retired educator who grew up in the southern bible belt, but row totally rejects that biased culture. Profoundly influenced by several years in Berlin, Germany at the height of the Cold War.

In love, how much does money matter?
wordywalt comments:
Lack of money to maintain a decent life can play a big role in hurting a relationship. For greedy people and for those who so misguided that they want to live a lifestyle of "conspicuous consumption" it matters too damned much.
I'm off to my nans for chrismas(bleugh), but the issue being is all the family over there refuse to use my prefered pronouns. And tbh I'm taking weed over there to sit through that shit, but any other ideas?...
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Your comment seems self-absorbed. Everybody else does not do what you want, so you are pissed off and maybe even uncivil to them. I hope that I am misinterpreting. If my perception is correct and if you were my daughter, I would tell you to do something to contribute to the relationship or stay the hell away! I find selfishness and incivility revolting!
Thumbs Up: What is your motivation for NOT 'liking' someone's response to a post? My number one reason is that the response has nothing to do with the initial post Other reasons include: Not agreeing with the response, finding it shallow and not thought through, think the person is too involved with 'self'....
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Those are my top reasons, too. I would also add" simply not interested in the topic."
What about Thanksgiving? I see alot of posts about Christmas, but how do you guys feel about Thanksgiving? I personally love having a time to express gratitude to people in my life where it seems normal and acceptable. I don't feel blessed, I feel thankful for the people I have randomly discovered who have shaped me and who have helped me through hard times. Even if they are religious and insist they're blessed in response, it is great to thank them....
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Given that Satanism is an atheistic religion focused on the self I'm curious if there are any on this site? No I'm not one I'm just curious
wordywalt comments:
Satanism creates an alternative master. I DO NOT need any masters!
Most people confuse knowing ,with believing.
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We never "know" anything with absolute certainty/. What we have is the best current evidenced based data available now. Knowledge is intense evidence-based belief so intense that we are willing to act on it.
Why do we have the arrogance to call ourselves intelligent, when most of our species is at one time or another killing each other, destroying the environment, with a few haves and most have not!!
wordywalt comments:
As a species, we DO have a great deal of intellectual capacity. However, we also let that intelligence be dominated by greed, ideology. ethnocentrism, and other forms of irrationality.
As I said in a reply to somebody on here. What was it that makes You think that there’s nothing else but be Born, Live, Work and then Die? It’s NOT a flippant question (to Me anyway). Then the second part was “WHEN did You know that there’s nothing else”?...
wordywalt comments:
Even if you were right, so what? I have found and created meaning in living and working.
What would you prefer? 'Extremely Groveling' levels at Agnostic dot com or...?
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Why the need for levels to begin with? The current system leads highly competitive people to try to make more comments and posts just to be competitive rather than communicating because of a genuine desire to communicate.
The western liberals feel ashamed of their ancestors who enslaved the Africans and killed the native Americans, among many other things, which is nice to condemn, but not to the level they feel the guilt and think that those are their own crimes. I give them credit for learning the lesson which they want to avoid in their present and future, BUT and again, not to the level they go and do another mistake that can ruin the lives of millions of people when they give the Islamists the power they want through a crippled democracy which Islamists themselves will never respect and as soon as they are empowered enough will tell you "F**k you and your democracy". They use your feeling of guilt against you....
wordywalt comments:
I reallt do not understand the point you are trying to make. Say it directly.
I have to say that I feel incredibly lucky to not only have parents who didn't freak out when I said I was an atheist, but who, over time, listened to my thoughts and have themselves become agnostic in the process. When you become part of the atheist community (in a sense), you become aware of the frequency in which young atheists are kicked out, shunned, or otherwise mistreated by the people they loved enough to share their thoughts with. I feel so fortunate for my situation and hope that as we continue to become a larger demographic, these instances become a thing of the past....
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You ARe lucky that your parents are intelligent, reasoning people and not irrational "true believers."
With teen mental health deteriorating over five years, there's a likely culprit
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I agree that overreliance on electronic devices instead of making real human relationships is very unhealthy!
I got proselytized at work by 2 of my managers. I was trying to remain respectful, but their god delusions and reasons as to how they know god is real, irked me. My GM said because she has seen him in her dreams and her prayers are always answered. Um, since when are anyone's prayers answered?...
wordywalt comments:
I have always made it a point, over my work career, to say to coworkers and bosses that I do not discuss religion at work. If anyone tried, I simply walked away.
Time to have churches pay tax. They want to play politics. Time to pay for playing!
wordywalt comments:
Totally agree. Also they should all have to undergo audits each year with the results made public!
What is the key?
wordywalt comments:
The key to what?
"What was the first weapon you were given? Think about this one, a weapon is something which is used to protect oneself. I believe that the first weapon we were given is also the last weapon we use. It is the human body. We ourselves could be seen as weapons. A gun, knife or bomb does not have the capability to cause death on its own, humans make the decisions, we are the ones who pull the trigger, we are the ones that end lives. We are weapons, the better our tools then more effective we are." ...
wordywalt comments:
A weapon s primarily a device with which to attack others. Our minds and speech can also be used to attack others. Hopefully, we have the moral courage and intelligence to choose not to attack others in any way, except if absolutely necessary self defense.
Tell your grandpa to put his gun away. This is why I don't like to be around people showing off guns.
wordywalt comments:
People who show off guns are either weak people who want to appear strong, or people who want to bully and intimidate. I was an expert marksman in the army, but I have never carried guns in public and never will.
Will these "religious freedom" bills reverse the rise of Atheism in the U.S?.
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These bills, along with the morally bankrupt support of Trump and for the rise of ethnocentrism will create a backlash against those who are trying to crush our civil rights and impose theocracy. People are beginning to realize what a threat yto democracy evangelicals have become.
"If I knew then what I know now..." If you could send a message to your 20 year old self, what would you tell that person? I would tell me, "You don't really want to get married and have kids. That's just what society teaches you to think, but it's not for everyone. The truth is you won't want that life once you get a taste of it, and that's OK. You are still worthy of love, happiness, and success. There are other far more interesting things you will want to pursue. Find them, and be free from that pressure." ...
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I would tell me that personality (warm, caring, not controlling and not self-absorbed) and intelligence are a damned sight more important in a potential mate than beauty
How do you answer theists who say "science can't explain the complexity and order of life.”
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Anyone who says that is ignorant of real science. It is the ONLY thing that can explain such complexity!
$100 million Ark, which was completed last year using tens of millions in taxpayer funds
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School sponsored trips to that site ARE advancing religion in general and that set of beliefs in particular. Such trips are clearly unconstitutional and should be challenged in court!
What's the general opinion on what might be called "alternative" beliefs like Vampirism?
wordywalt comments:
saying no is actually really healthy. That’s means you’re not letting people take an advantage of you.
wordywalt comments:
Saying no to inappropriate ideas and actions is healthy and moral. Saying no to things just to be saying no or to gain and exercise inappropriate power or control over others or simple to block something appropriate is simply obstructionistic and immoral.
Social Well-being: What is the #1 concern you have concerning our social wellbeing? My #1 concern is having a 'free' society. One that promotes each person as human.
wordywalt comments:
Mine is similar: True democracy based on dignity and respect for all.
Atheism: Is it a way of being? Or...
wordywalt comments:
Depends on the person and his or her reason for being an atheist. To me it is simply a part of being a rational and responsible existentialist.
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