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BradInCA comments:
And here I thought no men were going to touch this with a ten foot pole !
Are you in favor of capital punishment?
BradInCA comments:
When I was younger I was for capital punishment, until I read Caryl Chessman's "Cell 2455, Death Row". It changed my views. There are certainly crimes for which I believe a person should be dead because of, but because the law is so unfairly administered, I'm not prepared to have innocent people killed in my name. I know this might sound odd - but, I'd be all in favor that if a man / woman sentenced to life in prison for murder or sexual crimes against minors wished to end their life rather than spend it in prison, I'd be in favor of providing the means. it'd have to be a coerce-free methodology, which might be problematic in some jurisdictions, but think of the money it would save. Not all people deserve to live. But I don't decide when they'll die. I don't think capital punishment is a deterrent - killers either think they'll get away with it, don't care, or did it in the heat of the moment - no foresight of punishment is applied in any of these cases.
When did you start to identify as an atheist/agnostic?
BradInCA comments:
About age 8. i started asking a lot of questions in my United Methodist bible class, and wasn't getting any good answers (think Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory on a theoretical roll) ! :-) It was pretty much an instantaneous process. Then, I continued my education, and became widely read, and traveled, and still wasn't getting good answers. That's because there are none. Many people's beliefs are based on fables - the end.
Incest: Immoral or Moral?
BradInCA comments:
I think it's more of an issue of how it might affect the dynamics of your family WHEN discovered. Also, it's kind of like when people date at work, break up, and how it affects not only their work but their co-workers sometimes. Just not a very wise relationship move. Moral vs Immoral - that's a tougher call. I guess there are personal morals and community morals - and sometimes it's not easy to separate the two, unless you live in an isolated situation. Rarely a wise choice - I'd say, and frowned upon by most, for sure - I'd just steer clear. I'm sure there are exceptions (I sometimes wondered about Angelina Jolie and her brother). We all might say "who am I to judge" - and then we do, we do judge. So, again, not a winning move.
BradInCA comments:
"Bless you" seems an innocuous phrase - I use it often. As you say, you're not saying who blesses you - maybe in your head someone is thinking "Satan blesses you" - but I don't know, I stay away from those people :-) !
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