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Why do most religious people think if you don't believe in god you are immoral?
Comment: Theists think since there is no 'god' for our actions to be accountable for, we can do whatever we want. Stupid thinking when my actions affect other human beings I share this planet with which they don't think about. Yet, they ignore everyone else, pray to an imaginary friend, and pretend all their problems have disappeared.
Do you believe in destiny or luck ?
Comment: Nope. Life is what you make it and things happen for no reason at all.
What would make you believe in a God?
Comment: If 'god' exists, it would know exactly what would convince me. Either it is unable to, unwilling, doesn't care, or simply does not exist.
Any suggestions on how to inoculate children from religion?
Comment: I would trick my kids all the time. Afterwards, quiz them. I would also teach them about Santa and the Easter bunny as if they were real. Convince them they are real. Then drop the cold-hearted truth about their non-existence. Teach them about all the major and minor religions. Enforce the importance of evidence. To ask and question everything! Doing this will make them the best skeptics imo.
Is there such thing as a soul mate?
Comment: One would need to demonstrate the existence of a 'soul' first.
When did you first doubt religion?
Comment: Since I was first told about it.
What moral code do you follow now that you are non-religious?
Comment: Cause the least amount of harm.
What is your response when people threaten you with religious punishments? (i.e. Hell/Jahannam)
Comment: I laugh and warn them about another religion's "hell".
Would you raise your children religious just to fit in?
Comment: If you pay me a few million maybe

Jokes aside, never.
Is life meaningful without religion?
Comment: Life is MORE meaningful. To know this is the one life to only exist, I love more. Strive to have fewer regrets. Appreciate the little moments. Appreciate the time I have with my loved ones; especially my grandmother who turns 90 this year. To know that I will never see her again makes every second THAT much more special for me.
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