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There is no agnostic vs. atheist! The peeve I have...
By silvereyes 8 346 comments OK Jan 20, 2018
Now level 7 yea! Actually don't care, but I am the guy that wears atheist t shirts whenever I go to town, so I'm looking forward to getting the t shirt at level 8. Please like so that I can accomplish this goal and advertise for the ...
By DavidLaDeau 7 65 comments CO Apr 3, 2018
I wanted to share an update on my "Romantic Situation" here at agnostic since it is This Site that is responsible for what I am about to type and because a number of my good friends wanted me to keep them in the loop. Although I was late in ...
By Sadoi 7 83 comments MI Aug 1, 2018
Fellow agnostics, how do you feel about believers joining?
By Draco 6 631 comments UK Sep 25, 2017
We're really excited to announce a bunch of new ways to help you meet other members. If you like what you're seeing, please tell your friends about our community. Here are few of the new features: Chat rooms Since it was one of the top ...
By Admin 8 34 comments Online May 15, 2018
We're 75 and 81 and had our second date yesterday! I mention our ages to show that just because we're older doesn't mean we want to sit and rot. We met on Agnostics and he lives about 15 miles away. He's been alone for year and is interested in ...
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By Susieq 6 37 comments CA Dec 11, 2018
Some site updates 1. Doing some tests on mobile main page to simplify it and make it easier to click on things. Some members said the links were too small to click so they're buttons. Also, we've never been happy with the small post form on ...
By Admin 8 37 comments Online Apr 18, 2018
How do you tell religious people that you're an atheist?
By Bingogwak 6 843 comments CA Sep 10, 2017
I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed Agnostic and all those whom I've had conversations with. Everyone for the most part seems to be mature and able to discuss constructively even when we disagree. The difference between this and ...
By SkepticPower31 6 28 comments Canada Feb 25
Hey guys I got my shirt! I haven't been able to be here much in the last few weeks July is a busy month for me. it's my daughter's birthday, my grandson's birthday, and my grandson also graduated and is going off to college. So we've just been busy...
By CaroleKay 8 32 comments CA July 21, 2018
I am feeling encouraged. After three weeks of chatting as friends because I was talking to someone else, I have had 4 dates with a local guy. Things seem to be moving along. We have a lot in common and he is a great Father. He is a believer, but ...
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By ArtzyNerd 7 25 comments MD Oct 1, 2018
I got my shirt in the mail today!!! Whoohoo!
By ashortbeauty 8 40 comments FL June 8, 2018
Message to all of you....Balou appears to have left Agnostics and I find that I have inherited this group. Due to the large number of members we have, currently standing at 875....can I please ask members not to post multiple items consecutively. ...
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By Marionville 9 21 comments UK Dec 21, 2018
Went out last night with my work peeps, who I am madly in love with. Our training class, men and women is made up of mostly liberal, agnostics and atheists who have the best sense of humor, listen to the coolest music and who genuinely care for each...
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By indelible 7 20 comments OH Dec 1, 2018
My TShirt and pen came in the mail! Woo-Hoo! How do I look?
By SkotlandSkye 8 24 comments OK Aug 2, 2018
Six months on the site. Looking Back How the site has evolved since last year! So I ask myself why I joined and what it is doing for me. So, this is how I see it: My atheism -- not agnosticism because I don't call myself an agnostic -- is ...
By David1955 7 32 comments Australia May 18, 2018
are you afraid of death?
By DavidDeLa89 6 401 comments MI Dec 28, 2017
There are MORE than two but... This is for sure!
By LetzGetReal 8 7 comments AZ May 9, 2018
So I told my mom this past weekend that I am Agnostic. I didn't expect her to be upset, disappointed, or angry. However, I never expected the response I got from her. She stated that she is agnostic too and has been for decades. I never knew. I knew ...
By yogafan108 7 20 comments NV Oct 1, 2018
Isn't it Ironic? I joined this site to date (men) and got one I am dating (thank you) but I spend most of my time on here talking to women! HAHA! It;s good! Most of my male friends are agnostic or atheist but all my female friends are Jewish or ...
By Dandewine 7 19 comments FL Dec 11, 2018
Hello Agnostic community. Wanted to announce that @Virginia and @CPAgnostic have found one another on this very site. provided an ideal environment to meet someone with whom I am highly compatible. In this world filled with religious...
By CPAgnostic 4 17 comments TX Aug 21, 2018
I think of myself as agnostic mostly, but ever since joining this site, and reading many, many posts, I find myself leaning closer to atheistism . Now. I'm also spiritual in the sense that I feel a connection to nature, not a supernatural ...
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By Cutiebeauty 9 31 comments NY Sep 14, 2018
Today I met someone in person from this site. It's nice to know like minded people live close.
By confidentrealm 7 22 comments TX July 24, 2018
Psychotic Break As some of you know I recently had a bad bout with my depression (don't really want to go into the details). I mean I was really depressed, like I should have been hospitalized (to stubborn for that). I had a psychotic break. I saw...
By Leutrelle 7 23 comments ID Jan 25, 2018
Just another reason I'm Agnostic
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By Hathacat 8 13 comments IL Jan 3
Look what i got
By SonOfABeachII 8 9 comments NE Nov 19, 2018
IMAGINE - apologies to Lennon Imagine there's no levels; It isn't hard to do... Nothing to argue 'bout or envy; And no damn T-Shirt too! Imagine all agnostics: Posting what they please... Mmnnnn... Mmnnnn.... You may say I'm a ...
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By Krish55 7 23 comments FL Sep 2, 2018
Boyfriend is agnostic, I'm an atheist. How to cope with disagreements?
By TaliaElizabeth92 5 247 comments GA Oct 18, 2017
Yay! My free (purple) T-Shirt arrived today. Also, unexpectedly in the same package was an pen. For those who don't know, when you reach level 8, you can submit your adsress for a free T-Shirt.. It's the site owner's ...
By snytiger6 8 35 comments WA July 20, 2018
So... @ProudMary, a very well known woman on this site, was told she couldn't "live in the real world." Mary is a well known member and participant of more groups and more significant discussions than anyone else on agnostic. Her writing and ...
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By SukiSue 8 20 comments MA Dec 15, 2018
Update on the development (in progress). A couple days ago, I announced that we're working on a new "front end / skin" of called First, thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. I want to summarize ...
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By Admin 8 18 comments Online Oct 8, 2018
For those who don't care I apologise for the post, however, I would like to thank many of you for the kind and loving words in regards to a blossoming relationship that I have entered with a fellow Agnostic. Thank you for the words of encouragement ...
By Dav87 6 21 comments UK Feb 7, 2018
I was born fourth generation Mormon. I served a mission for the church and spent years defending the faith. I’m currently in a place where I’ve come to regret the time and energy I’ve spent doing so, after having delved deeper into what I ...
By Bligh 4 38 comments HI Apr 23, 2018
Usernames.... How did you choose your username for agnostic and what's the story behind it.... ? Would you ever change it and if so, why? I choose my username because my Dad called me cutiebeauty since I was born and up until I was ten years old...
By Cutiebeauty 9 91 comments NY Mar 25
I’ve been talking to someone that I’ve met from Agnostic and we’ve been getting pretty close. I feel like I’ve known him a lifetime. We click and are similar in so many ways, and even our differences are complimentary to one another. We live ...
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By BohoHeathen 7 33 comments OH Nov 3, 2018
🏖️ All by myself on the Beach..... where's all the agnostic men? Online? 🤣😋😂
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By Cutiebeauty 9 14 comments NY Mar 23
When you're interviewing for a job in the Bible Belt
By VictoriaNotes 8 7 comments MS June 13, 2018
Now that my hard work has put me in office, we're going to have some changes around here. ahem With my first act as Senator, I would like to announce that this is no longer a simple agnostic republic. I, like Caesar, must assume ...
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By Xuande 7 20 comments KY Feb 8
Tonight at dinner my daughter and her husband were talking about things we are thankful for. Mine was having children who love me and are there for me because I know that not everyone has that. I also explained to them that people who are agnostic or...
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By IrishTxJudy 7 6 comments TX Nov 22, 2018
Happy New Year, everybody! 2019 was just rung in here in the Central time zone. Here's how I celebrated with my party posse. Hope 2019 is a good one for all you single agnostics! :)
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By mikecagain 7 8 comments WI Jan 1
Amazing!! Sexual Deviants is now the 4th largest group on Agnostic!! Give yourselves a hand(job)! Thanks for making this a successful and popular place to be!
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By filthyMONKEYmen 6 11 comments VA Aug 1, 2018
Hi all! New to this app and to this group. Basically raised a JW since about five or six years old. So was in the cult abt 40 yrs. 😳😳 Pioneer for total 13 yrs & elder for 7. Damn, crazy how much time I wasted. Anyway, three years faded ...
By RJ14 4 33 comments AZ June 20, 2018
Religious indoctrination is child abuse. Yes or no?I know this topic has been brought up before but I'm gonna go for it anyway. I was raised in a rather strict Baptist sect called the nazarenes. I began doubting what I'd been taught very early ...
By OpposingOpposum 8 36 comments FL May 30, 2018
I spoke too soon! Look what arrived in the mail today. It matches the Agnostic colour. 😎
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By Science-guy 8 10 comments Canada Nov 30, 2018
@Admin If I were a believer, wondering if I might be missing something, and decided to take a look at agnosticism, I'd immediately retreat to my previous beliefs if met with the kind of "hospitality" this member was treated with. Sure, he's likely ...
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By skado 8 27 comments AL Jan 17
POLL I've been on here a few days now & I LOVE IT! Such a great respit from the other mind numbing sites. Great conversations! Keep it up party people.
By Avidawn 4 26 comments NC Oct 10, 2018
I’ve Never Believed Finding myself in a different space than most atheists and agnostics in that I have never believed in a god or gods. My family is Christian and though we didn’t go to church much or on a regular basis I have been to church ...
By itchic 4 19 comments AZ Dec 30, 2017
We are an eclectic group on this site: gay, straight, American, Brit, Aussie, Kiwi, agnostic, atheist, with varying levels in between. Sometimes we "split hairs" over meanings, interpretations, but there seems to be an overriding respect and feeling...
By tioteo 7 8 comments MI Apr 3, 2018
Due to circumstances I wasn't able to be with my lady last night in person. We did however spend 6 hours on the phone talking, laughing, and just enjoying each other. I have NEVER spent a better New Year in my life and it is only a matter if time ...
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By phoenixone1 8 11 comments AL Jan 1
Tell me your pets don't do this. Heck show me your pets doing this - it can't just be me? I'm pretty sure Heath is an Agnostic cat. I had 5 tabs open clearing alerts - I was watching 90 Day Fiance to learn about scammers and "Plop" Laptop ...
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By RavenCT 9 13 comments CT Nov 12, 2018
Finally, you can get (and just "Agnostic") T-shirts from our online store at [] The shirts come in lots of colors (including red, blue, gray, pink, etc) and sizes (unisex and womens). We are selling them for $15 ...
By Admin 8 18 comments Online Aug 23, 2018
It has been weighing on me heavily, this last debate I was a part of here, in regards to the thread about the footer at and how it misrepresents Agnostics, like myself. I said some rather nasty things to a few people here after I ...
By Sadoi 7 15 comments MI Jan 21, 2018
I have just received my Agnostics Tshirt and pen in the mail this morning. I will get a photo taken wearing it asap and post it! Can’t wait to hear what my friends say when they see me wear it. I bet it will be a conversation stopper!
By Marionville 9 23 comments UK Sep 10, 2018
Indeed we are, very lucky ... or simply realistic? If there were a god and you had any doubts about his existence, don’t you think he would take action on this one crucial, critical issue? So, if you are only very slightly agnostic, this ...
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By RichieO 7 4 comments Ireland Feb 6
On Indeed - and Agnostic! - Do you SEE what I have to put up with!! Rigby, the hugging menace.
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By AmiSue 8 10 comments CT Jan 23
My agnostics shirt came in the mail today. Thanks admin!! 😊 Today is the 2nd of April too. When they said it would be here.
By Sarahroo29 8 8 comments CO Apr 2, 2018
Today while I was out, and then after getting back and dealing with the neighbors over the package with god loves Kenny, from the christians I had a package from UPS that was dropped of at my house. I knew it was another T-shirt,and thought it was ...
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By kenriley 8 8 comments KY Sep 5, 2018
I'd like to thank each and every member who have sent me suggestions as to how to "improve" &Meme . After a full 20 second of deliberation I have decided to change nothing. I am aware we are now only the third most popular group on Agnostic. ...
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By EricTrommater 9 7 comments VA Sep 25, 2018
Happy Resurrection Day everyone!! Not to mention the awesomeness of April Fool's Day simultaneously occurring in tandem! I'm terrible but every Christmas and Easter my family likes to call me and the WHOOLE family gathers around to chat with ...
By Sadoi 7 20 comments MI Apr 1, 2018
Offenders are very unique. You are intelligent, humorous, and a pretty laid back bunch, all around. This is despite having met many of you and noticing the vast difference in age, personality traits and demographics. I find it amazing. Sure, we ...
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By SukiSue 8 14 comments MA Dec 6, 2018
Has anyone ever noticed that most atheist and agnostics know more about the Bible than most Christians do?
By EmeraldJewel 7 59 comments OK Aug 9, 2018
10 fallacies about atheists - have I missed any?
By Paul 5 24 comments UK Nov 12, 2017
Thanks to FB and enabling people to communicate with people across the planet finding out that people can have the same outlook on life such as my American,Indian,Australian,New Zealand,British etc FB Friends and ...
By PeterJohn 6 10 comments New Zealand Feb 5, 2018
Good job. Every single member that has been singled out an reported to Admin has been removed from Agnostic. The way I can tell is that I block the verified spammer (like the Christmas Card lady) from this Group. This morning I am showing zero ...
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By GuyKeith 8 13 comments CO Dec 16, 2018
I'm curious, how many of you have friends and family on this site, and I'm not counting those that you've met virtually or face to face since joining agnostics, I'm talking about those from the 'real world'. For the record you are all my new family.
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By psycheworks 8 54 comments UK Aug 5, 2018
Hello Agnostics! I’m glad to have stumbled on this site. It’s a nice addition to life in the Bible Belt. I am re-educating myself and examining my life—maybe a bit of a midlife crisis but meh & shrug. Hope to make some new friends and I...
By ZenJen 4 29 comments TX Oct 28, 2018
Today Marks One Year Since the Great Normie Invasion of 2018 On this day "Memes R Us Group" gained almost 200 members in a single day. A glitch started putting our precious Memes into the main page posts. Our offensive, baby eating, dog kicking ...
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By EricTrommater 9 8 comments VA Mar 7
Only 17,145 more points (ffs) to level 8...seems endless. How on earth do people rack up points? I usually do not pay much attention to it until I see someone post their Agnostic shirt lol
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By BohoHeathen 7 31 comments OH Feb 8
Digging out my X-mas shirt, getting into the X-mas spirit, So merry Fing X-mas To all my Agnostic friends. Love you all.
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By kenriley 8 7 comments KY Dec 14, 2018
I had a male boss about 20 years ago come in early most mornings to discuss our beliefs, he was a good friend and religious. The first encounter one morning he asked me " Are you a Satantist". I laughed so hard and said no Jimmy, if I don't believe ...
By Cindym1955 3 8 comments OK Mar 13, 2018
How often do you say WTF!
By BucketlistBob 8 37 comments LA June 3, 2018
Hi Everyone. I'm back in NH packing up my house. Four of my tenants have left. Unfortunately my daughter, her boyfriend and my ex-husband remain for at least another 2-4 weeks. I tried making peace with my ex-food always works so I treated him to a ...
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By sassygirl3869 9 12 comments NY Jan 25
From my experience there are large numbers of people that will not come out and call themselves an atheist or agnostic, however, upon hearing their religious philosophy I would say that is exactly what they are. Has anyone else noticed that?
By Kojaksmom 8 50 comments NC Sep 25, 2018
Just reached the giddy heights of level 9...! Don’t know what comes next, but it won’t make any difference anyway. I have been here since June 2018 and love posting, replying and messaging to all of you. I have made new friends from other ...
By Marionville 9 24 comments UK Feb 9
I rarely think much about being Agnostic, it's a tiny little aspect of my life. But every so often someone in my family may ask about it. Here is a cute text interaction with a family member yesterday: FM: Are you really into Agnostic thinking?...
By Stacey48 8 12 comments MD May 19, 2018
I got my new Agnostic T-Shirt from the Store. That should make everyone happy.
By kenriley 8 12 comments KY Aug 23, 2018
It's Mueller Time. Good song and a feel-good video. I am not sure if I saw this from an agnostic post. If so, I apologize. Youtube
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By thislife 7 8 comments OR Jan 22
Do you try not to think about religion at all?
By silvereyes 8 50 comments OK Feb 21, 2018
I've said it before, I'll say it again. Gawd, there are some gutless cowards at Agnostic. If you are losing an argument, fire off a personal attack and then block the person so that they cannot respond. Such is Agnostic and this is the fatal flaw....
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By GuyKeith 8 22 comments CO Nov 16, 2018
Who has read the comments on's facebook ad?
By helionoftroy 7 37 comments SC July 30, 2018
I debated putting this on Agnostic because I'm not looking for pity but I do feel like you guys are my community, more so than Facebook so... It's my mom's birthday, she would have been 74 today but we lost her to cancer three years ago. She was a ...
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By Electro68 7 12 comments SC Aug 19, 2018
Recent website updates - long list of new features! If you are open to dating, you might have noticed that some thumbnails and profiles have a heart symbol on them with a percentage. This helps you identify which members are open to dating as ...
By Admin 8 9 comments Online Oct 31, 2017
A big thank-you to the site! I just recieved my free "" t-shirt in the mail! It's a good looking shirt, purple with Agnostic in white & . Com in grey. I was promised to get the shirt after the conference & it's right here! (For hitting ...
By phxbillcee 9 14 comments AZ Apr 2, 2018
For atheists - what makes you believe no deity exists?
By RYSR10 6 380 comments NC Sep 23, 2017
I have to say that I feel incredibly lucky to not only have parents who didn't freak out when I said I was an atheist, but who, over time, listened to my thoughts and have themselves become agnostic in the process. When you become part of the atheist...
By Sammad95 4 17 comments IL Nov 17, 2017
Hi everyone. I got a new phone and have had a really difficult time getting agnostic to load. Kept giving me error messages etc. I was able to get on with my iPad but not the new phone. Anyway. Seems to be fixed now. Hope everyone has a good ...
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By Christiep77 7 11 comments VA Dec 17, 2018
hay guys... yall can't have'r... she's MINE!!! lol.. these idiots should learn what 'agnostic' or 'atheist' means before sending this bullshit.
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By SeeCanU 7 16 comments TX Oct 29, 2018
Good to be back. Away from this site for nearly two months! I don't know why... normally check on my phone, but new iPhone XS would not connect with the Agnostic app, and had not put this place on a tab on my work computer, and work changed with new ...
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By John-Paul 7 10 comments NC Nov 27, 2018
I'm reading the book Fuck Love, One shrink's sensible advice for finding a lasting relationship by Michael I Bennett that I borrowed from the public library. I stumbled across it after looking into the 5 love languages that has been referenced on ...
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By JGal 5 17 comments OH Mar 3
Q: How can you tell if a group of Agnostics want to run you out of town? A: They burn a question mark in your front yard.
By DerekD 7 10 comments AL Jan 17, 2018
I just had a weekend out of town and during that weekend I attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival where I met five members from this site. I’ve tried to float this idea before and some folks seem to like it so I’ll suggest here that we have ...
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By ProudMary 8 10 comments WV Oct 8, 2018
Help us write a Modern Humanist Manifesto! A friend and I are working on a LONG document for and we'd love to get your feedback (and edits!). Its primary goal is to introduce the values of Humanism to people who may have not ...
By Admin 8 6 comments Online Oct 26, 2018
Got my T-shirt and a lovely pen, too! Very high quality, both of them. Thanks!
By AnneWimsey 8 15 comments CT July 21, 2018
I can't sleep. I think it's a mixture of working nights and being awake at this time when I'm working, plus thinking about the man I went out with last night (not from agnostics.) We had a great date and we are going out again tonight. That does seem...
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By Cabsmom 7 17 comments TX Dec 9, 2018
Are you an open or closet agnostic/atheist, and why?
By GoodMan 7 360 comments CA Sep 25, 2017
What say you? This handsome fellow beckoned me to our site. Look around - with a few notable exceptions most of us here could be described as 'Beautiful on the inside'. Being an aesthete my placement in the latter pains me somewhat....but I...
By AmiSue 8 18 comments CT May 17, 2018
@admin can I get an agnostic t-shirt for my dog?
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By ScienceBiker 8 10 comments CA May 28, 2018
I wish you all to know that my absence last week was due to the tragic death of my elder son Graeme last weekend. I hope to pick up the pieces of my life again and that includes here with you my good friends at Agnostics.
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By Marionville 9 23 comments UK Jan 26
I'm new and don't quite know how to work this thing. I don't have to kill any avatars to move up a level, just make witty, incisive or random posts? I did make one that said: Why the hell would God make a rock so big he couldn't move it? But it went ...
By cflowerday 4 35 comments NE Dec 21, 2017
If you describe yourself as "Atheist," some people will say, "Don't you mean 'Agnostic'?" I have to reply that I really do mean Atheist. I really do not believe that there is a god - in fact I am convinced that there is not a god (a subtle ...
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By scurry 7 5 comments Canada Mar 11
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