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Has anyone had this problem yet? By Matias 7 Germany Apr 9 Apr 9 66 comments
LINK NYC cracks down on yeshivas that let in unvaccinated students By Elganned 8 MI Apr 9 Apr 9 66 comments
LINK 11-Year-Old Astrophysics Genius ‘Proves’ Stephen Hawking Wrong About God By ATDayHiker 7 TN Apr 9 Apr 9 4040 comments
The beauty of being Atheist or Agnostic is that we do every act in our lives with straight sincerity. A religious person has to be bribed to do good, however a non-believer does good because it’s just the right thing to do. By Wise_self 3 NY Apr 8 Apr 8 2929 comments
I honestly think that way in the back of every stout religious person's mind sits a little Ricky Gervais voice saying "naaah... its all a bit far fetched to me...." By believeinlove 4 IA Apr 8 Apr 8 77 comments
As soon as today, the Missouri State House may vote on HB 728, a bill specifically aimed at undermining the separation of religion and government. The entire purpose of this bill is to make it more difficult for organizations like American ...
By AtheistNews 5 TN Apr 8 Apr 8 77 comments
Wow, I feel SO old. ?
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 8 Apr 8 1111 comments
Looking for some positive alternatives talk today. Scanning a few groups I'm in I see a lot of highlights of the human condition and the use of religion and social groups to justify negative behavior. I'm curious about ideas of way to provide the ... By RobertFoley 5 OR Apr 8 Apr 8 66 comments
LINK The Rapture and the Real World: Mike Pompeo Blends Beliefs and Policy By zblaze 7 OR Apr 8 Apr 8 88 comments
LINK Stephen Fry: The Importance of Unbelief - YouTube By zblaze 7 OR Apr 8 Apr 8 66 comments
Religious Conservatives Argue Adam And Eve Would Never Have Been Banished From Eden If They’d Had Guns [] By ldheinz 7 Apr 8 Apr 8 1616 comments
LINK Texas Senate Passes Bill Permitting Faith-Based Bigotry for Licensed Workers | David Gee | Friendly Atheist | Patheos By snytiger6 8 WA Apr 8 Apr 8 66 comments
I remember when I was in high school, a friend of mine and my brother convinced me to go to church with them and his grandparents one Sunday. I went and found myself in front of a nice building with a sign that said, "Welcome! to the Neighborhood ... By Enchanter 6 OR Apr 8 Apr 8 1212 comments
We should start a Freedom of Science like religion has to protect it. That should be in the constitution. By Charliesey 7 FL Apr 8 Apr 8 55 comments
Seriously, guys, this is very important advice...
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 8 Apr 8 1414 comments
For all you history buffs out there...
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 8 Apr 8 1212 comments
If I cannot walk around naked without being arrested for indecency why should any of these people be able to walk around flouting their proclivities which I consider an affront to my eyes? Québec protesters decry ‘discriminatory’ bill banning... By FrayedBear 9 Australia Apr 8 Apr 8 1212 comments
I was watching a show about the people of Haiti, in particular a mother and her two daughters. They were on the brink of starvation. The fact that the mother was constantly praying to god for deliverance for her children made me sad but I really ... By Outsideit67 6 UT Apr 8 Apr 8 88 comments
God, Irony and non-believers As I wander through this site and read here and there a connecting theme is that science will prove/is proving/has proven God does not exist. Let us put aside for a moment that for every effect a cause is found, one... By GnosticLove 5 VA Apr 7 Apr 7 3232 comments
Yet another way religion is killing us - [] By Allamanda 7 Virgin Islands, U.S. Apr 7 Apr 7 1010 comments
A sorely missed great orator: Hitchens: "It matters not what you think. It matters how you think." An example of his superior presentation skills, about a topic still demanding depthful thinking. Youtube By Jacar 7 MI Apr 7 Apr 7 55 comments
True and the atheist I know of are the most generous and caring not judgmental of all.
By Charliesey 7 FL Apr 7 Apr 7 1010 comments
No mercy! Sweep the leg!! ? ?
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 7 Apr 7 77 comments
Spirituality and/or Religion? - I have asked, “Is it possible to be a spiritual person without being a religious person?,” “Is it conceivable to be a spiritual person and not belong to an organized religion?,” and “Can a person be ... By alwmjohnson 4 IN Apr 7 Apr 7 1313 comments
Has there been such a thing as "moral progress" in the history of mankind? By Matias 7 Germany Apr 7 Apr 7 2828 comments
I think the world must be coming to an end! We now have militant vegans. [] You note they hit a soft target. If they are serious see how they go by protesting at an abattoir. Militant veganism sounds a million times worse ... By Geoffrey51 7 Australia Apr 7 Apr 7 88 comments
“Iiiiii don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my drum all day...”
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 7 Apr 7 44 comments
Omg has Ed Sheeran been singing about a cat all along?
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 7 Apr 7 44 comments
LINK Hints of mysterious religion discovered in world’s highest lake By IAJO163 7 PA Apr 7 Apr 7 77 comments
LINK Science in America - Neil deGrasse Tyson - YouTube By Mark013 7 WI Apr 7 Apr 7 66 comments
I just came home after attending a completely secular wedding and it was wonderful! Not just because there was no mention of God or Jesus or 'holy matrimony'. It was two people celebrating their lovely relationship. I met up with family members I'd ... By Sandster 6 UK Apr 7 Apr 7 1616 comments
Closer To Truth: Extrasensory Perception (ESP). There is an ongoing PBS TV series as well as several books and also a website called “Closer To Truth”. Here are a few of my comments on one of the general topics covered by CTT, ESP and related ... By johnprytz 7 Australia Apr 7 Apr 7 66 comments
belief/disbelief noun an acceptance that a statement is true/false or that something exists or not. believe/disbelieve verb decision action of accepting something as true/false. Knowledge noun facts, information, and skills acquired by ... By Antifred 7 TX Apr 7 Apr 7 66 comments
What are the advantages of being an AGNOSTIC? Is it forever? By Mcflewster 7 UK Apr 7 Apr 7 1111 comments
And I'll bet anything that he later told all of his other equally insufferable religious freak friends about how persecuted he was in Sydney. Probably even fancies himself as a modern day prophet and a better person than everyone else around him. I... By Piratefish 7 IN Apr 6 Apr 6 88 comments
If you knew of a way to use your estate following your death to greatly benefit humanity would you do it and leave only a minimal amount to your family??
By Metaqueen70 4 NV Apr 6 Apr 6 2424 comments
RICHARD DAWKINS ERROR CONCERNING THE ORIGIN OF LIFE Pursuing the concept that anything is possible given enough time for trial and error, two atheist astronomers, Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe calculated an estimate of the probability ... By LloydBrumbaugh 4 OH Apr 6 Apr 6 2424 comments
Racist Jesus . . . that is their idol . . . and they are violent racists who go abroad seeking more plunder under the banner of their Aryan racist Jesus, they promote it in the ranks of the military, all to feed their lust for more, more resources, ...
By THHA 7 AZ Apr 6 Apr 6 1010 comments
So, was The Vietnam War, a Religious War? There was no clear "offense" against the USA on the part of the NV. It seems USA acted out of paranoia and were given a huge boost by Conservatives. (The Religious Right being less defined then...?). Also ... By twill 7 IN Apr 6 Apr 6 1414 comments
I was 9 years old and being raised by my grandmother when I went home from Sunday school and told her that I didn't want to go back there and that I though it was a bunch of hooy. She, being a good Christian woman, believed in my right to believe or... By pooch2000so 2 GA Apr 6 Apr 6 55 comments
Michele Bachmann has made it clear she thinks it's the end of time, Jesus will come back soon. That's just the worst kind of political leader, their long term planning has to be impaired, how exactly is that a desirable trait in a leader? ... By Novelty 8 CA Apr 5 Apr 5 3636 comments
LINK NJ signs on to Death with Dignity By JackPedigo 8 WA Apr 5 Apr 5 1111 comments
LINK Study: Poor African Americans in the Deep South Are Most Likely to Be Audited By the IRS By VictoriaNotes 8 MS Apr 5 Apr 5 77 comments
Someone said that even if you don't believe in God, it is advisable to live your life as if there is a God. What do you think of that? By Lidasman 4 Canada Apr 5 Apr 5 8888 comments
LINK Mormon Elder: Pay The Church, Even If It Means Your Family Starves | Michael Stone By snytiger6 8 WA Apr 5 Apr 5 1313 comments
LINK Anti-Gay Christian Can’t Handle Pete Buttigieg: “We’ve Got To Expose Him” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos By snytiger6 8 WA Apr 5 Apr 5 55 comments
LINK Kids More Likely To Be Molested At Church Than In Transgender Bathrooms By snytiger6 8 WA Apr 5 Apr 5 1414 comments
Glad to know these insertion instructions exist...
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 5 Apr 5 88 comments
Why do so many member of this site spend so much time talking about religion on this site? I am long, long past that, and do not want to waste any time, energy, emotion, or energy talking about religion. The only energy I will spend in relation to ... By wordywalt 8 FL Apr 5 Apr 5 3434 comments
What a strange coincidence that people have the same religion as their parents and it just so happens to be the right religion. Richard Dawkins By Kansas77 2 CA Apr 5 Apr 5 66 comments
The Risky Business of Time Travel Stephen Hawking the celebrated theoretical physicist, et. Al., have stated a belief that time travel may very well be possible. However, some who disagree say that evidence that it is in fact not possible, lies in... By dahermit 7 MI Apr 5 Apr 5 1212 comments
33% of the lights go out, but sign is still the same..! ?
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 5 Apr 5 77 comments
I completely sympathize with this woman. For work I am often called upon to testify and I find myself feeling obligated to swear under oath. If I admit I’m atheist, I fear the jury will side with the plaintiff and I could potentially lose our ... By Jewelee65 5 NJ Apr 5 Apr 5 1818 comments
LINK LDS Church dumps its controversial LGBTQ policy, cites ‘continuing revelation’ from God - The Salt Lake Tribune By RichCC 7 AZ Apr 5 Apr 5 88 comments
Is anyone else bored to death with the entire atheist theist debate? I've been hearing it since I was six years old. There's no new arguments from theist and I suspect that's been true for hundreds of years. As for the latest atheist movement, I ... By Novelty 8 CA Apr 4 Apr 4 3939 comments
Facebook kind of an agnostic image By btroje 9 NM Apr 4 Apr 4 55 comments
I've learned of atheists throughout history. Democratis, the Greek, said that if god is all knowing and all powerful, it cant be all loving. All powerful and all loving, it cant be sll knowing. All knowing and all loving, it cant be all ... By johntukas 3 OH Apr 4 Apr 4 66 comments
LINK Christian Conspiracy Website WorldNetDaily is on the Verge of Financial Collapse | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos By SidneyWinston 6 Canada Apr 4 Apr 4 77 comments
Has anyone heard from silent God, lately. By Antifred 7 TX Apr 4 Apr 4 2323 comments
When sheldon studied religion Youtube By magicwatch 7 UK Apr 4 Apr 4 44 comments
LINK Key Differences Between Atheism and Agnosticism By zblaze 7 OR Apr 4 Apr 4 1414 comments
LINK Scrap religion as a charitable purpose, says National Secular Society | Third Sector By zblaze 7 OR Apr 4 Apr 4 1010 comments
[] Did he use religion as a vehicle for good By Tooreen 6 IL Apr 4 Apr 4 44 comments
LINK Study debunks 'depression genes' hypotheses By BookDeath 8 VA Apr 4 Apr 4 99 comments
So this religious group came door knocking(should be illegal) and where going on about how gods so good blah blah blah. Anyway i ask him "if this god is so great explain cancer and poverty" then he replied Adam and Eve will restore the world one day.... By pickmeup17 2 Australia Apr 4 Apr 4 99 comments
Find agnostic doctor By scubafan 3 Canada Apr 4 Apr 4 1717 comments
How does one become a GOD ? Could it be done online? Gonline ? All prayers and petitions answered $1 to worship Only one rule, mine? By Tooreen 6 IL Apr 3 Apr 3 1313 comments
Memphis signs contract with Catholics for charter schools as long as the schools don't teach anything that contradicts Catholic doctrine. [] What the hell are they thinking? By Elganned 8 MI Apr 3 Apr 3 99 comments
The "perks" of growing old..... If I evercise then it hurts like hell....if I don't then I feel like crap !!!!!... What a hell !!! ?? By IamNobody 8 IN Apr 3 Apr 3 1414 comments
I guess it's tough being a religion and not being a religion at the same time. [] By hankster 8 TN Apr 3 Apr 3 77 comments
LINK Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Christian grace, humility message is necessary By AtheistReader 7 WA Apr 3 Apr 3 55 comments
Giraffesic Park [] By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 3 Apr 3 44 comments
Just some venting after being a christian for 30 years and experiencing enlightenment It kinda feels good to be able to look at people of different philosophies and religions and mindsets and say "That's an interesting approach to life" with no ... By abyers1970 4 GA Apr 3 Apr 3 88 comments
I’m a 1/26th yoga master, to be honest.
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 3 Apr 3 88 comments
How do you use the word 'belief'? Recently I was involved in another "agnostics are not atheist" debate. (I know, huge waste of time; I plead boredom as an excuse) While the main actors preached and moaned this VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE... contrary ... By MLinoge 6 FL Apr 3 Apr 3 2323 comments
If Russia hadn't entered Syria and Asad regime fell, we might have seen Islamic State forming another Saudi Arabia. Am I wrong in guessing that?
By mufassil 5 UK Apr 3 Apr 3 1414 comments
Quran: Chapter 9 verse 14: “Make war on them so that Allah may punish them by your hands and humiliate them, and help you against them, and heal the hearts of a faithful folk,” Now if you are wondering about the context then know this that ...
By mufassil 5 UK Apr 3 Apr 3 2424 comments
LINK Chickenpox vaccine case: Judge won't let Kentucky students back in school By BookDeath 8 VA Apr 3 Apr 3 1414 comments
LINK Brunei implements stoning to death under new anti-LGBT laws - BBC News By irascible 8 Australia Apr 3 Apr 3 1111 comments
LINK 'Samurai Jack' Is Probably the Most Beautiful, Inventive Cartoon Ever - VICE
By WilliamCharles 7 CA Apr 3 Apr 3 88 comments
I am just curious are there many followers of Bill Maher on here, and is he a leader in his thinking of this community. I for one, believe he has hit the nail on the head, with his beliefs about religion and pot, etc. By TonyCarl1 5 NV Apr 2 Apr 2 4949 comments
I am the eldest son of a Austrian father and German mother and I have two younger sisters. Both my parents have died recently. My father worked hard most of his life and paid off a 200 year old house at Concord in Sydney. When my mom died my youngest... By rathswohl 4 Australia Apr 2 Apr 2 1616 comments
Mass extinction? By AJimboShep82 6 Canada Apr 2 Apr 2 3030 comments
LINK Quebec's religious symbol ban targets minorities in the name of secularism | Martin Patriquin | Opinion | The Guardian By zblaze 7 OR Apr 2 Apr 2 55 comments
LINK Victoria opens the way for secular or atheist school chaplains | Australia news | The Guardian By zblaze 7 OR Apr 2 Apr 2 66 comments
LINK Neil Gorsuch says no-one can sue to stop government establishing religion By jerry99 7 CO Apr 2 Apr 2 1111 comments
Low-budget Cos-Play Well done, young man. Well done.
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 2 Apr 2 77 comments
SNEAK ? Man adds picture of self to a Forbes magazine cover and reads it while taking his first ever first class flight...
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 2 Apr 2 1010 comments
Yesterday I watched a YouTube video of a Iman answering questions about Islam. He was asked by a young lady, if she was going to heaven. She stated she was a Christian and a Catholic and she had been told by Muslim friends that she was not going to ... By Oldcurmudgeon 6 OH Apr 2 Apr 2 1010 comments
----------------------------------------------------- I'm not making this up, I read it on a Christian site ------------------------------------------------------- Is it a sin to ejaculate on my wife's face? Dear pastor, I have a family problem... By Williamcristiano 5 Brazil Apr 2 Apr 2 1313 comments
So I am a member of a group on Facebook for Dessert storm vets (Yes Pacifist vet here) And this guy makes a post saying lets pray for America because god can make it right. Lets just say I chimed in and no matter what I said God is good. This guys ... By DavidGreen1 6 CO Apr 2 Apr 2 1313 comments
Please sit on my face... 😂😂
By flithyMONKEYmen 7 VA Apr 1 Apr 1 77 comments
I highly recommend that we all take an "adult dose" of this, sit back, refrain from attempts to toggle the "like" icon or his icon buddies, and allow @admin a chance to fix things. Carry on.
By bigpawbullets 8 OH Apr 1 Apr 1 1111 comments
LINK Greta Christina: Do believers in a tri-omni God act like they believe in one? By lpetrich 5 OR Apr 1 Apr 1 77 comments
Rick Scott, the very man who created HCA and defrauded Medicare for over a billion dollars. He resigns just prior to the sentencing stage and his company paid over 600 million in fines. Now he is point man for revamping USA healthcare. ... By EMC2 7 FL Apr 1 Apr 1 1212 comments
LINK The Secret Jehovah’s Witness Database of Child Molesters - The Atlantic By zblaze 7 OR Apr 1 Apr 1 66 comments
Today i celebrate with you a Happy One-year Agnostic Membership Anniversary, on our still resisting Blue Ship! Thank you, Agnostic Community for being, evolving and supporting Terrian siblings, including me. You are fantastic. You have the capacity ...
By Noemi 6 Romania Apr 1 Apr 1 99 comments
I challenge any theologian of Islam or any apologetic Muslim to convince me with any interpretation which goes against the apparent plain and straightforward meaning of the following verse of the Quran : Chapter 8, verse 55: " Indeed, the worst of ...
By mufassil 5 UK Apr 1 Apr 1 1313 comments
You can be a good person and not believe in god or a horrible person a believe in god
By Penny_lane77 3 GA Apr 1 Apr 1 99 comments
MAYBE WE'RE WRONG -- Recently I've found myself wrestling with the question of God. I know I've been proclaiming my atheism loudly and consistently for months but the fact is, I'm not as certain about it as I pretend to be. I frequently find ... By Sgt_Spanky 7 FL Apr 1 Apr 1 2626 comments
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