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I was born when 'god' was a teenager. The two photos were taken Dec. 8, 2017.

Sports: there was a rowing machine contest of one month at our fitness this April, 2017. Out of 24 participants, some in their 20s, I came first. I must get out and do more hikes. I watch Liverpool FC. Any 'Scouse' in here?

I am an agnostic- I do not know whether Nature had a cognitive entity starting the whole puzzle or not, but the invention of all the "one true gods" is too moronic to be even funny.

If I wouldn't like something done to me, why would I do it to another person or animal?

I would like to meet an intelligent woman, one who gets to fitness a bit.


Is it just me who thinks 99% of sexually oriented jokes are authored by men (boys)? Is it that our ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 26, 2018:
There must be a joke/satire about Bubbles McSqueak, and Trump's encounter with her when Melania was pregnant. "Bubbles McSqueak" would attract a male with a 'Bubbles McSqueak type of brain'.
Something on a lighter vein. I just finished watching a beautiful uplifting movie titled "Hidden ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 24, 2018:
Like that! I don't care what colour a person's pee, or skin, is as long as it is not the bigot Trump's "colour" (of his personality).
When one person suffers from a delusion,it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 21, 2018:
When the Pope talks to god- I would like to see the expression on his face if he ever heard a voice from the god that he knows is not there.
I am atheist. I have a few friends who believe in god(s). I trust people who believe in human ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 21, 2018:
Susan, I have said almost the same thing. When a person is stacking cans of food on a shelf, or whatever the volunteer job is, there is no time left for some 'blame game'. (blame 'it' on religion)
Hello everyone, glad to be here! I just signed up today
Diogenes comments on Jan 19, 2018:
Hi Elizabeth. There is lots to talk about here: science, music, philosophy. Welcome and enjoy.
Happiness can be so disorienting
Diogenes comments on Jan 19, 2018:
I have so much shit happening to me- yup, if there was a change, it certainly would be disorienting.
Age is just a number. In reality, I'm "Where the hell did that bruise come from?" years old.
Diogenes comments on Jan 19, 2018:
Hi, I didn't look at your age- I am about 110. In the spring of 2017, I won a month-long rowing contest. Time flies; its hard to believe that that is almost a year ago. But then there are the bruises- and where did that come from? They started about four years ago. Who cares? The 'meat' is warring out.
I pick my battles...and when I do. It's usually with a Christian! Lol I always win! Okay ego...tone ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 17, 2018:
I avoid religious people who are out to 'recruit'- if I get cornered, I usually get angry. That being said, my ego is big enough that it needs no enhancing; I get no thrill out of relating a story about how I belittled anyone. As the story goes, "Argue with a fool and someone may come along and not know which is which."
I tend to be overly honest; that often makes people uncomfortable. My thought is, we are all human, ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 13, 2018:
I tend to be "overly honest" too- even about myself. Depressing, isn't it?
Is it just me who thinks 99% of sexually oriented jokes are authored by men (boys)? Is it that our ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 12, 2018:
Brigitta- I am going to comment on something other than "jokes" first. When I watch TV at night, there 'seems' to be 99%, murder: strangle them, burn them, chop 'em up with a chain saw- anything a warped mind can think of! Hey, but there ain't none of thet thar "sex"; that might distort someone's thinking. Ya, sure! Talking about jokes, then we have the American sit-com humour. I must wonder why they produce these shows; the whole modus operandi seems to be, the participants say something stupid and the canned-laughter comes on. I do understand that the laughter-bit is for convenience- for the people that are not 'smart' enough to know what was just said was a "joke". And getting to your point: I worked on construction with the hillbillies, and I had to endure every moronic so-called 'sex joke' that their feeble minds could regurgitate. YES, sex is sometimes funny; stupidity never is.
I'm reading Michael Wolff's "The Fire and Fury," the expose of the workings of the Trump White ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 11, 2018:
I have only seen/heard exurbs from Wolff's exposé; I admit I have not read one word of it. But the down side of Fire and Fury, according to some reviews, is that it is overstated and exaggerated. This plays right into Trump's agenda of "faults news".
I think we couple as a cultural habit that insists on it because of paternity assurance and heredity...
Diogenes comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Brigitta, sorry, I'm losing you on this one; I don't know what you are trying to say. Married once, and at my age, I will never marry again. But two people who are not 'bound together', by marriage, and are free to live a decent life because they want to, I feel are much happier.
Church weddings?
Diogenes comments on Jan 7, 2018:
This is not a direct response to the question. I do not want to be involved with any church ceremonies concerning myself. When it is time for me to hit the mud, die, I hope that if there are a few words said, they would be, "He tried to learn a bit about why he was here."
Church weddings?
Diogenes comments on Jan 6, 2018:
If that is where it is being held, yes.
Quick poll. How long did you stay in the 'angry non-believer' stage after you realized you had been ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 2, 2018:
In reply to 'any' non-belief of any of the hilarious fables: the tooth fairy, or Jeezuz-dude, who waves his magic wand and there are meals for the multitude- all a person has to do is ask the FIRST question (take your choice) ie, did Daniel get out of the hungry lions den? Ya- as Danielburger.
Quick poll. How long did you stay in the 'angry non-believer' stage after you realized you had been ...
Diogenes comments on Jan 2, 2018:
If there was an "angry non-believer stage", it was at myself for being so stupid.
Are you bothered that we count time based on when Jesus was supposedly born?
Diogenes comments on Jan 1, 2018:
I find it more acceptable to use the terms not related to a fictional birth: BCE and CE, before the common era, and common era.
Does the lack of beleif in an afterlife bring you fear or comfort?
Diogenes comments on Dec 30, 2017:
A person can "fear" death all they wish to--- but it isn't going to make any difference in what takes place. It is beyond our control. There are many possibilities and one of the options may be is that it may be 'pleasant'- and NO, I am not being morose. Of course it would not be pleasant to end up in some La la Land with all the nutters.
Do any of you have holiday traditions?
Diogenes comments on Dec 26, 2017:
Ya, I have one tradition, staying out of the stores for about two months- till Santa Clauses' birthday is over. That moronic howling really gets to me. It is the 26th and it's still on. Maybe they are trying to get ahead of the next assault on intelligence, the 2018 event. My take on it: it is about Santa Clause and his Uncle Rudolf, with the 'red nose'; he has to stay out of that cheap plonk; it will do the nose every time. And not to forget is his crazy dog, Jeezuz.
If religion wasn't here, what would atheists bitch about?
Diogenes comments on Dec 26, 2017:
Liked that question; right on! And why is religion even important enough to "bitch about"?
What moral code do you follow now that you are non-religious?
Diogenes comments on Dec 26, 2017:
I follow 'a' moral code, now that I have forgotten religion so many decades ago. There certainly was no "moral code" before that. To quote one of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shall have no other gods--- blather, blather, and more blather". Such vulgar stupidity! A person that 'thinks' about all aspects of life has a heavy load to carry. The down side of waking up later in life is that one can see all their wrong choices- and it is too late to do anything about them.
How many of the people reading this post believes that Mother Teresa did good work? Even after ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 26, 2017:
Yes, I have read a few things about the 'Momie'--- and apparently she wanted as much misery as she could cause. There was no scientific ways to increase food production, no limiting of child birth, no sustainable housing, education. She was dedicated to her evil.
Bright side of the religions
Diogenes comments on Dec 24, 2017:
"What do I think?" With the three reasons you propose I won't comment; I would be banned from the site. I am past religion; it means nothing to me----- but get it straight, there are humanitarians that, except for religion, are moral human beings. And, yes, your post may be satire.
I am looking to chat/meet with people who are thinkers, non-theist, skeptics, humanists, secular, ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 22, 2017:
Susan, been a long time since I've been to Minnesota. I abandoned smoking many decades ago- and it is just about time that I abandoned the bar scene too. It is sooooo boring- and I agree with you, if a person is expecting to meet a "thinking person" there, they must be delusional. If anyone, male or female, wants to have a conversation, don't pick a 'sports officiado', that is the ultimate downer. They are easy to identify, with their big beer guts (from being in the bar for hours every day)------ and they never play "sports"! When I go to fitness, there are people that work out 'hard', and they are interested in many things from reading, art, music... I doubt that I am much of a "thinker"- although I do rattle my brain- 'once in a while'.
Was I a tad out of line?
Diogenes comments on Dec 21, 2017:
Right on- ABSOLUTELLY way to go! I thought you had said something rude- like "'uck" - that 'uck will get ya every time! LOL. Jeezuz-dude, how insane can it get? I was watching a guy in his 20s racing against an 85 year old woman- she beat the ass of him. Old bastards----and 'bastardettes' are mean and nasty- and don't take prisoners.
For those of us who are single, do you enjoy your singleness?
Diogenes comments on Dec 21, 2017:
I was married a very long time ago. I've had a few relationships- but I have been alone for a few years. Being a hermit is VERY depressing. I have many interests; I am very healthy- but I can't seem to make a connection.------ But thinking back to my marriage- and the non-stop fighting- hell, I would take being a hermit forever over that.
Hello everyone, I'm new here, just want to ask if you think religion will die off in the next 100 ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 21, 2017:
In some parts of Europe riga mortise has already set into religion; religion is very dead, and has been for a very long time. Most of those huge churches in Holland are empty- or being turned into museums- even pubs. I believe it has to do with a better education system.
Seeing supposedly religious people support tRump has made me incredibly angry. I want to live in a ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 19, 2017:
I still do not know how to use this site correctly. Apologies! Someone mentioned Mark Taylor. I had never heard of Mark Taylor, the supposed "religious prophet"---- I looked him up. Wooooow! Nutter! Planter's Peanuts think they have a lot of nuts- they have 'nothing'. This character has more nuts floating around in that lump atop his neck than Planters will ever have. He is firmly ensconced in the 'Land of Weird'.
Seeing supposedly religious people support tRump has made me incredibly angry. I want to live in a ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 18, 2017:
I read this morning that there are 41 million people living in poverty (tents, under tarps) in the US ---- and POTUS is doing as much as 'it' can to make the situation worse, by withdrawing health care. Giving the tax breaks to the rich, which will increase the American debt, and this debt increase will be paid for by the poor. And Roy Moore blithering about god-dude, none stop! And the godsters think the Moslems are crazy!
OK. There is no god. But if there is no creator, no master plan, how do you explain the creation ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 15, 2017:
Nature is- there is no explanation of "how" or "why"- and if Nature is cognitive, it has never sent a messenger to tell us anything. There are three things required for combustion: fuel, oxygen and temp above combustion. Yesterday Quara had an explanation about how the sun 'burns' without oxygen. Let's be honest; I got lousy marks in chemistry- and most of it I did not understand. No, god did not do it; you are trying to be funny- aren't you?
How do you communicate a refusal to donate to religious groups? (more inside)
Diogenes comments on Dec 12, 2017:
As far as I know the Pentecostals do nothing for anyone- I would have just walked past and said nothing. I would donate or volunteer to/for the Mennonites though. They earn their own money through their used clothing and furniture stores, which are ultra clean. YES, there are donation boxes in their stores- but no one has ever asked me to donate. One of their projects was to purify water in countries like Africa. Water was put in clear containers and placed on metal racks in the sun for about 24 hours. The ultra violet rays killed bacteria. Low cost and doable- not like hauling some huge equipment thousands of miles- that would soon break down.
What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Diogenes comments on Dec 11, 2017:
My favourite ice cream flavor is 'Guinness'- oh sorry, made a mistake- they haven't created that flavor yet. LOL
Isn’t it funny that religious people from all religions think if you’re an atheist, you’re ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 10, 2017:
How is it possible to be angry with something that doesn't exist?
How to find local atheists if religion is not a nice topic to raise?
Diogenes comments on Dec 10, 2017:
Talking about religion is BORING
Just arrived ???? Looking forward to discussing topics of interest and forming new friendships. To ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 10, 2017:
Wendy- I am NOT an atheist- because I refuse to get into a protracted conversation about man-made gods, or characters than can come back from the dead --- or walk on water either. If I am going to waste time, I can think of more entertaining ways.
Trump Rally Cheers Because Jerusalem Move Will Launch Armageddon
Diogenes comments on Dec 10, 2017:
I think some people think that when there is a nuclear war it will be like watching TV, where a person can turn up the room thermostat, go to the fridge and get another beer, while all the booms on TV don't even cause dust in the room. I think there would only be two options: to be finished immediately, or be so far away from the blast that it would not effect a person. Taking eight months to die of radiation would not be pleasant- having the skin fall off, being blind, having to drink radiated water Hey, but feel safe; when 'it'/Donald starts a nuclear war, he will still be able to text- oh yes, and play golf too.
As you know, the secular community is a marginalized one. Some of us reside in Bible Belt areas ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 10, 2017:
It is certain that knowledge and truth will not 'set you free'--- but it will limit the number of people one can communicate with. Try being a 'star' in the 'World of Looney' and you will have thousands of followers.
Isn’t it funny when the religious say they will be praying for you?
Diogenes comments on Dec 9, 2017:
If my neighbour's house was burning, I would try to form some sense of reality- check for the people inside and call the fire department first- then spray the house with water---------why in 'ucking hell would I pray- or expect the fire to stop???
One of my favourite poets ever , Phillip Larkin poet laureate This Be The Verse BY PHILIP ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 9, 2017:
Josie, well first of all "Larkin" is an Irish name- and he sounds like me- rather sick and disenchanted. My parents were rather stupid, but no one woke them up- what choice did they have? And I am Irish------ from so many centuries ago. Thanks for picking an Irish poet- nasty and mean (also honest)
Looks like Tillerson is out January. Trump is removing one of the only moderate voices in the ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 9, 2017:
Josie, FIRST, I need to figure out how to rotate my 'correspondence photo' on here. On my profile it is correct and then things start to get silly. I only put three pieces on here- only one was a cartoon, and it wasn't the Trump-Tillerson one. Then I must type the dialogue because there isn't enough room.
Isn’t it funny when the religious say they will be praying for you?
Diogenes comments on Dec 9, 2017:
YESSSSS! It is their way of showing total disrespect for you. Like the Christian mythology, the Greek mythological god, Zeus, gave Pandora her box with the key attached and a note saying not to open it. If one does not want something opened-------- they don't supply the key! A vicious bastard to set up the temptation like that! Then he floods the world for seven days and seven nights because the sins of the world have been let out. He, Zeus, must have had more talent than god-god; didn't take him 40 days and nights. But the whole point is that I don't have the time to waste, by talking to religitards.
You are in the 1%. If you have running water, a place to live, food to eat, you are in the 1% on a ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 7, 2017:
If you are one of the 1%, you can feel comfortable by saying "we". I am NOT one of the 1% and I am NOT pleased with my situation
Isn’t it a shame a non-religious person have to keep their sanity secret?
Diogenes comments on Dec 7, 2017:
Jewel, I still don't know how some of this site works. I wanted to comment on your other posting- and I am at the top again. I try to stay off social media as much as possible- being on Agnostics is about the only acceptation. Anything I, or you, anybody, puts on Facebook is on 'forever'- and expect trouble! There are lots of wound-up loonies in the this great weir world!
Isn’t it a shame a non-religious person have to keep their sanity secret?
Diogenes comments on Dec 7, 2017:
"Keep their sanity a secret"! Never thought of the subject that way before- but yes, that's what it is all about. But there are other subjects, other than religion, that a person does not want to show their sanity about either.
Do you get angry, annoyed or just plain amused when people think you are the devil for your lack of ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 5, 2017:
I don't often lose my cool over nothing- and the evangelicals, specifically, are "nothing"- otherwise I just treat them as a little bit more foolishness- in a very foolish world. They give me a two-second laugh.
Atheism is Gnostic = They KNOW. No, they don't!
Diogenes comments on Dec 2, 2017:
I thought I was into the "Philosophy & Meaning" room. Guess I made a mistake- maybe it is, 'How to use one's square yoyo.'----- something like that appears to be very important for some, who have loads of time to waste.
Atheism is Gnostic = They KNOW. No, they don't!
Diogenes comments on Dec 2, 2017:
Yes, yes- so direct to the point, BUT a person doesn't have to be too smart to figure out all man-made gods are an unfunny absurdity. As far as figuring out the origins of the universe, we do not know 'why' or 'how'. We do not know if there is a cognitive presence behind the big 'bangs'. One can only say, "I don't know", and be an agnostic. And I find that militant atheists, and their counter group, the believers, to be just about on the same plain.
Pence Asks Jesus to Rapture Him Up Before Mueller Can Indict Him | The New Yorker
Diogenes comments on Dec 2, 2017:
The Borowitz Report is spectacular- New Yorker too!
Looks like Tillerson is out January. Trump is removing one of the only moderate voices in the ...
Diogenes comments on Dec 1, 2017:
I draw cartoons- I don't have a crystal ball that forecasts the future- but a few weeks ago I started a cartoon of Trump introducing Tillerson to his new office. It features a paper sign with "Tillerson" typed on it and taped to the door. Above the door is the imprint of a former sign: "Exit". I have a second cartoon in mind of Trump on the golf course saying, CASUALLY, "I just nuked North Korea- I hope it doesn't rain"- and with a nuclear cloud in the near background.
Do You Have An After-Deconversion Song?
Diogenes comments on Nov 29, 2017:
Religion doesn't interest me- but in fact I have grown to the point where I tolerate people attached to religion who, even though they have a connection to religion, are basically decent human beings. These are NOT the ones who try to recruit and put another notch on their bible.(another person 'saved'; it enhances there their tiny egos) And as far as a song, "It Ain't Necessarily So", an' it ain't.
Face It: Some people like makeup. Others don't. You?
Diogenes comments on Nov 29, 2017:
I think a small amount of makeup may help- but a clean face with a decent woman inside the body is what attracts me. I find the long, false eye lashes rather comical- they flap their eye lids a few times and they are off the ground. LOL. And for any woman that is really into the grease, that must do extensive damage to the skin.
What movies do you find inspirational as an atheist/agnositc?
Diogenes comments on Nov 26, 2017:
The Life of Brian, is certainly funny- loved it. Something more serious: The Pianist. It is not a typical look at the holocaust. It is a look at, certainly an upper-class, Jewish-German family, and their unwillingness to realize the danger that they are in: "Pogroms; there have been pogroms before; this will pass."
How could the Holy Ghost impregnate Mary?
Diogenes comments on Nov 25, 2017:
"A fun question?" Any religion is too moronic to be fun. I have forgotten, not that I care- there is the religion where they make a pilgrimage- then usually trample each other to death so that they can throw stones at a 'rock', which represents the devil. By the way, I agree with you- but religions are "making fun" all the time. I have to lighten up.
I have been married before and I learned a lot about what makes a good relationship great and what ...
Diogenes comments on Nov 23, 2017:
I read many years ago that the most successful marriages were when one person had been divorced and the other never married. To me it would seem that the divorced person wasn't going to make the same mistake twice- wasn't going to get in with the 'divorce crowd', with the boozers and all the crap that goes with it. After the Saturday night party- there is also the waking up the next morning- and that's when the 'real fun' begins
What is/are your favorite TV show(s)
Diogenes comments on Nov 21, 2017:
I like the English comedies from PBS Buffalo: The Last of the Summer Wine, etc. But the travel shows by Ric Steves are also fabulous. I have been to Europe a few times and seen a bit, but he really does things well.
How many here exercise regularly?
Diogenes comments on Nov 21, 2017:
It's like this, Nature 'provided' me with a reasonable body, unlike some who were not so fortunate at birth. Turning myself into a fat slob, would be to dis my good fortune. Yesterday I did 5 km on the rowing machine- will do that again today. Rowing exercises the arms, back, stomach, legs: a good all round exercise. I am probably the oldest person on here. In the spring of this year, 2017, I won the month long rowing contest against 23 other club members, some of them in their 20s. I also like to get out in the bush and hike- although I must admit, I have not been out much this year.
I've discovered something about people and it is quite confusing to me. Many people may be ...
Diogenes comments on Nov 20, 2017:
Ben Carson: any black man that would suck up to the likes of Trump, is worse than a white person doing it, because he should know better- especially if he is educated- he is a neuro surgeon (supposedly). Apparently he suffers from profound stupidity. "Success", to me, would be knowing what this trip is about. Certainly this experience is not "just"; it is not a level playing field. But maybe this is just a test for the 'next adventure'---- if Nature has provided one. Maybe in the next session a person's wealth would all be in coin in a bag, and like Sisyphus with his boulder, they would have to endlessly have to push/pull it up a mountain.
How open are you about debate?
Diogenes comments on Nov 19, 2017:
If I am going to have a debate with a theist- it just proves I have nothing better to do with my time than to waste it.
Post a lyric that empowers or motivates you. "I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my ...
Diogenes comments on Nov 19, 2017:
The drunken, Welsh poet Dillan Thomas wrote a poem 'to his father', apparently. Even though I am 110 years old, I try to live by this poem. "Do not go quiet into that good night/ But rage, rage against the closing of the light." The way I look at, being dead 30 years before the actual event, makes the event rather inconsequential. If we sleep 8 hours a day and reach the age of 60, we have slept for 20 years.
For other skeptics out there, what are some books from your youth that influenced you in your ...
Diogenes comments on Nov 19, 2017:
Please excuse my VERY warped sense of humour when I write this. My old mother, now dead, had a very small book collection- it was about the same height of the broken bed post leg. But if there was ever a hypochondriac's bibliography she must have had it- and contributed a few hundred thousand entries.. She loved going to the doctor. She had pains in places that hadn't been invented yet. Sick people die- some very young. She died at 86, due to gluttony and lack of exercise. There is a cardinal point here: LEARN, by whatever means, even exploring bad examples. I dropped out of school much too soon. There was no second choice. But I have taken many credits, and I constantly read. Religion disgusts me- needless to say.
Arab Atheists and agnostics are risking their lives as they express their opinions and spread facts ...
Diogenes comments on Nov 19, 2017:
Yousif, ALL religions are false and man-made. Some of the popes had their own armies and they fought each other------- none of them ever talked to any god. Same goes for all the other allahs, mullahs, whatever. You have courage- but remember, to save yourself, to fight another day.
How do you answer theists who say "science can't explain the complexity and order of life.”
Diogenes comments on Nov 17, 2017:
Religion is not worth talking about---- and of course religion has held education back- any thinking person knows that. As far as the "complexity" of Nature, that is not known- and that is why I am an agnostic
Which last longer, Christian marriages or agnostic/atheist marriages?
Diogenes comments on Nov 16, 2017:
I was divorced many decades ago. My 'bride', an uneducated candidate for Salvation Army 'officership', and young, and very stupid me, got married. Was that ever hell on wheels! There wasn't anything she wouldn't fight about---- just proves she should be in someone's 'army'. I started reading- and the more I read the more I wanted to know. Religion dropped away as so buffoonish, that it wasn't even worth talking about. When a person is interested, and actually participates' in actual life, there isn't time left to psychologically participate in 'mud wrasslin''. There are better things to do in life. Education, honesty and a sense of humour are essential.(I have taken MANY credits and courses) Throw the religious lies and bull shit out the window.
What do you think of 'acknowledging' the Winter Solstace?
Diogenes comments on Nov 15, 2017:
I forgot that I had written "celebrating"---- but then the question is, is the fornication of the fictional god-dude and the fictional, so-called, 'Virgin Mary' something to celebrate?
Does the soul exist?
Diogenes comments on Nov 12, 2017:
Soul! I am assuming, correctly or incorrectly, that this is a conscience of being: fear, courage, a desire for learning, some desire of comfort. It seems that some humans think that they are the only ones that have this "soul"; some dogs have loyalty and bravery. Cows bawl when their calves are taken away from them-----to be locked into a cage and turned into 'tasty' veal. HOW GROSS! Humans seem to have no connection with compassion; they are only connected with their own self-centered interests. And does the mind exist after the 'meat/body' no longer exists? Nature has never sent a messenger to tell us.
What do you think about the idea, "God gave us this Land"?
Diogenes comments on Nov 10, 2017:
I don't think satire is appropriate- but a point that was brought up was 'all' the land thefts, but once in a while the thieves got more than they bargained for- such as George Armstrong Custer. Then there is the histories of all the thieving of the land from indigenous peoples, in Canada, Australia, US--- And something worse than the theft of land: "God (that god-dude again) gave us these slaves." And that was probably said with a straight face- not even the smallest sense of irony.
How comfortable are you with the word "Atheist" ?
Diogenes comments on Nov 10, 2017:
I am neither comfortable or uncomfortable with the word "atheist" because it doesn't apply to me. Compared to the history of what we know of the current universe, humans created all their gods- and it was such a short time ago. It just doesn't interest me.
why are agnostics afraid of using the word atheist?
Diogenes comments on Nov 10, 2017:
I am glad to see it written by others- "there is no 'god' to deny". A point to be made; that should have been plural- and in a large number- millions of "one-true gods".
How long did it take you to realise that you're an atheist / agnostic? It took me the best part ...
Diogenes comments on Nov 9, 2017:
Zanyfish, you aren't the only one that feels dumb about being indoctrinated by religion- for me it started when I was born. The only reason it continued was because of my lack of education. Yes, it lasted about "30 years" too. Now I constantly read, not to become a 'world class' scholar (which would be fantastic) but because of curiosity. Facts interest me- lies make me angry.
Are there any other alcoholics in this group?
Diogenes comments on Nov 7, 2017:
A while back, (decades) I was drinking too much and I went to AA a couple of times. That was weird. This is where they replace one addiction for another. "Rely on god-dude; don't practice self control." When a person walked out the door there was so much cigarette smoke it was hard to see. I still have one or two beers---- the idea of having so many beers that I could swim in it is rather moronic.
Does anyone believe that theists are generally honest and sincere in their claims?
Diogenes comments on Nov 7, 2017:
"Christ's teachings"- you really don't get it do you? Christianity is just a Jewish cult that got out of control; a matter of one-upmanship, where the group found the "prophet", even though he had to be invented. J.C. is a piece of fiction. So now "you are an atheist"; you are ready to deny something that never existed in the first place. Interesting!
I'm just curious since it is November already. Does anyone out there actually dread the Christmas ...
Diogenes comments on Nov 7, 2017:
'Santa Clause's birthday' is about as gross a period as it is possible to endure: the gluttony, the materialism. "Buy, buy and buy, and save, save!" Can't figure that one out; every time I "save" that way my bank account gets smaller. It is Nov. 7 and it has already started and will go on for another two months. Somewhere through the torture I shut off the TV and radio so I don't have to listen to that insane howling. My visits to even the grocery store are made as fast as possible. "How to cope?" Grit your teeth; there is only another 60 days of torture.
What do you think of the Christmas "season"?
Diogenes comments on Nov 4, 2017:
My most depressing time of the year is at Santa Clause's birthday. The non-stop howling about Santa Clause and his dog, Jeezuz: the racket about god-dude fornicating with the "Virgin" (ya sure) Mary, starts about October 1 and goes on till Jan 7- the end of Boxing Day Week. (surprised that it isn't soon called Boxing Half Month) Some day I am sure that I will throw a hammer through the TV.---- and there is no relief- except to turn everything off. And how is it possible to worship materialism and gluttony to such an extent- while billions have nothing- not even food.
Diogenes comments on Nov 4, 2017:
Hi. First, my claim to 'fame': I am the biggest vegetarian hypocrite in the world----- that does not make me proud! I go for awhile not eating meat, then, with other problems, not involving eating, I get depressed, and chew up another resident of this rock. We go into the supermarket and there are the rows of packaged 'pinky stuff' (meat, no hair or blood on it) all in shiny cellophane, and we hear the cloying music- no sounds of the pain and terror that went into the creation of this 'product'. But what about Nature? I am not going to say, Nature "created" anything; sounds like I am on a religious 'trip'. We have carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. It is part of Nature, whether we like it or not. To me, it is not pleasant to watch a cat rip apart another animal, that also wants to live. Would it be less distressing to see a lion wither away and die of starvation? Reality is not always pleasant- sometimes it is hard and mean- at least to some standards.
Who agrees with the theory of multiverse?
Diogenes comments on Nov 4, 2017:
This is an inconsequential point and I don't relate it directly to a multiuniverse, But a recent happening I experienced is a strange event. I draw cartoons and I wrote the word "WHAT" on a designer licence plate in a cartoon. It wasn't published so few people saw it. About two weeks later someone published their Trump for this Halloween and wrote, "WHAT" beside it. I don't know anything about the other person and I have read no articles where we may have mutually read the word "what". Then there are the events where we seem to be living them for the second time. We can tell what is about to happen for a few seconds or minutes. I am not 'attuned to the psychic' (in fact I find the subject one to be held up to conjecture), but it has happened a few times to me.
Pushy Atheist?
Diogenes comments on Nov 3, 2017:
The reason your friend termed you a "pushy atheist" is because you were taking him out of his comfort zone. Some people like to live in a vacuum, in the 'Land of Mush'. As far as talking about anything as unimportant as man-made gods, my choice is to be able to understand and read about the latest scientific finds, in any scientific field; enjoy some great jazz; read an incisive article about the human condition. Yes, "jazz", a person will burn out if they don't stand back and take a rest.
Hello everyone. I just recently changed my beliefs from Christian to atheism, and I would like to ...
Diogenes comments on Nov 3, 2017:
I think you have a big problem, first of all, with the term "belief". You can believe the world is flat- and the sun circles it- due to scientist/astrologers, like Galileo, that was proven false centuries ago. Yes, and Galileo was lucky to get off with his life for his research. Being an atheist hasn't got much bearing on anything. A person is "believing" or "not believing" in man-made gods. Why take the time? Even Thomas Paine, one of the signers of The Declaration of Independence, one amongst the millions to say this, said, "Man created god." Do at least a little bit of reading. There is no explanation for the ultimate 'first step'- IF THERE IS ONE. If there is a cognitive planner, that planner would obviously be a 'creator' too. READ; get some information; it is so much more interesting than kid's fairytales about going to La La Land.
Hey everyone thx for answering my first question. My next my next question is, after doing 3 tours ...
Diogenes comments on Oct 29, 2017:
Zoe, good for you to be a decent human being. There is already too much crap in the world.
I am about to raise the righteous indignation in here. I am an agnostic- I don't know whether ...
Diogenes comments on Oct 29, 2017:
To "Atheist", I still don't know how to use this site, but yes 'I do use aroma therapy'- the smell and, not to forget, taste of beer, is better than Prozac. And I hope you find- and get, a life.
What's the most surprising fact you learned about the religion you were born into, that wasn't ...
Diogenes comments on Oct 29, 2017:
What wasn't discussed in The United Church in Canada was that it was all bull shit. The joke was so big that it was far beyond unbelievable. And from there they embraced the secular lies- there was no end to the lies. And my extra-crazy mother used to beat the shit out of me if I even moved on the first day of the week, because it was the seventh, and the day of rest. Thanks Constantine!
It someone could prove the existence of a supernatural God, wouldn't that defeat their own purpose? ...
Diogenes comments on Oct 25, 2017:
Good point- but I have another question: when we get to scientifically understand how universes are made- from scratch, wouldn't that make us god?
It was a good day here in the mid-west. Windy, chilly and great for a walk with nature. Which is ...
Diogenes comments on Oct 25, 2017:
It is good to feel and see pleasant events- that is an unequivocal certainty. Nature just is. It is also unpleasant. Carnivores 'came about' (I refuse to say "created"- sounds like I am a godster) because of Nature, and watching another resident of this planet being ripped apart is not very pleasant. Reality is reality- it will not set anyone "free"- it will often depress- but enjoy the good when it happens.
What are your thoughts on “foul” language?
Diogenes comments on Oct 24, 2017:
I am in a coffee shop and my WiFi will be deleted if I type "'ucker". (How silly can it get?) I can think of lots of evil words: war, kill, god, lawyer, Bush, Trump. I have never figured out why 'uck is the archangel of evil communicating. I assume it was derived from the Nederlandse, "fokker", which is a vocation meaning "breeder" of horses, dogs, etc. The over use of it is not vulgar- it is boring- it is an indication of a lack of vocabulary. It is like the idiot whose only adjective is "great" or "The little boy walked down the little street in the little town with his little dog...."
Do you believe in Bigfoot?
Diogenes comments on Oct 22, 2017:
Science is finding undiscovered fauna and flora all the time. No, I do not believe in contrivances created by man- in other words- no " Big foot".
I call myself a catholic agnostic, what do you call yourself?
Diogenes comments on Oct 22, 2017:
I am NOT an "atheist", because I refuse to even comment on the thousands of silly beliefs in just one foolish religion. So you believe that 'Jeezuz' came back from the dead. In the information age how can you have such a belief? Is there anything you WON"T believe? Second point: procreation was 'provided' by Nature- and that's what priests should be doing- instead of claiming celibacy- then buggering children. I am an agnostic- I do not know the reason for Nature and I have no idea whether Nature is cognitive or not, and I will not fill the void with brainless, religious misconceptions.
Just because unbelievers have shed one delusion are they really as free of others as they might like...
Diogenes comments on Oct 21, 2017:
Paul, I agree with you. It seems that when persons who are addicted to one delusion and they reject that , they must somehow fill the vacuum with another one that is as silly, or even more so, than the first. They have been called the "sheeple"- they must be part of the crowd- and show no shame for being so. They must show 'righteous indignation'. And "unbelievers" is a negative term- I am a "believer"----- in reality.
Hello! I'm from Georgia, and find it hard to make friends with people I can relate to here in the ...
Diogenes comments on Oct 19, 2017:
Elizabeth, hi. Poor you in the so called "Bible belt". I believe that 'this', being on Agnostic.com, is one of your better choices- but feel enlightened about yourself- and forget about people who believe in slow-learning, children's fairy tales. I've forgotten how Jonah ended up, in the belly of the whale- not that it matters. I think he was electrocuted while trying to install lighting. But why? Lighting wouldn't have helped him much; a whale's stomach acids would have taken his eyes and skin in nanoseconds. And the feeding of the thousands! Was that done when the magic wand was waved over the can of sardines and the stale bagel and that turned into grand meals with candle light- the works. All too foolish to even be funny!
Does anyone know someone that was an Atheist or Agnostic and then became Christian?
Diogenes comments on Oct 16, 2017:
Don't know of such a 'thinking' person that has turned to religious fiction!
What moral code do you follow now that you are non-religious?
Diogenes comments on Oct 16, 2017:
After the huge amount of non-moral choices I have made, I try to live an honest, secular life. It is depressing to think it is too little, too late. But unlike religion where lies define truth, and actual truth is a lie----I try to live a better life.
What is your response when people threaten you with religious punishments? (i.e. Hell/Jahannam)
Diogenes comments on Oct 16, 2017:
Laughter- after all they are trying to be funny- aren't they?
Do you ever miss the religious life?
Diogenes comments on Oct 16, 2017:
"Never"- one word! I do not want to be cloistered in a web of stupidity. Although truth will very often take one out of their comfort zone- that is a better choice than being in La-la-land.
I was a born again Christian for 35 years and I have recently been questioning my faith. The more ...
Diogenes comments on Oct 16, 2017:
Freethinker, The reason that the god-crowd tell you not to listen to "the voice of the Devil", is because if you ask the first question, that the answer to all the rest is going to be just as revealing as the first. Nothing has ever come back from the dead- not a dinosaur, not a cockroach- or anything in between. The reason so many of these 'preachers', of any stripe, end up in jail is because they don't know when to stop. If the 'born agains' will believe in coming back from the dead---- is there anything that they won't believe in?


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