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I'm an Audio/Visual Technician at a Museum in DTLA and my main passion is music. Whether it be creating, listening, recording, or live shows, music is my number one.

I absolutely love talking about philosophy, religion, atheism, etc. as well. I don't have many people I talk with about these subjects except for the rare conversation with family or friends. However, I'm very happy to have found this community

It would just be nice to be with someone that did not want to change you.
Calvin comments:
You like the way you are strongly enough, that you don't want someone to change who you are. And that's something to be proud of. Don't worry, someone will come along!
What makes a god, a God?
Calvin comments:
A book that's convincing to people who don't thoroughly read it. Also a pseudo "loop hole" to prove that you can't disprove its existence so it must be real haha
Advice needed! Atheist dating Christian?
Calvin comments:
I appreciate everyone's input very much! I read everyone's comments. I finally brought it up and she actually didn't seem to mind. However, I don't think it's going to work out anyways. Not so much because of the difference of belief, but more so how it affects our personality/actions (her being a little more reserved and me being more open). So it just wasn't clicking as much as I originally thought it would. But hey that's how dating goes lol Thanks again everyone!
I say "bless you" automatically when someone sneezes. Do you do the same?
Calvin comments:
I do it too but more so out of habit, rather than by the actually meaning. I've tried saying "excuse you" but found it to sound passive aggressive sometimes haha
If aliens landed on Earth, would that spell the end of Earth's religions?
Calvin comments:
They'll have a hard time doing improv when that happens, but they'll probably say it's part of "God's plan" and that it was foreseen by a vague/irrelevant verse in the Bible.
How did it start?
Calvin comments:
As a kid my family wasn't super religious but it was always present to some degree. When I heard the stories though, something in my mind always told me "that can't be right." So I've always been skeptical. It wasn't until I turned 22 that I started to feel strongly about not believing. There's just so much evidence against God and so much contradiction within the Bible that I couldn't sell myself on believing.
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