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Is this it?
Sarcasm comments:
Maybe you haven't been lookin in the right places to find more
Is automation bad for democracy?
Sarcasm comments:
why would it be bad
I'm so angry. I just watched a man die because he couldn't afford his medicine for his treatable illness. In America. That is just so fucked up. And the worst part is he isn't the first person I've watched die of something treatable and he won't be the last. I HATE that. I fucking hate to the point of violent rage that people ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN. I'm so...fuck!!! Arggggh!! This job, man. When it's so rewarding but how can I save lives when people can't afford to have their lives saved? What honor is in that?
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I dont think most people just sit around and decide to allow that to happen lmao, most of us dont really have anything we can do about it just like you
What is the purpose of socializing?
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i enjoy other people's company, the only goal im trying to actively achieve in life is to enjoy myself
Meaning of existence
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cause whether or not im happy doesnt hinge on whether or not life has meaning
Could you stay isolated for five days in total isolation as an asocial experiment?
Sarcasm comments:
time to fall asleep for 5 days
What are your top 3 current favorite TV shows?
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scrubs, house, archer
What songs make you happy?
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The Mowgli's - San Francisco
Rape is something I don't think most men understand enough about,I my self have had to deal with the aftermath of these actions more often than most i think... It is devastation ,it can hurt them for life ,it can make them cut off from considering dating men for life All men need to realize just how much of horrid thing that it is.... Takes away their feelings of control and then that is acted out upon by unhealthy reactions... It's a daily struggle for some... It depletes them in so many ways ,it's very difficult to heal from It's worst than bad and this is coming just from a witness ,not a victim ...
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i dont think its something most people want to personally understand since its a horrible thing
When down by the river, l was able to catch some pics of this young armadillo just outside its burrow....l think it's the same one that was in the yard before, but was able to get much closer this time...😊
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i want one
Artificial evolution?
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its evolution still its just engineered instead of happening in nature
Glass half full or half empty? Another false dichotomy! It's obviously both. And half-empty doesn't necessarily imply negative thinking! Suppose you want your child to drink her milk and you note that the glass is now half empty - that is being positive about the child's accomplishment! To say that the glass is half full would be negative. The point, again, is to refer to specific situations rather than to debate abstractly and aimlessly.
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how should i know im blind
If you had to legally change your name what would you switch it to?
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Night shifts done, gym or bed?
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Future You
Sarcasm comments:
Hopefully someone better than i was before
Are you patient?
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I like to think im pretty patient
So tired of being alone on the weekends. Anyone else using their Netflix membership to it's fullest every weekend? 😂😂😂
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I dont even use netflix anymore im pretry much just throwing money in the garbage every month at this point
Are most agnostics intelligent and left-leaning?
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nah dumb people can be found everywhere
Are you more calculating or spontaneous?
Sarcasm comments:
a bit of both
If you got to choose a 'last meal,' what would it be?
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Human...ok prob not, but i'd wanna see if theyd actually do it
What have you always wanted to do or try, that you just haven't gotten around to?
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go to vegas, joining a poker tournament
What is the worst place someone could ask you on a date?
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funeral, depends whos funeral it was ;)
Do you eat breakfast? Do you think it's the most important meal of the day?
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I dont usually even wake up early enough to get breakfast
Tonight, after a beautiful and unseasonably warm day, I was looking forward to sleeping with my bedroom window open, only to have it ruined by a skunk in the street below. HA - of course. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh at life... Have you had one of those "Murphy's Law" moments lately?
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Haven't had one in a while but i feel like now that you've told your story something similar will happen to me
Does anyone have a problem with scammers. No matter what site there's always scammers. I've had to turn down requests on fb so many times because they fit the scammer MO, cuvil engineer working out of the country and widowed
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theyre funny to mess with
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