I am a long time anti theist atheist. living in the bible belt of all things, LOL I debated theist on pal talk for years. so I am quite versed in the antics of god believers.
I joined this hoping to run into some local atheist. no offence to those abroad, or a few states or more away.though I will talk with everyone. I would like to meet a single women. . there ya have it, LOL

Do you guys believe he is the savior of the world?
Comment: he who? are you assuming we think that jesus and the bible are worth the paper it was written on?
Why do so many Atheist believe in Ghosts?
Comment: I don't, but even if ghost did exist, it does nothing for the religious, it simply would be more attributes added to reality. and would not be supernatural. or make a god needed.
Atheism and co-existing in a theist world. Its tough. At every turn religion is in your face. Its annoying to say the least. Hospitals, school, charities, clinics, clubs, work, marriage, death, etc the list goes on. I see a lot of atheists that say they are entirely against it to the extreme. But realistically, no matter how we feel we have to co exist. You hurt? Hospital. Kids? School. I personally have had to turn to charities in desperate times that guess what! Were ALL religion affiliated. Every time it irritated me. But what you gonna do when you can't buy food or daipers or pay the electric? Starve? I would rather deal with it than let my child go huangry. So no matter how we feel I'm betting even the most stubborn atheist has participated in something religious. Why can't we all just get along? Why can't we all ignore each other?have respect? Why do we have to act like jerks. The religious push us with their fairytales n we get mad, but we push back just as bad, how will we ever stop?who draws the line? This is how wars start. I know I'll likely get a lot of slack for my "religious tolerance" and crap. I'm a peaceful person n am just tired of all the hate I see. Guess I needed a rant. Just tired of all the hate. ...
Comment: especially living in the bible belt, all we can do is educate the masses, and keep holding religion back, we are the guards at the gate of reality. religion has been around for thousands of years it won't just go away over night. but it is on the fast track, in the age of information and the internet.
Beyond #MeToo and #IBelieveYou -- What will it take to end rape culture?
Comment: being it is an act of violence and not sexual driven in most cases, I think the same thing we can do for all violent crimes, diagnose people early, and get them some help. there should be some markers or signs we should be able to see. . I would like to think better education, would help as well. it won't be an easy fix for sure.
Has anyone been to the Great Barrier Reef in the last year? This may seem a little off subject, but global warming is killing the reefs faster than I thought and I am trying to find where is good to go now that there is so little time left....
Comment: my aussy pals keep me up on that. ask bobbi, she is in perth,. she joined me here from pal talk.
I am an agnostic leaning towards atheism, but when speaking to believers who are experiencing difficulty in life, I wish them God's blessings. I don't do this as an expression of religion, but rather as a expression of concern and compassion, because it is comforting to them....
Comment: why not phrase it in a secular way, rather than feeding the beast?
I think the craziest reply to the question posed: "Why does a 3 year old child die from cancer, or some other fatal disease?" Is this...." the Lord works in mysterious ways".....really? or maybe cancer can appear anywhere, anytime, in anyone.....and it has no preference where it grows...if the conditions are right, it will grow and grow until it kills the host, uncaring as to the age, gender, or ethnicity of the host. ...
Comment: because god belief is a selfish act, when it comes to these personal gods, they do what ever mental back flips they need to avoid the hard truth, there is no god watching over them.
I was recently asked by an old friend who knew me as a devoted Christian, what happened? "You had such a wonderful relationship with God. He was your father and we could all see how much you loved him and how he loved you.” This is my response. I didn't move away from God as you put it, or backslide, or run away because I was angry. The God that I believed in was never there in the first place. My belief was challenged by real events in the real world—which forced me to look beyond the belief and into reality itself and deal with what was true and what was just made up. By letting go of that belief in God, in computer terms, I simply uninstalled an application that tried to take over my hardware and not allow me to function as I was meant to function. As to the “father” … in my mind I had created the perfect father based on deficits in my own life. That father was passionate, gentle, hilarious, creative, sensitive, wise, devoted, loyal, and he loved me deeper than I loved myself. God joked with me, he called me Toots, he cuddled with me, he was physical in ways I wasn’t allowed to be as a gay man, and he comforted me when I was down. Yet when I needed him most—when the universe came at me with real-life stuff—like a meteor crashing to earth—God wasn’t there. And that’s because he was “never” there. I was there. As a writer, I create characters all the time, and they’re powerful to me. They “exist!” I laugh with them, I cry with ...
Comment: great story, what happened with the friend? were they also a god believer? did they distance themselves slowly over time, after finding out you were an atheist?
How anti-theist are you? Not only am I an unapologetic atheist, but I am an anti-theist. Sure, I live in the real world and I have friends and relatives who are believers, but I do take many opportunities to educate others as to the horrors of religion and its horrific crimes. Human rights are threatened all over this planet because of religion and people are being tortured and murdered because of it. We are now living in a climate where it is OK to discriminate and call it freedom of religion. IN the USA, you can believe in human sacrifice, but you can't practice it....
Comment: so much so, that the few family members that still talk with me, know better than to bring up religion and or church. I don't go looking for trouble, but when the moment happens, I don't shy away from taking them to task.
I debunked god beliefs for over 14 years on a live voice chat site, and continue to be an activist, for the atheist, humanist and secularist. I am a member of so many atheist groups I can't count.
yes they are free to have unbelievable god beliefs , and I am free to tear them to shreds. .
I am sure after we have responded to each other on here so many times, in such a short time, you realize this, and I am just preaching to the choir.
Should unbelievers use the word 'spiritual' if they aren't referring to anything supernatural?
Comment: no. it is a cult word like pray, blessed, evil, sin. etc, it has no use to me and my world view.
I am going through a very rough patch in my life right now. It seems to be one thing after another, starting with separating from my husband of 21 years. I am not generally a high stress person; but, when a bunch of things pile on at once, it takes its toll. Despite all this stress, pain, anguish and uncertainty, I have felt no desire, no need, to call upon a god for comfort or guidance. One would think, especially given I was a believer for over thirty years, that if the god I once believed in existed it would use this opportunity to impress upon me that it is there; but--nothing. What is helping me through this is my ability to reason. Sure, emotions still take over once in awhile; but I am always able to work my way through it. And, I know I will come out of this just fine. So, this, to me, is just more evidence that there is no god--especially a personal one....
Comment: sorry you are in a ruff patch, but glad you are not reverting back to religion, what does not kill us makes us stronger.. I find it better to use sites like this , to bounce these sorts of things off of other rational minds, you are bound to get better advice, and coping skills. beats the heck out of some lame prayer.
Are you a Toller?
Comment: I will look him up, thanks
Thoughts on Satanism?
Comment: I ran into a bunch of them on fb in a group I joined, though they claimed to be atheist, they refer to themselves as satanist. after listening for a while, I learned they were closer to pan theist than atheist, even though they boasted about it not being about an actual horned red guy, in the pitts of hell. other than the shock they enjoyed from the god believers, I did not see any point to the entire thing.
Should Atheists/Agnostics/Humanists actively oppose dangerous religious beliefs and practices?
Comment: who else will? its like expecting the corrupt politicians to fix themselves.
Do you walk away from friends that are believers in one religion or another or tolerate their childish "blessings" etc.?
Comment: no, I stand my ground, and let them do the walking if they must, I will not be bullied, by stupid beliefs in gods.
Comment: born sick and commanded to be well. I think this is a christopher hitchens statement.

I am still laughing at the idea, that god , sends himself to earth, needed a vagina to arrive, to kill himself for himself, to stop himself from punishing us.. never mind the on the cross question why have you forsaken me? who is he talking to, if he is god?. the mental back flips christians do, is laughable.
Do you believe in Bigfoot?
Comment: bigfoot, the world champ at hide and seek .

at least there is nothing stupid natural about it. it would just be another hominid

to answer your question, no I don't.
If any of you are in college, if there were an atheist/skeptic/agnostic club, would you join? Also how would you go about promoting the club?
Comment: well I am long out of school, but yes I would , you can use meet up , the site, or promote it much like any other club. to not do it, is to cave to religious bullies. be yourself, and don't let the god believers stop you. you could offer free blasphemy classes?j/k
The belief in a God Almighty was fostered upon us to have "order amidst chaos" -you think so?
Comment: no. I think it is the expansion of dealing with death, either from a loved one or for yourself, also the primitive mind figuring out our place on earth. religion on the other hand, is exactly what you describe..a way of controlling and governing others.
Best place to live?
Comment: my buddy just moved from texas to seatle wa. it is thought of as the none zone, largely secular and few theist. he loves it up there. I moved to the charlotte nc area, because it was the second largest growing city in the nation in the 90.s and remains in the top 20. though as an atheist it is not ideal, for obvious reasons.
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