I am a gay atheist and an anti theist. I have been active in the movement for separation between church and state, LGBT rights, and the promotion of atheism for most of my life. I worked with Madalyn Murray O'Hair and her family, who founded American Atheists. I have made many TV and radio appearances in the past, appearing on Phil Donahue twice.

I am a retired special ed teacher and have volunteered for animal rescue for many years.

I have a home and property where I garden and keep many types of animals. I enjoy cooking, entertaining, discussion, street fairs, movies, trivia, and dark humor. My sister and good friends are a big part of my life, but I am missing an honest and loving man to share it with.

I am originally from NY, but have been in Florida (Manatee County) for 26 yrs. I am HIV negative, 58 yrs old, and considered a bear type.

I'm looking for a white or Latino man for a monogamous LTR.

As an atheist, I think Homosexuality should not come into mainstream. What's your take ?
daddy4pugs comments:
First, a personal anecdotal experience always proves nothing. If you want my personal experience, 99 % of the men I meet have wives or girlfriends.
Secondly, who cares if it is genetic or not. We are not sure as to the biological causes. Even if it was just my choice, so what! I can choose to do whatever I want in life, and that includes sex.
Third, your claim of psychological and the numerous attempts from religious groups and psychologists and psychiatrists from past history, to "convert" gay people, has lead to numerous suicides and life long trauma.
Fourth, claims such as yours lead to violence against LGBT people. Bigots will use the idea that LGBT people can change, to hurt and kill us. I'll never forget in NY years ago, gay people were shot in a bar. As they carried one man out and was putting him in the ambulance, before he died, his last words were, "Oh no, now my family will find out."
And lastly, I have not only worked with many species of animals most of my life, but scientific research has shown that homosexuality exists in many thousands of species, even insects. Scientific studies also show that many of those who are homophobic, or who make wild claims such as yours, are closet cases, which most of us have always known anyway.
My life is not up for debate and is not dependent on your approval. You can only kick a dog so many times before it either dies, or turns on you.
And for anyone stupid enough to vote that homosexuality should not be in the mainstream, we are everywhere. We are your doctor, your teacher, your neighbor, and your old unmarried auntie who has that "special" friend, providing each other with "companionship."
Some important food for thought on tone in discourse about our non-religiousness. It touches on the classic charges that atheists are "all hateful, militant people." One point made in the following article by an atheist who works to promote dialogue with faith communities to see the legitimacy and humanity of atheists was the following: "A study on Reddit found that its atheist forum, probably the largest collection of atheists on the Internet, was the third most toxic and bigoted on the entire site." I have seen that same viciousness in various atheist blogs. Even discussions regarding the atheist vs agnostic labels easily turn nasty and sweepingly judgmental. I've noticed this site seems much more positive. Could it be that the name "Agnostic.com" attracts a more thoughtful participant base than an Atheist label, even when many on the site personally identify as Atheist? Your thoughts? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2017/11/07/im-an-atheist-but-i-had-to-walk-away-from-the-toxic-side-of-online-atheism/?utm_term=.8f65a6372143...
daddy4pugs comments:
Atheist often go through many stages in their lives. I love to inform and educate, but I also enjoy ridiculing religion and religious concepts, but I'm careful about my audience. If I am speaking with a thoughtful believe who is sincerely interested in an open discussion, of course I will attempt to answer their questions and to present myself as an educated and informed person. BUT, I am on a lot of atheist pages on FB and most of the comments from religionists, both Christians and Muslims, who have infiltrated those pages, are about condemning atheists to hell and saying that we are both evil and idiots for not seeing the world as evidence for their god. The other issue is that atheists and LGBT people are imprisoned and/or executed in 13 countries. The US discriminates against atheists and LGBT people. Therefore, in addition to the mental illness of religion, its barbaric treatment of those who differ from it is open to ridicule and in no way deserves my respect. Yes, individual people deserve my respect, despite the fact that they support a murderous philosophy and have sanitized it, but the system itself deserves everything I can throw at it. Also, I have been in discussions and debates with religionists, who accuse me of not treating them well. Groups of people around me will confirm that it was not the case. That perception often comes from the fact that they are not winning the debate and their magical thinking is being challenged. For an example, a religionist wants to tell you all about Jesus, as if you have never heard of the Jesus character, but the moment you say that Jesus is fictitious, they claim that you are being disrespectful to them. I will discuss the issues with anyone, but the moment you make it apparent that you support a system that advocates the loss of my rights and.or the loss of my life, then I will respond in a way that is not going to be pleasant. Yes, I'm intelligent and informed, but I am also angry and I have a right to be angry. Also, I am not familiar with Reddit and my comments are generalized for a variety of forums.
Anyone else sick of Christian violence always seeming to get a pass by American culture that just can't imagine anything hurtful coming from their beloved paradigm? Here's an article confirming what we at this site already know: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-weigant/christian-terrorism_b_8685138.html A good summary quote from the article: "What do we do, for instance, when killers are bent on terrorizing people through their own particular interpretation of Christianity? Call for the doctor, apparently, because these people are always reported to be in a “questionable mental state.” The same questioning of sanity is never done when the shooting rampage is by a Muslim, however. They’re pure evil, while Christians who kill are merely mentally disturbed."...
daddy4pugs comments:
Look at the current case with Roy Moore. The majority of Alabama is supporting a molester because they are anti abortion and anti LGBT, wanting to achieve their goals of discrimination and christianizing the US at any cost, even at the loss of rights and the execution of those who would fight for those rights. The idea of excusing certain acts because they are based on religion is not a new concept. When religious belief is opposed to the law of the land, there are a few remedies. For the religionist, continue to practice your beliefs in your home and your place of worship, allowing your god to deal with my eternal torture. Secondly, do not have an abortion, pray in silence, and do not marry someone of the same sex. Third, in the US you can openly believe in human sacrifice, but you CANNOT practice it. The problem with my points is that the nature of Christianity and Islam is to spread their murderous filth around the world, without regard to liberties or even to life.
“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” ? Epicurus I find the aforementioned quote not only profound but sagaciously composed....
daddy4pugs comments:
And besides, according to the fable, god created Satan knowing that he would bring horrific suffering and death to god's beloved creation. Why would Satan punish people for not following god? Don't you think that we would be provided with eternal orgies of food, sex, and whatever makes you happy?
It's amazing how much control the fear of death holds over us. Whenever I broach the topic especially with close friends and my partner they think I'm nuts. I have had great difficulty explaining that I wouldn't really mind to go to bed one day and never wake up. What will I miss? Once, in a particularly turbulent sky, I just had this feeling that our plane will crash. I quickly wrote a text in which I reminded my partner about what my last wishes are. No religious ceremonies is one. She freaked out. What are your thoughts on death. Would you like to live again if given the opportunity? ...
daddy4pugs comments:
a dog, a head of lettuce, and a human experience the same thing after death, nothing. Reality doesn't always have to be pleasant. It is just reality.
Link 1: https://youtu.be/pR7e0fmfXGw What we should think about death
Link2: https://www.facebook.com/ScientificAtheists/videos/1489393901119605/
What happens after death?
Link 3: http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/09/scientist-explains-why-life-after-death-is-impossible-7065838/
Life after death impossible

New here and seeking some guidance. How does one mend a broken heart?
daddy4pugs comments:
It feels as if it will never get better, but it does. People are recommending getting a new love and that certainly helps, but you never want to get into a relationship just to get over the last one. It takes time, even when if you realize that it would never work with that person, because we want to dwell on the fantasy of what could have been. betpaq is correct because losing a love is like a death. It leaves a hole that we learn to step around, instead of falling into.
So I'm watching the news this morning regarding the Texas church massacre and the fella that killed the shooter is going on and on about how his god and lord protected him. All I am thinking is where was his god and lord during the killing of 28 people? These people are just not rational. i just don't get it....
daddy4pugs comments:
Yes, thank you serial killer for murdering the people next door and leaving us alone. Hmmm, could they be a bit irrational, selfish, and lacking empathy for others?
Hi atheists. Are you happy with your life now?
daddy4pugs comments:
First the "negative" of being an atheist is that there are only a select number of people to whom I can fully relate and it is difficult to go through everyday life sometimes with so many irrational people. It also limits the number of people who I would consider for romance. It is like being the only sane person in a mental hospital.
The positive is the wonderful friendships that I have made with other atheists. The freedom of irrational guilt and illogical thinking. The freedom to look at the world as it is and as I would like it to be. If I was the only atheist in the world, it would be lonely, but I would not choose to live in any other way. I hope you get some comfort from posting here with fellow atheists.
What is your favorite holiday?
daddy4pugs comments:
I would say that the Winter Solstice is my favorite, which is Xmas. It is actually a celebration that the days will be getting longer and I am all for longer and warmer days. Growing up, it was all about family, sharing gifts, and delicious food. After the death of my parents, my sister and I have had to reinvent the holiday. Much of what I knew has changed. I don't bother decorating anymore and I do not have celebrations at my house, as I once was doing. If I were not single and my partner wanted to entertain for the holidays, I certainly would do it. We meet with friends and enjoy the time together.
Have you had a 'near death' (or 'like death') experience?
daddy4pugs comments:
I have never had a "near death" experience, but I have had a few surgeries. I thought about the possibility of not surviving, although I was confident that I would. It never occurred to me to imagine a god or an afterlife. I help my mom's hand as she took her last breath and I was more convinced than ever that it was nothing more than a biological process and final. Devastated yes, delusional no.
my mother keeps inviting me to church and despite having said no multiple times, she wont respect my choice not to go and though she isnt being rude about, i still find it to be disrespectable and sometimes i snap in anger because of how annoying the invitation has gotten because i respect her being religious and i wish she would give me the respect i give her p.s. she can be forgetful to be fair but still, after me getting mad about it, i would think the message would stick and a side note, i have no aversion of going to a church if there is some occasion that is relevant to me but i dont want to go for recreation anyone have similar experience? and feel free to give advice or criticism ...
daddy4pugs comments:
It's annoying, but given her forgetfulness, just laugh it off. I'm an anti-theist, so if a friend continuously asked me I would be pissed and I would tell them so. If it were my mom, yes I would get angry also, but if you want a relationship with her, just blow it off. One of the reasons that it is angering is that there is a lack of respect. The attitude is that you are going to burn and that she has to save you. We sometimes have to swallow hard when dealing with family. My parents became atheists because of me and I was fortunate. I did not hold back with other relatives because I did not care enough, not to piss them off. Most learned to respect me.
Without religion, what is sin?
daddy4pugs comments:
Ethics and morality have been studied for ever and many of the people who have an interest in these areas are non theists. It is because we are human centered and want the best life for ourselves and others. Sin is nonsense of course. This is an excellent answer to ethics without a god concept. https://youtu.be/N5dQDpmUP58
The Dumbest Answer
daddy4pugs comments:
"We can't understand his plan."
In other words, it seems so awful and stupid to you also, but you are afraid to admit that it is awful and stupid, so it must be beyond your comprehension.
Why do christians have such a hang-up about sex?
daddy4pugs comments:
Besides Leviticus, Paul maintains that celibacy is the best policy.
It is the most intimate and personal thing about a person. If you can control that, you can control his very being, Remember, it is a sin to lust in your heart. So many of us have such hangups about sex, which comes form our religious training or even just our culture, which is infected with the filth of religion. I truly have shed that bullshit a long time ago. I do what I like with whom I like, without a thought as to guilt. That concept is so removed from who I am. But for the religionist, his beliefs define who he is, creating a constant battle between his natural biological desires and the fears and guilt which have been indoctrinated.
People are praying for the victims of a church shooting. Remix: People are praying to a god that ALLOWED a gunman to come into his church and shoot up a bunch of his followers. Wait a minute, that's not right. Everything is supposed to happen according to 'his' will, right? And he is always good, right? Remix #2: People are praying to a god that SENT a gunman to shoot up a bunch of his followers at one of his churches. Praise be for he is good....
daddy4pugs comments:
I take responsibility for the Texass shooting. Gawd was helping me find my keys and he looked the other way.
God must be on holiday . . . http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-06/multiple-people-killed-in-texas-church-shooting/9121094
daddy4pugs comments:
It's my fault and I apologize. I was asking him to help me find my keys and he was distracted.
What's more important to you, brains or body?
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My taste in men varies and I can find a variety of guys attractive, but they have to be intelligent. He needs to have empathy and awareness. Funny is a plus.
General Profanity for Non-Believers
daddy4pugs comments:
It's like saying "shit." You really aren't picturing excrement or asking it to appear. Religious cursing is fun and it offends believers.
If you don't have anything good to say about religion...
daddy4pugs comments:
I am saving that meme. That is my type of person, one who accepts the reality of the horrific nature of religion. Those who want to cling to a little old granny who goes to church and states that some people who are believers are good people, would not say that about other organizations which violate human rights. Only the Orange Nazi Trump would say "Some are fine people."
Would you involve yourself in a romantic relationship with a theist?
daddy4pugs comments:
I would like to say no and I have dated theists before, always ending in disaster. I would love to meet a gay atheist man, but there are not many of us who live close to each other. Attraction as it is may getting me in trouble again with a theist, but I really don't want that to happen. It is very frustrating, not only to meet gay atheists, but people who are not emotionally damaged.
What do you think of the term "Born Again Skeptic"? My friend coined it and I think he was also trying to get a jab toward the far righteous born again christians.
daddy4pugs comments:
It works as a jab to the religionists. We are all born free of the god idea and then indoctrinated into it.
Why do posts seem to appear in batches?
daddy4pugs comments:
My level is not moving and I think it should be going up. I have not received notifications of replies recently, but there just may not have been any.
Do you people think that we should celebrate Thanksgiving knowing full well how things turned out for the Native Americans?
daddy4pugs comments:
I have never liked Thanksgiving because of the idea of be thankful to a god. The first Thanksgiving never happened, being mythology. Christians did not sit down to a celebratory meal with heathen natives. Then add on you r point of the terrible horrors and murders of Native Americans. BUT, many holidays have lost original significance or the meaning has changed through the year. It is an excuse to get together with friends and family, eat, laugh, and for me to complain how I hate the hypocrisy of the holiday. So I think we should never forget history and we should recognize what was done to people in the past, it is just an opportunity to share a day. Also, we are a nation and that is not going to change. We are not going to give the land back. Every nation around the world was taken through invasion, wars, bloodshed and some horrific treatment of others. And Natives themselves went to war with each other. Let's face it, human being can suck.
What does it mean to be human?
daddy4pugs comments:
One thing is that being human is our species and yes we are very unique, but every living thing is unique. I recognize humans as a life form that needs to recognize our relationship to all life and the planet, instead of the many who see us a special "creation." The difference between most free thinkers and religionists is that we know that the universe cares nothing about us and that we are no more important than any worm. So what is the meaning of life? What makes us human? To love, to learn, to explore, and recognize that we only have each other, making life an adventure that provides the opportunity for all of us to reach our full potential.
The Clitoris is the Devil's Doorbell
daddy4pugs comments:
I don't know since I have never rang one. LOL
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