Born into a Mormon family, but recovered. Have 5 siblings, 3 of which are still Mormon. I am the youngest.

I am a gay man, primarily attracted to thin Asian and/or androgynous men. I don't smoke, only drink moderately and don't use drugs. I like to go on day hikes, ride my bike, and generally try to stay active as I get older.

I am an avid reader. I like to go out, but not to places that are crowded.

I am a naturist (nudist), mostly because it feels more natural to me to not wear clothing. I do not necessarily see nudity as sexual, and tend to keep nude recreation and sex as two separate activities.

I am single, primarily because I am half blind, and on a fixed income and am not very ambitious. I won't' date smokers (I am very sensitive to smoke and the stench is very irritating to me). Also, I require complete honesty in a relationship, and few persons of capable of that. I just won't' settle for less than I want.

Often you hear how civilization started in the crescent valley. Is baffling because the Chinese have had a social civilization that is estimated at being 15,000+ years old.
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The Chinese also have an actual written history that predates when the events (creation of ht world) of Genesis supposedly took place.
When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.
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I think for some people, they are so used to thinking about what is wrong with their life, that it is hard for them to look for and find their own positive attributes or to talk about their life in a positive way.. Most of us are taught ot be pessimistic, and it comes out when we try to talk or write about ourselves, and if we are aware of that kind of thing in ourselves, then there is a great deal fo reluctance to write about ourselves. In my own case, I don't worry so much about trying to make myself look good, so much as I try to show I am an honest person. If someone values honesty, I hope that will show through to them.
Is love conditional or unconditional? Do you think that there has to be conditions placed on love? With the exception of those that are too young, infants, young children and those that are too old and those who are ill and incapable of looking after themselves, are there conditions that apply to love? During a conversation with married women that I met in a cafe she told me that she believed in unconditional love. I said, ‘so, if you go home now and find your husband in bed with your best friend you will still love him unconditionally?’ Her reply made me laugh because she said, ‘Oh no, that’s different!’ When I asked if she would expect her husband to love her unconditionally if he found her in bed with another man she was silent for a few seconds....... ...
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I think there are two conditions for love to survive over teh long term. They are mutual honesty and respect for each other. It is the lack of one or both of those two conditions that destroys love.
Who else here has raised their children atheist from the start? Has anyone reverted to the default and raised them in your family or spouses religion and why?
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I don't have kids myself. I am currently living with my sister who raised her kids with no religion, and her kids have thanked her many tiomes over for not subjecting them to religion. Of course my sister and I were raised Mormon, so he kids see the contrast between our religious relatives and their own lives.
Why do so many Americans not believe in vaccines, climate changes or evolution?
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My brother, who is a far right wing nut, says he likes to keep his life simple in terms of black and white. So, basically, it is a kind of willful ignorance, or choosing not to acknowledge facts that dont' fit into what one wants to believe. To have to change one's beliefs means thinking and work, and (too) many people are comfortable with their lives as they are and dont' want to change their beliefs or way of life. There is also the issue of if they based theri entire life and decisions based on religion, and tif they admit that their religion bot part of it wrong, then it brings into question the whole ideology on which they based their entire life. They just cant' stand the idea that thier entire life was based on false beliefs, so they choose to willfully ifnore anything that contradicts their beliefs. That is why religiosu peole get angry when you point out facts that dont' fit into their beliefs. Those facts brign into question everything on which they based their whole life purpose on. They fear beign wrong. They get embarrassed (and often hostile) when confronted with facts that brign their beliefs into question.
Is there a church for anthiest groups I need to know please
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I can understand the feelings behind the question. We as animals evolved in groups., and that has been man's strategy for safety before we, as a species, started agriculture and built cities. The need to belong to a group is instinctual, but manifests in varying degrees from person to person. Fpr me, the hardest part of leaving religion wasn't givign up the ridiculous beliefs, but was in giving up my place of belonging in the group. Outside of belonging to a group I felt uneasy. Inside the group, although I never really felt like I totally belonged, I did at least feel safe and liek I had refuge to some degree. Making the transition form beign a part of hte group to standing alone is likely the hardest part of transition ihn leaving religion for most people, and is also why many peole who have doubts remain in religious groups. For anyone reading this, if you want the church liek atmosphere, there is always the Unitarian church which is nondenominational and accepts atheists with open arms. If you want to leave the church atmosphere behind totally, I'd suggest looking at to find a social activity group where you have common interests with other members. You can achieve a sense of belonging in a group that does not share common spiritual beliefs, but has some other common interest that they have in common. You can do searches on to see what interest groups are in your local area. You may also look for interest groups on Craig's List, under Community and Groups. Some people also find a sense of belonging by doing volunteer work. Hope this is helpful. if alien life does exist what does that do to all the creationists beliefs and religion in general? Will they just say... yeah, god created the aliens too.
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That would pretty much likely be their conclusion.
Does the Universe have to make sense?
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I think the universe makes more sense as we discover more things, but sometimes what seems to "make sense" turns out to not be true as we learn more about how things work.
Donald Trump has gone nuts and has tried to get the book [Fire and Fury] banned. [ ... ] He's worried that his base will fall away if they find out what's in the book. But they're not going to find out, because, IT'S.IN.A.BOOK! So I think the secrets of the book are safe in the book. Unless this book gets serialized into bumper stickers. ~ Andrew Maxwell: Irish stand-up comedian...
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Yeah. Trump has little to worry about s mos tof his base, assuming they can read, doesn't liek to read.
What are your thoughts on funerals? My step-mom passed away yesterday and I am not going to the viewing or funeral. I talked with her last week and let her know how much I loved her. But I hate funerals, mostly because all the accolades never given in life seem to be saved for death. In some ways, it was a relief, not just because she has been sick for so long but because she was the bigot my dad deserved. They were two well-matched people. ...
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Funerals are not for the dead, but for those who are still living. If you don't feel you need to go, then don't go. The only down side is if there are others who might look to you for comfort at such an event. The only reason there may be to go would be to give support and comfot to those who are still alive.
T.G.I.F. It needs a new definition!
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Tis Good I'm Free Truly Gruntled, I'm Fabulous (yes, gruntled is a word.. it means contented)
What a surprise!!! LOL
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I wanted to repost this on Facebook. I tried several things. Eventually I moved the place marker back to the start and then right clicked the mouse choosing to "copy video link from this point" and it finally worked. I am just putting this out there in case others want to copy a YouTube video to re-post elsewhere.
Time Travel - Know or no
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The problems of time travel are many. As you stated there is the problem of space. We are traveling on a planet that is rotating whiel orbiting out sun, which is an a solar system, which is in a galaxy that is also revolving, and the galaxy is hurtling through space at an even increasing speed. So, you may be able to travel in time, but unless you also traveled through space and got allt he calculations just right you'd most likely end up in enpty space. Which I beliee is the point you raised above. There is yet another problem. As matter gets close to the speed of light, mass increases, and it is unknown if a life form can survive this. So, this compounds the space probem above even more. If you wante dto travel through a significant amoutn of time, you woudl need near light speeds and experience increased mass, if you wanted to come out on oru own planet. Add in gravity. Gravitational influence make ever so slight changes in the way our planet and galaxy moves. Over short times it may not be that significant, but over long periods of time, those small differences add up to great distances. How does one add in those influences in calculaions when they are not really known? So, I can confidently say that time travel will ntohappen in our life times. Of course there is also the paradox problems. Assuming time travel were possible, you could go back in time and kill one of your own ancestors, but in a multiverse, you would have just created an alternate universe in which you would never have been born. Assuming you could travel back to your universe of origin, you would fidn that nothing really changed in your own universe. Personally, i find it highly doubtful that a person who traveled to an alternate universe would be able to get back to their own universe. I am agnostic about the idea of other worldly aliens, visiting our planet, but I think if they did, it would be more likely they are from alternate universes, and the equivalent of our own planet in that universe, than from a distant part of our own galaxy, as the incease in mass near light speed would make it difficult for any bio0logical entity to survive. The only exception (that I am aware of) would be if one discovered how to "fold" space as a means of travel. I am dubious though that space cn be folded seamlessly in such a way that would not endanger the lif eof biological organisms such as ourselves.
How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
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Most people seem to think I am still in my 30's (I am 55). As it is pretty flattering, I might just decide to go with what most peoel think.
Not new, just more detailed news. This could vastly aid in planning for future manned missions. What are your views on a manned Mars mission?
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I think we are still reaping the benefits in technology gains from the moon missions, so I think it would be a good thing to take on, as society will reap benefits way beyond the actual missions.
Why aren't churches taxed, after all they are "For Profit" organizations? Why aren't preachers, priests, rabbis, etc. paying taxes? Why are people like Joel Osteen allowed to live the Life of Riley while there are others have to live on the streets? I get so f**king angry when I see these bastards flaunting their wealth. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the wealthy just wealthy church leaders who continue to fleece others so that they can maintain their life style. The so called "Prosperity Evangelists" are the worse of the worst. Next comes the catholic church with their billions in assets telling me that it is my responsibility to feed the starving children all over the world but yet are against birth control thus allowing this problem to occur. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Steve...
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I agree that churches should all be taxed. However, it is unlikely that such a change in law would pass, as most people are a part of some sort of religion. However, popular support may be gained to tax religions that pay employees (includign ministers, and especially televangelists) more than a certain amount. I'd want to make it if an employee more than 50% higher than the national average income, they that religious organization should lost its nonprofit status and be taxed.
If it were offered, all expenses paid, would you travel in space?
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Perhaps as a day trip, but nothing too long. Space travel has a lot ot negative health consequences.
Should we give religious believers a little more slack?
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There is a bit of conscious choice involved to live in a state of willful ignorance. So, no, I don't think they deserve any slack.
Need opinions here, I made an observation that a huge number of people that convert to religion are either incarcerated or poor. First, is this true? 2nd, Why?
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In the cse of imprisonment, Religiosu persons are taught they can feel good about themselves if they just confess their sins adn receive forgiveness )from a priest, not he person/people you wronged). That means they don't really seee the seriousness of what they do, because they have such an easy ay out of bad behavior, whic allows them to feel good about themselves no matter how much harm they do. So, they tend to do more harm and break more laws as a result. By contrast, atheists, don't have the easy way out of confession and forgiveness above, but have to act good all the time in order to believe themselves to be good persons. Thus, they do less harm and break fewer laws. As for why more religiosu persons are poor, The reason is two fold. One is that they are taught to accept the dictates of authority without question, so they ten dto accept things as they are. The second is that rather than strive for rewards on earth, they believe they will get their reward after life is over. Both scenarios tend to thwart ambition and the desire to improve one's life. The basically cede control over4 thier lifes future to others. OK. The above is very generalized and over simplified, but for such an all encompassing question, you have to generalize and keep it simple if you dont' want ot end up writing an entire book.
What is your biggest fear of the future? Or fears? Mine is the Republifuckans f'ing up SS and Medicare so I will never be able to retire. And that orange pos in the WH playing with the button and never mind retirement. ...
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I think it is unlikely that republicans will be able to fuck up SS and medicare in any big way, simply because a large portion of their base are seniors. If they messed with it in a big way, they would in effect drum themselves out of office. Or, at least I hope so. I am losing confidence in the intelligence of the average Americans. My biggest fear is that the current stock market bubble will burst, and the middle class will be too down trodden for any kind of immediate recovery. We are talking "Great Depression" or worse financial collapse. Teh biggest problem with "trickle down' is nothing trickles down, and the middle class has been shrinking since the 1980's. The middle class is our economic consumer bse. Once they are gone are past a tipping point, recovery takes more than a decade or longer, as was demonstrated by the Great Depression. If people can't afford to consume goods and serices, the economy falls like dominoes. That is my biggest fear... Unless I start thinking about North Korea and nuclear war.
Does the weather effect your emotions or your mode?
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I grew up in Los Angeles, where the sun shines almost all year round. As that was what I was raised with, i took it for granted. Now, I live in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and it rains aobut 5 months out of the year. The main difference is that now when there is a sunny day, I make point to get out and go have some fun. I actually now do more activity wise than I did in Los Angeles where the weather was always generally nice. On the downside, if you live where it is cloudy so much for a good part of the year, you need to take vitamin D supplements, or else you may experience depression. Some are more prone to this than others, but yoru body produces vitamin D when you are out in the sun, and it is a vital nutrient. If you spen all your time indoors no matter where you live you may need to take a vitamin D supplement. It is a good idea, if you gont' get much time in the sun, that at your next physical, you ask to have your vitamin D l;evels tested. Teh levels of vitamin D can grealy influence your mood.
I am researching nuclear energy. With climate change and rising CO emissions plus the ever expanding human population and the need for more energy, it seems like nuclear energy would be a natural choice. I have studied the LFT reactor for quite some time. It looks simple in design, uses an abundant fuel Thorium, uses it with 90+% efficiency (light water reactors are only . 5% efficient), very little waste, does not produce plutonium easily, and can even burn spent light water reactor waste fuel. Uranium235 is about as abundant as gold, so it is relatively rare. Thorium is much more abundant. It is about as common as silver. With the efficiency factor, Thorium seems to be a smart choice. Thorium is found in rare earth deposits, and we have an abundant supply, but at this point in history Thorium is considered a waste product, so our strategic rare earths are not mined domestically. Instead we import rare earths from China. Alvin Weinberg held the patent for the first light water reactor. He felt they we unsafe. He told the government this, but since LFT reactor couldn't produce plutonium easily and in abundance the government choose to side with military and went with the unsafe light water reactor which can produce plutonium. Alvin Weinberg built the LFT reactor in the 60's, and successfully tested it for a number of years. Alvin even shut down the cooling system to stress test it for safety. It got super hot but its designed to run hot and designed to shut ...
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My main concern with nuclear energy is the waste. Some of the waste remains radioactive for over 100,000 years, even if most of the radioactive elements break down much sooner, there is stil the one that has that highly long half life. Another concern is that no private insurance company is willing to insure a nuclear plant. Teh government steps in and does that and we as taxpayers pay for any disasters or problems. Just that insurance companies wont' issue policies shoudl tell you something about how unsafe they are and their actual potential for disaster. It seems to me that solar is a much better option. Even on cloudy days, solar still produces some electricity, just like you packet calculator can run on just light alone. Battery technology has been advancing quickly too. The sun's energy is via nuclear fusion, something we have not mastered in terms of nucler energy, as we use fission as an energy source with nuclear energy. If we mastered fusion, I'd take another look as supposedly radioactive waste would not be an issue with fusion. I am also a fan of windmill turbines. With global climate change wind will become more common in all parts of the world, which makes wind an even more viable option. I think a combination of solar, wind and tidal sourves are all renewable and can supply all of our energy needs.
Which accent do you like the most/ find the most sexy, and which one grinds on your nerves? Im in love with both the New York and Boston accents, I could listen to them talk all day! I find the southern accent both sexy and funny at the same time. I have a friend who lives in Georgia and everytime we talk we just laugh at each other lol. Bless their hearts ;) My most favourite accent comes from one man, now every Aussie and Kiwi will know this man, he makes ladies go week at the knees and giggle like school girls just by talking. HIs name is Manu feildel and he is a judge on My Kitchen Rules Australia and now MKR New Zealand :) He is French but has lived in Aussie for a long time so now his accent his mostly French mixed with a bit of Australian. You can hear him here For some reason I also love a Bahamas/Jamaica/Central American Caribbean one. Ohhhlala ...
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I find English and Australian accents spoken by men of Asian descent to be sexy. I think I am just attracted to the unusual. I find it interesting and attractive because it is unusual... at least it is in the U.S.
Defining Lonely vs Alone To me they are near synonymous. Does being alone not indicate lonely? When I am lonely it is how I feel. I feel sad. No contact via voice or people. No being able to reach out and touch someone nor see them. No sounds from even their voice feels silent, and empty. What does each mean to you? I see there as quite the same thing. "I am lonely in places I didn't even know existed inside me." Nikta Gill I also find it ironic that the picture I'm sharing was a quote by Mother Teresa....
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I really value the time when I get to be alone. People tend to be more often interruptions than pleasant company. I've just developed reclusive tenancies as I have gotten older.
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