In my experience, there is no "objective truth". All "truth" is colored by one's experience, and most severely by their senses. Because people don't literally share senses (in that we are not of one literal mind (think hivemind, like in the Alien movies), we can never be sure that what I experience is what you experience.

We can go through the processes of doing a legitimate science experiment, and a thousand other people can repeat the same experiment. But until we can achieve telepathy or thought sharing technology or powers, we can never be sure of having the same results.

To me, this is kind of depressing, that even two people who agree on everything might not really be agreeing, since they might be having two different experiences but calling it the same thing. Now, here's the question. What are your thoughts on this?

How anti-theist are you? Not only am I an unapologetic atheist, but I am an anti-theist. Sure, I live in the real world and I have friends and relatives who are believers, but I do take many opportunities to educate others as to the horrors of religion and its horrific crimes. Human rights are threatened all over this planet because of religion and people are being tortured and murdered because of it. We are now living in a climate where it is OK to discriminate and call it freedom of religion. IN the USA, you can believe in human sacrifice, but you can't practice it....
Comment: Atheist? More like Defacto Atheist, or what I would call Agnostic-Atheist. I don't know for sure that God doesn't exist, but I'm strongly inclined to believe that he doesn't.

Antitheist? Absolutely not. I have no problem whatsoever with people who believe. I'm spiritual myself in that I tend towards Wicca. So gods, no, spirits, yes.
Should unbelievers use the word 'spiritual' if they aren't referring to anything supernatural?
Comment: Spiritual is a real blanket term. It could mean anything from "I believe in God, but I'm not a member of any organized religion" to "I believe in Spirits but not gods" to "Yeah, there's probably something out there that science can't explain, but I don't know what it is."

Spiritual is such a vague term that it can encompass almost anything that includes belief or inclination towards something of a non-scientific nature or rather something that science can't explain.
Thoughts on Satanism?
Comment: It depends on what branch of Satanism you follow. If you're a Spiritual Satanist, you believe that Satan is a literal being and worship him. LaVeyan Satanists believe in Satan as a metaphor for freedom and believe that humans are their own highest state, and that they need not aspire to anything higher.

Media demonizes Satanism (if you'll forgive the pun), and whether intentionally or unintentionally mixes it up with the worship of Samael, the Demon. Satanists seem like pretty cool people by and large, whether Spiritual or LaVeyan, you should know that they don't do human sacrifices or even animal sacrifices as far as I know.

The Christian image of Satan is actually an image of Baphomet, a Pagan entity.
Should Atheists/Agnostics/Humanists actively oppose dangerous religious beliefs and practices?
Comment: I believe that Agnostic, Atheist, Religious or otherwise, we should all oppose dangerous religious beliefs and practices.
Do you walk away from friends that are believers in one religion or another or tolerate their childish "blessings" etc.?
Comment: No. If I walked away from every friend who was religious, I wouldn't have very many friends. Blessed Be.
Do you think there is only one human race?
Comment: Human, or more scientifically, Homo Sapien is the species, not the race. There are multiple races of human that are based on smaller genetic and physical differences between Humans. And even amongst races, there are physical differences based on regional origin.

For instance, both Norwegian people and Polish people are both Caucasian, but Norwegian people are Germanic while Polish people are Slavic.

There are minor physical differences such as cheekbones, nose structure, forehead, etcetera. So although the term "race" is sort of a blanket term and yes, it's overused. Species is Homo Sapien, Race would be Caucasian, Asian, African, etcetera, Ethnicity would be like Slavic, Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, etcetera (describing the region rather than skin color).
did you loose faith, or gain a sense of reality?
Comment: A little bit of both.
The belief in a God Almighty was fostered upon us to have "order amidst chaos" -you think so?
Comment: It was partially that. Originally that was the reason. The primitive humans created gods to explain natural disasters, and everything else. But then in the time of more advanced civilizations: Babylon, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Egypt, so on and so on, religion was largely used as a method of social control.

Especially in the civilizations in the Middle East, where there's not another city for days, if not weeks, your city, and by extension your religion is your whole life. If you crossed the high priests, if you violated the tenets of your faith, you could be cast out.

Thus, you needed to do anything you could to avoid being considered Persona non Grata, so to speak, and if you did, you needed to get back on their good side pretty damn quickly. Because who else could you go to? The next city is a week away by foot.

But excuse me. I've rambled. Religion equals social control in many societies.
Is lusting really a bad thing? Can lust ever be enough to maintain a relationship?
Comment: There's nothing wrong with lust. It shouldn't be the basis of a relationship if you intend for the relationship to go anywhere. But if it's just a casual relationship, then what the hell? Who cares what the relationship is based on?
Can science and religion realistically be reconciled?
Comment: There's no reason that someone can't believe both in God and in science. There are those who will say that you can't serve two masters. But to them I say "Do you go to your priest when you need medicine?" (I know some people do. My point is still valid.)

There's a place for everything and everything must be in its place. Just as you would hire a plumber and not call a priest for medicine, you don't turn to religion when you want to learn about evolution.
How is it that the only evidence of God is in books written by men in secluded places and claim they are legitimate just because they say they are...
Comment: Social control, largely. In our most ancient history, religion was used to explain that which couldn't be explained otherwise. Why do storms happen? Why is the world so dangerous?

As civilization spread, so did the realization amongst the intelligent citizens of the society that religion could be used to draw in and control people. It kept the powerful and wealthy powerful and wealthy, and the poor subservient. They may have believed in their gods, they may not have. I can't speak to that.

But Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, all examples of places that were highly civilized, and where religion largely dominated the government. The Roman Senators were so taken with themselves that they would actively work to extend their own tenures and shorten their enemies' tenures by lengthening or shortening certain months.
"The gods came to me last night and said that we should make September two weeks longer!"

And if people believed them, the month's length would change. How's that for social control via religion?
How do you feel about AI is it a threat in itself, is it a threat in the hands of the military or is it neutral or even benign?
Comment: Nothing is inherently evil or a threat. It can become a threat if we use it incorrectly. But, as AI is now, it's not advanced enough to threaten humanity.
Have you ever been fired for being an atheist?
Comment: It's actually never come up in any of my jobs. And you could sue your company for firing you for being Atheist. It would be difficult to prove, though. It's better to just keep your religion or lack thereof out of conversation entirely. They do say "Three things you don't talk about in public: religion, politics and money."
Is the American president thought of as some one who not only gives political leadership but spiritual as well, like an American version of a pope? They always seem very religious and act as though they are a pope it seems? ...
Comment: No. The President of the United States is an entirely secular leader, or is supposed to be. Our founding fathers, remembering the dangers of the secular leader being involved officially with religion (The King of England being the head of the Church as well), and deigned in the First Amendment to separate Church and State.

In relatively recent years, we seem to have forgotten that, and have hired a megalomaniac who claims God as his +1 (Trump), and a theocratic lunatic (Pence), who have then hired people with no business being in an official office of any sort (Bannon, Devos, Tillerson and others).

Right now, our country is as close as it's ever been to a Kakistocracy (rule by the least competent or most corrupt). But the good thing is that the longest Trump can stay in office is eight years. He could try to extend the number of terms he can take, but such actions would be overturned by Congress or the Supreme Court.

He has used Executive Orders a lot to try to maneuver around the political process. But many of them have been overturned by the Supreme Court for being unconstitutional, and the few bills that he's proposed have all been rejected by Congress.

We have a three branch system to ensure a system of checks and balances that will make sure that no one person or branch gains too much power.

But forgive me, I've digressed and shown myself to be far more optimistic than I prefer to make myself out to be. No. The president is not like the Pope. Our current president acts as though he's the ruler of our country. But he's a leader, and must work within the system, which he seems incapable of doing.
What do you think about tattoos and body piercings?
Comment: People have every right to get as many as they want if it makes them happy. I don't mind people with a few. I don't find it attractive if they've covered themselves with tattoos or piercings, and certain places on the body, I feel weren't meant to be tattooed or pierced.

Some people definitely go overboard. I used to work as a cashier, and there was a man with five star tattoos on his forehead, and tribal style tattoos around his eyes, and people who get huge portions of their face pierced and have tons of rings in them just look silly in my opinion.

But also in my opinion, they have every right to do it. It's a free country and I wouldn't try to stop them from doing what they like. In a way, I find full body tattoos fascinating as long as they're artful. Take the Yakuza tattoos. They all tell a story and are amazingly done. And there's a certain beauty in them.
Just because unbelievers have shed one delusion are they really as free of others as they might like to imagine?
Comment: Freedom is an illusion. There is no such thing. We are chained by our obligations to others and by our limitations as humans.
What are your arguments against the word "God" being in America's pledge and national motto?
Comment: As I understand, they don't say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools anymore because it was deemed unconstitutional (separation of Church and State and whatnot). I bet in ten years, none of the younger generation will even know the Pledge of Allegiance.

Since it's not said in schools, which is where I learned it, and I imagine most kids learned it, it will still exist, but will essentially be defunct.
Telling a lie is certainly destructive. Are there harmless lies or white lies or true lies?
Comment: A white lie supposedly doesn't hurt anyone... That is, as long as the person doesn't find out they've been lied to. Naturally, if they find out, they'll be hurt and you'll lose their trust.
What are your thoughts on pornography as it fits into the whole scheme of things?
Comment: Why not? There's nothing wrong with it as long as everyone involved consents to the act and to being filmed doing it.
What is your opinion on male circumcision?
Comment: I was circumcised. I don't see the problem with it. It hasn't changed my life significantly as far as I know.
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