I am a professional well established in my career. I travel a lot. I am a well fount of useless information. I kid myself that the more esoteric the information is, the more likely I will be to remember it. I am a formidable partner in trivia games as long as we stay away from sports and religion... then I am a dead weight.

I am an atheist leaning agnostic. I don't see any evidence of a creator and I am doubtful of one existing. I have been a nonbeliever ever since I can remember. My parents didn't try to fill me with religion and gave me the freedom to make up my own mind.

Life should be fun and we should relish the chance to be playful. Life sucks enough all by itself and we shouldn't add to that. I am looking for both friends and a relationship.

I am a nerd. I like games, reading science fiction and the history of science, and trying out new things. I was born curious and I like to continually learn.

I am an die-hard optimist. I have 2 children who live with their mother. I see them a couple times a month.

Uh Oh—CRISPR Might Not Work in People - MIT Technology Review
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Oh, they will make the square peg fit in the round hole. They just have to get sophisticated. Most of the research is on bacteria, yeasts, etc. Of course mammals are resistant. There are millions of microscopic beasties per drop of water, we wouldn't exist if we weren't resistant.
Best Advice on the "Meaning of Life"?
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Once around lightly? No one gets out of this alive? Live like you will die tomorrow but plan like you will live forever?
Calling out the Politcal Propaganda Machine
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The American News Establishment and Wall Street
Tattoos - care to share?
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A souvenir from my misspent youth
For anyone interested in reading "Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin, but don't want to read all 500+ pages (good information, just not necessarily time efficient) there's a graphic novel adaptation. It gives context to the concepts & summarizes the major points. We read it in a grad biology class along with a few other books. I highly recommend it. It's especially good for those interested who may not have the background or feel comfortable reading the behemoth that Darwin wrote. Here's an Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Charles-Darwins-Origin-Species-Adaptation/dp/160529697X/ref=mt_hardcover?_encoding=UTF8&me= Just wanted to share this resource with you guys!...
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I will get this for my kids
Food—what’s your story? Cooking, baking and eating are three of my favorite things to do. For me, food connects me to memories of places and people. Breadmaking reminds me of my mother and grandmother, because I still use their bowl and bread pans. Certain smells take me back to my childhood. I would love to hear your story… ...
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There is nothing better than the smell of freshly cooked bread
seems like things that are typical for other people like being mutually in love with someone, are just fantasy to me. on nights when i dream of being with a woman its so unbelievable even in a dream, that i figure out that im dreaming. and everything just kind of stops and melts away. its almost like torture. the fact that i havent experienced good things. its become a parasmonia. im worried maybe im not good enough. like why isnt anyone ever interested in me romantically? i dont want to be the person im becoming, who just doesnt care about love and thinks it's a fabrication. but i can't shake that feeling. its like everything is just made of sand, and i cant keep it together anymore. and i cant strive to have these things, they look so good from the outside, but seem so conflated in practice. its all so out of control and unpredictable. youd have to be oblivious to enjoy them....
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Sounds like you are being very down on yourself. You need to find a way to be comfortable in your own skin and like the person you are. Once you do that, you will be a person that will be attractive. We are all oddballs here, but I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone. You just have to get to the place where that is possible.
The fact that there are more women joining this site gives me hope. I live in the Bible belt, and I'm surrounded by women who are seeking "a man of God" or "someone who puts Jeebus first". -Like seriously, there are a lot. Because I see it so much, part of me was starting to wonder if maybe women are just biologically predisposed to seek out religion, and just adhere to it without question. So, I raise my glass to you free-thinking, smart, brave women. Welcome to our growing community. :)...
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In Spartanburg you are caught in the swirl. I escaped SC years ago for that very reason.
Legally Dealing With Christians That Troll
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So you could lawyer up and try a civil suit against the worst of the bunch. Or you could GTFO of that religious stew pot and move to somewhere more sane. I think the later is preferable.
I believe in the power of faith. I’m in sales I see first hand how people who do not have faith and believe don’t do as well as people who do. For example. When I walk into a room I have full faith that I’m closing the deal. And when it doesn’t happen I just write it off to it wasn’t meant to be. Kind of like prayer. If you get what you want thank god and if you don’t god works in mysterious ways. Do you think this is foolish of me? I’m one of the best in my company. The other top guys think the same as me. What’s your opinion on belief and faith when not in a religious context? ...
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I think you are mistaking faith for confidence
I have to admit I'm a little disappointed with how many people are on here talking about religion. I thought we were on here to talk about everything else, with like minded people
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I have had the same complaint before, but there are a lot of other topics that get bandied about on here. You just have to dig for them sometimes
I am pretty new to this site, but is christian slamming a normal part of things here?
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While there is a lot of it, there are many other discussions on interesting topics too. You just have to dig a little.
What makes you break out your soapbox?
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Blatant stupidity
Global warming
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Climate Destabilization is more like what is and will happen.
Don’t set the bar too high ;)
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Why are we using hashtags, if no one looks them up, before posting?
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Maybe we will grow into them?
I say I'm open-minded and feel we have a right to believe what we may. So, this online dating thing, I hear from a person, check out their profile, and see a self-description something like, "hard-working, fun-loving, god-fearing ..." At that point, I want to just move on...but I engage anyway, to stick to my decision to respect each other's beliefs and what-not. After some small-talk, I right away mention that I'm not christian or religious, and if that is a problem, I understand. They usually say, "no problem" and some even go so far as to say they promise they will not try to convert me, if I respect their beliefs too. And...yet...so few actually can keep their end of the bargain. I realize though, that the relationship starts out with a clearly defined area of no-talk zone. Is it possible to have a wholly successful relationship that has such a gap, I wonder? I feel like it should be, but logic says the odds are not so great. I mean, I see praying as a method of directing energy, like meditation. I don't get offended when a person prays for me; the intention is as such, a means to direct good energy my way. If they feel a god is involved, it's okay. So I try this deal, try the relationship, try not to feel less-than around the christian family, bite my tongue when I hear about talking to god, god is love, etc. But, needless to say, it doesn't last. Truth is, it still amazes me that despite the blatant political agendas that religions are founded upon - we're ...
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There are very few game-enders with me. Religion is one. I have found that the more religious someone claims to be the more close-minded they are. And I can't do the close-minded thing.
DARPA Is Planning to Hack the Human Brain to Let Us "Upload" Skills
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Plug me in
I'm reading the Sam Harris book, "Waking Up: Guide to Spirituality Without Religion." I'd love to hear what others think of this one...
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His podcast is all about that too. I am starting to believe his critics who claim that he is a Buddhist in disguise.
Any fellow tabletop gamers on here or even video gamers?
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I want to tabletop, but I can't find anyone to play here in DC. I'm oldschool. I played DnD, ADnD, 2e, then much later, 4e+. I've looked at 5e and it looks fun.
I wish you what your heart desires (as long as it does no harm to any beings). May you find happiness, peace, joy, health, purpose, and prosperity . . . and for those looking for love, I hope it's there for you in a new year full of new beginnings. Live long and prosper (but not at the expense of another)! Let's all strive for peace on this tiny blue marble hurling through space and time going . . . ...
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This next lap around the Sun is going to be a good one... I can feel it. haha Make you and your's great this year.
Would you ever engage in a polyamorous relationship?
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So this is the same problem I see on most polls. This post should be a binary yes/no. By putting detail on what you think people will think, you detract from the poll. I've done it myself. This should be a yes/no question with a conversation below. BTW, your poll is so short of what I would have answered. Maybe you wanted to be pithy? Go binary in the future and discuss.
Is new years counterintuitive? The successes I have had in life have centered around getting an early leg up. Why? Because you never know what nature of delays may be coming down the pike. If you are ahead of schedule you can absorb the delay. If you are on schedule, a delay opens a period of recovery when you are working past your controlled pace when people get hurt and make careless mistakes. So, if the new year is a new start, how insane is it to get shitfaced the night before, and miss the first day of work nursing a hangover? ...
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Where we mark the spin is arbitrary, but once it is established it is noteworthy. As for celebrating, you should. I celebrate every lap around the sun. You can and will do better next lap, it is what we do.
Staying together for the kid(s)?
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I rode that ship until it wrecked. Maybe for the youngest kids, like 0-2, this make sense but it is probably for more economic reasons. If you aren't happy with your significant other, you should become independent and let the healing process start. Children are ultra-perceptive and they see right through all of our "adult-illusions". You have one life to live, make yourself happy and do what you see is best.
Are You A Resgistered Voter and Exercise Your Right To Vote?
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I vote every chance I get
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