I'm transgender, pansexual, and asexual. I'm open to dating, but not open to hook-ups, as they do nothing for me. I'm mostly here to make friends who share my identity, thoughts and interests because I live a small town in Georgia so my pool of like-minded people is fairly small.

As far as interests and hobbies go, I love learning new things, listening to music, reading, writing (when I'm not overly exhausted from working), and above all else, gaming of all types. When I say all types, I mean all types, anything from racing/sports games to classic RPGs and even shooters, and I have equal love for card, board, and pen and paper gaming. If it's a game, I'd probably play it. I'm currently down a PC since my PSU started smoking (ouch) so I don't use steam frequently, but I'm frequently on PSN so if you'd like to add me there my User is NaktKoenigin. (I know, awful spelling, the correct spelling wasn't available.????)

In an effort to not make this more obnoxiously long than it already has become, I'm going to end my bio here. If you'd like to know more feel free to PM me and I'll respond when I can.

Narcissism scale
NachtKoenigin comments:
It depends on the day. Some days I think I'm incredible and can handle anything but other days I feel like I'm worthless and don't even deserve to live. Usually it's sparked by either repeated success or failure, but sometimes it's just how I feel when I wake up. I usually just feel one way or another, but I'm slowly learning how to turn it from a negative to a positive thing.
So, are you ready for Christmas? I say Christmas because it is a Christian festival. This festival has been hijacked by the world and has become "Happy Holidays" and nothing to do with the original foundation. I'm guessing that most people on here will be partaking in this ritual, either with family or a loved one? So are you comfortable with this? Or are you going to partake on the premise that "I'm doing it for the family"? I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. By the way, I'm NOT bah humbug.
NachtKoenigin comments:
I live alone and my family has estranged me so I have no obligation to participate in the commercialized chaos that is Christmas now. I do generally dislike most holidays.
NachtKoenigin comments:
I don't say either because there's no holidays I celebrate during this time, so I don't even think to say it. Apparently that pisses people off even more than saying something, because I have had many customers say to me very angrily both Merry And Happy Holidays. Some will say "Happy Holidays to you too!!" And I'm just sitting here like okay whatever.
Why do many businesses in the USA, expect you to be a Christian to be successful in their business?
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They believe that without "God" to guide you you'll be unable to make proper decisions and that your "immorality" will infect everyone.
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I laughed and snorted so hard at these. I might have to save these to use later.
Do illiterates exasperate you?
NachtKoenigin comments:
I definitely understand your outrage. I work in a retail store, and customers will get up to the counter and I start ringing up the items until they start freaking out because everything is more expensive than they thought. At this point I just take out a calculator and show them the math and they either get angry and leave, or look super defeated and buy the stuff anyway. Basic math skills seem to be rare these days as well. ????
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I still listen to a lot of bands that use religious symbolism or make other references to very specific things within Catholicism. There's also some of the Christian metal bands that the lyrics can be applied to non-religious situations and are very motivational l so I listen to those as well.
Do you get angry, annoyed or just plain amused when people think you are the devil for your lack of any religions?
NachtKoenigin comments:
It honestly amuses me. If I don't get it because of my faithlessness, I get it because I'm trans and the small-minded people of this city just can't handle that. Am I angry at first, yes. But after a minute I realize the fault is with them and just laugh at how petty people are.
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