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Anyone take the Myers-Briggs?
Comment: ENTP
Why do some atheist still use religious terms?
Comment: Cause its more of an phrase than a literal meaning, like if I said he disappeared like a ghost, I don't believe in ghosts, but it gets the point across
How would you feel if you found out that the person you have feeling for was transgender?
Comment: probably not pursue them
I am new, can someone tell me how to increase my level?
Comment: gotta eat rare candies
What do you think about tattoos and body piercings?
Comment: they look good on some people, not so much on others.
Will you support the existence of an " Atheistic country" ?
Comment: I don't want atheism to be the focus of a place I'd support, rather people who I trust make good decisions, being an atheist doesn't mean you make proper decisions
Relationship Loss
Comment: Thankfully I have not
Do you ever get used to loss?
Comment: Eventually I think you do, its something everyone experiences
Are you attracted to the bad boys or naughty girls?
Comment: somewhat, but not really any more or less than any other type of girl I find attractive
Avoiding the Friend Zone
Comment: not feeling interested in the person LMAO, thats actually the only thing
Evangelicals in Government
Comment: I think eventually they won't be the ones in government anymore so there isn't too much to worry about
As an agnostic or theist, do you fear death? If so, why?
Comment: no, it kinda forces you to judge whether or not you think you lived a good life
I want a path to follow though I don't believe how to find meaning w out a god?
Comment: why don't you believe in finding meaning without a god?
Marriage equality
Comment: don't get why people care so much about what other people who aren't in my life are doing as long as they aren't hurting someone
What US political party do you align with?
Comment: neither
Does "have a blessed day" bother you?
Comment: Nope
How have you dealt with losing someone you view as a "soul mate" (for lack of a better term)?
Comment: kept myself occupied and had other things that were on my mind that I didn't want to let go of
Do you object to the term "RELIGITARDS" or do you think it appropriate?
Comment: if atheists/agnostics were the majority then we'd definitely be the assholes if we called them that, I don't see how being the minority changes that
Ever get calls from scammers?
Comment: LOL I havent had one in a while
Being the Cheater
Comment: Ive been the cause but not because of cheating
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