I've been a nonbeliever for 12+ years and a blogger for close to 8. I predominately write about the impact religious indoctrination has on the brain and society, the brain's role in religious-type experiences, and a little bit about how Christianity impacted my life. The most interesting question about religion isn’t whether God exists but why so many people are religious. I'm an autodidact, an avid reader, and quite curious. Love discourse and reading the comment sections on blogs and forums. What people are thinking interests me. I have a background in entrepreneurship and neurotechnology. Neuroscience rocks my world. Music does too. If I had the option to live anywhere in the world, the Nordic countries rank at the top of my list. I resonate with their progressive cultures and humanist values. I'm a bit in love with Denmark. Australia and Canada are pretty awesome, too. Thanks for the visit.

What is something that most people don't know about you?
Comment: Most? Are we talking online and offline, family and friends, etc?
Do you think that science teachers should teach alternatives to evolution in public schools?
Comment: Such as?
Do you ever see a day where politicians don't have to embrace Christianity
Comment: In the U.S., definitely not anytime soon. I would wager that most are nonbelievers, as well as most clergy.
I am disgusted with this. Look how Oklahoma wants to circumvent the Constitution and Supreme Court ruling-- and force their religious beliefs back on the public. In 2015, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the Ten Commandments Monument that was housed at the Oklahoma State Capitol violated the Constitution. That decision led to the monument being removed from the Capitol grounds. Last year, Oklahoma voters shot down a state question that would have allowed the Ten Commandments to move back to the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds. State Question 790 would have removed a part of the Oklahoma Constitution that prohibits the use of state resources for religious purposes. Despite voters rejecting the question, some Oklahoma lawmakers continue to work to bring the monument back to the Capitol. House Bill 2177 would allow cities, schools and muncipalities to display ‘historical documents, monuments and writings’ in public buildings and on public grounds. The documents that could be displayed include the Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Oklahoma Constitution and the Ten Commandments. The bill, which was authored by Rep. John Bennett and Sen. Micheal Bergstrom, recently passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee. (KFOR News)...
Comment: Lovely. Nothing gives me the warm fuzzies more than being reminded of the 10 commandments where women are listed as the property of men, alongside houses and livestock.

These "righteous ones" have selectively overlooked Numbers 31, where god commanded Moses, who then commanded his army to slaughter men, married women, and boys, but keep the young girls for themselves and split all the property they stole from their neighbors. So much for not coveting, murdering and stealing. Effing hypocrites.
Why do so many Atheist believe in Ghosts?
Comment: Ghost of the gaps. LOL

Lack of god belief clearly doesn't equate to lack of superstitious belief.
Why do so many Atheist believe in Ghosts?
Comment: Twenty (20) HZ is generally the lowest frequency humans can hear. Below 20 HZ it's called infrasound, which can result naturally from severe weather, surf, lee waves, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanoes, bolides (a large meteor that explodes in the atmosphere), waterfalls, calving of icebergs, auroras, lightning and upper-atmospheric lighting. It can also be man-made.

Certain infrasound has been dubbed the fear frequency. Tigers emit a low frequency within their roar paralyzing their prey with fear.


Vic Tandy, an engineering designer, was doing contract work for a company that manufactured medical equipment. The company’s business was in the design of intensive-care and life support equipment. When he first started working there, Tandy heard talk that the lab was haunted. He just blew it off. One morning Tandy arrived just as the custodian was leaving, seeming quite distressed that she had seen something. As a hard-nosed engineer, Tandy put it down to feral cats, rats, or moving pressure hoses (as the pressure fluctuates, flexible hoses sometimes move) or some sort of lighting effect.

He was working late one night. His colleagues had left. While sitting at his desk, he began to feel increasingly uncomfortable. He broke out in a cold sweat, a heaviness came over him, along with a sense of dread and depression. He looked around and even checked the gas bottles to be sure there wasn't a leak into the room. There were oxygen and carbon dioxide bottles which could cause all sorts of problems if handled inappropriately.

By now the hair was standing up on his neck and he said there was a distinct chill in the room. He went to get a cup of coffee and returned to his desk. As he was working he felt like he was being watched, and then a figure slowly emerged to his left. It was indistinct and on the periphery of his vision but it moved as you would expect a person would do. The "entity" was gray and looked hooded. He recalls being terrified. As he turned the "entity" faded and disappeared. Needless to say, he left for the night.

The following day Tandy was entering a fencing competition and needed to cut a thread onto the tang of a spare foil blade so that he could attach the handle. He brought the blade to work so he could use the engineer’s bench vice in the lab to hold the blade. He put the blade in the vice, left to get some oil and when he returned, the free end of the blade was vibrating, frantically. Combining this with his experience from the previous night, a bit of fear came over him.

However, vibrating pieces of metal were more familiar to him than ghosts so he decided to investigate. If the foil blade was being vibrated it was receiving energy which must have been varying in intensity at a rate equal to the resonant frequency of the blade. There was a lot of background noise but there could also be low-frequency sound or infrasound mixed in. As it turns out, Tandy and his colleagues were sharing their lab with a low frequency standing wave.

The energy in the wave peaked in the center of the room. What we call sound is caused by variation in the pressure of the air around us. It was being reflected back by the walls at each end, so it wasn't going anywhere, hence a standing (stationary) ... [view more]
Has anyone been to the Great Barrier Reef in the last year? This may seem a little off subject, but global warming is killing the reefs faster than I thought and I am trying to find where is good to go now that there is so little time left....
Comment: Are you inquiring because you want to go scuba diving?
How anti-theist are you? Not only am I an unapologetic atheist, but I am an anti-theist. Sure, I live in the real world and I have friends and relatives who are believers, but I do take many opportunities to educate others as to the horrors of religion and its horrific crimes. Human rights are threatened all over this planet because of religion and people are being tortured and murdered because of it. We are now living in a climate where it is OK to discriminate and call it freedom of religion. IN the USA, you can believe in human sacrifice, but you can't practice it....
Comment: Involuntary manslaughter is legal in the name of religion. They can literally get away with causing people to commit suicide.They were responsible for the suicide of my husband and got away Scott free. They can terrorize children (and adults) with the threat of eternal torture, and are never held accountable for the psychological harm it causes. They cause PDST and CPDST, and Religious Trauma Syndrom, which includes but is not limited to: confusion, difficulty with decision-making and critical thinking, dissociation, identity confusion, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicidal ideation, suicide, anger, grief, guilt, loneliness, sleep and eating disorders, nightmares, sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, somatization, rupture of family and social networks, employment issues, financial stress, problems acculturating into society, interpersonal dysfunction, etc., etc.


I live in a state that can deny me a place to live, a bank loan, access to prescription birth control, and a multitude of other goods and services for having sex outside of marriage.

HB 1523 went into effect in Mississippi this month (Oct. 10).The law allows business owners and government workers to refuse goods and services to LGBT people and anyone who has sex outside of marriage, based on sincerely held religious beliefs, and the federal government can't interfere.


I have been an activist since 2010. Authoritarian religions such as Christianity should be exposed for what they are -- a detriment to societal stability, the well being of humanity and the planet. Anyone who can't see this hasn't been paying attention.
I am going through a very rough patch in my life right now. It seems to be one thing after another, starting with separating from my husband of 21 years. I am not generally a high stress person; but, when a bunch of things pile on at once, it takes its toll. Despite all this stress, pain, anguish and uncertainty, I have felt no desire, no need, to call upon a god for comfort or guidance. One would think, especially given I was a believer for over thirty years, that if the god I once believed in existed it would use this opportunity to impress upon me that it is there; but--nothing. What is helping me through this is my ability to reason. Sure, emotions still take over once in awhile; but I am always able to work my way through it. And, I know I will come out of this just fine. So, this, to me, is just more evidence that there is no god--especially a personal one....
Comment: Hi Joanne. Looking back through my life I always gave a god the credit for getting me through some significant hardships. After becoming an unbeliever, I was rightly blown away when I realized that those footprints in the sand were not made by Jesus. They were my own. It speaks volumes that you have not had the desire, or need to call upon a god for comfort and guidance. Whoever said there are no atheists in foxholes never realized their own fortitude. You've got grit.

I'm glad you're hanging out with us. I look forward to getting to know you better. Feel free to PM me anytime. *hug*

Are you a Toller?
Comment: Reading A New Earth was a turning point in my life -- a transitional stage after deconversion. That was in 2005. Some things made sense, but this was before I started researching neuroscience. After listening to several of his lectures and reading his other books, I came to the conclusion that he was missing the boat, lacked knowledge regarding real causes of emotional pain. He would have likely given my late husband poor counsel --- just like the clergy did when he was given biblical counseling which sent him over the edge, resulting in suicide.

When Tolle said that if you're reading his book "A New Earth" you're having a spiritual awakening, I can't think of anything more egotistical than that, if I'm going to be honest here. The "pain body" -- don't even get me started. It's not an entity, as though it has a conscious and is competing for your attention. Some people experience emotional pain because they have something going on organically, in their brain.

I think it's important to be aware of the little things going on around us that can bring a sense of awe. It's hard to slow down and pay attention, sometimes. He did help me become more mindful in that area. However, it's important to be aware that we have a negativity bias and to understand why. It's natural and has contributed to the survival of our species. While his books did benefit me at a time in my life when I was in great turmoil when questioning belief in god, the greatest "revelations" and a sense of peace came to me through independent research in the sciences, in particular, neuroscience.

Sorry to be so forthright. If it's helping you during this period of your life then that's what's important. I tend to take a lot of what he says with a grain of salt.
How many have been defriended on Facebook over your atheist memes and opinions?
Comment: Zero. I have an echo chamber on FB, intentionally, hence, friends. If I want to debate about belief vs non-belief there are other sites that afford that.
did you loose faith, or gain a sense of reality?
Comment: Reality. Loss of faith was a side-effect.
Do you tend to disagree with people you don't like or don't present their ideas in the way you'd like? Why is that so?
Comment: I can agree with ideas presented to me from someone I don't like.

If they present ideas that I don't agree with, and they're seeking a discussion or my opinion, then I'll explain my point of view. Like Silvereyes pointed out, I can disagree with those I do like.
Morning folks, why aren't we all getting ready for the church this morning I wonder? ;-)
Comment: So, you're into rhetorical questions?

*Makes note*
What's your phobia?
Comment: I have a fear of getting shocked by electricity. I'm not afraid of electrical appliances and whatnot and don't have a fear of plugging things into an outlet, but if I see sparks and hear popping while doing it, it can definitely creep me out. I was shocked rather badly when I was a kid.
When do you find sex the most enjoyable?
Comment: When I know they're really into me and not just using me as a vehicle for masturbation.
When I was researching religion and asking my friends and coworkers about the power of prayer it always amazed me that some folks seemed to always have their prayers answered. One lady told me she even asked god to give her a handsome husband like Brad Pitt and he frickin answered her!! So this was before I decided I was Agnostic, but I had attempted to pray to god and ask for some non selfish things thinkin perhaps he might be impressed w me not wanting Brad Pitt lol. Anyways, not a single damn time has he ever answered my prayers. Even when it came down to some serious shit- nothing! I began to think maybe god does exist but he didnt want my kind around. Bc it seemed the more greedy or selfish the person the more likely he was to help them. It seemed really the opposite of what I thought a good christian was it seemed god turned his back on them. There are a million reasons I am Agnostic. I see evidence for some humans to be able to reach him and for some of us no matter how good we are or good things we do he just snubbed his nose. So in true Agnostic form until I see proof for myself I'll lean more towards him not being real or not being someone I would want to spend eternity with anyways lol...
Comment: But SS, don't you know? The "righteous" ones will tell you that in order for your prayers to be answered, you have to be filled with the "holy spirit." LOL

As someone who was once a sincere believer and prayed often and earnestly, I came to the same conclusion. However, unanswered prayer wasn't the reason I became an unbeliever.
I call myself a catholic agnostic, what do you call yourself?
Comment: I know several Jewish atheists. They involve themselves with some of the traditions and customs. Is that what you mean by calling yourself a Catholic agnostic?

Paul628 pretty much summed up what I was going to say.
What is the point of living?
Comment: Living.
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