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Interested in your thoughts on two different topics: 1) Karma 2) Soul-mates
mt49er comments:
You could add a third topic, religion, cause I'm just calling bs.
I find this distressing!
mt49er comments:
The only disturbing fact regarding books is that most of the books people read are fiction.
Show of hands. Who would rather go to the mountains than the beach? Anyone else?
mt49er comments:
Mountains have lakes without sharks or jellyfish or sea urchins...
If you could change anything about this world to better it, what would it be?
mt49er comments:
Level benefits by discarding currency and privilege. Our so-called president would be working at McDonald's since he has no true value to add to a completely restructured workforce devoid of owners and politicians, but he would maintain to his right to be homeless though I'd still give him healthcare. I should be deporting his wife to help him understand one of his more despicable acts, but if I could completely make it better there wouldn't be countries either.
What famous person do people think you look like?
mt49er comments:
As a kid, people told me I looked like Bobby Brady.
Morality! Where does it come from ?
mt49er comments:
The only good thing about living in a country full of christians is that they are not true christians. For genocide, yes. For murder, it would entirely depend on the situation. This would be more and more true the bigger the chance where I would be the replacement of the murder victim.
How many of you are here hoping to find a relationship (im using that term loosely). Me! Js
mt49er comments:
I'm hoping, but if I were thinking it would could from here, I'd be moving to a much bigger pool and visiting more often.
How your family responded when they learned about your atheism? How did you approach telling them?
mt49er comments:
I've been telling them since I was a little kid. Mostly, they just told me I didn't understand until they understood and now, they never want to talk religion. Talk about avoiding your problems.
Apples or Oranges
mt49er comments:
I eat apples and drink oranges.
If you have depression, did atheism contribute to it?
mt49er comments:
I'm only depressed that I live in a world filled with people who don't want to grow up. They vote accordingly and it counts the same as people who view the world for how it is. Therefore, the world will never grow up.
Just wondering, What type of a morning person are you? Some I know just wake up and are ready to go. Others, (like me), am a zombie for an hour or two, I can't barely function till I've had a few cups of coffee.
mt49er comments:
I am no longer a caffeine junkie so I'm ready to go.
Eu chief used bright, simple flash cards to explain trade war to trump: report
mt49er comments:
When dealing with children or people with childish ideals, you have to dumb things down for them.
Is Divinity a Religious thing?
mt49er comments:
No, I'm sure Trump sees himself as being divine.
Praying with others??
mt49er comments:
I'll do whatever demonstrates that I'm not going with the flow.
Always looking for a better response
mt49er comments:
Something is always better than nothing.
So, how do y'all respond when people knock on your door promoting their religion or church? (This should be good... 😄😄😄)
mt49er comments:
I tell them that I don't accept door to door solicitors. When they tell me that their not selling anything, I let them know they are trying to sell a terrible fairy tale.
For the atheists of the group: How do you deal with people telling you things like, "maybe your lack of belief in a god is the real problem, and god IS the solution", or similar rhetoric? For context, it was a discussion about depression/anxiety. What kind of responses have you given to this kind of nonsense? Do you get this from family, friends, or strangers? Just curious how my fellow heathens handle these kinds of situations.
mt49er comments:
Since nothing aside from ignorance and/or fear demonstrates that god is a requirement and the only thing that leads to god is faith, I'm sticking with reality.
How many different ways can ya think of in which the forces of religious belief have a negative impact on society in America , or in general ? I think that firstly , it greatly encourages a general stupidity of the populace and that that's where it starts going sour and negatively affecting so many other areas of life. !
mt49er comments:
Religion helps some people ignore reality. These people then utilize their right to ignore reality to vote accordingly which explains a lot of our effed up laws and why we keep backtracking whenever actual progress is made.
How many of you agree? We don't need a religion
mt49er comments:
We need religions' antonym, reality.
Does Atheism Attract A Specific Political Affiliation?
mt49er comments:
I like reason so I don't like politics.
What Change would you like to see in Politics?
mt49er comments:
It would be easier to list what I want to stay the same which is pretty much nothing.
What are your thoughts on open relationship ?
mt49er comments:
I'm not into increasing my chances of catching one of those communicable diseases.
How did you become an atheist and at around what age??
mt49er comments:
I knew I wouldn't be a theist when I was introduced to religion while recovering in a hospital at the age of 6 after suffering from multiple seizures, a coma and memory loss.
Wish everyone knew this.
mt49er comments:
Love doesn't know color, but hate does.
How sure are you there isn't "gods"?
mt49er comments:
I'm 99.9% sure about god not existing. I'm 100% sure the gods I've been told about do not exist, too many contradictions of themselves and reality.
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