I'm an old geezer with a dog (Sox) & a cat (Penny). Also a cynical philosopher & a closet comedian.

How Advertising Influence Your Choices and Spending Habits ?
Comment: Marketing influences everything. It shapes culture & culture shapes us.
How Advertising Influence Your Choices and Spending Habits ?
Comment: Who the hell lives in kitchener?
What do you think would happen if we had a majority agnostic government?
Comment: It would sill be deadlocked
I am deeply concerned about the concerted attempts of evangelical Christians to erode, if not eliminate, the separation of church and state. It can erode, if not eliminate our democracy and civil liberties....
Comment: You have to watch those creepy xtians. They will couple themselves to anything in order to maintain power. As politicians. Power is not reliquished easily.
I find myself fairly convinced by the simulation hypothesis but without the added baggage of it having any behavioral demands so I'm in this position where while I think it's more statistically likely a god exists, I also feel like I'm closer to atheism since it provides & demands nothing. Weird :x...
Comment: You're right! You're full of shit!
Biblical dilemma?
Comment: Dilemma for who? I'm an atheist. The bible is a sociological history of a primitive society. The work that needs to be done - RISE UP ATHEISTS! & change the world.
Are there any college students on here who are part of the Secular Student Alliance or another nonreligious organization?
Comment: Who are you? Sum'kinda'hippie?
Do you like to cook?
Comment: Are you kidding! I'm moving next to McDonalds.
What, in your opinion, are some characteristics of a mature person?
Comment: I don't know, I haven't got there. I'll grow old but never grow-up.
The risks involved with Appeals to Emotion
Comment: Don't let your heart rule your head makes good sense for a reason. The way one feels can change with the wind but a fact is firm.
Usually it's the other way around. I do the crime & blame someone else.
What about addiction that starts just for pleasure or kicks?
As an atheist, I enjoy discussing metaphysics and philosophy, but recently I find myself getting bored talking about the same things over and over with different people. What I enjoyed was the sense of epiphany from a nice deep conversation. I haven't had that in a while. Have other people been having this problem. Hitting a philosophical wall behind which only nonsensical gibberish lies....
Comment: If by deep you mean endless then no. Philosophers don't answer questions, they question the answers. Ad infinitum.
Is it a "Wonderful Life?
Comment: Life is like swimming from one island of happiness to another thru a sea of misery.
Never seen the movie.
Assuming you're an apostate, how often does someone attempt to "reconvert" you?
Comment: Religionists don't like talking with me. So rarely.
I've been using the dating app/sites. A curious phrase is used with some frequency that disturbs me every time. Gals write that they are looking for a man with "Christian values". (What?) My question is, what is so unique to Christianity that one can categorize it as a distinct value?...
Comment: Nothing. She just wants to know if you'll respect her in the morning.
So I realized I didn't believe in God about 2 months ago. It was a very long road for me to finally come to terms that I don't believe in him anymore. For me, I think I've been in denial about it for several years, since I was probably 14 ish (now 21) but was too scared to do some sort of research out of fear of being damned and such. I finally started going through a sort of "revelation" after I was listening to a podcast about crazy cults (and documentaries) and even though those are extreme examples it just made me think about religions more carefully. Then I started watching Atheist vs Christian debates and that's what did it for me. I'm a person who tries to think more logically, and I just couldn't deny any of the points people were making. If you were raised from a religion, what made you leave? I'm very genuinely curious because most of my friends have been atheists/agnostics all of their lives and can't relate in that aspect. ...
Comment: Simply - I couldn't fool myself any longer that there was some truth in religion. I have seen 1st hand the machinations & manipulation that goes on in the name of god. Some Greek said, 'To thine own self be true', so I started a new path & never looked back. I'm better for it.
I am currently on release for time served...having religion shoved down my throat for 18 years
Comment: Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the site.
Could prominent religious ideologies be perpetuated by time traveling beings that are altering our past?
Comment: Maybe - I wouldn't bet on it.
Would you want a Christian God to be real?
Comment: Sure - but some changes would definitely have to be made. How about a benevolent dictator?
How can we possibly have free will?
Comment: Free will is an illusion based upon known & unknown variables.
Do you think the "Idiocracy effect" is taking place in real life'?
Comment: It must be - I understood the question.
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