These are topics that are trending this week!
These are topics that are trending this week!
I had in interesting session with my therapist. The “god” question came up. She said that believing in a god helps her cope with things. That it also helps her become a better person. I asked her if without a god would she be a ...
Wildgreens LA Oct 26 Oct 26 4646
No one in the church gets upset when children get abused.But they burn an alter when a priest has sex with women
KICKN MA Oct 27 Oct 27 1616
What is MATURITY? Explained by Sri Adi Shankaracharya - a Hindu Guru from India. 1. Maturity is when you stop trying to change others, ...instead focus on changing yourself. 2. Maturity is when you accept people ...
Green_Soldier71 Oct 27 Oct 27 2626
LINK Breonna Taylor grand jurors say police actions were 'negligent' and 'criminal' but were NOT given jury instructions for criminal charges for her death by the Prosecutor
SeaGreenEyez IN Oct 27 Oct 27 1111
LINK Preacher: I Just Cured Rush Limbaugh’s Terminal Lung Cancer With My Prayers | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 27 Oct 27 1717
LINK Religious Conservatives Lash Out at Kellogg’s Over “Anti-Christian” Cereal | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 26 Oct 26 2525
What is the strangest thing ever said to you after hearing you’re an atheist?
Wildgreens LA Oct 24 Oct 24 5252
My cousin's son in law committed suicide. How do we express our sorrow without sending prayers and all the typical Christian expressions that go along with such a loss?
MaryJane IN Oct 25 Oct 25 3535
LINK Poland abortion ruling sparks 'women's strike.’ A strike is underway in Poland by women opposed to a court ruling that introduced a near total ban on abortion in the mainly Catholic country. Damn right, Poland! When your religion fucks with our ...
Hages OH Oct 28 Oct 28 1111
LINK Advocates fear Barrett will strip away gay rights. It could begin next week.
snytiger6 WA Oct 28 Oct 28 1111
My mother was a devout catholic. She was in her 80’s and half blind when a priest visited her home. He asked her to donate $9k for a new organ. She was smart enough to say no. A month later, the church closed its doors and the parish was ...
Canndue NH Oct 28 Oct 28 99
Europe's daily Covid deaths rose by nearly 40% compared with the previous week, the World Health Organization (WHO) has told the BBC. WHO spokeswoman Dr Margaret Harris said France, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands and Russia accounted for the ...
Petter Oct 27 Oct 27 99
Well, attended the Local Court on Tuesday for the Hearing of the Case re- Belinda v. Catholic Priest, School Principal and her Parents. About 10 minutes after the Court was called in to Session, it was adjourned for 30 minutes because Justice 'X' ...
Triphid Oct 28 Oct 28 99
I got off in a wrong political crowd last evening as a political activist. A woman jumped all over me and said they did not want Biden and Harris to win because then VP Harris could bring her parents over here. Others jumped in to call me dum dum ...
DenoPenno MO Oct 23 Oct 23 3434
I just found out why I have never known of an atheist eating dijon mustard. It is god mustard, atheist dont believe it exist. Dijon city in the Burgundy region of eastern France, from Latin Divio, Divionis, from the personal name Divius ...
Word TX Oct 23 Oct 23 3939
More Mohammed moments
DangerDave NV Oct 28 Oct 28 77
LINK Ex-Christian: My Faith Shifted After Seeing Ken Ham Get “Destroyed” by Bill Nye | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 27 Oct 27 77
I hadn't seen this for a while... and so, for the amusement and edification of the membership, I thought I'd post it before I turn in for the night. Originally on Snopes, where it has a rating of True. The "Letter to Dr Laura". ...
Paul4747 MI Oct 25 Oct 25 1616
I was raised in the restorationist church of christ from a baby and I took it all in deeply, singing, praying, teaching, and preaching our form of righteousness until real behaviors about death and loss strongly conflicted with our hardline ...
EarnestEccentric IN Oct 27 Oct 27 99
The only way to end rape culture is by replacing oppressive religious values with sexual freedom and oppressing religion instead!!!! For humanity to prosperity all religions MUST END!
Neenz Canada Oct 23 Oct 23 2121
Here is a question to ask theists. Do you believe in ALIEN ABDUCTIONS? If they say yes. then ask them if jesus or allah rules those planets. Did jesus have to die for the "sins" of the aliens? Do the aliens believe in jesus? If they say no, then ask ...
jigsaw KS Oct 24 Oct 24 1717
LINK Update: Street Preacher Who Broke a Man’s Leg Charged With Aggravated Assault | Val Wilde | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 26 Oct 26 1010
LINK FL Pastor and Son Accused of Sexual Cyberharassment by High School Cheerleader | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 26 Oct 26 1111
Arlo Guthrie is retiring due to health reasons... Gone Fishing It’s been a great 50+ years of being a working entertainer, but I reached the difficult decision that touring and stage shows are no longer possible. I've cancelled the ...
FrostyJim AK Oct 23 Oct 23 2323
Charliesey FL Oct 24 Oct 24 1717
Where is the weirdest place you have seen religious propaganda?
Gypsy31771 GA Oct 19 Oct 19 4848
The Best Response I can think of to "Jesus Matters."
UrsiMajor MD Oct 22 Oct 22 1515
I have always thought that A. Evil is a bad thing by definition and should not be supported or empowered. And I had assumed, without giving it all that much thought, that B. Most people agreed with A. I still don’t see a problem with A, although I ...
AlanCliffe OH Oct 19 Oct 19 2929
LINK Religious Leaders Lash Out at Pope Francis for Supporting Civil Union Laws | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 23 Oct 23 1616
Question: What are your thoughts on the works of Friedrich Nietzsche? I'm quite impressed by his critiques of religion.
Hages OH Oct 24 Oct 24 1111
The Atheist organizations like FFRF need to get involved in Politics just the Christian Churches are today.
St-Sinner TX Oct 22 Oct 22 1717
LINK Cardinal Raymond Burke: God Says Gays Have No Right To ‘Form Families’ | Michael Stone
snytiger6 WA Oct 24 Oct 24 1515
If you were raised religious as a child, what is your worst religious memory? Some of you might have several. I was about 12 and I saw a “sister” beat her 3 year old in the bathroom, because she wouldn’t stay still, during a two hour ...
Wildgreens LA Oct 21 Oct 21 2525
LINK Pat Robertson Was Thrown By a Question About How We’re Not a “Christian Nation” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 24 Oct 24 1313
Anas-Hamdan CA Oct 21 Oct 21 3030
My childhood religion was Jehovah's Witness, how dumb was your religion?
Surfpirate Canada Oct 19 Oct 19 3030
LINK British journo nails it: ‘we have people being beheaded for showing cartoons. Anyone who says it’s the fault of the victim for being offensive to a murderous theocrats, rather calling out the medieval religious fanaticism of the killer, is siding...
Hages OH Oct 23 Oct 23 1515
LINK I am a death-row executioner
Green_Soldier71 Oct 23 Oct 23 1919
LINK Best Evidence of Life After Death - YouTube
DangerDave NV Oct 21 Oct 21 1919
LINK The perfect way to handle the religious ones
48thRonin AZ Oct 24 Oct 24 88
LINK Notable Atheist Books (501 books)
Hages OH Oct 21 Oct 21 77
LINK Televangelist Kenneth Copeland: Satan is the Reason Muslims Are in Congress | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 22 Oct 22 1212
LINK PragerU Propaganda Could Be Coming to a Classroom Near You | Val Wilde | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 22 Oct 22 66
First covid-19 death linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally reported in Minnesota If it only effected bikers I'd be happier.
Willow_Wisp CA Oct 21 Oct 21 1414
LINK Virginia Pastor Lies About Being a Navy SEAL, but Gets Caught Thanks to His Own Stupidity | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 23 Oct 23 1010
LINK Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back : atheism
Hages OH Oct 24 Oct 24 55
LINK "One Million Moms" is Just One Angry Christian Mom (and Other Facts) - YouTube
snytiger6 WA Oct 22 Oct 22 88
LINK The Damn Commandments - YouTube
Hages OH Oct 25 Oct 25 66
LINK In Defence of Hedonism - New Humanist UK
DangerDave NV Oct 28 Oct 28 11
"A new and less spendthrift century of exhilarating atheism and exhilarating architecture which dignifies man and completely forgets about God, whoever He was." - the inimitable Jonathan Meades on The Utopian Avoidance Of Right Angles ...
Jnei Oct 23 Oct 23 44
James Randi: Magician and skeptic dies aged 92
St-Sinner TX Oct 22 Oct 22 66
LINK The Amazing Randi, Famed Magician and Escapologist, Dies at 92 | Hollywood Reporter
TheMiddleWay OH Oct 21 Oct 21 88
Famed magician and paranormal skeptic James Randi passes away at age 92-
SpikeTalon NV Oct 21 Oct 21 55
LINK Residents of Wisconsin town near Kenosha in uproar over teacher's racism lesson
IAJO163 PA Oct 24 Oct 24 55
LINK Joseph Campbell – The Story of Indra from the Brahmavar Upanishad – The Power of Myth - YouTube
OldWiseAss KS Oct 19 Oct 19 88
Lotsa talk about God/not God. Folk been ruminating loooong time bout this,,, guess they got summin but maybe like the fossil footprint outside the cave entrance they thought was God was just a big leaf that looked like god. All comes from someplace ...
MikeSmith NH Oct 21 Oct 21 1616
LINK Jesus Robo Call - YouTube
ADKSparky NY Oct 21 Oct 21 77
LINK Editorial: Barrett's moral relativism is cause for rejection from the bench | National Catholic Reporter
Amzungu IL Oct 21 Oct 21 1111
LINK Monologue: From Russia With Yuck | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube
snytiger6 WA Oct 25 Oct 25 33
LINK US Election 2020: Inside the Pennsylvania church where they pray next to their AR-15 rifles | US News | Sky News
snytiger6 WA Oct 24 Oct 24 77
When people ask me about my religion, i answer that i am a secular Jew. I remember my also saying to me that, as an adult, i was always trying to escape from my family. And so it was, unbeknownst to me until i recognized my own behaviour during my ...
josephr Oct 24 Oct 24 66
LINK Oakland events space continues to hold big events while city officials do little to stop it
prometheus CA Oct 22 Oct 22 77
LINK Christian Rapper Walks Out of “The Addams Family” Movie Due to Demonic Elements | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 19 Oct 19 1717
Neil Degrasse Tyson: Asteroid could buzz cut Earth the day before the presidential election
Dyl1983 Oct 19 Oct 19 1212
LINK Christians Held a Huge COVID-Denying Event to Whine About Being “Non-Essential” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 19 Oct 19 1010
LINK A Polish Gym Rebranded as a Church to Avoid Coronavirus Restrictions
IAJO163 PA Oct 20 Oct 20 1818
LINK Pope Francis declares support for same-sex civil unions for the first time as pope | America Magazine
TheMiddleWay OH Oct 21 Oct 21 1010
A recent visit for a haircut at my favorite local Snipit place had me discovering that it is under new ownership entirely. Talking with the new owner, she says my voice is so unique that I should have been a preacher, or at least make my living as a ...
DenoPenno MO Oct 24 Oct 24 77
LINK Glenn Beck: “I’m Always Wrong with Timing,” but the End Times Are Near | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 21 Oct 21 1717
LINK NY Officials: Christian “Health Insurance” Companies Are Deceiving Customers | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 21 Oct 21 88
LINK Irish Bishop Warns Catholics Against Dangers of “Mindfulness” and Yoga | David Gee | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
snytiger6 WA Oct 21 Oct 21 1313
LINK Pope calls for civil union laws for same-sex couples - CNN
barjoe PA Oct 21 Oct 21 1111
LINK Paganism for Beginners: Diversity | Yvonne Aburrow
DangerDave NV Oct 23 Oct 23 77
Friday Oct 23, 7pm cst -- Texas Democrats host Seinfeld reunion
UrsiMajor MD Oct 22 Oct 22 00
Could be worse
DangerDave NV Oct 24 Oct 24 11
Why are words running out of text area?
Word TX Oct 26 Oct 26 11
We are fast becoming an overt militarized police State under trump!!! Trumps wants our law enforcement personnel to be come SS Gestopo Fascists Storm Troppers at his beck and call fully at his command!!!
of-the-mountain TX Oct 28 Oct 28 11
The flags are less active now. Every day I drive by a house with lots of flags. There is an American flag, a Trump 2020 flag, and Lee's Confederate flag. Once a Nazi flag and also a flag about supporting police. This house plays a game of "musical ...
DenoPenno MO Oct 22 Oct 22 55
Bot Generated Fake Nudes Of Over 0,000 Women Without Their Knowledge, Says Report
FearlessFly MN Oct 23 Oct 23 66
I think he was right...
SpikeTalon NV Oct 26 Oct 26 55
Aw Geez, it just can't any better. Just had some jerk come to my door asking if I'd be interested in buying 20 kilos of "Rooting Compound" from him. He looked kind of surpirsed when I asked him if it came with a few 'roots' as well until I told him...
Triphid Oct 19 Oct 19 22
Oh, what a pity... House signals defeat in pandemic as coronavirus outbreak roils Pence’s office
Dyl1983 Oct 26 Oct 26 11
"Federal Crimes Uncovered In Biden Hard Drive" by Rudy Giuliani
doug6352 NJ Oct 19 Oct 19 55
Jim Belushi - Cannabis Farmer. Guess he has a show too???
sassygirl3869 NY Oct 19 Oct 19 11
Ludella Hahn
OldMetalHead AZ Oct 20 Oct 20 00
Yes, that's a low-rider with a bathtub. Lol. Snapped pic a few minutes ago.
Wisterious FL Oct 23 Oct 23 33
Does anyone really believe, (as trump says) that the IRS has been auditing his taxes for FOUR years and they haven't even finished ONE year yet that he could release ? Or that the $ 754.00 he paid was a FILING FEE ? I wish trump supporters would just...
Leetx TX Oct 24 Oct 24 22
LINK Charlie Kirk Descends to Madness - YouTube
Hages OH Oct 26 Oct 26 00
LINK How the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus across the Upper Midwest - The Washington Post
Paul4747 MI Oct 19 Oct 19 33
Saw this sitting on a work table thought it was a leaf at first .
Besalbub NC Oct 19 Oct 19 11
Need to get some health food
glennlab TX Oct 20 Oct 20 33
Drivers Sue Uber Over Pressure to Back Gig Worker Measure
FearlessFly MN Oct 23 Oct 23 00
Do you miss your ex?
EyesThatSmile FL Oct 27 Oct 27 77
Hello all, new here and awaiting to have a meaningful conversation with like minds.
Mitchy017 MA Oct 19 Oct 19 77
Am I right fellow inmates
glennlab TX Oct 20 Oct 20 33
We could/should have 'SHOUTED' (yesterday)
FearlessFly MN Oct 23 Oct 23 11
I get by with a little help from my friends
glennlab TX Oct 20 Oct 20 11
The Specials - Enjoy Yourself - Live
Fred_Snerd OK Oct 22 Oct 22 00
Iran behind supposed “Proud Boys” voter-intimidation emails, Feds allege FBI and senators all beg Americans: please do not fall for shady disinformation.
FearlessFly MN Oct 23 Oct 23 00
walk of shame we all make mistakes
whiskywoman TX Oct 21 Oct 21 22