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Yesterday, for "Ask An Athiest Day", I posted an invitation on Facebook, and was asked some excellent questions. When asked about the difference between and agnostic and an atheist, I posted the following. Everyone’s VERY welcome to comment on this, but please do not generalize about others. Talk about me and/or you. That will be far more useful. Because there are so many ways people define themselves, because the words agnostic, atheist, humanist, etc, all can be applied in so many different ways, and because there’s so much cultural baggage around the words agnostic & atheist (especially the latter), I try to define myself with sentences or paragraphs, rather than with labels. The definition of ‘agnostic’ I choose is someone who doesn’t know whether or not there is a god, creator, overseer, etc. In this sense, I am an agnostic. The definition of ‘atheist’ I choose is someone who doesn’t believe there is a god, creator, overseer, etc. In this sense, I am an atheist. The difference has to do with knowledge vs belief. Gnosticism is about knowledge, and theism is about belief. Again, this is about my own take on me. The definition of humanist I choose is someone who has “a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively” and who chooses critical thinking and evidence (rationalism and empiricism) over acceptance of dogma or superstition. In this sense, I am a ...
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I think both words are absurd as both gnostics and theists both need to make assumptions to derive at their conclusions. I don't feel the need to label myself as apedophile or any of the other things I don't do as I think that it might only confuse people.
Your Favourite Bond?
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What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in life?
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That I have no control over anything other than my own actions.
The Wall Pink FLoyd's version or at the US Mexico border
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A wall would just increase the number of tunnels crossing the border. We'd have to build in both directions to be effective. I think we should just build 6 walls surrounding anyone making this suggestion.
What do you say to your son if they start gravitating toward evangelism.
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If you follow any religion, on a global scale more people will think that you are bat shit crazy than not. It's not a great argument though as if you were to place the word don't before follow, it's still true.
What good has come to the citizens of the United States because of the current administration?
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Unless your into supremacy on some level, whether it be white and/or christian, probably nothing.
I'm pretty sure most, but not all, atheists, agnostics, etc. are politically and socially liberal. Why?
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I would definitely qualify as politically liberal as I'm convinced the best way to correct our politics would be to simply discard our system and start over. Some of our principles make sense, however, history and current events has clearly demonstrated religious folk will mix in their beliefs whenever the opportunity presents itself whether it's a teacher, a cop, a county clerk or the president.
A new rule when visiting the beach.. If everyone did this could be good..
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I'll go to the beach the time the Kardashians do. Whatever they get recycled into would be a marked improvement.
Rules to live by: 1. Make peace with your past so it won't disturb your future. 2. What other people think of you is none of your business. 3. The only person in charge of your happiness is you. 4. Don't compare your life to other, comparison is the thief of joy. 5. Time heals almost everything. Give it time. 6. Stop thinking so much. It's alright not to know all the answers. 7. Don't compete against others, only attempt to be better than you were yesterday. 8. Smile, you don't own all the problems in the world.​
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It's not a bad list for rational people, but number six wouldn't work well for theists. They need to do more thinking and less accepting as they think all the answers are in a stupid book written by people who clearly mad a few errors in their assessment of reality.
My friend and I agree or at least understand all of each others beliefs, save for one thing. The one thing we disagree on is faith. How can this be? Why does he so disapprove of my lack of faith in the Chirstian god? Why, despite understanding and being well veresed on the world, does he still hold such faith? What do ya’all think? Have you had similar relationships?
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Religions teach their disciples to discard any knowledge that is contradictory of the wisdom presented by the religion.
What people born today will never experience...
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That last one is extremely delusional.
What are you telling your children or grandchildren about religion and god and where you stand on each?
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All I really ever tell anyone is that I'm not a participant mainly as all religions hold the same amount of evidence to support their claims.
What do you think people mean when they say they are spiritual, not religious?
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I'm irrational, just not highly.
For those worried that America is no longer #1.
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We are #1 in a lot of categories, but most are nothing to brag about. As Jim Jefferies stated, we're breeding stupid, confident people.
Can we have a civil conversation about American policy without getting emotional?
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No, people aren't rational when it comes to entities they cherish who tend to make up stories.
What was your “ah ha” moment when you realized religion was bs?
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My moment would be very similar to if one of you had a conversation with Travolta or Cruise regarding their faith. I buzzed the nurses to remove some crazy lady from my room after I came out of a coma at the age of 6. She wound up being the hospital's chaplain.
Believers are always asking me, "If there's no god, what's the meaning of life?" Well, to be honest, I don't think there is a meaning to life. I think we just evolved on this rock to live out our days until we die. And I'm just fine with that.
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They're just making additional assumptions.
I am a former atheist, but after using psychedelics I have come to believe there is some form of energy that exists responsible for our earthly guidance. I don’t necessarily think there is one god, but an energy that manifests itself into our true desires. I have actually come into contact with beings on psychedelic compounds, and although it sounds like drugged up hippie mania, these experiences seemed much more real than just hallucinations. What do you guys think?
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I think you should lay off the psychedelics.
People telephoning, in general, used to be pretty good about leaving messages when calls were unanswered. I have noticed recently that not all, but many Millennials and GenZ folks don't bother leaving messages. They either give up on contacting you about something important, or call you over and over so the phone never stops ringing. When did this become acceptable behavior? How do we stop it?
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I used to always leave people messages, but I quit doing it at work since they don't listen and just call back. I don't want to waste my time in telling them twice. However, if you call me and don't leave a message, I don't know that you called. I ignore my missed calls, but not my messages.
Is it possible for you not to judge people based on their appearance?
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Yes, but I do judge people who judge others by their appearance as pretentious c...
How hard was it on you to lose your childhood pet
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Not very. My mother told me our dog couldn't handle the brutal Nebraska winter weather even though we got him in Michigan. It's hard on me to lose my pets today.
Who's been the best President of the United States in your lifetime?
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Obama. He who received BJ comes next.
**Cell Phone Cases:** I'm having a bit of a debate with some friends, wondering how everyone here thinks on the issue...
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Sorry, no cell phone here!
What is your best comedy movie ever?
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Tommy Boy
Is sports useful?
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It helps with teamwork (working together) and division (us vs. them).
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