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This is the first time I've ever lived so close to the ocean that I could go frolic in saltwater on an hour's notice. The last two weeks, I have gone to Revere Beach for a little hike in the surf. I love the sight of turbulent water, and the ...
alliwant Aug 25 Aug 25 00 comments
Today was the August Moon festival in Chinatown. I just heard of it yesterday and went down to see some line dances, lots of vending swag, and a ton of interesting looking places to eat. I picked out a "food court" that turned out to be five little...
alliwant Aug 11 Aug 11 11 comment
Visited the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham. Occupies part of the original Francis Cabot Lowell mill complex on the river. All manner of exhibits, from some old survey drawings, to a timeline of major events in the ...
alliwant May 25 May 25 00 comments
My last couple of bike explorations were between Arlington, Waltham and the Charles basin. The one most scenic spot I found was the Watertown dam on the Charles, about 1/4 mile west of Watertown Square. The greenway runs much further upriver, ...
alliwant May 20 May 20 00 comments
Visited the Old Schwamb Mill just off Lowell st in Arlington Heights. There have been mills on this particular site since the 1680s, and the mill was bought and turned into a museum in 1969. Basically, it's an old workshop with belt-driven ...
alliwant Apr 27 Apr 27 00 comments
Festivals this summer include the return of Woodstock to the original farm in Bethel NY. I've got an in.... expected audience of 35,000. So... That means 50k! Start planning. The line up has been rumored/ announced. Forget a room... They are already ...
SukiSue Feb 23 Feb 23 11 comment
The MInuteman commuter path runs from Alewife station on the west edge Cambridge, MA to Bedford, MA. Along the way the path runs near Spy Pond, the Arlington Great Meadow, Mill brook, Arlington Center and Lexington Center. The historic sites in ...
alliwant Jan 1 Jan 1 33 comments
From this past July at the Sinclair in Cambridge. Tinariwen, Grammy-winning Tuareg band from northern Mali. Hypnotic, addictive, guitar-based and unlike anything else I've ever heard.
alliwant Dec 2 Dec 2 11 comment
Who likes to fly? Who pays more for a window seat?
SukiSue Dec 2 Dec 2 66 comments
One of my favorites from our visit out west in 2016 -- the Tetons through my brother-in-law's scope.
ProudMary Dec 2 Dec 2 11 comment
It is pecan harvest here and I have been helping some friends with their harvest. A couple of young guys stole a good portion of their pecans the other night greatly reducing their income, our work, and paychecks. I hope those motherfuckers choke ...
zorialoki Dec 2 Dec 2 33 comments
So.... I have just heard of something called CRASHfest in Boston MA. Sounds like fun and I just might check it out. If I do I'll post lots of pictures. I know of one other member who has gone in the past and can probably tell you more about it. It's ...
SukiSue Nov 30 Nov 30 22 comments
More Canal Convergence, Scottsdale, Arizona, November 18, 2018
GeorgeRocheleau Nov 30 Nov 30 22 comments
Canal Convergence, Scottsdale, Arizona, November 18, 2018
GeorgeRocheleau Nov 30 Nov 30 11 comment
I am a plant rescuer. Now don't laugh because we all know there are cat Rescuers and dog Rescuers and people Rescuers... And I just happen to love plants. So here in New England in the fall, everyone rips the annuals out of their Garden and ...
SukiSue Oct 6 Oct 6 22 comments
Found these a couple years ago in downtown Kingman Arizona where I used to live. The heart is made out of old barbed wire and the wine is made in Arizona.
Sheannutt Oct 6 Oct 6 11 comment
I found this wooden cigar box at a shop in downtown Grants Pass today.
Sheannutt Sep 27 Sep 27 11 comment
I think yard sales started attracting me when I was in my twenties I bought my first three family home. I needed three of everything, one for each floor. I couldn't have done it while paying retail price at any of the well-known major chain stores. I...
SukiSue Sep 26 Sep 26 22 comments

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