Atheist liberal engineer working in defense. So now you know that's possible.

Avoiding the Friend Zone
Sdjess comments:
"Friend zone" used to be called a one-sided crush. You can't force attraction.
What is your opinion on male circumcision?
Sdjess comments:
I absolutely refused to have my sons circumcised. I was not going to be swayed for any reason.
Whats your assessment of online dating? is it for the damaged, desperate or is it 'normal' these days?
Sdjess comments:
It was a disaster for me and when it started to affect the way I saw all men I decided to walk away.
Sdjess comments:
I was so happy with this sequel. ?
Sdjess comments:
Poly relationships sound EXHAUSTING
First date, who pays?
Sdjess comments:
Last first date we got smoothies, he asked. I paid for mine, then he used my purchase to get his last stamp on his card and got his free. No second date!
Does anyone know someone that was an Atheist or Agnostic and then became Christian?
Sdjess comments:
I have a few family members who claim to be former atheists. To a one, "atheist" to them means, "didn't really find a Christian church I liked so I didn't go to church for a while."
Where does intuition fall on the spectrum of what takes place in the mind but cannot be measured?
Sdjess comments:
I don't "believe" in intuition per se, but I've learned to trust my gut feelings. Quite often an unexpected thought or idea will pop into my head and it has always, always been the right idea to follow that prompting. I used to think that was God. Now I think I'm probably perceptive to a massive degree and by following these "background" subconscious perceptions, I've entered a positive feedback loop where I get better and better at it.
Why did you join
Sdjess comments:
There was an ad tucked amongst the countless "pray for Vegas" posts on my Instagram. It was like a life raft.
Why are there more male than female atheists?
Sdjess comments:
My experience with local atheist groups has been that men dominated discussions and talked over (and down to) female members. Not something that encouraged women to remain.
How do you respond to criticism?
Sdjess comments:
I've been in martial arts most of my adult life. I'm used to frequent critique only balanced rarely with a little praise. Sometimes outside of practice I get a little pang when I'm criticised, but I snap back as quickly as possible. If the information is useful, I am thankful for the input. If it is not, I let it go and move on.
How do I find love when I don't know how to start a conversation?
Sdjess comments:
If it makes you feel better, us extroverts don't really have any more luck finding love. ???? I figure I'm going to enjoy my life and make connections wherever I go. Maybe love will find me, but regardless, I'll have fun doing things that make me happy. As for starting conversations, I prefer a friendly hello and a smile. Works surprisingly well.
I was a born again Christian for 35 years and I have recently been questioning my faith. The more research I did, the more horrified I became about Christianity. I am just looking for some support from anyone that can understand the journey from believer to non believer.
Sdjess comments:
It was a tough journey for me. I had to give up so much of what I believed about the world and myself. Even as I felt more and more free, I mourned it like a death. It's been over ten years now, and I'm glad I went through it all. It was important. Even more significant to me, I'm happy I'm rearing my boys to be free thinkers. If they end up religious, at least I'll know they came to the decision on their own, not because it was forced on them. The questioning is hard. No matter where you end up on the belief spectrum, be proud of yourself for the bravery you're showing now.
If you were once religious, why are you not now?
Sdjess comments:
When I was in graduate school I thought it would be neato to use all of the research resources available to me at my university to get a better understanding of my intense faith. It didn't take much reading of scholarly accounts of biblical history for cracks to form. I tried to be generally agnostic/spiritual just to maintain ANY faith but that didn't last. It became tiresome for me to try to hold on to the supernatural when the actual world in front of me was more than enough.
Dating Thoughts
Sdjess comments:
I'm interested in a dating aspect, but wary of the negging and dick pics that sent me running from other sites.
Tattoos and religious friends/family?
Sdjess comments:
I've said "you can pray for me I guess, but I think they're permanent" and "if there actually is a hell, the tattoos are going to be the least of my problems"
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