new here from San Antonio Texas. Basically I think I have tried all the good sites to meet someone just to talk to. they never stick around for long and the sad thing is they're never honest about why. is it cliche' for the guy to NOT being looking for hookups? I see a lot of profiles across the universe were the ladies all say right up front first line "NOT LOOKING FOR HOOKUPS or a ONS" etc that's not me either.

What's your opinion when you hear "Women's rights" as an issue?
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to clarify I mean the right to choose, vote, equal pay, maternity leave etc
Are you Pro-Choice? are your beliefs (or lack of) a determining factor?
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I should also say that the number one issue for me even though I am a MAN, is the long line of crusty old MEN who seem hell bent on controlling a woman and her lady parts...we all know for argument sake if women were lining up shouting about laws controlling a man's parts they'd be up in arms so quick it'd make your head spin. I for one have no interest in, nor would I try or presume I have a right or the know how more than a woman to control her V-jay-jay or her body. I love it, it is is HERS.
Why do you think they elected a Latino to be the Pope?
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change things up a bit? better than a nazi
Even though I have given up Christianity, I still believe in some of the teachings of Jesus and have told my believer friends that I’m a better Christian than them at times. Do any of you still keep part of the old faith with you?...
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absolutely. My Granny was devout, and I went to mass with her, long before any scandals. She was a long time Democrat and always helped at the Polls and would never judge anyone for any of the things evangelicals do even though it was against Doctrine. I have one uncle who is gay, and several cousins who had kids pre-marriage/no marriage.
Should I attend a wedding at church as an atheist?
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if it were me and no one knew before hand except those who needed to...I would go. it's not as if I would have to wear a HI MY NAME IS: with ATHEIST underneath my name. you can still bow your head and stand up and be respectful. it's also not like they have a who isn't following along radar
How do you deal with Door-knockers?
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luckily I live in a closed apartment complex. I wouldn't cuss at them or anything I would simply not answer the door. but they don't come by anyhow because it's a closed property and they have a whole neighborhood to walk to.
Do you support Trump?
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without a doubt hands down 1 million % NO. I have lost trust in my government. He can't even put folks in key spots that have hope.
Why do you reject the idea of religion?
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For me personally it's not so much the ideas or teachings, I don't buy all of that, yes, but it
s more about the individuals...the practicers rather than what is practiced. My Granny was religious and she would NEVER have in a million years picketed the funeral of a Gay solider. or been involved with anyone who would bomb an Abortion Clinic. her Jesus helped the poor healed the sick and fed the hungry. Her Jesus didn't go around saying God hates fags or I hate you because you're a man who loves a man. And it's this idea that we should have bibles in public schools and make a law at the top level banning abortion or gay marriage. They have no argument against gay marriage other than they think their bible says so. there's no legal reason I digress. There is way too much hypocrisy and the list goes on and on why I call bullshit on religion.
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