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How does a nice Facebook post get slandered by two people?
Sarcasm comments:
sounds like they just wanted a reason to bash lol
Would you be willing to die for your beliefs?
Sarcasm comments:
probably not
Why is it so hard to realize we are just like any creature that has ever lived on this planet?! That we exist and then we die, never to exist again. To believe otherwise is hypocrisy for this site.
Sarcasm comments:
how is it hypocrisy
Do you taunt the religious?
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I'm leaning towards "free will" being an illusion. Convince me otherwise.
Sarcasm comments:
does that mean im also not responsible for my actions since i didn't have the free will to choose not to do things ;)
How competitive are you?
Sarcasm comments:
6 or 7 probably
Are you the same person you used to be? Is personality static or changing?
Sarcasm comments:
im not the same but sometimes i wish i was, sometimes im glad ive changed
Wisconsin Lawmaker: Convert To Christianity Or Be ‘Destroyed’
Sarcasm comments:
hey i live near him lol
I like this one so much better!!
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Does religion damage Self-Esteem?
Sarcasm comments:
alot of people are pretty confident when they talk about their religion so idk, prob depends on the person
If you had to name the current chapter of your life, what would you call it?
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Is it disturbing that people would actually eat cracker pieces to represent the flesh of Jesus and red juice to drink his blood?
Sarcasm comments:
tbh i always wanted to eat that cracker as a kid
Are You Agnostic About Invisible Frogs on Venus?
Sarcasm comments:
i mean its possible so idk...
Do you feel detached from your own culture?
Sarcasm comments:
im asian and yeah dont really feel any asian culture in me at all
What makes a god, a God?
Sarcasm comments:
if it can break the laws of reality/physics, i'll call it god
Daniel Dennett
Sarcasm comments:
dunno i mean in order to stop you have to have started somewhere :^)
As an Atheist or Agnostic, are you less depressed or anxious?
Sarcasm comments:
i've always kind of been agnostic/atheist so i guess nothing has really changed
What is the bible to you?
Sarcasm comments:
a book
What one question do you want answered the most?
Sarcasm comments:
what stock will increase in value the most in the next 5 years
Disagreements in believers and non-believers relationships. What's your experience?
Sarcasm comments:
My best friend in hs was a believer and it never got in the way of our friendship
Suppose a god that created us exists and he gives each of us three questions we can ask. What would you ask him? I would ask his these three questions. (1) What grade would you give yourself for creating this cesspool called earth. (2) Why did you give us a free will and then punish us for using the free will you gave us. (3) Can I be your apprentice? I know I wouldn't muck things up as much as you have!...
Sarcasm comments:
Are you allowed to lie on these questions, were you lying when you answered that first question, were you lying when you answered the 2nd question
What did you do so far today?
Sarcasm comments:
wake up and shower
What would you call those moments when life hands out serendipity? Luck? Positive Energy? (or just serendipity)
Sarcasm comments:
a good day
Are you Grateful?
Sarcasm comments:
Grateful for what
How it happens.
Sarcasm comments:
I'd worship him
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