I am a long time anti theist atheist. living in the bible belt of all things, lol I debated theist on pal talk for years. so I am quite versed in the antics of god believers.
I joined this hoping to run into some local atheist. no offence to those abroad, or a few states or more away.though I will talk with everyone. I would like to meet a single women. . there ya have it, lol

I work as a teacher for my day job and I was wondering how much support there is out there for teachers. I'm striking tomorrow and will be probably be on strike Friday as well. Do you think we teachers have legitimate grievances, or do you think we should just suck it up and stay at work until the school year is finished and sort it out with the state legislature over the summer?
MichaelSpinler comments:
teachers are not paid enough in my opinion. undervalued in society, and spend time doing the parents job half the time. so do what you have to do. i am not a teacher btw.
To all you anti-Trumpers. I'd like to collect specific reasons for being an anti-Trumper. I will start with his denial of global warming and ousting us from the Paris accord.
MichaelSpinler comments:
i could fill this page, but i will limit myself, lol its not just global warming, its his evangelical base and the anti science agenda. creatards like devos in charge of education. his creatard vp, pence, another evolution denier. anti science idiot. the all to obvious cut taxes for the rich, then go after the poor to pay more to foot the bill, by cutting or trying to cut medicare, food stamps, welfare, etc. the constant lies, from golfing, which he said he would not have time, when he was running. he has failed at every promise, been a childish , poorly spoken bully and womanizer . ok i will stop . lol
"Did you know we were this|close to finding a cure for cancer? Two scientists were well on their way to the discovery of a lifetime… unfortunately, they were aborted before they could publish their results. That’s a True Fact™ according to televangelist Jim Bakker who made the comment on his show Monday while talking up anti-choice activist Janet Porter‘s proposed bill to outlaw abortion." But back alley wire hangers are god approved?
MichaelSpinler comments:
ask those same people about health care, welfare, food stamps, and strict gun laws, they are not pro life, they are pro controlling womens bodies.
Voter apathy is real and it's one of the reason's we now have Trump. "David Leonhardt Op-Ed Columnist There will be a ton of attention this year devoted to the feelings of America’s voters. But many more adult citizens in this country are likely to be nonvoters in this year’s crucial midterm elections than voters. In the 2014 midterm, after all, only about one out of every three eligible voters actually showed up at the polls." tps://static.nytimes.com/email-content/TY_1351.html?nlid=58818730
MichaelSpinler comments:
its more than that, its voter suppression as well. i wish they would make it easy to vote, like on line or something.
Why do people who believe in an afterlife cling on to this life no matter how bad it gets? Something I've been pondering over a current case in the UK of a child with a degenerative brain condition who is being kept on life support, in spite of suffering severe and untreatable brain damage. But I've thought about it before (over Christopher Reeve, Michael Schumacher, and others.) Someone's in severe pain. They're paraplegic, quadriplegic, in a coma, or in some other state from which they'll never recover. They're often kept on food drips and respirators, artificially sustaining their lives. Yet those who believe in an afterlife believe that they will go on to a better place, leaving all of their pains and disabilities behind. If you actually believe that, is it even ethical to force that human being to continue in their current state? Isn't the decent thing to let them move on to the afterlife, where they can be happy, complete and functional again? Obviously in cases where they can communicate their desire to be kept alive, the decision should be theirs. When they can't, what's the right thing to do? Of course I don't know how many of the relatives of these people believe in an afterlife. But I'd imagine that some of them must. As one of my favourite comedians, Robert Schimmel (his 'sex and your heart attack' routine, I think) once said: Funny... everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die to get there.
MichaelSpinler comments:
it shows there hand. belief wont make it true, they hope there is an afterlife. not knowing if there is or not , shows the fear they have of death. people dont mean what they say, or say what they mean.
I find this site much better for me than making nasty comments about Trump on Facebook. 😊
MichaelSpinler comments:
we have a political section here, it comes up. lol
Next month, I will be twenty six inches old.
MichaelSpinler comments:
splain please?
The Agnostic Treadmill
MichaelSpinler comments:
reality verses made up nonsense, reality is always harder.
How do you answer Pascal’s Wager?
MichaelSpinler comments:
with laughter and pointing.
What would you say to God if when you died you were faced with him?
MichaelSpinler comments:
gods are man made, no need to answer what if nonsense exist.
I think that atheists and the religious have more in common with each other than either do with agnostics. Both atheists and the religious claim to know with certainty that which is unknowable.
MichaelSpinler comments:
this again, another person that does not understand the word atheist. i means without theism. too lack belief, , again it is not the statement that no gods exist, agnostic has nothing to do with answering a belief question. seams you have more in common with theist, that have no clue, and ,repeat propaganda rather than facts.
Why would anyone want to be a vegetarian. Not fair to plants. They are alive right. I mean a cow can run a plant can't. You animal's.
MichaelSpinler comments:
are they free range carrots? the way they treat the ones on the farm are bad. the conditions are terrible shoved in the ground for months, then just ripped out in their prime. i will remain a guiltless omnivour.
Sexual Compatibility
MichaelSpinler comments:
how could it not be important? they have a word for sexless relationships, their called friends. lol. i want it all as well. otherwise i would rather live alone, i dont want a roomie. lol
In your opinion what is the most likely thing that could halt human progress?
MichaelSpinler comments:
besides the whole trump administration?
An elderly lady in my building asked me a question that she says is a silly one...but I don't think is silly at all. No, it has nothing to do with god but with filling up her windshields whippers'tank with 3/4 of vinegar and 1/4 of water. Her rationale behind this question is "If vinegar cleans my windows to perfection...why can't I use vinegar to clean my car's main window? " Answers, please.
MichaelSpinler comments:
i dont see why not, its the same thing i tell my customers, for their new windows we put in houses. it wont take the polish of the glass, its cheap as hell to make. i wonder for car purposes if it keeps te water from freezing up as fast? white vinegar, only. about a table spoon in a spray bottle the size you would use for windex.
I find it disturbing how many people think that its acceptable to insult or bully someone because they don't have the same ideals or they look at things differently. That's closed minded bigotry and abuse. I can agree to disagree. I'm up for and intellectually stimulating debate but not when it turns hostile.
MichaelSpinler comments:
that sounds great in principle. i try to practice that myself. that being said, when i am dealing with a scientifically iliterate that wants to argue over facts verses fiction, such as evolution verses creation myths. etc, the ray comforts and flat earthers of the world, i will go off on them, they dont listen , they refuse to learn, and play passive agressive word smithing games.you dont have to repect silly beliefs, you only have to acknowledge them.
Have you guys listen to Stephen Fry?He is the one that made me question a benevolent "GOD". tell me guys i'm curious
MichaelSpinler comments:
many times over the years, he was also pals with hitchens. who also does a bit on the imposibility of a benevolent god.
Do you check off qualities in a potential partner like you would groceries on a grocery list?
MichaelSpinler comments:
always, i have a couple of red flag items. i keep it to what i think of as the basics. non religious, is first and for most. i dont get crazy when it comes to the rest, i dont want a clone, but i look for having a few things in common, no matter what they wind up being.
And how exactly do you know this, dear believer?
MichaelSpinler comments:
the irony, mathew is also hear say. lmao
Is it possible for you not to judge people based on their appearance?
MichaelSpinler comments:
we all judge, everything and everybody, its human nature.
Who is your favorite, most influential, atheist/agnostic thinker? What is your favorite quote? Right now my personal favorite is Robert G. Ingersoll. Favorite quote: "Why should I allow that same god to tell me how to raise my kids, who had to drown his own?"
MichaelSpinler comments:
hitch is #1 so many quotes , but my favorite quote moment, is from sam harris. when he is debating rabi wolpe he does an elvis analogy that is both funny and distroys wolpe .
What part of the Bible Belt is everyone from?
MichaelSpinler comments:
north carolina, charlotte area. where they have made it the state religion, and you cannot hold public office unless you are a christer.
"Properly read, the bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived". - Issac Asimov
MichaelSpinler comments:
spot on, i state this all the time myself. i also know most believers have not fully read the buy bull.
Has Radical Islam increased the spread of Athiesm ?
MichaelSpinler comments:
yes, radical religious people in general, will always cause a backlash. the example they give , makes people react. and think.
How do you groom your downstairs? How do you prefer your partner?
MichaelSpinler comments:
just like my upstairs. lmao. i dont like hair in my food, so i prefer the same of my partner.
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