Hi I am an Atheist /Pagan... Looking to network and meet others with my points of view. Also looking for a nice date...

Dating: what's your ideal age range? How important is age?
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OK I really haven't dated someone since I was married. It's been almost 8 years. I have had casual encounters with one other person, he was 25. That is the youngest. Others have been in their 30s.. Most men I've encountered are pretty mature for their age. But because if past issues, relationships, being hurt, putting up walls. Now a days it make dating harder, because people don't want to commit, they want Casual and that's it. That's where I am with dating.. I have trust issues to boot. Does emotional doormat mean an thing to anyone?
Where were you when you realized you were an atheist?
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I was probably a sophomore in highschool growing up in a Luthrenhome ughh.. Trying to make nicies with my dads new wife.. I was already reading about witch craft, it's a parallel becausw witchcraft has God's and goddesses. That was the start, the real realization came just a few years ago. Keeping in mind I'm 41 now. So I've been holding onto that for a long time.
Do you think that exposing children to fantasy movies and books conditions their mind into accepting that magic, spirits, and gods can exist in our world?
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I would have to agree with you. Children in the sense of Harry Potter would not be conditioned because Harry Potter a Witchcraft have nothing to do with God. Witchcraft is about spells and the occult not identifying with a deiety lime Wicca or other branches of Paganism does. Mind you Paganism doesn't idol worship they worship nature.
What kind of pets do we all have?
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Two German shepherds and a half redtick coonhound half yellow lab.
Should I baptize my kids to appease my mom?
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I was dedicated back in the 70s. I particiated in religon when i had my first son, he was baptised but my youngest son was, I always joked my older son wont go to hell but my youngest will..A JOKE please understand in MY MIND. My oldest refuses to be part of religoin he thinks its a cult and a joke now...my youngest is slowly following, they are non belivers..
Do you believe in astrology?
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Indeed I do, as a matter of fact, Im a Scorpio
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