Memes R Us

A place to post memes. Bad taste is encouraged, but not mandatory. No porn!
Topics: Atheism / Agnosticism / Nonbelief, Career, Creativity, Humor, News
1,769 members, 64,248 posts, Last Activity: Apr 18, 2021

Earth Preservers

A place for people who believe that's it's important to protect and maintain our planet. Also a place to share: cool inventions; projects; or creative work made with this aim in ...
Topics: Activism, Environment, Politics / Political Ideology, Society / Culture, Technology
112 members, 79 posts, Last Activity: Apr 18, 2021

Gun Control Now in 13 hours, 7 mins

Real gun and lethal weapon, control. Ban assault weapons large volume magazines and safer hand guns. This is not to ban all guns, and lethal weapons, but to promote more training ...
Topics: Activism
498 members, 1,358 posts, Last Activity: Apr 18, 2021

Atheist Videos & Miscellany

Mostly YT videos from a variety of atheist posters
17 members, 87 posts, Last Activity: Apr 18, 2021

Just for Laughs

This is a group to share your joke, humorous cartoon, photo or story. Or just a place to visit if you just want to take the lighter side of things and laugh a little. We invite ...
Topics: Humor
1,670 members, 15,713 posts, Last Activity: Apr 18, 2021

This Day In History

All are welcome to post some historical facts from around the world at different times in history: art, music, politics, humour, military, medical, scientific, etc. This is not ...
Topics: Art, Education, History, Military, Politics / Political Ideology
158 members, 1,473 posts, Last Activity: Apr 18, 2021

Out Of The Illusion

Political analysis and commentary using independent journalism sources in opposition of MSCM for creative dissent against empire building and a failed capitalist system. Supported ...
684 members, 3,527 posts, Last Activity: Apr 18, 2021


I like Quotes, they are powerful, so share the power.
Topics: Books / Writing / Poetry, History, Humor, Other, Philosophy
856 members, 3,764 posts, Last Activity: Apr 18, 2021

Environment, Ecology and Sustainability

Articles and debate of interest for the preservation of the environment globally.
Topics: Activism, Charity, Economics / Social Sciences, Environment, Science
278 members, 555 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021

Sexual Deviants

This is not a porn swap or something so shallow— this is a group for those of us that love sex in all kinds of crazy shapes, sizes, and forms to swap stories, laugh, and ...
Topics: Creativity, Humor, Relationships / Dating, Sexuality / Gender, Society / Culture
1,973 members, 4,781 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021

Music of the Movies

This is for our favorite (& less favorite) movie tunes, theme songs, soundtracks. You might even list your favorite movie music composers. And a sample of the tune is always ...
Topics: Film / Movies / TV, Music
142 members, 795 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021

Food Glorious Food

A group to share recipes, ideas, styles of cooking, and virtual dinners. Please note that you have to press the join group button to be able to contribute. I do not want negative ...
Topics: Creativity, Family, Drink / Food / Diet, Health, Happiness / Self Improvement
750 members, 2,118 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021

Hiking, Backpacking, Travel Photos

A place for travel photos, whether in nature, or the city, day trips or weekends or or weeks, weird or beautiful, professional or phone pics. Please tag all photos with location ...
Topics: Activism, Animals / Pets, Art, Creativity, Environment
35 members, 39 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021


The WHO has officially declared COVID-19 a Pandemic as of March 11th, 2020. Viruses do not show preferences for religious or nonreligious people but are equal opportunity. This ...
Topics: Activism, Education, Health, News, Science
205 members, 672 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021

Conspiracies & High Strangeness

Explorations of the paranormal, UFOs, ancient cultures, cryptozoology, consciousness, fringe science, conspiracies, anomalies, animal mutilations, and instances of high ...
2 members, 4 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021


4 members, 4 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021


This is a group that talks about the proposed wall.
Topics: Debate / Argument, Politics / Political Ideology
30 members, 83 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021

Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter

Take skepticism to the next level. Question our political and economic orthodoxy! Capitalism has become more doctrinaire and destructive than religion. Look deeper: ...
Topics: Activism, Economics / Social Sciences, Environment, History, Politics / Political Ideology
1,393 members, 1,951 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021

Biden 2020

We are a group interested in Joe Biden's presidency. We are interested in his policies, where he stands on the issues, and what he does. This is a pro-Biden group. Trolling will ...
133 members, 482 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021


FreeThinkers is a community devoted to questioning all aspects of life and promoting the process of thinking outside the box. This community is designed to allow everyone to ...
1,322 members, 1,310 posts, Last Activity: Apr 17, 2021

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