I live on a cattle ranch in a rural area with the nearest town of Butler population 350 , 6 miles away. I've lived here in this area all my life. I've always been a skeptic when it comes to religion but when I I decided a few years ago to come out of the closet and denounce religion my family including my wife of 41 years and my 2 children told me they would pray for me as I would go to hell if I didn't come to my senses. It's kind of lonely out here with only a few of my friends agreeing with me about my lack of religious belief's.

I am going through a very rough patch in my life right now. It seems to be one thing after another, starting with separating from my husband of 21 years. I am not generally a high stress person; but, when a bunch of things pile on at once, it takes its toll. Despite all this stress, pain, anguish and uncertainty, I have felt no desire, no need, to call upon a god for comfort or guidance. One would think, especially given I was a believer for over thirty years, that if the god I once believed in existed it would use this opportunity to impress upon me that it is there; but--nothing. What is helping me through this is my ability to reason. Sure, emotions still take over once in awhile; but I am always able to work my way through it. And, I know I will come out of this just fine. So, this, to me, is just more evidence that there is no god--especially a personal one....
Comment: Sorry for the rough patch. I'm sure you'll make it just fine especially as you have got away from religion as religious folks are just weaker as they have to invent religions just to get by as they just can't stand the thought of it being over when they die.
Today I was thinking about shame. I used to feel ashamed all the time when I lived the church life. Now, I don't have anything in my life to feel shameful about. It's liberating! If you came from a religious background, what did you leave behind in your old life that you do not miss?...
Comment: When you go to church the preachers are always talking about sin and sometimes that will make you feel shameful as according to most preachers all humans sin and need to ask for gods forgiveness. It's just a bunch of religious bullcrap! I definitely feel less shame since I turned away from religion.
Why are religious people on this site? What is their intention?
Comment: I don't know but I suspect they're up to no good as they have no reason to be on a predominately atheist website. They may be spying to see if there's anyone they know so they can shun them or they could be intent on converting us.
The U.S. Is Retreating from Religion - Scientific American Blog Network
Comment: I'll be glad if and when it ever happens but it's got a long ways to go here in western Oklahoma.
What are your arguments against the word "God" being in America's pledge and national motto?
Comment: I think the word god needs to be taken out of the national anthem and off of the currency but I'm afraid it won't happen in my lifetime as the religious right just has to much power especially in conservative states.
What religion does/did your immediate family identify with?
Comment: My mother was very religious went to church every week sometimes more than once and talked to me about god regularly but dad never mentioned religion to me and rarely attended church. I was pressured to partiscipate in religious functions by mother but have been a skeptic since college. However I didn't come out of the closet and denounce religion until later in life after my mother was dead as it might have caused many problems particularly with mom.
Do you think Muslims will outnumber Christians?
Comment: Yes I'm very concerned about the growth of the Muslim population and I fully support Trumps efforts to keep them out of this country. It just blows my mind that the liberals are giving Trump so much trouble in his efforts to keep them out. It just seems that Islam is a dangerous religion.
I am doing some religious purging. What do you do with old bibles? I have written in them, have my name engraved on them, etc. I want this stuff out of sight and mind.
Comment: Just chunk them in the trash or if you live in the country where you can burn them and it makes you feel better have a nice fire. No use leaving something like that lying around to remind you of the times you were still in the clutches of those religous maniacs.
How much of an active part do you take in promoting your unbelief?
Comment: Here where I live unfortunately the openly atheist are few and far between unfortunately and I don't advertise my atheism to much as I would be considered a radical. There are a lot of good people who know I'm atheist and don't push their religion on me and I return the favor by not pushing my atheism. I do have a few friends who are openly atheist like me or are closet atheist as they never attend church and affiliate with a religious group.
Chiropractors.. are they witch doctors do they do some good?
Comment: Some people seem to get along pretty good with them but I've never had much luck with them and prefer the medical doctors for my ailments.
Has anyone else here considered what driverless cars will do to our economy? We've already seen robots replace a lot of manufacturing jobs but once driverless cars happen think about the millions of jobs that will be lost. Not just truckers and shippers, but all the hotels, restaurants, rest areas, etc that will just not have a place anymore. ...
Comment: I think the roads will be a lot safer with driverless cars but I will miss being able to drive myself. It might be a little more difercult to have driverless motorcycles but I bet they will figure out something. Seems if you take the human element out of driving cars they might go quite a bit faster as machines and computers don't make near as many mistakes as human drivers.
Thoughts on letting people send more messages?
Comment: I haven't been able to send any messages from the profile pages as yet.
Is it normal or healthy to prefer to spend the majority of my time alone?
Comment: I live on a rural western Oklahoma cattle ranch as I have all my life and have spent quite a bit of time by myself. Here in rural Oklahoma people tend to be real conservative and religous and and also strong Trump supporters. In fact after 8 years of Obama people were so disgusted with the democrats that Trump carried 87% of the vote here in my hometown. I take issue with most of them on their religion but agree with them on their politics as I'm also a strong Trump supporter.
What news do you follow ?
Comment: As a person with a lot of interest in history I like to keep up with whats going on in the world. I've always had a high interest in world history especially military history.
Is it better to be a vegetarian or a meat eater ?
Comment: We butcher our own beef that we raise here on the ranch. Humans have been eating meat since their beginnings and I think beef is a good wholesome product to enjoy and gives is many of the nutrients that we need for a healthy life.
Is it better to be a vegetarian or a meat eater ?
Comment: As a cattle rancher I'm greatly encouraged that theirs so many meat eaters in this atheist group! It's good for bussiness!
Would you be interested to do a DNA test in order to learn about your Ethnic Background?
Comment: I've already did one and I was a little surprised as my momma always told me my great grandfather came over from Ireland yet the test shows no Irish blood but primarily English. Maybe it doesn't make a distinction between Irish and English.
Do you think a religious person is more or less inclined to be racist/sexist/all around bigoted?
Comment: Religous people tend to be very bigoted and hateful at times. I have some religious friends that think the biggest problem in the world is that people have got away from believing in god. When you try to talk to them about their religious bigotry they just get mad. It seems it's their way or the highway!
Are you in favor of capital punishment?
Comment: They need to execute habitual crinimals including dealers of bad drugs like meth and heroin. They say that over 85% of all crime is drug related.
Are you in favor of capital punishment?
Comment: I do think capital punishment should be reserved for repeat offenders and those that are 18 or more when they commit the offense
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