In my experience, there is no "objective truth". All "truth" is colored by one's experience, and most severely by their senses. Because people don't literally share senses (in that we are not of one literal mind (think hivemind, like in the Alien movies), we can never be sure that what I experience is what you experience.

We can go through the processes of doing a legitimate science experiment, and a thousand other people can repeat the same experiment. But until we can achieve telepathy or thought sharing technology or powers, we can never be sure of having the same results.

To me, this is kind of depressing, that even two people who agree on everything might not really be agreeing, since they might be having two different experiences but calling it the same thing. Now, here's the question. What are your thoughts on this?

Did you ever have a job that sucked the life out of you?
ErichZannIII comments:
My last job, I was a cashier at a supermarket. Let me spell out the problems in order of severity. I'm extremely socially anxious and introverted, and in a small town (with a large population of extreme conservatives) being so liberal myself, I had a lot of problems at the job. Frankly, I feel like that job took fifteen years off my life with the stress. That was one of the major reasons I resigned.
Not from the stars do I my judgement pluck, And yet methinks I have astronomy. But not to tell of good or evil luck, Of plagues, of dearths, or season's quality; Nor can I fortune to brief minutes tell ... Or say with princes if it shall go well ... William Shakespeare ...
ErichZannIII comments:
Perhaps the Bard meant to say astrology?
We should get rid of Valentin day and replace it with a second Halloween lol
ErichZannIII comments:
I guess it would make it fairer, since everyone would get candy. But Halloween is the celebration of a very specific event, namely the celebration of All Hallows Eve, and before that, Samhain, the Celtic Pagan celebration of the spirits. They believed that during that time of year, the veil between the spirit world and the human world is thinnest, and spirits wander onto earth. Thus, they wore terrifying masks and had raucous celebrations to frighten the spirits away. It would thus be pointless to have a second Halloween.
I'm a big fan of Hitch, I enjoy a good Hitchslap, and I think he was near unbeatable on the religion debate circuit. Wait, Jayne, what do you mean by "near unbeatable"? Well, I'm glad I asked that for you, here's why I think this: The second you make a personal attack against a debate opponent is the moment you lose the debate. (If you're first to attack anyway.) While Hitch rarely did this without provocation, he still did it a few times. Debate isn't just arguing, it's presenting an argument and defending it logically and respectfully, at least until your opposition becomes disrespectful. If you present an excellent argument poorly or disrespectfully you will still probably lose the debate. While I love a good verbal beat down, one should know when it's appropriate in the context of a debate. ...
ErichZannIII comments:
Hitch, the movie?
Unpopular Opinion 1#: When I hear that the military is protecting our freedoms with the Forever War against Muslim Extremism, I can't help but think that the last time we actually fought to protect our freedoms was WW2. Everything after that was military actions and poking our noses in other country's shit....
ErichZannIII comments:
Makes about as much sense as anything else in the world.
You mean the earth is not 6000 yrs old?...
ErichZannIII comments:
True Young Earthers would claim that this is just another method the Devil uses to trick humans... Probably.
Who are we? Atheists are not a cohesive culture. Its like saying we’re a religion. If religion were a sport we would be in the non-bowling league. No one would show up on league night. You can’t make generalizations about us as much as even I would like to....
ErichZannIII comments:
That's true. There's nothing that binds Atheists as a whole together except that we don't believe in any gods.
Myers Briggs and other personality tests
ErichZannIII comments:
Well, these Personality Tests are fun, and they reveal a little bit about yourself, but on the other side, every person is their own exception to these tests. Think of them like standardized tests. Sure they test personality, but because everyone's different, they can also be seen as completely useless.
Are dating sites becoming last year's thing?
ErichZannIII comments:
Is this not a dating site of sorts? If it is, it's not last year's thing.
Rights or privileges?
ErichZannIII comments:
There are rights, and there are privileges. Both should exist in a free society. The freedom from slavery, freedom from oppression, right to a free election. Those are rights. There are certain things that are privileges. Freedom from incarceration is a privilege. To have that privilege, you have to obey the laws of the country.
In religion I've seen many hypocrites, they all claim to be religious and follow the ways of god.treat Everyone with compassion, love, respect, ECT. Not true. Atheists, on the other hand don't have to worry about being a hypocrite, they aren't religious or believe. I've known atheist who are great people, in the way they treat people. Be a good person without religion....
ErichZannIII comments:
The hypocrites are definitely more visible. But most religious people are genuinely good people.
Faith based morality, is it fragile?
ErichZannIII comments:
It can be. Those who truly follow their faith can have very strong morality, though.
It's amazing how many people are allergic to gluten, peanuts and, facts.
ErichZannIII comments:
Actually, most people who claim they are allergic to gluten are not. It really only affects between 0.5 and 13% of the population.
Ok Holographic cosmos or standard Flat?
ErichZannIII comments:
The cosmos aren't flat. They're more of an oblong sphere. It expands outward faster than it expands upwards, so it's oblong but it expands in all directions.
An emerging side effect of virtual reality is that when it triggers an epileptic seizure in players, all of the people they are playing with online have to watch them fitting, powerless and unable to help. That's darker than an episode of black mirror....
ErichZannIII comments:
It can potentially cause seizures if the lights flash at the right speed and in perfect sync with the synapses of your brain.
To know a lot about a few things or know something about many things. One makes you useful, the other makes you good at trivia games and impresses people until you're pressed for details. Just hit 'em with big words and random facts and then walk away. You might call it Ikea knowledge. Affordable and with a beautiful exterior but ultimately it's just veneer on particle board....
ErichZannIII comments:
I don't necessarily know a lot about a lot. But I know more than a little about a lot. I'm not only a dilettante, but I have never focused on only one area.
I was bullied all throughout my 12 years of school. I became an introvert later into my high school years, because I can't stand drama, bullies, cyber bullies, and gossip. I don't comment on public pages on Facebook anymore because of all the trolls. The 2nd to the last troll I encountered, I wrote her this, "You're the reason people are suicidal." That shut her down quickly. It's sad people have nothing better to do than to bully others....
ErichZannIII comments:
It's my experience that most humans have the capacity to be bullies, and most will succumb to that capacity at some point or another. I'm a grammar bully. I will, in almost all situations correct improper spelling or grammar. I don't consider myself a mean person, but bad grammar irritates me.
So... do flat earthers think the other planets are flat also?
ErichZannIII comments:
It's hard to say. They don't mention other planets generally. Maybe they think Earth is unique, since it's possible to see other planets through telescopes.
So, what do you think about *another* looming government shutdown?
ErichZannIII comments:
I don't really know enough about the reasons for it to comment.
"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" Epicurus Happy Friday everyone! WOO HOO :) I'm mad to get thru my day and back to my knitting. The baby blanket I am making for my cousin will be off the knitting needles in a week or so. I might not get it to her before the baby is born but before he turns 6 months would be good. :P...
ErichZannIII comments:
I've seen this saying before. It's taking the claims of the Bible a little out of context. According to the Bible, God isn't unwilling or unable. It's that man has free will and if God intervened in every incident, man would never truly be free. Personally, I think it's all a crock. Not because God is letting us suffer, but because I've never seen or heard any concrete piece of evidence for there being an invisible, all-powerful man in the sky.
Is it just me, or has gravity gotten clingy?
ErichZannIII comments:
Had a conversation today with someone who asked if the Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter was historically accurate. :O I'm a quiet person, and I'm not really out, so I tried to be subtle about my deep personal revulsion to that particular installation. Hopefully my remark to the Christian that some of the problems with actual reality which the Ark Encounter struck (like them realizing making an indoor zoo was a bad idea and would take way more than 8 people to maintain) planted a little uncertainty in her mind. But it's still depressing to realize how prevalent these false beliefs are....
ErichZannIII comments:
Well, it's unlikely that Genesis Ark holds any of the answers. If the whole world was flooded, then how did land animals get from the Middle East to all the other land masses? And yes, having an indoor zoo with all the animals together is just stupid. The predatory animals would eat the other animals and eventually Noah and his family. Stupid.
My atheist/agnostic aunt is one of the few people I've told I'm an atheist. She said she wasn't surprised because I've been moving from the political right (where I was raised) to the political left (where I am now) for years. She said politics and religion aren't the same thing but, at the same time, they kind of are. What are y'all's thoughts on the association between atheism and progressive politics?...
ErichZannIII comments:
I can appreciate her acceptance, but the political right is not necessarily all Christian. In fact, there are atheists who are Republicans, so it's not a fair comparison.
In the US people always ask about what you do, you know for work... I travel a lot, often staying in hostels to meet and ask people about their adventures. It seems that this kind of inquiry is US specific. Most people in the world want to know about your experiences, the person you are, your family before they ask about the job you to. Why is that? ...
ErichZannIII comments:
I'm between jobs at the moment.
Judging by the small amount of people in the vacant lot where Pope Francis said good bye to the Chileans, Atheism is doing a great job enlightening mankind
ErichZannIII comments:
Catholicism is still the largest Christian denomination at approximately 1.2 billion members.
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