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New here from San Antonio Texas. I am looking for similar interests, Atheist centered topics welcome, however am open to a wide variety of issues. No and i can't stress this enough TRUMP SUPPORTERS.
I love talking politics even though the current climate tends to piss you off if your way of thinking is like mine.

I feel very strongly that the whole notion of "Women's Rights" and "Gay Rights" is offensive. Let me explain.
Why do we even need to argue over whether a grown woman wants the pill? She is an adult, she can make a choice, she goes and gets the pill. NO ONE has any business to tell her other wise. if your a parent and your 15 yr old daughter wants the pill, clearly you as the parent(s) have the right to choose for her. A 50 yo MAN has NO right to tell a woman a damn thing about her body. When it comes to gay rights or any other rights we all check the box for...bottom line: if you don't like gay marriage..don't go to the wedding. it's no of your business!

With that out of the way...i love good food drinks, movies and music and history and travel.

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What's your favorite (David) Bowie Tune out of the following
Pfr1998 comments on Sep 2, 2018:
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE GREAT OPINIONS. i am a late comer to Bowie fandom. I love Labyrinth. i like all of his early work...Hunky Dory, Ziggy etc
Everybody good tonight?
Pfr1998 comments on Jun 5, 2018:
what is everyone's opinion...ladies? of a guy who: opens the car door, opens a door and lets you go first (even when its not a date) gets you flowers for no reason. good seemingly old fashioned gentlemen things
Would you date someone that said they had a government job that was so classified they couldn't even...
Pfr1998 comments on May 29, 2018:
I would think that a job THAT classified would leave little time for socializing. Even low level Analysts at Langley have a life. If its so classified that you can't give a single detail chances are they recruit singles for a reason.
What Do You Need From A Partner?
Pfr1998 comments on May 24, 2018:
Pretty much sums it up. I don't nessasarily need a woman to cook or clean and have it ready for me when i come home...i'm not like that...ONLY if she wants to. I just want her there when i get home to ask me about my day listen and ask questions and I'd do the same. i want all those generic corny things that mostly girls dream of. i can take care of her and she can take care of me.
I repeatedly see posts on Facebook regarding how much money churches bring in, tax free. Most of ...
Pfr1998 comments on May 12, 2018:
the only "Church" that should be taxed is the corrupt cult claiming to be one called "Scientology"
Does anyone Sail? looking for adivce on a type of assesory
Pfr1998 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
This might be a little lame, i by no means am an expert and my Dad and I are still learning. I am simply looking for a pair of Gloves....ones to wear so handling the lines don't tear my hands up. that's all. We have a Cape Cutter 19
I am an atheist and were going to church tomorrow with the family! If you were in my shoes, would ...
Pfr1998 comments on Apr 1, 2018:
When I was married I went with mywife and her family on christmas eve and such. I was just being respectful. they didn't want me to convert or anything. they had enough reasons to hate me. mainly my sleeping with their daughter pre-marriage and having coitus
If a transgender or intersex person shows interest in me but I decline in a friendly way, do that ...
Pfr1998 comments on Apr 1, 2018:
What moral code do you follow now that you are non-religious?
Pfr1998 comments on Mar 13, 2018:
Respect everyone and their opinion. do unto others ( I know...but if it's an actual good rule, why not steal it) stick up for the little guy don't tollerate hate, bullies, hypocrissy lies etc
Any other "Heavy Metal" (COMICS/MOVIES) fans?
Pfr1998 comments on Mar 12, 2018:
seen the orginal movie. its great! kinda nuts kinda cheesy like the 1980s Droid Star wars series LOVE the classic rock soundtrack
Women, are we being too picky about the men we date?
Pfr1998 comments on Mar 11, 2018:
Not too picky at all! Surprising as it may be, as a guy i am NOT just looking for a cook, house keeper, mother, money maker, sex giver, arm candy what have you. Now, i might be more picky in ways that only they would understand once they know my story, but no those things are by no means too picky
Is it really too much the norm that the guy "makes the first move" that the woman can't?
Pfr1998 comments on Feb 28, 2018:
I would definately prefer the attention from the lady considering how shy i am. all my friends always say how they like that. it sounds harsh, but they should prove it. ;-) they just don't prove it to ME
Is there a resounding silence by those Trump voters and supporters who claimed Hilary was going to ...
Pfr1998 comments on Feb 10, 2018:
It dosn't matter. he's their god, their hero, their knight. Everything Obama/ Hillary did/would do is awful bad terrible etc. but Trump sneaks in the same things and of course they're ok with it. Black guy and woman BAD!! Fat racist sexist rapist pig GREAT!!!!!
Are you Pro-Choice? are your beliefs (or lack of) a determining factor?
Pfr1998 comments on Feb 7, 2018:
I would not say I am PRO ABORTION. There's this endless debate about the time frame short term late term. clearly no one has an abortion at 7 8 9 months, that's completely absurd. It's still the woman's choice, the woman's body no ifs ands or buts. if anything there should be a cap on WHEN but there are exceptions. if moms life is in jeopardy. this will always be a slippery slope. MOre woman should be the ones making these laws and regulations as would car makers making rules regarding cars because they actually build the things. why do we allow those who don;'t have the body parts to make laws regarding them? who knows their bodies better? No man for one second would allow women to come out and say men can only used their "equiment" 3 days a week from 12 noon to 3pm and is ANY KIND OF USE..not just procreation. the government has so many other things they should be taking care of. defense health care clean air and water keeping our citizens safe from being taken advantage of...its ridiculous
What is your favorite cartoon show?
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 31, 2018:
Family guy. original transformers
Religion is a form of control. Who here agrees ?
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 31, 2018:
Totally. that's what makes our country great though. there are some problems here and there, but basically if you grow up in the church...setting aside your family disowning you..if you leave the church you don't have the government coming after you. in some places religon is LAW. and I take pride in saying in America you can say I AM CATHOLIC and you have every right to be, while at the same time I can say I AM ATHEIST and no one can do anything about it
SOTU. This is all I saw on my screen.
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 31, 2018:
When President Obama spoke that was Speaker Bohener's look. and he also looked pissed to be there. Later Ryan looked bored and irritated that 8 yrs later a black guy was still in charge.
Should I attend a wedding at church as an atheist?
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 31, 2018:
I would go for her. it's not like they check id at the door. I would also stand in respect and just listen and follow along. you don't have to say anything out loud. my parents are the same way, not against entering...when I got married in her church they came FOR ME. not the inlaws. ME. they followed along and went through the motions. no harm no foul
Do you miss the social aspect of church?
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 31, 2018:
Not really. I didn't ever go except with my Granny. everyone she knew was older and very kind, and they never asked "you read the bible?" or "I'll pray for you" etc. when I went with my Dad growing up there was no social interaction afterward or during the week. we weren't even relgious in practice. it was simply to feed my stepmom's narrcisim and ego
If you ever attended church, did you ever pay tithe?
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 30, 2018:
I never did because I was just a kid, but my Granny did. She was not one of those "I have to because its "required" " and they didn't give you the 3rd degree at the door. I don't go now, but I still give to United Way not at all for any kind of religous reasons but because it's the right thing to do and I work for a company that prides itself in giving back and helping others. I always like to choose whom I give to and give to a women's shelter and a group who stands in as advocates for children in court.
What would you make you angry/ upset of the two scenarios, 1:, Trump calling African Countries ...
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 12, 2018:
I apologize that I missed him saying this...but I also avoid listening to his voice just on the radio. But I do noitce that if appeared on camera and said Nazis were cool they then say he was taken out of contex or he didn't mean it THAT way. is this what he's saying now? he couldn't possibly have been joking or just saying PART of those places were shitholes. regardless how much more are we going to tolerate? the congress can vote to censor him, basically I think a public smack on the wrist. but he needs MORE. he needs to GO. realistically I don't think this will happen. lets be honest with ourselves and come out of the clouds for a minute. there is a small % of his supporters...who would go absolute apeshit nuts shooting anything that moves crazy if we impeeached him. that can be dealt with, the problem actually is HIM. he would eat it up. he gets aroused by that kind of BS. We need to take him down silently and legally and make him disapear like an alien obduction ;-) his mouth gets him in trouble daily. lets see what else he has to say. will he start insulting jewish leaders? democrat and republicans? millionaires and governors? do they have the balls to speak out against him...BOTH sides coming together to kill the beast with a double edge sword? stay tuned
If God was a real being, how would you see him as being?
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 11, 2018:
God would either look like Morgan Freeman or Alanis Morisette :-p
Where is everyone from? if you're not from the Great U-S-A...what do you think of all our crazy?
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 10, 2018:
I'm From San Antonio, Texas, But I was born at Ft. Belvior Virginia and lived in the DC area until I was 8. I have lived here in Texas since then, with one year in Germany ( My Dad was there for 4) I went to boarding school after the first year in Germany. Texas can be like a another planet. There are great people all over religious and not. but the divide is greater now thanks to Trump more than ever. People treat people with accents born here 3rd 4th 5th generation like they don't belong....it could all go either way but I truly believe people have the chance to wake up and make dumpft a one termer
Is anyone else on here part of the LGBT community? I've posted before, but I'm Lexie and I'm new ...
Pfr1998 comments on Jan 4, 2018:
not a member but a supporter nonetheless. Welcome! I'm new too. :-)
Should companies be required to include sales tax in their pricing per item?
Pfr1998 comments on Dec 26, 2017:
I would think that if the price displayed included the tax then in 2018 a computer system could list the tax separate on the receipt. i've even seen it break down the STATE % and the CITY and the COUNTY which equeled the 7.75% sales tax you might see on a reciept at a different place.
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