new here from San Antonio Texas. Basically I think I have tried all the good sites to meet someone just to talk to. they never stick around for long and the sad thing is they're never honest about why. is it cliche' for the guy to NOT being looking for hookups? I see a lot of profiles across the universe were the ladies all say right up front first line "NOT LOOKING FOR HOOKUPS or a ONS" etc that's not me either.

What would you make you angry/ upset of the two scenarios, 1:, Trump calling African Countries shithole Countries or 2: The unbothered African tiny brain dictatorships that have forced many Africans die on seas while escaping tyranny and oppression? African tiny brain dictatorships that have favoured Chinese and Indians to take over African economies than Africans? Africans being sold again in slavery on open markets in Libya while African dictators are busy enjoying wines and champagne with Chinese and Indians? Be Real. We may disagree with Trump, but on this one...I think he spoke truth to idiots that are running Africa as if they are hired mercenaries. ...
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I apologize that I missed him saying this...but I also avoid listening to his voice just on the radio. But I do noitce that if appeared on camera and said Nazis were cool they then say he was taken out of contex or he didn't mean it THAT way. is this what he's saying now? he couldn't possibly have been joking or just saying PART of those places were shitholes. regardless how much more are we going to tolerate? the congress can vote to censor him, basically I think a public smack on the wrist. but he needs MORE. he needs to GO. realistically I don't think this will happen. lets be honest with ourselves and come out of the clouds for a minute. there is a small % of his supporters...who would go absolute apeshit nuts shooting anything that moves crazy if we impeeached him. that can be dealt with, the problem actually is HIM. he would eat it up. he gets aroused by that kind of BS. We need to take him down silently and legally and make him disapear like an alien obduction ;-) his mouth gets him in trouble daily. lets see what else he has to say. will he start insulting jewish leaders? democrat and republicans? millionaires and governors? do they have the balls to speak out against him...BOTH sides coming together to kill the beast with a double edge sword? stay tuned
If God was a real being, how would you see him as being?
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God would either look like Morgan Freeman or Alanis Morisette :-p
Where is everyone from? if you're not from the Great U-S-A...what do you think of all our crazy?
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I'm From San Antonio, Texas, But I was born at Ft. Belvior Virginia and lived in the DC area until I was 8. I have lived here in Texas since then, with one year in Germany ( My Dad was there for 4) I went to boarding school after the first year in Germany. Texas can be like a another planet. There are great people all over religious and not. but the divide is greater now thanks to Trump more than ever. People treat people with accents born here 3rd 4th 5th generation like they don't could all go either way but I truly believe people have the chance to wake up and make dumpft a one termer
Is anyone else on here part of the LGBT community? I've posted before, but I'm Lexie and I'm new :) hi!
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not a member but a supporter nonetheless. Welcome! I'm new too. :-)
Should companies be required to include sales tax in their pricing per item?
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I would think that if the price displayed included the tax then in 2018 a computer system could list the tax separate on the receipt. i've even seen it break down the STATE % and the CITY and the COUNTY which equeled the 7.75% sales tax you might see on a reciept at a different place.
How often are you asked what church you attend? Follow up: What state do you live in?
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Most people I know who might be religous don't advertise it. they're working people, wife husband mother father friend daughter son etc who go to church on Sunday doesn't lessen it they just don't shove it in your face. talk to them for a month it might not even come up. i'm in Texas. one of the worst depending on where you live. I am inbetwen Corner Stone led by a fat bloated racist homophobe Hagee and Houston with charliton fraud milltionaire Osteen
Have you called your state's representatives to voice your opinion on an upcoming House or Senate vote?
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I know its cliche' but being from Texas and seeing who my Reps are, I know for a fact they don't care what my opinion is because they didn't get my vote or my money
Why are there so many people in the USA ready to condemn an agnostic or atheist in questioning the existence of a God and say you are going to hell or won't be saved?
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superiority complex
What brings you peace? Many of us started life believing in a religion that was comforting. Now that is gone for most of us, what brings you peace? For me, it is spending time outdoors, studying the amazing diversity of life we have on our planet....
Pfr1998 comments:
Spending time with my Best friend and her kids. they ( the kids) don't judge me and they enjoy my company because i WANT them around. at work there is a dog that comes in a few times a week. she is old, and quiet but the sweetest, she calms my nerves when my day is bad
When I drive by a Mormon cathedral, I think about the staggering amount of money it cost to build it. How much good that money could have done yet it was spent to entrap more victims to separate them from their money as well. Think about this. The Sistine chapel. It is an art and historical treasure with a value that barely be estimated in currency. It is just a tiny part of the property of the catholic church. Yet they ask us for donations to help the starving children. I appreciate irony and often laugh at it when someone wakes me up to my own blindness. But this is on an unspeakable scale. They have enough money to solve the world's problems yet they spend it creating new ones....
Pfr1998 comments:
same thing happens when i pass Lakewood in Houston. it used to be where the HOUSTON ROCKETS played. A FREAKING BASKETBALL ARENA
What party do you typically vote for?
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voting in the country should be complusory
If You Could Learn Any Language...
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French, German, Italian Japanesse
If you found out the Christian God of the bible was real, would you worship him?
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Is war bad?
Pfr1998 comments:
i don't think it is bad or good but sometimes its nessasary
Is war bad?
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I'm always going to be pro-America. That being said I'm not America First the way TRUMP is America First. Good relationships with the people of the world is a very good thing...ESPECIALLY our Neighbors!! We don't have to go running to someone guns in hand, bombs loaded everytime something happens in another country, but we should have a "we have their back they have ours" attitude. This is important especially when you have humnaitarian issues like starving children, or mass genocide (Rwanda) in this case The U.N, is a great way to help without WMDs If an allied country is clearly attacked by an aggressor then we should come to the aid of that nation, but in a way requested by said nation and only as a last resort should boots be used i.e. Canada is invaded and the asailant is moving townard our border. or a nation where we currently have stationed troops under the same scenerio. this is a silppery slope but certainly my faith or lack of would not affect my view on this.
What's your opinion when you hear "Women's rights" as an issue?
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to clarify I mean the right to choose, vote, equal pay, maternity leave etc
Are you Pro-Choice? are your beliefs (or lack of) a determining factor?
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I should also say that the number one issue for me even though i am a MAN, is the long line of crusty old MEN who seem hell bent on controlling a woman and her lady parts...we all know for argument sake if women were lining up shouting about laws controlling a man's parts they'd be up in arms so quick it'd make your head spin. I for one have no interest in, nor would i try or presume i have a right or the know how more than a woman to control her V-jay-jay or her body. I love it, it is is HERS.
Why do you think they elected a Latino to be the Pope?
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change things up a bit? better than a nazi
Even though I have given up Christianity, I still believe in some of the teachings of Jesus and have told my believer friends that I’m a better Christian than them at times. Do any of you still keep part of the old faith with you?...
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absolutely. My Granny was devout, and I went to mass with her, long before any scandals. She was a long time Democrat and always helped at the Polls and would never judge anyone for any of the things evangelicals do even though it was against Doctrine. I have one uncle who is gay, and several cousins who had kids pre-marriage/no marriage.
Should I attend a wedding at church as an atheist?
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if it were me and no one knew before hand except those who needed to...i would go. it's not as if i would have to wear a HI MY NAME IS: with ATHEIST underneath my name. you can still bow your head and stand up and be respectful. it's also not like they have a who isn't following along radar
How do you deal with Door-knockers?
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luckily i live in a closed apartment complex. I wouldn't cuss at them or anything I would simply not answer the door. but they don't come by anyhow because it's a closed property and they have a whole neighborhood to walk to.
Do you support Trump?
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without a doubt hands down 1 million % NO. I have lost trust in my government. He can't even put folks in key spots that have hope.
Why do you reject the idea of religion?
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For me personally it's not so much the ideas or teachings, i don't buy all of that, yes, but it s more about the individuals...the practicers rather than what is practiced. My Granny was religious and she would NEVER have in a million years picketed the funeral of a Gay solider. or been involved with anyone who would bomb an Abortion Clinic. her Jesus helped the poor healed the sick and fed the hungry. Her Jesus didn't go around saying God hates fags or I hate you because you're a man who loves a man. And it's this idea that we should have bibles in public schools and make a law at the top level banning abortion or gay marriage. They have no argument against gay marriage other than they think their bible says so. there's no legal reason I digress. There is way too much hypocrisy and the list goes on and on why I call bullshit on religion.
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