common way anecdotal evidence becomes unscientific is through fallacious reasoning such as the Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, the human tendency to assume that if one event happens after another, then the first must be the cause of the second. Another fallacy involves inductive reasoning. For instance, if an anecdote illustrates a desired conclusion rather than a logical conclusion, it is considered a faulty or hasty generalization.”
What is your social status as an atheist?
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I’ve come out publicly, yes.
I lost one friend & one client behind it, other than that, it’s a non-issue.
What Type of Poster are You?
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I read first, so as not to be potentially repetitive, and to see if I can learn something new before running my mouth, lol.
Any fans of Joe vs the Volcano and the lines... Do you believe in God? I believe in myself. What's that mean? I have faith in myself.
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saw it in the theatre when it was released and loved it.
Can’t tell you single line though.. that was a long time ago.
Another of my favorites. Carl Sagan said: "" You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep-seated need to believe.""
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When we allow our feelings to dictate our interpretation of things, it just gets so mudddy and convoluted..
I am beyond grateful for the rigors of the self-correcting, scientific method.
Likelihood of meeting in person
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I’m only here for community..
There’s a handful of people here I’d probably grab a cup of joe with if they lived closer but since they don’t, enjoying their thoughts here will suffice
I've been seeing some posts on reincarnation which I think is just wishful thinking. I think this talk about end of life experiences by Dr Christopher Kerr adds something to the conversation. The human brain is an amazing thing indeed!! And fooling ourselves to make ourselves feel better is a function of that brain. https://youtu.be/rbnBe-vXGQM Really touching and thought provoking. ...
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Our own neurology conjures that which comforts us most.
That is natural, profound and enough.

Thanks for posting the video, Josie.
Made me cry.

The universe!!
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I have no good reason to think that the universe is conscious.
What is/are your favorite word/s for 'love'?
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Love is a neurological chemical cocktail, it is different from lust in that it includes oxytocin and vasopressin, for bonding.

What would you give up?
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I don’t find purpose. I assign it.
And right now, my purpose in life is to get justice for my son, expose corruption within the lapd, help families that are in my position and set something up so that grieving parents can be taken care of for the first 5 years after sudden and violent loss of a child.

Im also assigning meaning to my survival being the mother of my living daughter. My animated, sober and functioning presence is important to her emotional, mental and physical well being.
Sometimes none of that is enough.
Sometimes just a dogs yawn will trigger enough dopamine in me that I think maybe I can do this for one more day.

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Atheism only answers a question about belief in god(s).
There are plenty of atheists who hold a positive belief in all sorts of woo, and that doesn’t make them any less atheist.
The only requirement for atheism is a lack of belief in a god.
So yes, you can be atheist and believe in paranormal.

Gosh!! Don't think we have this kind of Christian in England!? I've never seen anyone like this crazy anyway!? https://youtu.be/DNsqMaEmtlw
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I got about 14 seconds in..
I wonder if at any point, one of those people that have thrown themselves on the ground (because everyone else is) thinks to themselves..”WTF am I doing right now???”

My conscience is just too damn loud to let me get away with dishonest chaos to this degree.
How to: Make peace with a parent...
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My dad is Christian and is bummed that I no longer am, however, there is scripture that he relies on that saves him from challenging me.
I can’t remember exactly what passages they are, but they promise household salvation when the father has accepted Jesus as his lord and savior.

I don’t know your dads motives behind his wanting to challenge you, is he worried or does he just want to argue and be right?
You could use his own faith against him with that scripture, and let him know that his lack of faith isn’t your problem.

saying no is actually really healthy. That’s means you’re not letting people take an advantage of you.
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My daughter always says it when company asks if they can use our bathroom.

Good exercise
Has anyone else researched the meaning and purpose of life? I believe that I have come close and am currently trying to disprove my theory because I don't like it. However after 4 years I have not succeeded once. If you do know the meaning and purpose of life based on a scientific method around the engineering principle of input > process > output then by all means please comment on this and share your findings? To all those who will ask "How do you know?" or say things like "you can't know, don't be so arrogant, etc." then please don't waste your time or mine. This is only for the very very few individuals who have both the necessary memories, technical knowledge/understanding and logical mindset. For those who want to comment what they believe to be the meaning and purpose of life then by all means do it. It is always good to get new data samples. ...
AMGT comments:
I have a couple questions that might help me understand what you’re asking..

You used the words “theory” and “scientific method.”
In your own theorizing, is there empirical evidence or is it strictly that you’re engaged in subjective hypothesizing?

If there’s empirical evidence in your theory, what is it?

Believers on buses
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While making direct eye contact, I’d say, “stop talking to me.”
I’ve done this before and it works immediately.

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