hi, I am a long time anti theist atheist. living in the bible belt of all things, lol I debated theist on pal talk for years. so I am quite versed in the antics of god believers. I joined this hoping to run into some local atheist. no offence to those abroad, or a few states or more away.though I will talk with everyone. I would like to meet a single women. . there ya have it, lol

Do women watch as much porn as men?
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I don't know, but I will be taking notes. LMAO
Was thinking of the 1st amendment and freedom of the press where does it state in that amendment that they can glorify the information to increase their audience?
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free to spin the information with half truths and corporate agenda.
Hello everyone, nice to have an intellectual site like this.
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its much better than fb. not many woo believers and trolls to contend with. hope you enjoy it. welcome to the site
What’s the worst cyber argument you’ve ever had?
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trolls, its like a moth to a flame for what i call god tards. they see the word atheist. and automatically gravitate to that person or area, site etc. spew a bunch of nonsense, then storm out with things like you will see when you die , i will pray for you, or hell awaits. so damn delusional, they are not worth the bother, i only engage ones that can somewhat reason.
What’s the worst cyber argument you’ve ever had?
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here spray him with this
I took care of my granddaughter last night, she's just over a year old. I think it is so amazing to know that the ovum that she came from was formed in her mother while her mother was still part of my body. Biology is amazing! I "knew" being a grandmother was going to be cool, but really it is so way beyond cool. ...
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i see your interest in medical science showing. its very kewl. my son does not want kids yet, thats fine he is not mentally ready for that yet
Social Jargon I have a pet peeve. It is politicians and much of our societies fascination with buzz words. Once they are adopted by speakers and the public they totally lose their impact and meaning. Examples: Dreamers, DACA, MeToo, ICE and many more. They are so overused that some assume everyone will understand them. Journalists do this all the time. They use the buzz words and sacrifice clarity. In speech and English class, I learned you NEVER sacrifice clarity for common jargon. When speaking or writing one explains the acronym. Then and only then can it be used throughout the speech or article. I have another example. "IED." Watching the news some time ago I heard a report on the candidacy of Senator Tammy Duckworth. It said that she lost both her legs in the Iraq war to an IED. I had never heard the term before. The newscaster never explained what the acronym meant. He just kept reporting the story as if everyone knew what it meant. Do I have you guessing now? It is an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). In other words, in common terms a homemade bomb. Of course that would be too many words and take up too much time on the air. OVERUSE OF JARGON MAKES A PERSON SOUND STUPID, NOT INTELLIGENT....
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right what drives me nuts is those buzz words when used, you get the assumption that you have a certain position on the topic. especially in the political arena. i like to research and develop my own opinion, not be told my opinion on these topics.. the media has agendas, based on who owns the company. . as far as media clarity, when a scientific discovery comes down the pike. headline missing link found!. they are all missing links, it just distorts how evolution works and panders to creationist .
Christianity Debunked Using Science and History Richard Carrier - YouTube
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yes i love his work, some say most scholars dispute his work. but there is enough work out there that also uncover things like this. or exactly back up carrier.
I have a few questions.Einsein came up with the energy formulae for energy, e=mcsquared where E=energy,M=mass and C=constant referring to speed of light squared.all very well but how could anyone work out the speed of light back then.There was no osiloscopes or radio to measure the frequency of light.even if you do know the wavelength which is only the distant between two peaks,that will not tell you the speed and unless one knew when the light left for example the sun how does one measure the speed especially as light is a continious stream....
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Is religion necessarily a bad thing..
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a bad thing. we have plenty of evidence that the claimed good it does, does not out weigh the over all harm it causes. simply look ate how the countries perform that have the least amount of religious people in them verses the theocracies, and even how americans behave with religion., morally and ethically we do better when we talk about this, and agree as a group what is moral, and make laws according to this. why its better that morals are subjective, and change when better ways of doing things are found. . religion is outdated, and needs to go extinct.
What are the other atheist / agnostic groups and sites are you members of?
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not that its a bad, thing, i would like to see some of the other places atheist and agnostics also hang out. i may have missed a few. lol
Are you tired of the platitude ' someone will come along when you aren't looking'?
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to much like have faith for my taste, i have no use for all the other ones either.
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This is one of my favorite scientist, thought I would share
Why President Trump Made Me Realize I'm Not A Socialist Anymore
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there is s difference , i am not a socialist, i am a democratic socialist and capitalist. what sanders was doing had already been done as far as paid for college, we had it with fdr. the problem is not that we dont have the money for these programs, its that we would rather spend most of our taxes on the military machine and corporations. , that leaves us fighting over the 17 % thats left of our tax base. rather than spending our money on public programs that could be fully funded on the taxes we pay already, they set up this nonsense , like we cant afford it, or we would have to raise taxes.
What do you consider cheating?
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it depends on how they go about this, and the level of trust i have for my partner. . i dont expect my mate to give up friends just because we are a couple. nor would i want to give up mine. i have had platonic women friends over the years, but it causes a rift with my partner, human nature i guess. all we can do is try to do better.
Anyone out there?
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lots of us are around, this site is growing every day, welcome to it.
Been thinking about hosting a Discord server for anyone that would want to join. Discord is web browser as well as a downloadable program. but I figure if many of us wanted to hang out in an open chat room or many chats or even voice chat. obviously up to admins and interest in it. not to replace the forum but for those of us that enjoy many layers of talking instantly with those that are on. ...
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i already am on discord, with fellow atheist you are welcome to join in https://discordapp.com/channels/381740427822497792/381740427822497794
Rights or privileges?
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true, i think we use the term rights in a civilized culture, but semantically you are correct.. my opinion is all humans deserve basic human rights, those rights can be removed based on performance in a culture. my opinion would not matter in the wild, with no government or culture. a lion does not care if i have the right to live eat and breed, he will just eat me, he thinks i have the right to be his lunch. lol
What pushes your buttons?
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creationist, the lies, the absolute lack of intellect, and stubborn stupidity, trump fans fall into this group as well. or telling me my position, when its not. straw manning me etc. or generalizations about men. just to name a few. yes the amosexuals tend to piss me off as well. i own a couple guns. and i was a 60 gunner in the army. but i fully support gun control that has been shown to work in most countries that have employed it.
Limitations on comedy? Are there limits? everyone likes a laugh but at what cost?
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Its always been subjective, like jimm jefferies, or andrew dice clay, they skirt the limits of rude and obnoxiuos.
Ghosting -- why the hell do people do it? Why can't people just say "I'm not interested in taking this further." Please sound off.
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it seams this has become the norm because of the effects of the impersonal internet , people have forgotten how to interact with people. without sounding like some out of date grandpa, these kids these days. lmao, get off my lawn. in my day you had to talk to people in person. you knew if they were into you or not, for the most part. the internet has ruined the dating scene . it could and should have improved it, so i could find someone with common interest, political and religious stances in common, etc. yet its been a nightmare of catfish, who post out of date pictures, dont fill out profiles, so i can tell if we may be a good match or not, then complain that they cant find someone. if i ghost a person on date site, its because we have meet, they did not look anything like their picture, 10 years older, 50 pounds fatter etc. they dont deserve my time to tell them i am not interested, . the times i did say hey, sorry i dont think this is going to work, started a fight every time, rather than just saying thanks for telling me. good luck etc, they pick a fight start name calling. etc. its not worth the head ache.
How to easily understand the Bible better than Theist. - Atheist Nexus
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my response to your headline would be, by reading it? most theist have not. i used to use atheist nexus, i fell away from it for sites that are more interactive, like this one, and voice sites , its much better to have a conversation on a mic, than all this text. there are atheist rooms on discord, and on paltalk. though they are all in the christian section there, the draw to debate nutter creationist entertains a lot of new atheist.
What is your take on Satanism? a taboo subject never as far as I know reported in the media.
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from what i have seen, there are two camps, the ones that are atheist/ pantheist. and the ones who believe in the christian red guy with horns. i find no need to jion, much like the atheist that adopt buhdism, or some form of philosophy. i prefer to think for myself, and dont need any dogma. magic related or not.
Hopefully soon, there'll be a proper shift wherein intelligence, education, science and freethought is in a place where more people don't fear or ridicule it and that bad science or fake news are lost to forgotten history....
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the way it looks, the under 30s have moved away from religion, and are better educated on the sciences, so like everything else the old guard will die off, and the new norm will be what the next generation brings to the table. i wish we could fix stupid, but it seams for the most part, it just has to die.
Do you skirt around the issue of out right saying you’re an atheist when people start talking about god?
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nope, i tell them i am an atheist, we should be proud we dont buy into that rott. the only place i refrain from telling people is at work with my customers. you do have to put your income above being right.
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