I'm self educated. I have always had a passion for science and did well in school in all subjects relating to science except math. Chemistry allowed me to understand math because it showed me why and how it's true. I want to understand why things are the way they are not just accept that they are because they are.

Are you more artisic or logically minded?
paul1967 comments:
I'm more of an abstract thinker. I have had a hard time learning critical thinking (which I believe is based in logic) but I will say I'm much better off having struggled to develop critical thinking skill than had I never tried.
I had someone get really mad at me the other night. They were making claims about some fantastical subjects, which when pressed to provide evidence they said I was being close-minded. High pointed out that claiming something is true without actually knowing whether or not it is true, is lying. He got pretty mad at me and said, " are you calling me a liar?" To which I responded, "well do you match their criteria I just gave you for a liar? Then, there ya go." I get so sick and tired of religious people but more than religious people are the ones that claim they don't have religion but still push the same logical fallacies. Like chemtrails and Yogi's that don't need to eat or drink water or Chinese hospitals that cure cancer and tumors with positive thinking... Those people bother me way more. What do you guys think?...
paul1967 comments:
I got into a little argument with my girlfriend who sent me a chain letter. I told her this is as useful as prayer and she responded that luck is different because luck has been proven. I'm glad we were texting because the look on my face would have escalated the little argument into a full-fledged fight. I decided to drop it. To me, it's just one of those irrelevant topics that go nowhere positive
Do you trust that what you believe to be true, is true? Do you investigate all of your beliefs or do you just go with what sounds correct?
paul1967 comments:
I see a lot of people are claiming that they verify information before they accept it. I'm politely calling bullshit on most of you, most of the time. We're regularly being told things, from friends, news, internet, and the radio. I think some of what is said is probably not true and yet we don't have the time to research everything. There is no doubt we all accept a certain amount of false information on insufficient data as being valid when it's not, and we do this more often than we want to admit.
Check out the latest fashion of satanic sports wear. :) Oh the irony of this one with the xmas decor in the background and hail satan on the kid's shirt.
paul1967 comments:
First, I think this is hilarious. However, I'm opposed to using Satan as a means of mockery. I think mockery has its place but I wonder if supporting the villain of the Bible helps Atheists or Theists.
Are You A Resgistered Voter and Exercise Your Right To Vote?
paul1967 comments:
I voted "I Am A Registered Voter Who Vote In Primary And Mid Term Elections" but the reality is I vote much of the time, but I do miss from time to time.
Not getting any younger. Look at my pics. Am I fuckable? Any volunteers?
paul1967 comments:
@LIB75002 You are attractive and more importantly, you seem very kind and intelligent. I recently got involved with a Christian woman, which is something I wanted to avoid, but I sympathize with what you're experiencing.
Does the lack of beleif in an afterlife bring you fear or comfort?
paul1967 comments:
I am not comforted nor do I fear it. As Mark Twain said, I have been dead for billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”
I'm here on my 4 day family vacation in South Carolina. Yesterday as we were finishing up a family dinner and enjoying drinks and conversation I got a call from a good friend of mine. He told me our mutual friend Stefan goolsby passed away at about 430 yesterday afternoon. He had a rare form of bone cancer that only pops up in like a fraction of 1% of the population. After trying every treatment the doctors could recommend, even experimental treatments, they determined that he should have another 10 years with maintenance treatment. That was roughly 6 months ago. Now this happened to a guy that would give a total stranger the shirt off his back. The guy that could make anyone, and I mean ANYONE smile. Even after he was diagnosed he just pretended like everything was great and not a care in the world. But he was also the type of person that did that because he would never show a hint of stress or sadness no matter what, as long as he could help it. He would bottle it all up just so he was able to put his best foot forward and make everyone around him smile and laugh. He was good at that. Bringing joy to other people. I think about all this having just heard about his death. So many people believe he will go on to a better place but he won't. His parents were very very religious even though Stefan was not. And when he was diagnosed, his own parents actually said to his face that he should not get any treatment at all. They told they're own son "God will cure you"..... God. ...
paul1967 comments:
To your overall question, the answer is because the concept of a personal God is, as you know a bunch of crap that just not the way life works. To a Christian or almost any theist, it is Gods will, and to that, I say f___ you to that God.
What can be done about police brutality?
paul1967 comments:
Honestly, I have no idea. There isn't just a simple solution for this question because the cause ranges from bigotry to out right murderous intent.
Do we have a purpose in life?
paul1967 comments:
Only in a very generic personal sense. My purpose is that which I create for myself. I think we discover things in life and pick and choose from those things that we want to include in our feeling of purpose. So depending on how you view it, we could say purpose finds us but I think it's more accurate to say we discover those things we value and that becomes a part of our purpose.
Happy new year to all the heathens here! :)
paul1967 comments:
It's been in the works for the last three months, but I'm using the new year as a re-motivator to lose weight.
I had several professors in college preach Christianity as if from a pulpit. I would like to see more restrictions on teachers doing that in the classroom. A discussion is one thing, telling students to believe in a god should warrant a warning....
paul1967 comments:
I agree however I rather enjoyed exposing my 8th-grade government teachers ignorance of church-state separation whenever she would insist the students bow our heads at the start of each class. I got an "F" for not participating in this ritual. I was able to get the administration to change my grade. They gave me an "A," and then I insisted they change it to a "B" because a "B" was the grade I had earned.
Damn him! :)
paul1967 comments:
LMAO That was very funny
Should pit bull dogs be forced into extinction?
paul1967 comments:
Pitbulls are amazing dogs and if you raise them right they are gentle and wonderful dogs
What type of arrangements have you made or instructions have you left for your funeral and disposal etc.?
paul1967 comments:
I gave my body to an organization in Tennessee, that will leave my body open to the elements and use the data to fight crime. I want my body to be consumed by life. The way I see it, I fed on flora and fauna my whole life, it's their turn to feed on me and I don't mean that in a morbid way.
Share your thoughts about NFL players kneeling during pre-game playing of national anthem.
paul1967 comments:
Those people who shame NFL players for taking a knee at the playing of our national anthem are slapping the face of every fallen veteran. They died so that, "We the People" have a protected right to protest, as long as, "We the People" keep it peaceful. I may not always agree with the cause as I often don't, but those individuals are within their right to take that position, and I vow to lay down my life to preserve their right to protest peacefully. I am a proud American, and this privilege is at the core of my pride. i
Social environments
paul1967 comments:
I live in Kansas City Missouri, and everyone that knows me well knows me to be an Atheist. I don't hide who I am. Many people who liked me and then discovered I'm a man who doesn't respect faith have distanced themselves from me. I find it makes it easier for me to surround myself with quality people.
Quick question on views of Christmas. So today I took my daughter to a winter wonderland. It was great fun. Really nice to see people enjoying the magic of this time of year. We visited father Christmas and all that. Xmas trees n decoration where lovely. Think this is the meaning of Christmas. The thing I did notice was there was not a single reference to Jesus or religion. So my question is if everyone decided to reject religion who we lose the reason for Christmas or would people still enjoy it? I feel we would still celebrate it. What's your feelings on this? ...
paul1967 comments:
No, primarily because the meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with religion. Christians have just injected their God concept into a pagan solstice celebration. The Bible actually rejects the cutting down of a tree, decorating them with silver and gold. As you can see in Jeremiah 10:1-5 "1 Hear the word which the LORD speaks to you, O house of Israel. 2 Thus says the LORD: Do not learn the way of the Gentiles; do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven, for the Gentiles are dismayed at them. 3 For the customs of the peoples are futile; for one cuts a tree from the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the ax. 4 They decorate it with silver and gold; they fasten it with nails and hammers so that it will not topple. 5 They are upright, like a palm tree, and they cannot speak; they must be carried, because they cannot go by themselves. Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, nor can they do any good.” Christians claim now that it has nothing to do with Christmas tree but rather it's talking about idolitry. To that claim I say, Gentiles weren't decorating trees and worshiping them as Gods, but maybe God didn't know that. Either way Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity.
How many people actually think about this when they go to those xmas programs and see this happening. With so much division in the world today, thought this was worth posting.
paul1967 comments:
I find the concept insane myself. People do and believe strange and ridiculousness things
What's the oil to your water: who would you hope not to be your cubicle roomie?
paul1967 comments:
A conservative Christian who thinks the color, gender assignment, sexual preference, and political views make you less than they are unless you agree with them.
Coming from the lgbt community being leery of religion it's something that is almost second nature. At the least I've gotten yelled at about going to hell, gotten kicked out of my apartment because the lamd lord thought, "someone of my lifestyle shouldn't live so close to a day care," or at a worst outright getting shot at... and that happened to my partner as well. Basically put Christianity has pretty much pulled out all the stops to make themselves the bad guys. However one of the things that really hurt more then you would think was this one incident. I worked as a junior for a while. I would come clean this bank everyday for a year or so and would usually see the bank manager im her office and we would say hi etc. I never said anything about my sexuality or gender. I just came and did my job. I had my own style which is pretty androgynous and punk mostly because I'm an artist. December rolls around and the day before Christmas on the desk by the janitor closet is a wrapped box with my name on it. I open it and it's a bible. I don't know why exactly but it just bloody pissed me off. She doesn't know anything about me but decides I'm bad and I need this. It was unprofessional as hell and wanted to do something about it though I was leaving that job anyhow and the contract company I worked for was vary religious as well. Just another drop in the bucket. They wonder why I'm a goth, they made me dark. ...
paul1967 comments:
I very much support the LGBT community so when I say this, please understand I don't agree with it. Religious people are indoctrinated from very early on to view your actions as evil. What they believe they're doing is saving your soul, so when they do inappropriate things like sending you a Bible as a Christmas gift you just have to understand in their way corrupt as it is the gesture is one of kindness. It's no different then when they say bless you. I wouldn't let those actions bother you.
paul1967 comments:
No, if anything it doesn't have enough
Eric Trump shocked people use foul language when talking about his father.
paul1967 comments:
That's freaking hilarious.
Bible Kill Count
paul1967 comments:
Satan in the Bible is a much better and just character than is God. There's no doubt about it. . If he'll were real what would it be like? I guess it would be really hot and dark and painful and everlasting.
Am I alone in wondering this?
paul1967 comments:
Religion is irrational especially with everything we know but there are plenty of irrational intelligent people who just close their eyes to the obvious conclusion and accept their indoctrination
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