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If you have a stack of soup cans; 1 on top, then 2, then 3, then 4, and so on, until you get to the bottom row of 100 cans; how many cans are there in total ?
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I'm right there with you. My mother is a theist so I'm sure I was a theist of sorts, however, due to Reye's Syndrome and a following coma that sickness was wiped clean.
Likelihood of meeting in person
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No, I didn't think I'd meet anyone here. I live in Montana, the plot map they posted a while back showing where their members lived showed very little activity in my area. When I click on meet and select nearby, it only shows me 2 people who actually live in Montana with a lot of people living more than a full days drive away. If anything, I was just hoping to hear from people who are a little more rational than normal.
Do You Have An After-Deconversion Song?
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The first song that I heard on the radio that really spoke to me was Eye in the Sky by the Alan Parsons Project.

It's not really a deconversion song for me since I don't really remember being a theist. If I ever was, I'm thankful a coma took that from me.
$100 million Ark, which was completed last year using tens of millions in taxpayer funds
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The first time I heard about this monstrosity I thought about an old chew-able vitamin commercial:

We are Flintstones kids.
7 billion strong and growing.
I am a gun owner who is licensed and trained. I enjoy shooting a great deal. I do not support the NRA as their positions on guns is stupid. How can we get proper laws on the books regarding guns and their use.I oppose total disarming as I think of Germany but practical laws should be passed like having been properly trained and of the healthy mind. Those that have been in spousal abuse should be disarmed. What are your suggestions?...
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Getting proper and practical laws in this country regarding guns is about as possible as getting the actual country to obey their own laws. Nixon summed it up the mentality of the country best, "When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal".
Do you think that the atomic bomb was our worst invention?
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Nah, it's the invention where people ignore reality. Religion reigns supreme in this category.
Kayla Moore posts support from 50 pastors; letter written before sex allegations against Roy Moore |
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Pastors and pedophiles, sometimes one in the same. Regardless of whether they've committed any crimes, pastors are screwing the mind's of any child who listens.
Which ways would you suggest to change people's minds about Atheism negative "reputation"?
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I like to refer to the breakdown of the prison population versus the general population.
What does it mean to be open/closed minded?
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Coincidentally, those who are the most close minded are the one who bring up that argument the most. As I see it, keeping an open mind just means you're open to new ideas. When your ideas are 2000+ years old and you keep ignoring all scientifically substantiated ideas since, claiming this argument is quite hypocritical.
Should this girl's parents be prosecuted?
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I saw a story recently where the parents were being prosecuted after they tried to pray jaundice away from an infant. The cops arrived, I believe after the uncle called, to find a bunch of the parents church members praying for a resurrection.
You're Just Lucky God Isn't Here! (The Simpsons) - YouTube
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Praise Jebus!
Young people and voting
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I decided prior to being eligible to vote that I didn't want to participate in the joke that is my country. It is setup to fail. A new system s the only way I'd consider participating.
Is there anyone here that questions the HIV causes AIDS theory?
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I wouldn't say there is zero data. I'm sure they have found that 100% of the people who wind up with AIDS and were recently tested for HIV prior to diagnosis would've tested positive. Analyzing that data would indeed be a scientific study.
Over the summer My daughter (16yrs old) & I were at an award ceremony for a program she is in. The program is government funded & its offered through the local community college. At the beginning of the ceremony the speaker asked everyone to pray. My daughter is also an atheist (she is actually more vocal about it than me). Usually in these situations, I just sit quietly and wait but my daughter was sitting there making noises, purposely tapping on the table, & giggling (the noise making was actually not that loud, only the immediate surrounding could actually here her/us). I was pretty annoyed with her and was telling her to at least respect their praying & to sit quietly but she responded with "I don't believe in God, why should I sit through this?" I tried to explain that she was being disrespectful for being disruptive. My issue was more with being disruptive & disrespectful. But she has a point and I was annoyed, myself, that this is not a religious program and I felt like they shouldn't have even prayed.... How would any of you have handle the situation? How do you feel about speakers asking everyone to pray when this isn't a church or affiliated, at all, with religion?...
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Government funded programs legally can't lead off with a prayer, but it's also normal for them to not follow their own rules.
I learned something new today that I must share. the word Abracadabra is Aramaic and it means, to speak into existence. If a christian ever gets upset because you point out that their god character is equivalent to a magical genie, tell them to google "What language is Abracadabra" lol hahahaha. They literally believe in a magic man in the sky, there's just no way around it!...
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"You learn something new every day. Actually, you learn something old every day. Just because you just learned it, doesn't mean it's new." - George Carlin
My religious/gullible mother blames me for my ailments. Advice?
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Your ailments are because of her crappy genes, not your lack of faith.

Your life is yours and your mother has her own. Just let her know that you'd be glad to be there for her and that until she has the ability to question her faith, religion needs to be a topic the two of you avoid. No one will ever change until they're willing to do so. Otherwise, both of you will likely just build up even more resentment.
If religion never existed... (finish the line)
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we'd have a serious population crisis.
If religion never existed... (finish the line)
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governments wouldn't be so fucked up.
If the internet was Banned forever what would you do?
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I'd increase my level of so-called illegal activities. Before the internet, I spent a lot of time in the non-fiction section of the library.
So I'm watching the news this morning regarding the Texas church massacre and the fella that killed the shooter is going on and on about how his god and lord protected him. All I am thinking is where was his god and lord during the killing of 28 people? These people are just not rational. i just don't get it....
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I saw a story a few years back about some lady who let god take the wheel and then proceeded to run over a man and his motorcycle who was thankful that god spared his life.

I couldn't find the article I read, but this is the story...
What is your favorite holiday?
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Whichever day gets me an extra day off from slaving away. I save holy days for the delusional. If I had to pick one, I'd go with Thanksgiving. Currently, it gives me two days off and spreads out football games.
Historical religious education in schools
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I think it would be great if done properly. However, I know it won't be. They'll probably hire some Christian teacher who'll add their own bias to it much like our american history teachers.

Religions don't deserve respect. Some day, each deity based religion will be downgraded to cult status before eventually making it's way to mythology.
How Did Consciousness Evolve? - The Atlantic
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Consciousness is bullshit.

When I was 6, I woke up from a coma. Essentially, my doctors were trying to kill me, but my body shut down and started rejecting the fact that those doctors were keeping my body from a much needed fever for a long period of time. After I came to, I had no memory of my parents and brother, the place I lived, the kids I went to school with, the god my mother loved or even myself. However, my so-called conscious held a lot of knowledge. My teacher considered my education level to be at the top of the class before and after being hospitalized. If I truly lost all memory, I don't think I would have known my times tables. A lot of Christians, my 1st grade teacher included, told me that was god while I see consciousness as nothing more than just another type of memory.
I find it dehumanizing that religious think we, the "godless", are immoral. I think this is pure projection on their part due to their probable history of immoral behavior before they "found God." For them, morality is only possible when you are a believer....
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It's weird how the more godless a community (state or country) becomes, the less crime occurs. It's also no coincidence that are prison population also is filled with a higher percentage of theists than our general population.
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