retired educator who grew up in the southern bible belt, but row totally rejects that biased culture. Profoundly influenced by several years in Berlin, Germany at the height of the Cold War.

If someone was to start an atheist church, would you attend? What would be doctrine? What would it's function be? What would a leader of this church look like? Robes, collection bucket, followers hierarchy? Or would it be different than a traditional church? No organized hierarchy, no theme of do gooding, or some concept that falls outside of our traditional teachings. I like the idea of community but what would the structure look like?...
wordywalt comments:
No. I would not attend. Doctrine, ideology, dogma? I do not wish to be a true believer in any ideology. An atheist organization should renounce all rites, robes, trappings, or "priestly class." The pur0pose of any atheist organization should be only to protect our rights, to socialize, and to pursue common goals.
It seems very apparent to me Trumpublicans have engineered the government shutdown to energize their base using reasonless fear of immigrants and Fox News in a hitleresqe propaganda campaign. Am I wrong? ...
wordywalt comments:
You give Trump too much credit. He is not capable of forming real plans or strategies.
Does any credible dictionary or philosopher accept the definition of atheism as "a lack of belief in God or gods"?
wordywalt comments:
No. Atheism is CHOSEN disbelief in any deity or religion. It is not a LACK of anything!.
Have all your plants died?
wordywalt comments:
Not all of them, but the freeze did a lot of dmanage in my year in Florida.
So, based on my question about what political affiliation you most connect with, I notice that most members are "Left leaning" or socialist leaning. My question now is as follows: Do your political beliefs come from an intellectual place, or an emotional one? ...
wordywalt comments:
Both. In graduate school studied intellectual history, political theory, philosophy among other topic -- and I have devoted much thought and study to American politics. I also have strong attachments to the reasoned and moral stands I take. BUT, please understand that I am also vehemently opposed to Marxism in any of its forms, because Marxism is another terribly flawed total system ideology like religion.
Tomorrow spring semester starts again. I am so not ready. You know when people say, "it's not rocket science" as a way to say something isn't difficult ? Rocket science is literally chemical engineering. I never thought I could struggle in school and now I'm failing classes. Talk about eye opening. ...
wordywalt comments:
Rocket science is also a whole lot of physics and engineering.
Atheism a religion?
wordywalt comments:
Of course not. A religion is a total system ideology (one which purports to explain or include everything with a dogma supporting belief in a god or deity. Not believing in a god meets NONE of those characteristics.
Yeah we've all been through that numerous times and we shall stay in that box forever
wordywalt comments:
I was married to a woman who was totally unable to let herself be vulnerable. She did not give a damn about anyone but herself and her blood relatives. She had zero empathy and used and abused people. She had a need to control so that she would not be vulnerable.. She was not open to new learning or trying to improve herself. Needless to say, marrying her was the biggest mistake I ever made. If a person is to grow, to find any real joy in life, he or she must be willing to be vulnerable.
Hopefully soon, there'll be a proper shift wherein intelligence, education, science and freethought is in a place where more people don't fear or ridicule it and that bad science or fake news are lost to forgotten history....
wordywalt comments:
That we MUST NOY let happen!!
I'm an idiot about american politics. Why does the government need to shut down? WTF?
wordywalt comments:
It should tell you something about the inability of the Republican Party to govern. They control the House, Senate, and Presidency, but can't get anything done of substance. That is because they are masters of obstruction, captives of moribund ideology, but have no real policies or ideas that be put into action with positive effect. They have also lost any moral core.
Do People Understand That DACA Recipients Are Not Illegal Immigrants?
wordywalt comments:
Those against DACA are nothing more than ethnocentric bigots.
What political party do you consider yourself to be?
wordywalt comments:
social democrat or progressive.
Is this the smartest thing Trump has ever said?
wordywalt comments:
Trump says so much that something he says on an extremely rare occasion has to be correct. The vast majority of what he says is nothing more than egomaniacal crap.
Why don't we have a agnostic church ? Like place where we all can get together share ideas, make new bonds and connections, and have fun and play games.
wordywalt comments:
Since leaving religion some 60 years ago, I have enjoyed NOT feeling obligated to go to some meeting place on Sunday. I would much rather have the day to myself to spend as I wish.
So I went to lunch with my mom and sis today and told them about this website and how happy I was able to discuss my non religious beliefs and my sister said I could discuss it with her. She hates religion but believes in God and asked me how I couldn't because I am a nature and animal lover. I said I believe in evolution, it makes more sense to me than all that bible shit. She agreed with me but doesn't quite understand the concept of being agnostic, which I explained to her. It was a good conversation! Mom has dementia so it was hard for her to follow. Poor thing. ...
wordywalt comments:
Sounds like it would have been better to broach this topic with your mother earlier. There are things we all wish we had done when it could have made a difference.
Nonprofit Is Suing Ben Carson's HUD for 'Dodging' Record Requests About White House Bible Study
wordywalt comments:
No one, no agency, an no organization should ever be above the law.
If we ever do confirm the existence of life elsewhere in the universe, do you really think it will change religion on Earth all that much?
wordywalt comments:
No. True believers would find a way to deny that it means anything.
Life and Taxes
wordywalt comments:
Like all Americans, I receive services, and I should pay for them. I am not and do not want to be a freeloader.
I need a little advice, can you help me?
wordywalt comments:
I would also contact the police and tell them the story. Even if they don't find any reason for charges, they can still make it clear that his conduct must stop.
I'd like to see an assortment of groups added to this site. How about you?
wordywalt comments:
Not sure what you mean.
After life
wordywalt comments:
No. No proof exists.
I think it's ironic that religious voters actually back policies that are a mix of Social Darwinism and Randian (Ayn Rand) ideals. I've often wondered how they can deal with the cognitive dissonance that creates given the social order depicted among the disciples of Christ. They disciples shared in all things and gave their worldly goods to the group. Some other followers were even killed by god for holding back from the collective. If I boil down the platform and policies it is all about survival of the fittest and the supremacy of individual rights. There are no collective rights, only the rights of the individual. Anything that imposes restrictions on those individual rights, even if it makes for a better society, are a restriction of freedom. The only time I see collective rights being expressed is if is not in alignment with theocratic beliefs on sex, child bearing, marriage, gender roles, or any other religiously related precept. Hence in this worldview no one is entitled to healthcare, social security/other retirement schemes, control of their bodies, clean air/water, etc. Certain jobs are reserved for men such as leadership roles. Unless you are a woman who tows the line and preaches the same gender roles your fellow women. In this view, the value of human beings is reduced to how big their wallets are. If you are poor, you are not valuable and it is your own doing that makes you poor and unfavored by god. If you are rich, it is the same, it was your ...
wordywalt comments:
Nothing. Evangelical true believers simply refuse to acknowledge any inconsistencies or contradictions.
Has anyone else ever see the movie Birth of a Nation 1915 by DW Griffith? It was about the civil war and how and why the KKK came to be. Very controversial movie
wordywalt comments:
Yes. It was a very racist movie. It should have never been released,
Do You Believe The World Will End, Or We Face Global Extinction?
wordywalt comments:
There is virtually a 100 % probability that the world will eventually be destroyed in in some cosmic event -- strike by a giant asteroid, burning out or explosion of our sun, being sucked into a black hole, etc. There is also a 100% probability that the human species will go extinct in some manner. The question is whether the destructiveness of our species, environmental changes, or the combination thereof is/are the cause'(s) or if the cosmic event comes first. Eventually, there will be no tace of the fact that we ever existed.
To every single member of this site that ever served in the military. I salute you and Thank You for your Service. The usual suspects Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard should always be included of course. To all members of Law Enforcement... I don't know how you guys do it, it is a tough job....
wordywalt comments:
Thank you.
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