retired educator who grew up in the southern bible belt, but row totally rejects that biased culture. Profoundly influenced by several years in Berlin, Germany at the height of the Cold War.

Question of individual vs. group rights? How do we objectively sacrifice individual rights for group rights? Especially where the intent is the benefit of the individual? For example: - should alcohol be illegal? - should drugs be illegal? -when we require a pharmaceutical drug to be tested for safety and effectiveness, my right to decide to use that drug is reduced. To be clear, I am looking for a *methodology and criteria* for deciding the trade off.
wordywalt comments:
I perceive that the way you pose the issue is wrong. Consumption of alcohol and of harmful drugs is not a basic right. Those are substances which, if overused, are highly harmful, if not deadly. For some people, but not others, alcohol is highly addictive. All hard drugs are physically and mentally addictive and destructive -- ergo, the sale of those drugs should be highly limited, if not banned to protect unwise people from themselves What we need to to is to focus on discovery and manufacture of non-addictive, non-opioid painkillers, then ban ALL productive and sale of ALL opioids..
How were you punished as a child by your parents?
wordywalt comments:
Sometimes I was spanked. Other times I was just chastised, others denied a privilege. Depended on the severity of my offense.
I am on a dating site and I contacted a gentleman and we spoke on the phone last night. We have a few things in common but I fear not enough. On my profile I state I am not religious, I didn’t think to look about this on his profile, but he did say he had his masters. So I asked what did he have his master in..... he said in divinity. He was an Anglican minister. I was gobsmacked to say the least. I told him I was an atheist and promised him I wouldn’t try and convert him. He said he wouldn’t try and convert me as well. He is no long a minister and we are both photographers and he makes documentaries. Not about religion. He said he’d call me on Thursday and arrange for us to meet for coffee. Should I keep an open mind or not. My gut is screaming run!! He is a socializer and I am a loner. Yes. Or. No. With an explanation.
wordywalt comments:
Contact him and beg off. Don't just not show up.
This giggle is needed as I am grading social psych study proposals that say "amount of participants needed..." *le sigh*
wordywalt comments:
It is troubling to see how many people write poorly in terms of grammar, syntax, and clarity and precision in expression.
Do you eat healthy and waste food? I eat healthy and nothing goes to waste. Was always aware of not wasting food. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and may eat left overs a couple of times a week but everything is consumed.
wordywalt comments:
I eat healthy and waste little.
Describe Your Temperament During Extreme Stress Situations.
wordywalt comments:
For close to a decade, I functioned with high stress coming from all sectors of my life -- work and marriage. Much of the stress, I created by creating large projects at work, designing and planning them, implementing them, and evaluating them. I reacted to stress by being more focused in responding. Once psychological counselor did a stress assessment and said that the levels of stress I dealt with would make most people ill. For a long time I thrived on the stress and actually enjoyed that in the work side. but I eventually experienced burnout.
Christian Whose Rapture Prediction Failed Now Says It’ll Happen Later This Year – Friendly Atheist
wordywalt comments:
This Christian nut's delusional reaction was entirely predictable. They can never admit that they were stupidly wrong. Loen Festinger got it totally right in his book, WHEN PROPHESY FAILS.
My dream, look closely
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That would be a day of joy and celebration.
White golf course owners in Pennsylvania said five African American women were playing too slowly. Then they called the police. - The Washington Post
wordywalt comments:
How would you describe your level of morality as compared to the general morals of the past 100 years averaged out? Is it true that atheists and agnostics are less more, do you think? I'd like to here your own "ratings" of your morality and why you think it's at the level it is.
wordywalt comments:
I think that I am above average in mu morality, as I know that I am responsible for all of my decisons and actions, and because the basis of my moral code is the concept of minimum violation of human dignity and respect.
Who should we believe experts or the talking heads of the media?
wordywalt comments:
Some of them can be believed, some not. We simply have to analyze the accuracy of their words and the the true character (or lack thereof).
If someone didn't attend your funeral, will you attend their funeral? Share your answers!
wordywalt comments:
That is an irrelevant question for me. There will be no funeral for me. Other than that, if I were dead, how could I attend another person's funderal?
It's spring--finally--and birds sing or squawk or otherwise vocalize, reminding us that they exist. I need no such reminder as I have fed them all winter, even though they sang no song nor spoke dialogue. Some of the bird calls are indeed melodic; some are grating; some are neither of those, just there. To me all are welcome, but I think my favorites are the calls of orioles and robins. What are your favorites?
wordywalt comments:
My favorites are the blue jays and the wrens.
Let's get to know each other a little more. What was your favorite live music event? If you want, let us know when it happened and where. I'll start. Circle Jerks and GBH. July 2003 at Irving Plaza, NYC.
wordywalt comments:
Ella Fitzgerald in West Berlin in 1960 or 1961.
Never Forget On 2/19/42, the President of the United States authorized our government to incarcerate American men, women, & children, simply because of their Ethniticity. My family was among those that were sent to camps in Cody, Wyoming. Never Again!!!
wordywalt comments:
This act was one of the most shameful in our national history.
Did you get married in a church, temple, mosque, or synagogue?
wordywalt comments:
My first marriage was at the Heiratsamt (marriage bureau) in the Rathaus (courthouse) Reinickendorf in Berlin. My second marriage was in a Catholic chapel at the request of my wife who is a devout Catholic (she knew that I was an atheist).
Just wish they'd quit maligning witches. Call these assholes what they ARE, criminals.
wordywalt comments:
Delightfully, bitingly stated!!
I have heard things along the lines of "only people who believe in god are good people" I like to think I am a good person even without believing in god or that I will be rewarded for helping someone later. Today I was walking outside from the market back to where I am staying and it was raining not super hard but hard enough that an umbrella (which I didn't have) would be nice. A older man looked lost, wearing a suit and holding some directions. He asked me if I knew where an address was. I did not but while still both of us standing in the rain and me putting down my bags of food on the wet ground to pull out my phone and get him some directions we stood there about 5 minutes. I didn't do it cause I thought I would be rewarded in an after life, I did it because if I needed help I would like to think there are people who will help. But once I gave him the info he told me "god bless you" 5 or 6 times and then started on his way. This once again got me thinking if he thought only someone who believes in god would stop in the rain to help him? Does anyone else out there have examples of just being a good kind person without the thought of reward later?
wordywalt comments:
In his own way, he was just trying to thank you. Acdept the thanks and move on.
Death: what do you think will happen when you die? What do you think happens to your consciousness, or whatever it is that makes you uniquely you? Concomitantly, what happens when you are born? I guess what I'm asking is: how is a body animated with a "soul", and how does that soul leave at death? This is one of those things that cannot be proven one way or another, but it is an interesting question to me. Anyone can answer, no matter what they believe. :)
wordywalt comments:
When we are born, our neural development gives us the tools to acquire consciousness through interaction with our enviroment. The consciousness, itself, is not there when we are born. Our consciousness consists of the dognitive structures and schema which we have developed. It cannot exist outside of the neural structure which created it and stores it. When we die, it is simply gone.
San Antonio mayor says atheism causes poverty.
wordywalt comments:
Taylor's comments are simply nutty.
wordywalt comments:
I live it, but do not wear it on my sleeve.
Looks like I'm in the beginnings of the crazy cat lady phase. First, it was two strays moving into my garage last winter. Yesterday I found a baby kitten on my front porch. I had an feeling that it may be one of the strays so I put it in the garage by the food bowl. I wake up this morning, and now I have two kittens. At least they're warm and healthy. When they get old enough I'll spay/neuter then along with the two strays I have. That way none of them will breed more.
wordywalt comments:
Good for you. I have adopted a number of strays over my lifetime. Most of them were loyal, loving compainions that brought much joy!
Pains from doing normal stuff around the house?
wordywalt comments:
Reminds me of a time in Berlin in the Army. Was stationed at the US Army Hospital Berlin. Started having fever and chills one night, and wnt to the doctor on duty in the Outpatient department. He really didn't check anything, gave me an aspirin, and told me to go back to bed. The next morningI went back to OPD and a different doctor lput a stethescope to my chest and immediately put me in a hosptial bed with pneumonia.
Are there good, safe hiking paths anywhere in Florida? I'm moving back to the Sarasota area in a few weeks. I enjoy hiking a lot, but never did it when I lived there before because the wildlife (and some of the people) made it feel a bit scary. I know there are great biking/walking paths, but anything more outdoorsy (but not extremely deadly)? Thank you!
wordywalt comments:
There are many hiking/biking trails throughout Florida. I would not advise a women to use the trails alone, but to at least pair up with a partner whom you can rely on.
Are atheists and agnostics more (or less) likely to participate in alternative lifestyles (e.g. swinging, hotwife/cuckold play or polyamory) than our religious counterparts?
wordywalt comments:
I don't think so. One's choice of sexual behavior has nothing to do with religion. If anything, I would predict that more religious people are swingers or polygamous.
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