I'm new to Birmingham AL. I've met a lot of incredible people here, and a few strange ones too, I kinda like the strange ones. This might be a cliche, but I try to live by it. Life is whatever you make it, and I'm going to make it fun. I enjoy going out and listening to live bands, and unloading the stress of my day. I have some uncommon interests, I like digging around the dirt for fossils when I find a public dig site. I have a passion for wildlife and landscape photography. I also love getting up in front of people on stage and debating. There are few things I love more than cooking a good meal with someone. Deciding on a meal and working together to make something new and amazing.

Musical World Map - sounds like on the piano
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Very cool
For everyone. How do you prefer to be let down? Face to face, and online. This is two different questions. How do you prefer to be let down online? AND How do you prefer to be let down face to face?
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Depends. If its a long time personal relationship then in person. If it's anything else online.
The colors of music. Olvera Street, Los Angeles
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I wish we could post images without having to write something (hint @admin). Some images speak for themselves.
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That was my dog. He would smash through a wall if need be to get a treat. I remember the day he wouldn't eat his treats I knew the end was near. I couldn't put him down until a day later. He refused to even move. He laid in his kennel and I could see it in his eyes, he was ready. I'm not a cryer but man did I ever cry that day. Best friend I ever had.
Good Morning, it is interesting, as in "may you live in interesting times," living in the bible belt and not being a believer. How many assume you worship satan if you do not worship god.
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I get asked, "why do you choose to worship Satan over God? I shake my head in empathy, that's a crazy amount of indoctrination. It would be a waste of breath on my part to explain. These are the same people who tell me that I know God exists, I'm choosing to ignore him so that I can continue to sin.
Am I the only atheist that doesn’t smoke pot?
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I stopped smoking pot about 30 years ago. I just got bored and moved onto coke, then my life fell apart, and I quit everything and went back to school. Last month I smoked pot with a friend, and I hated the way it made me feel so now I drink wine or the occasional beer.
My grandson Austin Franklin was born at 11:06 am today, weighing almost 8 pounds. Not bad for two weeks early.
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Gratz another non-believer added to our ranks
Movies of your life
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This is far from my favorite movie but in the Devil Wears Prada there was a line that made me laugh because it's something my sister would say “I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight." Let's see if you can guess the movie from this quote. "It's just a scratch. I've had worse."
So heres a question. I'm currently staying with my 75 year old father, who being a product of his generation and somewhat stuck in his ways, has an element of racism. I have been trying to update his thinking, with some success (I should mention that in all other respects he is a good man, and the racism was never overt) He does, however, insist on referring to anyone not of white British origin as 'our friends from abroad'. My question is, do people think this is an acceptable phrase?
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At 75 he's lived a good life and I think any changes you see will be more about appeasing you and less about changing his views. You said he's a good man and that is what I would focus on more than his racist views.
Just wanted to share my good news with you all. Yesterday was my First day at Training in the Pharmacy, I was given the Designated Hitter Position at My Job Which Means I will be able to work all departments and at least one 4 hour shift in the pharmacy a week.Its kind of a big deal at Walgreens and I'm pretty Proud of myself since I've only been there since December.
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Gratz. I'm in a similar situation. I started a new job at a mattress store. They usually insist that you're in training for two months and this is a little over my third week and I'm already on commission. I'm proud of your accomplishments. You're obviously one of those quick learners who work hard. Great job!
Sprinkle throughout your day.
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I think kindness is a mental muscle, the more you use itoffer kindness the stronger it is. Giving kindness not easy until you keep at it.
About David Silverman
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I can't vote because I have no way to know if there is any truth to this rumor.
Sunsets seem to be popular today, so here is my offering, these are scans from film taken years ago, the first 2 are ektachrome, the third one is a hand held 1 second exposure kodachrome 64, I have made some good prints from these too.
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I love that. It's so beautiful
Photograph by WombatLima ... I took a couple of dozen before I found the one picture I liked. I’ve mainly only taken pictures of nature and wildlife before. I’m trying to branch out a bit.
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That is very cool. WOW!
One of my fave sunset pics. It was suggested that I did a reflect job, but that's not the case. Just incredibly still waters at the right time.
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OMG! WOW!!!!!!! Beautiful.
How do you take your scotch?
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Left in the bottle. Blah..... Give me a coke or a glass of water please
I'm an avid bicyclist and nearly always shoot a photo or two while on a ride. Here's a couple from my snowbird trip to Florida
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I love that sunset picture. Very nice.
How many of you are stuck in a little place full of bible thumpers? I have a shirt that says "Thank god I'm an atheist" and you can imagine some of the looks I've gotten. Mostly from older people. Seems the atheist population is growing.
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I just moved to Birmingham AL. My collection of Atheist T-shirts piss off everyone everywhere I go. I don't care. I don't give them attitude for wearing a cross or a T-shirt saying Bless.
HOT or COLD, or somewhere in between maybe... What kind of showers do you prefer? I like taking very hot showers and always rinse with very cold. There is plenty of info out there about the benifits of cold showers, and I prefer to do what one does in a spa, hot then cold, opens your pores, tightens the skin and makes ya feel alive!
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If my water heater goes out you better plug your nose because there is nothing I hate more than a cold shower.
Decided to see how well this works out! Any advice? I get my bees on the 12 of May. Hope to get a pull this summer 😊 I’m very excited.
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Excuse my ignorance, I know very very little about bee's. I know that they sting, I know in at least some species of bee's the males are only there to mate and I know all but the queen, the female bee's do all the work. You said I hope I get a pull this summer. What does that mean?
I'm new here, but I've posted a few times to see what it was like and I am so floored by how amazing you all are. The amount of calm and rational responses are just heartwarming. I have never seen this before, I'm pretty relieved that it exists.
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I think a few differences between secularism and theism is more empathy, more consideration, a more flexible mind, and individuality. I think all these and more, play into how we interact with people with those same or similar mindsets.
How did you start your career?
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I'm a salesperson and it's in my blood. I learned at a very young age how to get what people need/want to them and still make it worth my efforts.
Star Trek - Star Wars -Doc Who - SG1 - Space 1999
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My first, exposure to Sci-Fi was Space1999. Many of you will have no idea what that is but it was a great show for the 70s.
Paranormal Experiences?
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If you're asking is it possible, my answer is yes it's possible BUT, it's far more likely that the things you associate with paranormal are actually normal. Slamming doors happen in my house anytime the balcony door is open and someone opens a window or the front door. I'm not saying that is what is happening with you but I think there is a strong likelihood that whatever the cause is that it's not a parallel universe causing it, but who knows it's not impossible.
Of course you know where this is from.........
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I think you have a very abstract eye for photography. I like the things that go unseen or those things we look at but don't appreciate. Very cool pictures.
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