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This could go for either gender. :) Just a great one liner, had to share
mistymoon77 MN Nov 8 Nov 8 182182
Godless Vagina
anonymous Online Jan 4 Jan 4 201201
A pastor told me today that he is sorry that I have not felt the love of god. Pastor, I am the one who is sorry. I'm sorry you believe a god who does not seem interested in loving everyone. I'm sorry you feel the need to apologize for this "all ...
Foxonaut IN Dec 8 Dec 8 181181
Don’t set the bar too high ;)
AMGT CA Jan 1 Jan 1 107107
Religion is like a penis.
silvereyes OK Feb 7 Feb 7 146146
I found love on! We went from "We'll probably never meet because of the distance but it's cool to have online friends" to "Oh my god we absolutely have to be together". We met irl for the first time last weekend but we've been talking on...
Fearlessfreep KS May 26 May 26 194194
I just had a mind blowing conversation with my fundamental christian mother. We discussed the bible, evolution, the universe, and other light subjects. She tearfully admitted that she does not believe the bible to be infallible. She said that it ...
Donotbelieve PA Sep 13 Sep 13 150150
There is no agnostic vs. atheist! The peeve I have...
silvereyes OK Jan 20 Jan 20 326326
Dating after 50
Crimson67 KY Jan 6 Jan 6 359359
Why I'm no longer asked to make cookies for the church bake sale ... ;)
evestrat KS Jan 2 Jan 2 8989
God hates porn?
VictoriaNotes MS Mar 24 Mar 24 117117
I was messing around on Pinterest earlier and picked this up. Also, "some people are like clouds, when they disappear, it's going to be a beautiful day." :D
silvereyes OK Jan 3 Jan 3 6666
VictoriaNotes MS Mar 4 Mar 4 103103
I really liked this post.. had to share.. pretty much sums it up for me anyway.
mistymoon77 MN Mar 6 Mar 6 3838
I have a master's degree I was born to my parents, in an apartment, in Tacoma, WA. The same apartment I'd spend the rest of my childhood living in. I moved out shortly after 19. The apartment was run down, and the walls were covered in mold, ...
nutrition_nerd AR Aug 11 Aug 11 145145
One day the zoo-keeper noticed that the orangutan was reading two books - the Bible and Darwin's Origin of Species. Surprised, he asked, “Why are you reading both those books?” “Well,” said the orangutan, “I just wanted to know if I was my...
Benthoven NY Dec 7 Dec 7 4242
Now level 7 yea! Actually don't care, but I am the guy that wears atheist t shirts whenever I go to town, so I'm looking forward to getting the t shirt at level 8. Please like so that I can accomplish this goal and advertise for the ...
DavidLaDeau CO Apr 3 Apr 3 6464
I accepted the job I applied for as an adoptions specialist today!!! All on my own! No glory to God here. I did that! ❣️
1EarthLovingGal OK May 27 May 27 6969
Fellow agnostics, how do you feel about believers joining?
Draco UK Sep 25 Sep 25 614614
This shit, is really fun. Im sitting out here in my little cabin out here in the sticks, in complete solitude, looking, and reading, listening,commenting, and I'm in complete stitches,laughing and giggling my ass off! My ribs and cheeks are cramping,...
Nemosson OK Dec 31 Dec 31 6464
10 of my favorite Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes: because he's just so quotable 1. The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it. 2. We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. ...
silvereyes OK Dec 11 Dec 11 6464
I wanted to share an update on my "Romantic Situation" here at agnostic since it is This Site that is responsible for what I am about to type and because a number of my good friends wanted me to keep them in the loop. Although I was late in ...
Sadoi MI Aug 1 Aug 1 7575
After three visits with each other last year, two in Michigan and one in Kentucky, @EllenDale and I are going to give it a go together here in Kentucky. Thank you,!
DharmaBum50 KY May 1 May 1 7272
DO YOU LIKE MY NEW T-SHIRT? It fits perfectly! :D
patchoullijulie Australia Oct 21 Oct 21 6060
Look what was in my mailbox today!
LiterateHiker WA Oct 19 Oct 19 4242
Doing my first shift testing people for covid tomorrow wish me luck . It has to be done big rise in infections this week its a civic duty to help and just right
bobwjr DE Apr 22 Apr 22 6868
I was initially doubtful about meeting someone online. However, I just spent 2 weeks with a wonderful guy (@DharmaBum50) I met on this site. We plan to spend more time together this summer and fall. It's a long distance relationship for now, but ...
EllenDale KY May 20 May 20 6060
I’ve been shot in combat. And as a veteran, I’m telling you: allowing teachers to be armed is an asinine idea
Crimson67 KY Feb 22 Feb 22 115115
While I normally post witty, funny, ironic, or political memes I would like to offer one of thanks and if I forgot anyone, Thank you also,
glennlab TX Mar 31 Mar 31 3131
A little over a year ago I joined this site and made a post about how rough of a year it had been since leaving the faith. I had lost my marriage of 14 years because he rejected me when I came out as skeptical of the faith. He dragged the divorce out...
LisaL81 TX Oct 6 Oct 6 4848
Thinking about LEVELS...
skado AL Apr 21 Apr 21 4444
I have 4th stage prostate cancer so I will dies soon. Dying is not a problem more how I have lived is of interest. My view is that we are just one species of animal which has been given the opportunity to think, remember and reason. I find it pretty ...
Azaz8899 Canada Feb 10 Feb 10 7373
I posted earlier this year about how I was going to get a puppy as a sort of graduation gift to myself for finishing my bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences--so here he is. Meet Mordechai the harlequin Great Dane puppy. :)
Mea CO June 17 Jun 17 7171
Someone didn't think this through.
VictoriaNotes MS Feb 8 Feb 8 5959
I bought a cedar chest at a local thrift store and it is missing some veneer (no, that is not what this post is about). As I was picking up the chest, a man was inquiring about a couch; he wanted to know if it were leather because he wanted to cover...
Gwendolyn2018 MO Aug 27 Aug 27 3333
This super christian guy at my job asked once if I was Christian. I told him no, atheist. He seemed shocked. He said, "You? You seem to be such a nice person." He said, "It scares me that if you don't believe in God and heaven and hell, what's ...
URAKENT OH Nov 22 Nov 22 5656
I hope we can be so civilized
HippieChick58 NE Mar 21 Mar 21 1515
This explains it. Lol.
yogafan108 NV Aug 7 Aug 7 1616
This is a major rant about men not reading profiles. I am here for dating and I have an issue about men messaging me without first reading my profile. I may not be everyone's cup of tea but I put some effort in what I write, it's not a bunch of ...
CaroleKay CA Aug 4 Aug 4 9090
My direct admission at covid unit two nights ago came from the woods , no social security number , no medical records , no nothing . A Hispanic man of low 30s , a “ working in a farm “ man , while wife working at the meat plan of same area . My ...
Pralina1 VA May 15 May 15 4040
Guys ask why women are so pissed off. Even guys with wives and daughters. Jackson Katz, a prominent social researcher, illustrates why. He's done it with hundreds of audiences: "I draw a line down the middle of a chalkboard, sketching a male ...
HippieChick58 NE Sep 28 Sep 28 6565
Asking if there is no god, what is the purpose of life is like...
HippieChick58 NE June 9 Jun 9 4040
Being on the net as often as i am, i need the civility-fixes here at The last two days have been especially abuse-ridden. After two days of being attacked and name-called for my socially conscious, anti-racist/bigotry approaches...
josephr Canada Sep 7 Sep 7 2626
An email from a guy on a dating site: "Gwen forgive me for bothering you, you're the first real live Atheist I've had a chance to talk with, i only have this one thing i want to say.. It is written that God's knowledge is silly to the ...
Gwendolyn2018 MO Sep 1 Sep 1 5959
Are you a "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" person? Either way, best wishes to you and thanks for participation this past year! And yes, it's a beautiful tree:
Admin Online Dec 24 Dec 24 105105
As an Aussie living in a mainly secular country I'm amazed and disheartened by the stories from Americans who have to hide their secularism and who are discriminated against because of it. It's difficult to accept a first world country with third ...
Cyklone Australia Jan 29 Jan 29 5656
We're happy to roll out an update to our "likes" button. You can now select a dozen different types of emotions in your "likes". You can still do a single click for the good old thumbs up. We realize that we don't want this site to be too much ...
Admin Online July 1 Jul 1 3636
I attended a family dinner tonight and when they stopped to pray, I began to eat my food. And I enjoyed the shit out of that food while they prayed. Never did that before. I usually just remain still and silent until they finish. This time, I said to...
anonymous Online Apr 20 Apr 20 7575
The unromantic truth
AMGT CA Aug 15 Aug 15 1414
God: Oy Noah! Noah: Yes Lord? God: How's it going? Noah: Not bad, I suppose, given the state of the world. You know, corruption and sin and giants everywhere... God: Well, quite. Been meaning to talk to you about that, actually. So, you ...
Aivery MD June 11 Jun 11 3737
Sweet Jesus 😂🤣
Agnieszka Poland Nov 4 Nov 4 2323
Satan and I in Florida . We had great x , and back to work for both of us . He was given to me by the people who coordinate my schedule , I always sign my emails w a bat and since they know that I am an atheist , they figured , “ it had your name ...
Pralina1 VA Dec 28 Dec 28 3131
Got my T shirt and pen!
hippydog Canada Aug 11 Aug 11 4949
On a serious note ... I'm just overwhelmed by you all. I'm a little bit SERIOUSLY introvert and non-personable. I don't even know what to say to every one that's taken the time to write and NOT send prayers. Thank you God!!!! 😂 Thanks ...
SeaGreenEyez IN May 27 May 27 4949
My new favorite joke!
Lilie ND June 4 Jun 4 2323
Hey guys, before I came on this site I am a hundred % believer, as the time goes by and read most of the post and comments on here plus every time I asked bf bout things, it changes my views in life, it turned out that the logic of things and ...
Boomtarat03 Hong Kong June 1 Jun 1 4848
I just finished 84 days at St. Joseph's Recovery Center in Parkersburg, WV.. I have over 100 days clean and sober. People are always saying you can't do it with out God but I have done it. I find more strength and courage within myself. I have ...
jimmie3286 NC Oct 6 Oct 6 5656
I've been inching my way to level 8 for eternity. I have less than 3,000 to go! It's the apocalypse and I don't have too many pressing things going on. So here is my point grovel... I'm so glad I found this site. It really helped me when I was in ...
Dancing MI Apr 26 Apr 26 7575
It's been a long time since I had some holy rollers come to my house ... Well - Saturday, while I was out in the yard, I saw them approaching - two men and a young boy. I approached and asked if I could help them, and one man said "we'd love to ...
evergreen FL May 5 May 5 3737
How comfortable are you with the word "Atheist" ?
Chris90045 CA Sep 29 Sep 29 586586
Went to a humanist funeral yesterday and I was blown away. The departed was a saintly woman who helped numerous cancer patients voluntarily;everyone was there... Even the local priest allowed the humanist ceremony to take place in his church because ...
tsallinia UK Nov 12 Nov 12 3131
One of the funniest things in my Facebook feed today.
Kojaksmom NC Feb 18 Feb 18 2222
I am interested in opinions on this statement.
Donotbelieve PA May 10 May 10 7373
I've been away for a while. I've missed you heathens. I have a story to tell here. Last year I spoke with a friend in southern Illinois about a guitar that he's had forever. It was an old, beat-up Kay acoustic. And when I say old, I mean old. It ...
Duke CO Apr 9 Apr 9 4848
How to advertise your religion...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. May 1 May 1 1414
Thanks to for sending me the teeshirt and pen. I know the photo is goofy, but that's just me. I have grown out my hair and beard for a production of Fiddler on the Roof. Unfortunately, I am having some health issues, and my ability to ...
BestWithoutGods TN Jan 8 Jan 8 4949
Has a fellow member on this site been an encouragement to you lately? I've had a few and I cannot express how grateful I am for them. I try to express my appreciation in those moments directly to said members but in case I failed... I ...
Donotbelieve PA Feb 18 Feb 18 3737
Ok, another couple weeks and another list of improvements (hopefully) to the site. Here goes: We are slowly sending out our first email of “new member matches” for those interested in dating and “interesting new posts” for those here ...
Admin Online Dec 30 Dec 30 5050
HOW NOT TO FIND A PARTNER -Lessons from an old man I have a friend whose wife died a year ago. He asked me what I thought he should do to find a new mate in online dating....I read the posts on as well. With great fear of being ...
Bigwavedave NC July 2 Jul 2 4646
I feel this is true for most people who finally open their eyes to reality.
BohoHeathen OH May 29 May 29 1616
HOLY TRIGGERED, BATMAN! I cannot believe how outraged some atheists get when they see someone using the word spiritual. I recently used the word spiritual in a post...however this is not the first time I've set someone off over the usage of ...
BohoHeathen OH Oct 23 Oct 23 8989
Famous Atheist - Jodie Foster
HippieChick58 NE Aug 3 Aug 3 2828
Sondland has thrown ALL of them right under the bus. From 45, to Pence, to Rudy, to the State Dept., and the guys who testified yesterday. Yesterday, I told someone that this is exactly what was going to happen with this guy. He's already ...
KKGator GA Nov 20 Nov 20 2424
Here's my AGNOSTIC shirt! I like it a lot! Thanks to Administration!
LucyLoohoo CA Oct 25 Oct 25 3131
Thought I should post a picture of me in my new shirt!! I can't tell the many of you I have connected with on this site, how much you all mean to me! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life experiences with me. It has helped me so ...
Redheadedgammy TX Mar 13 Mar 13 2727
How do you tell religious people that you're an atheist?
Bingogwak CA Sep 10 Sep 10 837837
Hi, I'm a new member. Retired (live in Michigan) and spend a lot of time reading, crocheting, crafts, and watching good movies. I'm happy to have found this site. I've been reading the Humanist Magazine for over a year now and love it. I have a ...
CJCrafter MI Mar 16 Mar 16 7676
We're really excited to announce a bunch of new ways to help you meet other members. If you like what you're seeing, please tell your friends about our community. Here are few of the new features: Chat rooms Since it was one of the top ...
Admin Online May 15 May 15 3434
How do you deal with Door-knockers?
Nicsnort IN Oct 14 Oct 14 808808
Yay!! Got my t-shirt today! Woot woot! ????
BeeHappy TX Apr 3 Apr 3 3737
Hello all, I just wanted to say that I've really been enjoying this place and appreciate the sense of community here! I love all of the stimulating conversations that can be found on the discussion boards as well as how caring and supportive ...
Mea CO Mar 15 Mar 15 3232
Now what was that you were saying about indoctrination...? 🤣
skado AL Jan 29 Jan 29 1313
The recent posts on reproductive rights and abortion hit close to home for me so I have some pretty strong feelings about it. Last year when it looked like the ACA might be repealed I decided to share my story on facebook. I thought I would ...
AdorkableMe OR May 21 May 21 5454
A toast to Stephen Hawking. Such a great contributer to the world. Here are some of his awesome quotes: 1. Intelligence is the ability to change and adapt. 2. Perfection simply doesn't exist.....Without imperfection, neither you nor I would ...
silvereyes OK Mar 14 Mar 14 2525
Why are people so hostile towards President Donald Trump? This question was asked on Quora, and here is probably the best response so far (thank you to Chris O'Leary). Please take the time to read the whole thing (a little long I know, but ...
ATDayHiker TN Feb 11 Feb 11 3737
❤️You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere. Why did you spill the coffee? "Because someone bumped into me!!!" Wrong answer. You spilled ...
MsHoliday Canada Nov 19 Nov 19 6161
Greetings. Decided to join because I'd like to meet like-minded people. Whether it's relationships or friendships it seems like they've mostly ended once the topic of god arises. Funny enough, I'm not the one who brings it up. So, I thought ...
MJ1379 VA Mar 1 Mar 1 4848
I am a recent widower and signed up on a dating site. Finally found a woman I really liked. We talked by phone for hours and hours but never touched on religion. My dating profile stated I was an Agnostic and hers said Christian. After a long planned...
tymtravler KY Jan 21 Jan 21 7878
Today is march 23rd - Atheist International Day. Happy Atheist day to everyone
levan Georgia Mar 22 Mar 22 2222
I used to be tolerant of all religions. Well, those days are gone. I've seen so much harm being done by "religious" people, and being sponsored and taught by their religions, that my tolerance has faded. So I'm confessing: I'm now actually ...
mischl FL Nov 15 Nov 15 4747
I blasphemed the lord for 18 months and all I got was this lousy T-shirt! Leon and I would like to thank the @admin (s), community, our Lord and Savior Joe Pesci, and all the little people we had to milk for reactions to get here. I’ve had it for a...
Wurlitzer TN Aug 20 Aug 20 2424
I write this with a sadness I am unable fully explain with words. My Noble friend of 14 years is gone. Unable to help him with his pain, end his seizures or comfort him I agreed to euthanize him as painlessly as possible. Only 13 pounds he guarded my...
clarkatticus MO May 14 May 14 4747
LINK We're on a road to destruction if we don't make changes. Some thoughts on outrage and an idea to get human.
Admin Online Apr 27 Apr 27 117117
I don't talk about it much, but mother's day is kinda hard for me. I have two children that I'll never see and never hold. Two children whose heartbeats I felt but never heard. I've made sure I'll never experience that loss again. It's hard some ...
LadyAlyxandrea KS May 12 May 12 3030
That was super fast getting my Agnostic shirt! Thanks for the wonderful shirt and pen, and more importantly this amazing community! (Excuse the cheesy bathroom selfie) Edit I flipped the photo since so many people were picking on me hahaha 😉
BohoHeathen OH May 23 May 23 3939
I see posts here saying "are Atheists this?" We do not all think the same. An atheist is a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods. That's all it is. We are still individuals with vast differences.
vjohnson51 WI Oct 25 Oct 25 3737
So, there's chatter (again) about members using profanity, and how it's "unnecessary". I swear, A LOT. I'm not going to stop. It doesn't really matter to me if it offends anyone's delicate sensibilities. It's not a reflection of a lack of ...
KKGator GA Jan 3 Jan 3 5858
I might have fucked up on Facebook, ya’ll. Oh well, see who disappears this time🙄. I lost my temper and fired off a screed about how Xtians are NOT ‘oppressed’. One too many memes on how god must be returned to the schools or some such ...
CarolinaGirl60 NC Jan 29 Jan 29 6666
We added two little features today: 1. One comments and replies, you can view who liked the content by clicking on the icon with 3 horizontal lines and then "View Likes". This is more important for mobile users who were not able to view who likes...
Admin Online Apr 20 Apr 20 1919
Thank You for being here. I've met a wonderful, funny man. We are planning for the future. Without this site we would not have met.
charlotte62 WA Sep 21 Sep 21 3636