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I'm a pansexual liberal atheist/agnostic. If none of that scares you then the rest should be a piece of cake lol.

I spend most of my free time reading. I love movies, especially horror and comedy. I am an anime fan. I currently have 4 dogs but love all animals. I have many tattoos. I'm pretty easy going and usually have a good sense of humor. Let's chat. smile001.gif

How do you make life meaningful without the help of religion?
UnicornReaper comments:
I don't need life to be meaningful or have a point. I don't need a purpose. I'm just here to squeeze as much joy out of life as I can. I'm too busy petting all of the dogs to be worrying about meaning.
Considering you are a non-religious individual?
UnicornReaper comments:
Color me confused.
Who is your favorite comedian and why? (Could be believer or non)
UnicornReaper comments:
Lewis Black because he is the personification of my anger (and literally in Inside Out lol).
How do you respond when people say they will pray for you?
UnicornReaper comments:
If they're trying to be kind then I just say thank you. If they're trying to be condescending or give a backhanded insult (usually about my lifestyle) then I tell them that unless they're without sin themselves they shouldn't be casting any stones so they can shove their prayers up their ass. :D
Why do people respond to the question, 'How certain are you that there are no gods' with 99.9%. Pascal's Wager? Why not 100%?
UnicornReaper comments:
I put 90% because I acknowledge the possibility that I could be wrong. I think all gods were made by man to explain the inexplicable and religion of any kind is for fools. But, I really don't have any way of knowing for sure and I can't prove it. So I always leave that little bit open. How does the saying go? The only thing you can ever know for certain is that you know nothing.
Would you raise your children religious just to fit in?
UnicornReaper comments:
Nope. Never. Mainly because I find religion to be super harmful, but also, people are going to judge literally everything you do as a parent, so, might as well do what you think is best.
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