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retired educator who grew up in the southern bible belt, but row totally rejects that biased culture. Profoundly influenced by several years in Berlin, Germany at the height of the Cold War.

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An article in today's Guardian discusses the Socialistic uprising that is pushing the Democratic Party to the left. It references a Gallop Poll that found (for 1st time) over 50% are losing their faith in capitalism. The article leaves open the question why this lack of faith. I doubt that this loss of faith has very much to do with Capitalism. It may have more to do with a loss of faith in a Democracy where voter's wishes are regularly diisregarded in favor lobbying interests who spent approximately $3.3 billion in 2017. Loss of faith in a democracy where the majority of representatives are rich and getting richer. Loss of faith in a democracy whose weapons are sold and used to immolate a school bus killing 54 children in one of the poorest countries on earth. Loss of faith in a Democracy where the cannidates for the highest political office in the country present choices between the lesser of two evils.....
wordywalt comments:
I think that you and the article are misinterpreting what Democrats are thinking. What they are doing is rejecting laissez faire or unrestricted capitalism as they see it as simply the culture of greed. What we need is social democracy and a mixed economy to make people and businesses behave in a moral fashion which addresses the needs and concerns of our people. They are not throwing the baby out with the bath water.
An erudite and succinct indictment of American hypocrisy regarding its foreign policies and relationships with other countries. What if the world started using US logic in its relations with America? https://www.rt.com/op-ed/436385-us-sanctions-russia-iran/
wordywalt comments:
Please do not confuse the senseless foreign policies of the Trump cabal with what the American people, as a whole, want.
What's your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? :) My birthday is in exactly two weeks... normally I do something or go somewhere but this year I can't figure out. I've gone to Disneyland, Canada and PDX recently for my birthday, trying to stay close to home. I thought of Vegas but I'd be alone... it's on labor day this year so everyone will be out and about... idk, I'm coming up short on ideas and its rounding the corner quickly! (I have a small to moderate budget, no last minute trips to Rome, lol!)
wordywalt comments:
Going fishing, and a nice dinner out.
I have decided to start a seed exchange/Plant with all the garden groups. It would be very helpful to get as much feedback on how you think the best way to do this. For myself I would only be interested in only GMO free seeds or plants, But it doesn't have to limit others from sharing or exchanging their hybrid ,and GMO seeds or plants, if that's what they want. If you will please comment on what your ideas are.
wordywalt comments:
I don't see the need for the arrangement. Months ago I posted that I have heirloom black tomato seeds to share. Several members said they would like them and sent me their addresses as a private message, and I sent them the seed.
Rudy Giuliani claims "the truth isn't the truth" on Meet The Press. The only explanation for Giuliani's weekly rants is covering for Lies. If you only have Lies on your side, the rationalizations get freaking crazy.
wordywalt comments:
Guiiiani has become a loud=mouthed, lying, spineless caricature of a human being. He is become as despicable as Trump.
If you are now an atheist, what other supernatural oddities, if any, did you used to believe in? Or, do you still believe in any thing else supernatural? If you dropped those beliefs too, were they easier or more difficult to lose?
wordywalt comments:
I do not believe in anything supernatural.
Nine not-so-good reasons to be an atheist | Pakistan Today
wordywalt comments:
There is simply one good reason for not believing in any gods -- simply that no evidence exists that any god actually exists. Why should any person believe in something without a shred of evidence?
Should secularism be taught in high school as a part of a civics class or social studies.
wordywalt comments:
As a former social studies teacher, I would say no. Civics and government classes should be secular only in the sense that they do not deal with religion or rejection of religion at all, except for freedom of religion (including freedom from religion) as a constitutional freedom included in the Bill of Rights. They should focus on the functions and structure of government and on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy.
The Enlightenment and the origins of racism
wordywalt comments:
All slavery going far back in human history is based on the idea that a group is inferior to a more dominant culture. The inferior group, always based on color or ethnicity, were always considered to be lesser beings. Those are the real origins of racism. All that these enlightenment figures was to formalize the thought behind the practice. .
Audiobooks verse Regular Books
wordywalt comments:
I have vision problems so cannot read books any more. If I could read, I would greatly prefer a book in print.As a reader, I read rapidly and could control the flow of thought. Reading had more real consistency and flow.
What decade is your favorite music from? What age were you in your favorite music decade? For me it's the 60s when I was age 4-13. Plus I'm from Detroit and it's when Motown was big.
wordywalt comments:
To me, the great time was the late 1960s and early 190s . You have the best of folk music, protest music,and others like Croce, Simon and Garfunkel, and others that did music with depth and quality.
Are atheists less educated than religious sects? Pew Research says those who claim no religion are #3, (way) behind Jews and behind Christians. Does this make people take religion more seriously and atheism less seriously? Obviously there are nonsense degrees, like a doctorate of divinity. Those notwithstanding would more atheists or agnostics with higher degrees command more respect in the public arena? Or are atheists simply too passive?
wordywalt comments:
You misinterpret the data. We "nones" are in a minority, yet we rank with higher number of Christians and Jews in in educational level. That means that we are more highly educated than the population at large, or than Christians as a whole.
Would the World Be Better Off Without Religion? A Skeptic’s Guide to the Debate - CSI
wordywalt comments:
It is possible that total system religious ideologies helped human beings to gain the courage to venture forward. Even if that were true, it is past time for human beings to find th strength and courage to become moral existentialists and move forward based on current scientifically-based conceptions of reality, recognizing that such conceptions are constantly changing with advances in knowledge. Religion today is a straitjacket, a false restriction on our conception of reality and a hindrance to progress.
A real professional...
wordywalt comments:
Bravo! One hundred million loyal Americans should flood Trump with requests that he denounce us as real threats to the legitimacy of his presidency. That would get his attention and that of the cowardly Republican party. Someone needs to take charge of such an effort and help make it happen.
What’s a movie or song that you can never get tired of?
wordywalt comments:
Several songs: " The Rose" sung by Bette Midler, "The Sounds of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel, and "The First Time I Saw Your Face" sung by Roberta Flack. Also "The Ashoken Farewell."
Best concerts?
wordywalt comments:
The two best concerts I have ever attended were in Berlin, Germany in 1960 or 1951 -- Ella Fitzgerald and Dave Brubeck.
Communicate with care
wordywalt comments:
I try to choose my words with precision and care to express the meaning I intend with the emotion I want to express. That limits misinterpretation.
How do you deal with pain?
wordywalt comments:
I o not like pain killers and seldom take them. I just try to outlast the pain until its cause can be dealt with or outlasted.
We recently lost my oldest brother B at 59 yrs old. He was non-religious as were his kids. His kids wanted no religious service. My other brother T and Mom took it upon themselves to make sure his soul was saved. Saying prayers at the burial and such. T repeatedly talking to me about "Christian burials", and B having a lot of "explaining to do" to God before he gets into Heaven" for his lifestyle. Am I the asshole for getting pissed off? When the brother you grew up with is that delusional? Thinking he has to send our brother off "properly" into some afterlife. My brother B was flawed like all of us. He certainly doesn't deserve divine judgment by the a-hole Christian deity. Anyone else deal with this stuff? I didn't handle it well.
wordywalt comments:
That can be prevented. I have already given instructions to my wife and my children that I am to be cremated. No service, no burial, just the scattering of my ashes at my favorite fishing spot.
When will we see an Atheist US president? I wonder at the silliness that gets bandied around politics, but honestly wouldn't we want someone who takes responsibility and doesn't just ask for prayer. Worst yet someone who just says they are and then acts immoral anyway. I don't mean someone who is to go to the dark side like Mark Zuckerberg but an open Atheist. Share your thoughts.
wordywalt comments:
Not for a long time. We still have too many religious believers who would not be comfortable with that.
What do you miss from your childhood? (Besides not paying bills) I miss where I grew up, family and friends.
wordywalt comments:
Life was more simple wa a child. Other than that, I miss little from my childhood, as my adult life has been so much richer and fulfilling.
Are we living in an era of "post-truth" ?
wordywalt comments:
Read Erich Fromm's ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM. His book explains well why many people are emotionally drawn to total system religious and political ideologies. Fortunately for the human species, there have been enough of us independent, analytical, and critical thinkers to escape taht curse. We are the people who have enabled what advance we have. It is a constant battle, and it is never won.
Politics and the US November Election
wordywalt comments:
Absolutely right! Protection of our rights, our democracy, the moral character of our nation depends on US. We must act!
What makes you choose the poitics you support?
wordywalt comments:
I base my political beliefs and actions on several things: 1. The basis of my moral code -- minimum violation of human dignity and respect. 2. The logical and factual results of specific courses of action advocated by different political ideologies and parties. 3. Hard-headed respect for truth. 4. Pursuit of democracy.
What is good for your soul?
wordywalt comments:
What is good for my basic being are a number of things: reflection, analysis and synthesis of information, the act of creating something of real value for others, doing something to help or be kind to others, emotional closeness with others.
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