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If you had to legally change your name what would you switch it to?
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Night shifts done, gym or bed?
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Future You
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Hopefully someone better than i was before
Are you patient?
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I like to think im pretty patient
So tired of being alone on the weekends. Anyone else using their Netflix membership to it's fullest every weekend? 😂😂😂
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I dont even use netflix anymore im pretry much just throwing money in the garbage every month at this point
Are most agnostics intelligent and left-leaning?
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nah dumb people can be found everywhere
Are you more calculating or spontaneous?
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a bit of both
If you got to choose a 'last meal,' what would it be?
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Human...ok prob not, but i'd wanna see if theyd actually do it
What have you always wanted to do or try, that you just haven't gotten around to?
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go to vegas, joining a poker tournament
What is the worst place someone could ask you on a date?
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funeral, depends whos funeral it was ;)
Do you eat breakfast? Do you think it's the most important meal of the day?
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I dont usually even wake up early enough to get breakfast
Tonight, after a beautiful and unseasonably warm day, I was looking forward to sleeping with my bedroom window open, only to have it ruined by a skunk in the street below. HA - of course. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh at life... Have you had one of those "Murphy's Law" moments lately?
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Haven't had one in a while but i feel like now that you've told your story something similar will happen to me
Does anyone have a problem with scammers. No matter what site there's always scammers. I've had to turn down requests on fb so many times because they fit the scammer MO, cuvil engineer working out of the country and widowed
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theyre funny to mess with
If you could just pick up and move today where would you move to?
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los angeles or new york maybe, not sure
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I think theyre more like an organization/union that holds power, kinda like the teamsters or whatever theyre called
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Dunno if he meant it in a negative way but i think its more that if people hear you are single and 35 they will assume theres a reason why its that way and usually they will assume its a negative reason. Kind of like if you see someone jobless after a certain age you assume they either aren't trying to get a job or cant because they did something to where nobody wants to hire them, instead of assuming they were able to get along without working because they already made alot of money or that they inherited money or something.
Do people of above average intelligence have a harder time finding a partner? Is it more difficult because said crowd would likely be more selective? Or is it because it's tough to find another human within close range who is on the same intellectual level? Perhaps both? What do you think?
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Its also harder if youre below average since nobody wants you :(
What do you know well enough to teach others?
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How to not get anything done
Days off
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Get all my chores done around the house that i put off all week
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Do you trust the government as a source of information?
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for the most part yes
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Pretty much anything, kinda like an open forum
Do you have a family member (or person in your life) that you just don't want to deal with?
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yes, i dont talk to them anymore so, i guess it worked out
Difference in intelligence in a relationship
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Yeah i'd assume so, as long as they still have common interests
Personality Test
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