Born into a Mormon family, but recovered. Have 5 siblings, 3 of which are still Mormon. I am the youngest.

I am a gay man, primarily attracted to thin Asian and/or androgynous men. I don't smoke, only drink moderately and don't use drugs. I like to go on day hikes, ride my bike, and generally try to stay active as I get older.

I am an avid reader. I like to go out, but not to places that are crowded.

I am a naturist (nudist), mostly because it feels more natural to me to not wear clothing. I do not necessarily see nudity as sexual, and tend to keep nude recreation and sex as two separate activities.

I am single, primarily because I am half blind, and on a fixed income and am not very ambitious. I won't' date smokers (I am very sensitive to smoke and the stench is very irritating to me). Also, I require complete honesty in a relationship, and few persons of capable of that. I just won't' settle for less than I want.

Can we chose our reality?
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I think we can only choose whether or nto we wish to acknowledge or deal with some aspects of reality, but that doesn't change actual reality, but only our perceptions of it.
Isn't it interesting that the birthplace of the world's three most prominent religions, Judaism, Christianity and Moslemism, must be one of the most "godforsaken" regions on earth.
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Yeah. I have often thought that god supposedly gave a pretty pathetic piece of land to his "chosen people." And millions have died as a result of fighting over it.
In a certain sense, we are all pre-op.
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As I happen to associate with a lot of Transgendered persons, I guess in a sense this may be true. However, Pre-op, in the sense of Transgender or gender dysforia woudl mean that one's biological gender would not match one's psychological gender. As this is not the case for the vast majority of people, and Pre-op seems to indicate that gender reassignment is needed to feel at home in one's own body, then it is also, in a sense, not true for most people.

There is an interesting short science fiction story, "Picnic On Far-Side", which imagines a world where people can changte genders back and forth. It is nto the main driving force of the story, but just a part of the created background reality. I think the author was Francis Jose Farmer. Anyway, I doubt that humans would devlop into such a gender fluid mentality as portrayed in the story, but I can see how if we did, it would seem more desirable for Trans persons and women.
Likelihood of meeting in person
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At present the membership is still to osmall to likely find anyone who lives locally who is also compativle, but I am open to it. Until, the site grows more, it is just unlikely... for now.
Virtues and ethics. looking at variations of culture and beliefs, is there a higher moral commonality then truth?
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Unfortunately, I do not think truth is all that highly valued in many cultures. Or rather, it is not as highly valued as I think it should be. I think power is most highly valued in most cultures, and people seldom become powerful by being honest. I think the competition for power (and money) actually holds cultural progress, as far as the value of truth goes, badk.
Jehovah witneses
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I think the welfare and lives of children take priority over religious beliefs. Children are no longer considered property, and parents who endanger their children's lives are considerd to be unfit parents. I don't see this as beign any different.
Three months to live. Would you do anything differently?
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I'd probably pay even less attention to societal conventions than I do now. I'd do what made me happy instead of just behaving as expected... with the qualification that I would not do harm to anyone.
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Cultures who worship a matriarchal god (a goddess) are historically far more peaceful in nature. Most cultures that worshiped goddesses instead opf male gods, were conquered by the more aggressive male god worshipers.

If peopel worship some deity, I'd prefer they worshiped a goddess or femal god.
The universe!!
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I'd rather suspect that since we are all, in a sense, made up of materials created in stars, that perhaps the formations are just naturally occurring, in both cases, according to laws we do not yet understand. This just seems more likely to me.
How much longer do you think the human race as a whole will exist?
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Until we destroy ourselves is the most likely answer. If that is how, there are hust to many variable to make any kind of accurate prediction... however, the election of Trump, I think makes it more likely for the end to come sooner rather than later.

There is a very slim chance that will will survive as a race for billions of years, if we don't' destroy our one and only planet first.
Worth the wait?
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If I settled for less than wha tI wanted, I would not be single.
What would you give up?
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I have yet to find a "purpose". I just try to do a little here and there as I travel through life to make th world a little better.
What did religions give to human being ?
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The only real positive ting religon gives to humans beings is a sense of community and belonging.

We evolved as social animals whose survival likelihood was increased by our belonging to groups. The need to belong is pretty much mostly hardwired into us as an animal instinct. Religion fulfills the need to belong, but at the costs of individuality and freedom of thought.
Do You Have An After-Deconversion Song?
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Didn't have a favorite song of this type until recently. The song is "Affirmation" by Savage Garden.
How do you answer theists who say "science can't explain the complexity and order of life.”
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I'd say they don't know much about science. Granted some things are still unknown, but not knowing is no excuse for superstition or believing myths.
Love heals a wound better than...what?
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Love and Aloe Vera gel would treat totally different kinds of wounds. Love would heal emotional wounds, while Aloe Vera would heal physical wounds. It's an irrelevant (B.S.) comparison because the two have virtually no overlap in purpose.
Social Well-being: What is the #1 concern you have concerning our social wellbeing? My #1 concern is having a 'free' society. One that promotes each person as human.
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I have many concerns, most of which have to do with how power in our society is automatically given to the wealthy, who horde their power for themselves instead o befitting all of society (humanity). Most wealth is inherited, not earned. Yet we give power and privilege to people who do nothing to make positive contributions to society, but just work to maintain their own positions.

The Republicans are about to do away with the inheritance tax. So children of wealthy peopel will be given power and privilege by virtue of what family they were born into instead of earning their own way and making positive contributions themselves. They will live off their ancestors achievements and their incomes will be derived off investments where other people do the work to support their opulent lifestyles. This is creating a class of "royals" in practice, even i9f not by name.
Believers on buses
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I'd tell her, that she should read her bible... particularly the verse that says, "judge not, so that ye shall not be judged." and if she really believed in Christianity, she'd keep her judgements to herself... unless she want to prove herself to be a hypocrite. Then just be quiet. If she comes back at you, then just say, OK so you are proving your hypocrisy to everyone here... Thank you for proving the point.
What's an example of UnIntelligent Design?
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How about (human) children beign born helplessly dependent for the first several years o life.
Hello everyone This was my first day here and i probably ran my mouth too much. I should have lurked a few days just to find out the proper etiquette. So if I stepped on any toes. i apologize. In my defense it was nice to have an opinion and not be told I'm going to hell literally not figuratively, or the dreaded by me "Have a blessed day'...
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Just read the sit eguidelines if you want to avoid problems.
Do you ever look at someone and just know they're a Christian?
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Yes. Christians are just like gays (I am gay) in that way... With some of hem it is just so obvious!
Are religious people afraid of science because god lives in the gaps? The more we know about reality, the less room there are for mysteries. Does that make religion feel cornered? Just asking because I see a lot of lashing out against evolution and climate change even though the critics don't provide any real evidence....
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Religion is all about controlling knowledge, and keeping people ignorant... at least in some areas. Their attacks on science nd knowledge is not new. They pushed most of Europe into the dark ages for 1000 years. Now they are trying to do it again. although for different reasons. We have reached a point in knowledge acquisition where the bible looks more and more like the fairy tales that it actually is. Most well educated people don't take religion seriously.

So, they are pushing back by wanting to teach religion in schools and have the government provide tax money to pay for religious private schools to control how people will view ideas which will create doubts. They way there is a war on Christianity, when all that is happening is that people are learning better.
What's your opinion when you hear "Women's rights" as an issue?
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I think it is a shame that we don't just automatically give equal rights to everyone, but have to instead fight for equality one group at a time. It is inefficient and duplicates efforts over and over again.

I am of an opinion that the rich deliberately make an effort to keep us viewing each other as separate groups rather than just one large oppressed group with a lot of infighting over, what in the end is, mostly minor differences. They divide us and keep us conquered and at bay.
Which last longer, Christian marriages or agnostic/atheist marriages?
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I think in part it would depend on the Christian denomination, as to how stable a religious marriage would be. Some Christian denominations don't allow divorce.

I am not exactly neutral on the issue, being an atheist, but I think atheists are generally more honest, as they don't' have to hide their "sins" from their neighbors to keep up appearances. Shristians lie all the time to keep up appearances. I think honesty makes for a better marriage, and so I would suspect atheist marriages would be at least happier, if not more stable altogether.

The article at this link seems to support my supposition.

What job would you never want?
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Minister, preacher, evangelist, missionary...
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