Born into a Mormon family, but recovered. Have 5 siblings, 3 of which are still Mormon. I am the youngest.

I am a gay man, primarily attracted to thin Asian and/or androgynous men. I don't smoke, only drink moderately and don't use drugs. I like to go on day hikes, ride my bike, and generally try to stay active as I get older.

I am an avid reader. I like to go out, but not to places that are crowded.

I am a naturist (nudist), mostly because it feels more natural to me to not wear clothing. I do not necessarily see nudity as sexual, and tend to keep nude recreation and sex as two separate activities.

I am single, primarily because I am half blind, and on a fixed income and am not very ambitious. I wont' date smokers (I am very sensitive to smoke and the stench is very irritating to me). Also, I require complete honesty in a relationship, and few persons of capable of that. I just wont' settle for less than I want.

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?
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I love Hawaiian pizza. My favorite Hawaiian pizza is from Old Chicago which uses a sweet Thai chili marinara sauce, ham, pineapple, sweet red onions and red bell pepper on a thick crust. Pair it with an expresso stout and I'm very happy.
If you could only ride a unicycle or use stilts to commute, which would you choose?
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Depends on how long I have to learn to use it/them.
What is the biggest lie aside from religion that you were taught at school?
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Lots of lies.... Columbus discovered America (never mind about hte vikings,or the people who were already in America) George Washington chopped down a cherry tree (never really happened). The biggest lie though was "Taxation without representation", in the sense that it was never really explained. The reality was that the East India Company (often referred to at the time as "the Company" of "The Corporation") was granted a royal monopoly and wasn't taxed, whiel small business men were heavily taxed, not too different from how small business peopel today pay higher taxes than large corporations. Yet in the colonies, the small business people who paid taxes were not represented in England, while the large mega-corporation was well represented. Much like today how large corporations are better represented than the small business person or workers. They lied about it because they wanted to create a similar situation to what the colonists experienced where only wealth was (well) represented in America, and htey have been doing it mostly through the republican party, but the democrats are nto totally innocent either.
Have you ever been in a restaurant or a cafe, on your own. Enjoying your meal. Then you get messaged. And you get completely absorbed in that messaging. Sign off. And then have to remember where you are. Or is that just me?
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I don't typically use my phone for messaging,email or internet functions habitually. The phone is a tool to be used. I am not a slave to my phone.
Can God not write? God always seems to find some lone loony lost in the desert to take Godly dictation...nobody else find that a little strange?
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Yeah, I have found ti strange. It makes for a great question when I encounter the next "believer" who wants to argue. "Why do they worship an illiterate god?"
I was reading something online about shoes in the house, and had not thought much of it before. I do know there are some cultures that have followed the rule of shoes off at the door for centuries. It was saying how all the stuff we step on or in during the day gets brought into the home. I was curious if I was in the majority of people in the that still walk around the house in shoes. But after thinking about it, I think I might get some house slippers and limit the dirt/germs on my floors
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Removing choes at the door saves a lot of cleaning.
Something To Remember.
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How to literally use the word *Literally* correctly.
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Yeah, prayer is like masturbation. It makes you feel better, but it doesn't do a damn thing for the person(s) you are thinking about.
Every sperm is not sacred.
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Once of my favorite Monty Python songs... "Every Sperm is Sacred"
So I've begun another relationship with a very attractive & smart man. He comes from a religious family...his mom & dad are "saved & sanctified" lol. But he isn't. The topic of religion came up. Told him I'm a "nonbeliever". His reply was "we don't even have to talk about this". And we haven't. Everything has been going far. What should I think about him just dropping the entire subject? Will it come up again? If we get more serious, how will his parents feel about me? We REALLY like each other. What should I do?
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I've thought of several things I can say about this, but let's be honest, I don't really know either of you and have not real idea about what is going on. So, I'd see any advice I'd give as likely doing more harm than good. I'd suggest you rely mor ehevily on peopel who know you and hopefully him too than strangers on a discussion board.
Question everything, worship nothing. Memento Mori. My son and I got the same tattoo message
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I actually liked the movie "Motmento" better than the short story "momento Mori" that it was based on.
So much for the argument that "you need good guys with GUNS"-Shaw was unarmed:
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LOL... I reposted it on Facebook and tagged my pro gun rights relatives.
Have spent all night watching movies on Netflix as I could not sleep. Will try to sleep now and be online a little bit later. Even with the medication I have been restless all night.
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I had boughts of insomnia, which I countered by turning on NPR when I go to bed. It either helps me fall asleep or else I learn something. I see that as win/win/
News We used to have it. Men, almost always men, would come on Tv and say things like "A train crashed and several people died" That is news. Then on to the next story. In the 70's they added commentary to the news, so that it became "A train crashed and several people died, what do you think about that Joe?"--"Horriffic tragedy" As cable news was born and grew in the 80's and 90's Commentary began to outshine actual News. That trend has continued now till all I see on networks is commentary, commentary Right, or left, or centrist, but endless commentary on the train wreck. While other stories are ignored. It drives partisanship, it creates divisivness in America, and it fails to educate Americans on the actual news But hey, it's profitable. All modern news does now is stoke fears and hatred, all marketed by various products. Hate the President this cycle? Wacth one network and support those corporate products. Love the president this cycle? Watch a different network and support other products. it was 46 years ago now Frank, but your words are more true today than they were then. How sad. I am gross and perverted I'm obsessed 'n deranged I have existed for years But very little has changed I'm the tool of the Government And industry too For I am destined to rule And regulate you I may be vile and pernicious But you can't look away I make you think I'm delicious With the stuff that I say I'm the best you can get Have you guessed me yet?...
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News started to go downhill once Reagan ended the Fairness Doctrine.
CBSNews CBSN Live Video
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Hearing on NPR that the kid was mentally ill, reminded me tha tTrump undid an Obama era po9licy that made itharder for mentally ill peopel to get guns, and Trump did it simply because4 it was an Obama era policy withotu regard to consequences. Expect to see more of this kind fo thing as a resutl of htat policy change..
Should I give to Goodwill?
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There are many charity thrift stores. When in Los Angeles, I game to the Out Of The Closet thrift stores, where all the money went to benefit AIDS organizations an research. To find out what charity thrift store are near you, just Google "charity thrift store" with your zip sode. You may find a worthy cause you liek better than Goodwill.
In case you couldn't tell, I despise Twilight.
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I read a few of the books. If you aren't a romantic teen, they don't offer much.
Willing To Relocate?
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I would relocate, but there are caviots. I am legally blind, and dont' drive, so I'd want a good public transit system. I don't like the desert, but liek greenery and plants. In other words, I just hve to find the local climate/community hospitable and appealing. If I had to move somplace where I could nto be happy, or idependent, chances are the relgationship woudl nto last.
Okay. so I am still new to this atheist thing. How long does it take before I will no longer dread and fear my death, knowing my existence will end?
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If you think about it, fer of death is mostly fear of the unknown. Beyond that is our basic animal instinct to survive. So, you never coimpletely get over the fear of death completely, but you may experience ti differently, or jus tthink about it differently.
Have you ever considered going completely off the grid?
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I've though tabout it. I'd need to acquire a lot mroe knowledge than I currently have in order to do it. I have talked my sister into plantign more plants that are food productive or edible. I mean if you are goign to plant a bush or treee why not plant one tht produces food?
Is partner's wealth an aphrodisiac?
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To some perhaps, but it isn't universal.
Is there any historical evidence of the existence of Jesus other the Bible?
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Practically none. Those existing records acredited to being Jesus coudl have been anyone, as the name was common, and more than one person with the name was put to death via crusifiction.
Where is any reference of the rapture?
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Mostly i tis in the book of Revelations. Although modern dogma takes a lot of liberties about what was actaully written.
Which fictional writings have the best superheroes?
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I like the writings of Thomas Perry, withe The Butcher's Boy, and, Jame Whitefield series.
What do you think about luck?
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I think the way peopel think and behave determines the likelihood of what kind of "luck" they wil experience, if any.
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