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If religion died out, how would we repurpose all the churches?
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They could be easily used as insane asylums for those still hanging on to the disease while religion is dying out. Then, we could turn a few into hate museums where they cover the atrocious activities of the past and with religion being dead, people would likely be a little more rational and we could figure out a way to make sure there are no longer any homeless people.
In regards to the Creation myth, Man was made in God's image so why would God specifically pick the Homosapien out of all the human species that have evolved and existed over time? This is a point that I try to make with my believer friends. What are your thoughts? ...
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God inserted weird bones as he was creating the planet to test the faith of his flock. Seriously, giving up faith has got to be like giving up the hardest of addictions. Thankfully, I've always been theistically challenged so I don't know.
Hey guys, just for fun. Americans, do not kill me.
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Why is the best comedy honesty?
How concerned are you about the US government shutting down?
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I'm as concerned as I'd be if church doors were locked. Without operation, neither will be continuing their perpetuation of lies.
Ancient Aliens
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I love that show. They cover a lot of true ancient history with some quackery, but you'd have to expect that when a show sometimes feature clergy from of a lot of religions. They also cover a lot of different locations I will never have the opportunity to visit, mostly since I don't want to subject myself to possible problems of travelling abroad, especially to those so-called shit-hole countries.
So... do flat earthers think the other planets are flat also?
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I don't know, but they've obviously never seen a lunar eclipse. If the earth were flat, you'd only see a line shading the moon.
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
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I see myself stuck in the same spot, within a country who claims to be christian and to be the best while utilizing popular opinions to determine laws instead of reality.
What Advice Or Support Would You Give A Friend Or Family Member Facing Death?
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The one thing I look forward to most about death is that I will no longer be subjected to gods or their flocks. There really isn't anything to say, just being there shows you actually care and should be all anyone would need.
Is the church system a business?
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It is. Religions sell alternate realities.
"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" Epicurus Happy Friday everyone! WOO HOO :) I'm mad to get thru my day and back to my knitting. The baby blanket I am making for my cousin will be off the knitting needles in a week or so. I might not get it to her before the baby is born but before he turns 6 months would be good. :P...
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Don't forget, god created evil so why would he destroy it.
Selfies. How do you feel? I don't like them. They are dark. I'm more photogenic than my selfie.
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Selfies are great if your a superficial twit.
I am at a point where I feel, the World was much safer and better in 70s,80 and 90s.Seems by then people were far logical and realistic than they are to day,by then they knew their enemies. Today we witnesses a lot of plastic smiles and forced acceptance. What do you think?...
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Speaking of when things were great...
I enjoyed @evestrat's post about favorite songs, and now I'm wondering about your most HATED song. What is the song is the worst ever? What song makes you change the radio station with lightning speed? If hell were real, this would be on a constant loop? For me, it's We Built This City on Rock and Roll by Starship. I hate that song!...
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I like music so I don't ever listen to the radio. The only song that makes me change a station is the national anthem when it's played before a game. I'll flip to my music and play a song like... Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamm or Immortal Technique - Civil War or Dead Prez - Hip-Hop or Bishop Lamont - Un-American
In North Korea the People are Forced to Listen to Propaoganda..
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US schools teach propaganda, especially history classes.
What's for breakfast?
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I eat the same thing almost every day, an apple.
Do you think non religious people can be racists too?
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Being right about one thing doesn't make you right about all things.
Why ppl think the earth is flat
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Oh, it's got to be flat. How else could it rest on pillars?
Is there a profession you find a turn-off?
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Politicians Defense Lawyers Psychics Cops Judges Strippers+ Correctional Officers Clergy
Religion is __________(finish the line)
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a guise for prideful and willful ignorance.
How many contacts do you have In the memory of your mInd?
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Smart phones have only seemed to help in the process of dumbing down society.
Finish This Statement: IF PEOPLE ONLY KNEW......
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The difference between fact and fiction.
What do you think of this statement? "There is no contradiction between an evolutionary theory of human origins and the doctrine of God as Creator." — General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church From the page at the National Academy of Sciences:
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They misspelled correlation.
Mud on face. After I kept telling members that I was seeing their comment and comment reply photos, I finally checked the code and uh well, there was a bug that only the member who posted it or I could see them. Fixed that. You should be able to see all the previous photos ever posted. Sincere apologies. Hopefully, you'll find it more fun now!...
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That's the great thing about code. It always does precisely what you tell it to.
Does Christianity destroy compassion?
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Religion distorts reality for those who are religious. When your reality is distorted, your views may be as well.
Who is your favorite band/artist for their antitheistic songs?
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I can listen to god hate music all day. I love Tim Minchin & Bo Burnham for comedy. Bo Burnham - Sunday School / Fetus Syqnys featuring Greydon Square - Hurt You
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