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Hi, my name is aaron.
Raised mormon, but when i was a teen i started to realize i didn't view the church quite the same way my peers did. In my early 20's i toyed with a few other beliefs before realizing i didn't believe in any of that.
i like art and film, i like philosophy and psychology. i like music, animals, learning, and meeting new people. i enjoy reading, drawing, playing guitar (badly), playing videogames, writing, and playing with my puppy.
late in 2014 i got into table top rpgs, and started playing pathfinder and dungeons and dragons. i also play a bit of fate, call of cthulu, fudge, and what ever else i can find. so if you wanna talk rpgs let me know! or if you have been curious about them or wanted to try them i'll give you my opinion on it.
i currently work customer support for a tech company. im hoping to either study art or psychology, they both sound fun and exciting. after that im gonna study pretty much what ever i find interesting, but in the end i want to wind up working with children or being able to use my creativity and make art
i really love tea, but i collect incense soaps and candles too (and failed romances) i never really used anything up so my room is filled with half used erasers, tins containing a single solitary tea bag and plenty of candle stumps. i just hate the idea of using something up and not having it around anymore
i have a bad habit of persuing relationships that are doomed to fail, but i love talking and hearing about peoples lives so im actually probably better suited to give you relationship advice than to really for any sort of romance. just putting that out there.
Oh, i have a wiener dog named pinto. he's pretty great. Picaso and warhol both had dachshunds so i like to think having one puts me in some good company

Old movies?
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I don't know how old you want to go, but if you like silent film I really liked Battleship Potemkin and it was very influential to future cinema (it invented the montage). Cabinet of Dr Caligari is really good too. If you like Audrey Hepburn (and you should) then Wait Until Dark is a really good one. I'd also suggest Fiddler on the Roof, it's one of the few musicals I actually like.
Who were your role models growing up, and why?
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The Goblin King from Labyrinth. I decided if I could live in a giant maze, dance around and have goblins do my bidding I'd be pretty satisfied. That never quite panned out though.
What nerdy activities do you enjoy? (gaming, cosplay, sci-fi)
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I'm into a lot of nerdy stuff, but I'm *really* into dungeons and dragons. That's probably the geekiest of it.
What are your best shut downs, when debating religious people?
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I like going for the moral aspect of it. We obviously live in a world that has some serious problems (disease, famine, disaster) why would an all powerful and all loving god subject his children to this? I also like to point out the absurdity of the fall (why leave two incredibly naive and impressionable beings along with the devil? why make the devil or the tree of knowledge to begin with) picking apart the whole christ crucifixion and atonement is good too, but thus all kind of goes off of them having an abrahamic based god concept.
What are your thoughts on Secular Pro-Life?
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There's actually an atheist abortion debate with Matt Dillahunty and Kristine Kruszelnicki addressing this from a strictly non-religious perspective. You can check it out below if interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpnUNeaYedA&t=1969s
What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
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Lemon, it's not too common but it's delicious
I don't believe in God or heaven and hell but I do believe in the supernatural like ghosts and also I believe in reincarnation. I'm super confused. Where do I fit in ?
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All atheism addresses is if you believe in God or not, so if you don't believe in your an atheist. If you believe in super natural you may identify as "spiritual" without necessarily being religious or a theist, but if you don't believe in god your an atheist.
Do you ever miss the religious life?
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I was raised mormon, and within the mormon church there's a really string sense of community. I grew up in that sort of environment so a lot of the time i do miss the sense on community. I don't care for the momron church at all, I think it's a terrible institution so it's not like I'm contemplating going back or anything, but that's the aspect of the church i miss.
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