I am a professional well established in my career. I travel a lot. I am a well fount of useless information. I kid myself that the more esoteric the information is, the more likely I will be to remember it. I am a formidable partner in trivia games as long as we stay away from sports and religion... then I am a dead weight.

I am an atheist leaning agnostic. I don't see any evidence of a creator and I am doubtful of one existing. I have been a nonbeliever ever since I can remember. My parents didn't try to fill me with religion and gave me the freedom to make up my own mind.

Life should be fun and we should relish the chance to be playful. Life sucks enough all by itself and we shouldn't add to that. I am looking for both friends and a relationship.

I am a nerd. I like games, reading science fiction and the history of science, and trying out new things. I was born curious and I like to continually learn.

I am an die-hard optimist. I have 2 children who live with their mother. I see them a couple times a month.

I think I could be accused of both diving into posts I don't really have a dog in the fight for, and also stirring the pot. I apologize in advance, I am and have always been the one to poke it with a stick, with both parties for and against behind me watching and waiting to see what happens. It is the way I am.

Hi guys, just wanna say I appreciate you all. That’s it, carry on! 🌹🖤🌹
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You all are like that first fresh breeze of spring when it is still cold.
Funny, seems I've rattled someones cage in this group. Found I was blocked from a post about blocking! Not certain what to make of it. Best to lay low I expect. Yikes! The Community Senate group - I've only had 2 cups of coffee yet. And it seems the post may not exist?
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I think we are actually helping admin ferret out the bugs. As we discuss them, they dive into the code and fix it. Keep reporting errors as you see them. Better to come from L7U or the Senate than someone new to the site who thinks it is error-ridden
I see a few members here I am unfamiliar with. It seems odd that I have not had any interaction with a few of you outside of this group. Does anyone know why that is? I mean, many of us have been here for a while, and have seen and interacted with each other for some time. Then yesterday, I see someone here who I have never run across anywhere else. Why is that? I feel like somewhere there is an algorithm that I am not a part of, or something else in programming. How did you get to level 7 and I have never seen your before? It's either some crazy thing like that or you changed your name?
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I think there might be a lot of people who have been members of this site from the beginning. They post for a while, they leave for a while... wash, rinse, repeat. They give it a break and then come back to see how the community has grown.
Nobody is credible to give life advice to anyone but themselves and their children. Life coaching is complete bullshit. Everyone has a different life with different personas, blood types, bodily functions and childhood upbringings. The best thing anyone can do for anyone else is be loving, supportive and let them make their own mistakes. Comments?
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Everyone is unique and has their own goals in life. Insofar as you advising me that your goals should be my goals, I completely agree that your help is neither wanted or requested. But if I know what your goals are, even if they aren't mine, I very well might have some insight on how to get you to your goals. I think I have a dozen or so more laps around the sun than you, and even if I didn't there might be a unique set of skills or experiences I have had that you could possibly benefit from. Now the trick is to know when you can be helpful and to know when you can't. Everyone wants to be helpful so it is tough to admit impotence. It sucks to be "helped at"
I love men and women equally. Women have an internal strength. Men have an external strength. We both need eachother. We fill eachothers voids. There is no competition needed or validated for such a humble connection. Let's start from there, shall we?
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Great starting point
Is there a book you read that had an impact on your life? For me I read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich at the age of 12 at an advanced reading program taught by a survivor
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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Just in case his numbers are correct...
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Just what I need- more cats...
So what’s the point? The responses I received to my fearing and dreading death seem to boil down to 1. Everybody does it. 2. There’s no way to avoid it. 3. There’s no pain or suffering or any sensation after death. I guess the problem is that I can’t accept the universe without me in it. While it is making more and more sense, it is still difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that all of us disappear into nothingness and after a relatively short period of time has passed, it will be like we never existed. So dare I ask the question: What’s the point of all this?
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Life exists because it can exist. The most basic point is to continue life to the future. Beyond that I don't think there is a meaning behind it. Is there a purpose? No. Was it meant to be? No. Would it matter if it all stopped? No. But it is pretty cool that it exists at all, so send your genes forward
While I think having a space for higher level members could be good, there are more than a few people at a higher level only because of point chasing, not longevity or quality interactions. Growth can be good. However, I’ve mostly been seeing complaining and ostricizing of other members. I’m a bit disappointed. Things have definitely changed in the last six months. I must say, I am so glad the blocking works now.
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There have been changes in the last 6 months. Would you rather it be different? There will be change again and again here. If you don't like how a trend is going, it is upon you to confront it at the lowest level possible. I've jumped in a number of times when i saw something I didn't like.
I think you're still getting written up by EH&S 🤣
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Just downloaded subnautica, seems like a cool survival game.
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It is gorgeous. What a beautiful game
Hi, I am ex RAF, have been out of the service 22 years and I did 22 years in the RAF
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Welcome. We have a couple of people deployed in this group. I think the rest of us are Vets. I didn't retire military, but I still work with them.
Happy to get your feedback on how we currently populate post for the main page of the site and how we could get you involved. Currently, when members make a general post (e.g., "post", "question", or "link" on the main page), the post goes live to their profile page and sometimes in the category that the author chose (depending mostly on member level). Next, we go manually through the posts and curate them according to some rules: First, we check that the category is ok. Next, ones that are common but interesting and posted by a member level 4 or lower and mark them "new member only" so that they show up on the main page to new members. Ones that are personal (e.g., "I ate a hamburger today and it was good.") we mark "show on profile only". Ones that we feel that members would especially like to comment on (with a slight preference for those related to religion, science, and reason), we flag for the main page. I admit that this is a bit arbitrary and semi-art vs something that can be done easily with software. We look at about 700 posts per day (up from 200/day back in January). I'm thinking of page that will show you one new post along with buttons "Newbie"=>only for new members main page, "Main page"=>, "Ok"=>leave as is, "Profile Only", "Tier 2"=>send to Admin/SiteSupport to deal with. Once say 3 members "vote", we then put the post in the correct queue. This is just an idea, we're happy continuing being the eye in the sky as there are benefits for it not being ...
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While I can't guarantee a large time commitment, I feel like I speak for the senate when I say that we could help triage some of this message traffic. Maybe make a place where both the admins and the senate could take on some of this load? As long as you don't assign me a work quota, I'd be happy to help :) Senate, correct me if I am wrong.
I have a question for the community -- I live in a very 'churchy' town where, because of my job I kept completely quiet about my position on religion before my retirement. Often people will say to me "God bless you" or "I'll pray for you". I'm sure their intentions are kind, but it makes my blood boil. I want to make a snarky response, but don't feel that's appropriate On the other hand, I'd like to think of a way to let them know that using those phrases universally is not helpful or comforting. Has anyone come up with a good solution?
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If it is passing you have to let it pass. But if it a face to face I paraphrase Ben Franklin (I think) and I say something to the effect that luck presents itself to those who work hard, and I try to make my own luck. Usually that can kick of a conversation where I can push toward the idea that we make our world, not some devine presence
Political Hypocrisy
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Politics is greek= Poly, meaning many + Ticks, meaning blood sucking insects
Do you check off qualities in a potential partner like you would groceries on a grocery list?
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I wish people were as simple as a checklist. No, everyone has something special and facinating about them. Our expectations blind us to the amazing spectrum that is humanity. Is there a type I am attracted to? Shichya! But I know it when I see it, rather than trying to box it in and define it.
What does Kosher certified food mean to you? The same question for Halal. I pretty much know what it means because I have 30+ years relevant experience in the food industry but I also know these certificates often mean something different to the general public not related to the food industry. Also thought a poll was not the best way to get point of views.
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One is blessed by a Rabbai, the other is blessed by an Immam. In a chemical plant I worked at, we made a Kosher chemical. Every time we made that batch, we would call in our Rabbai. He would bless the tanker truck the chemicals arrived on. He would bless the hoses that we connected to the reactor. He would bless the reactor. Then he came in the control room and blessed the control panel for the reactor. He was our contract Rabbai, we saw him every couple of months. One time, I asked him if he could bless our shit pond because we had a spill that killed all of our nematodes. He did, but it didn't help our nematodes
7.7 just sayin, I’m chasing ya lol
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Do we have decimal points behind our level? Is this important? :)
So what is your D&D alignment? Of course real life is murky and grey, but what is your ideal? I for instance would like to think I am LG, but if everyone knew my history it would probably be decided that I am LN. What would you choose for yourself and what do you think your associates would choose for you?
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Everyone loves Chaotic Good. I originally played CG characters too. I think there is this idea that I want to be good, but I want to fuck the man too, so CG it is. Do you think Wolverine is the embodiment of CG?
Started path of exiles, not sure yet
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I haven't played it. What do you think so far? I am a very picky gamer
Have you ever experienced something "exciting and unplanned" in the laboratory? Like a fire or unpredicted exothermal reaction?
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I have had a few. One of them was when I was a contract chemist at a pool chemical plant. We were exploring different stabilizers to add to our cocktails, and my wise, PhD boss demanded that I mix amenes in this oxidizer rich concoction of chlorine compounds. I expressed that it wasn't a good idea and he laid down the "I am the boss and you do what I say" line and I said "roger that". I made the formulation, recorded it in my lab book, and then stuck it in our oven to see how it behaved. Needless to say I was hanging out in the lab about as far away from the oven as possible and about an hour, maybe less. later there was a boom from the oven. It even popped the door open to release a brownish-yellow cloud of smoke before the springs on the oven door snapped it back shut. The incident report concluded that I had made phosgene gas, the original chemical weapon circa WWI. Everyone got let out early that Friday and I was a hero for the entire lab. Afterwards, every Friday, people would ask me for a repeat performance.
Welcome to this new group for experienced members!
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I like the sound of Senator Seed. lmfao! Let's hope I don't go the way of most senators who get a little bit of power. Thanks @Admin
7.7 just sayin, I’m chasing ya lol
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Incoming, 6'oclock high!!!
In your opinion what is the most likely thing that could halt human progress?
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Spicey post, I like it. I think that progress will never stop. It will continue to accelerate. Even if we destroy the environment, we (and a few choice species) will survive it. The only thing that could possibly stop it is a cosmic event that would stop the planet, otherwise the juggernaught will roll onward
Are we becoming the "get off my lawn" group? New members will come, old members will leave. Repeat posts will be made Shit happens I see an awful lot of post here complaining about newbies and it makes me a little sad. In my humble opinion, we build a better community by guiding and educating rather just sitting on the porch complaining about all the "kids"
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This group is becoming a drag. Quit complaining so much
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