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How do you react to someone telling you to have a blessed day?
AjaMarie comments:
At least they aren't offering to pray for me. When I was a teenager I used to smile say "satan loves you too!".
What kind of atheist are you?
AjaMarie comments:
I like information, and solid proof is what drives my beliefs. I don't care what anyone else believes, even the ones I believe are idiots. Religion isn't a defining factor of who one is unless they make it so, and if a religious person is fine with my atheism, we're good. My 9 year old son on the other hand spent a summer with family that went to a full on crazy town baptist church 2-3 days a week and has decided he wants to be Lucian Greaves when he grows up....
Do you enjoy it when a Christian knocks at your door?
AjaMarie comments:
I have only had the mormon kids ever come to the door, and I actually like to take the time to talk to them. For what it is, while the religious end of their beliefs are beyond ridiculous to me, the kids doing the missionary work are usually pretty genuinely decent people- just a bit on the misguided side. Most of them have been happy to sit and talk with me, because I will let them do their "pitch" and then discuss with them my feelings on religion. It is insane to me the idea that atheists are somehow immoral or lacking in purpose simply due to not having a god to answer to. My morals don't come from a fear of a hell or a heavenly reward- if these things are all that keeps you from being a horrible person then you are the one lacking humanity. I do my best to treat people as I would like to be treated, and do pretty well unless I'm dealing with a real ass hat at which point respect goes out the window. These mormon kids have been brought up indoctrinated so deeply that they are out there in unfamiliar places knocking on doors to save souls, most paying their own way to do it. Slamming the door or being combative with them just furthers that belief that we need saving, and I would much rather do my best to talk and listen to these kids and show them that godless and good can go together, and even a morman missionary can find common ground with an atheist. This attitude comes very much from the fact that every mormon kid I've spoken to has been very polite, respectful and willing to have a real conversation rather than arguing and judging. I live in Georgia and if southern baptists did the door to door jesus peddler shit, I am certain I would be far less apt to attempt a meaningful conversation. It sort of boils down to great quote about religion being like a penis-nothing wrong with having one and being proud of it, but once you start waving it around in public and trying to shove it down my throat without an invitation we are gonna have a BIG problem. The mormon kids keep it in their pants....er....backpacks...pretty damned well for being door to door god dealers, a huge portion of southern baptists on the other hand are all about pummelling the shit out of people with a sea of deity-dick everywhere they go. Anyone knocking on my door to tell me about their awesome hellfire loving sky daddy, at BEST gets told that if I wind up in heaven with that crap attitude god they worship because someone prayed for me, no one there is going to be happy.
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