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On Ethical Sluts, I posted a very misleading, confusing, and frankly, when read a certain way, insulting spiel about the "men" who dislike, even hate, sluts, defined in this honorable and respectful space, as proudly promiscuous women who love sex in... By Storm1752 7 FL Mar 17 Mar 17 1414 comments
C'mon global warming, where the hell are you? Do you realize we are just few days shy from Spring time?
By IamNobody 8 IN Mar 17 Mar 17 77 comments
St. Patrick's Day was not celebrated where I grew up, along the coast of the North Sea in Germany. As a child, I was fascinated with the story about the monk Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland. My cousin Renate set me straight one day: " We ... By Spinliesel 8 NY Mar 17 Mar 17 55 comments
all of does believed in God show your god to me By CharlsYuan 1 Philippines Mar 17 Mar 17 77 comments
"The commitment to living beyond a narrow view of our own interests makes us different from animals and creates a series of biological puzzles concerning our lack of selfishness and our willingness to condemn others. The moral sense was once ... By Matias 7 Germany Mar 17 Mar 17 66 comments
well let me start from beginning of my journey that led me to be in this awkward situation. I will to come to point quick because my story is long and so sorry for my bad english i wish i could write this letter in deutsch! My Name is Mahmud ... By MahmudMohebbi 2 UK Mar 17 Mar 17 44 comments
Isn't it hilarious how the religious transfer their own deviance onto us? :D
By Surfpirate 8 Canada Mar 16 Mar 16 1414 comments
Friendzoned by God.
By GeorgeRocheleau 8 AZ Mar 16 Mar 16 55 comments
I recently found a group on "Meet Up" for Secular Humanists. I've been trying to make an event for weeks, but bad timing and work got in the way. Well, I finally made it out to a dinner last night and I had such an amazing time. I met a dozen new ... By orange_girl 8 IN Mar 16 Mar 16 1818 comments
I was listening to an interview today that Terry Gross conducted on NPR with a lady theologian -- a very bright and sincere lady. What I heard in that interview, merged with past experiences like my admiration for the Lutheran theologian, Reinhold ... By wordywalt 8 FL Mar 16 Mar 16 99 comments
From The Week: The Portland city council unanimously approved an ordinance banning discrimination against atheists and agnostics. "With this declaration," said city commissioner Amanda Fritz, "perhaps more nonbelievers will feel less fearful of being...
By Grayghost 6 VA Mar 16 Mar 16 88 comments
LINK Moral Zealotry and the Seductive Nature of Evil - Quillette By zblaze 7 OR Mar 16 Mar 16 55 comments
LINK I had no idea this was a thing- Mansplaining shirtgate to women is meta misogyny | Dr. Jen Gunter By MarkiusMahamius 6 NY Mar 16 Mar 16 66 comments
a not very common visitor to my neighborhood
By btroje 9 NM Mar 16 Mar 16 1010 comments
Somehow stumbled on this site on the web, it sounds really interesting. I've always been agnostic, even after years in a church choir. I'd really like to meet like minded people (preferably female) to discuss life etc over a few beers or decent ... By Vince63 2 UK Mar 16 Mar 16 88 comments
LINK Churches open their doors to businesses in order to survive By Elganned 8 MI Mar 16 Mar 16 66 comments
Does beleif in god justify how much should people be allowed to spend on end of life care? By MarkiusMahamius 6 NY Mar 16 Mar 16 2121 comments
Pride. This world would be better without so much pride. I know I'm guilty of it. Often. You don't need religion to be moral. And you don't need commandments to point out what is right or wrong. Pride. Stupid, pig headed, stubborn pride. ... By James00346 7 NV Mar 16 Mar 16 1212 comments
If you lived a good life, you get to request from Death how you die. It's an interview that lasts less than a second, as the universe perceives it, and your clock is up in the next 60 minutes. So now there is a double conundrum; how to die, and ... By James00346 7 NV Mar 16 Mar 16 77 comments
No to speculations and destructions in activism! The Planet does not need kneeling on earth, as excessive humiliation, but Visions and Protective Acts for all Her Children. By going beyond the biases of erroneous ideas (present in all the human ... By Noemi 6 Romania Mar 16 Mar 16 66 comments
Muslim countries do not accept Christian churches in their territory and do not accept atheists, atheists are sentenced to death for apostasy in Islamic countries where Shariah was implanted. I think it is not necessary for the Prime Minister of New... By Williamcristiano 5 Brazil Mar 16 Mar 16 1717 comments
LINK Religion is child abuse!!!! - YouTube By DerikPollock 3 WI Mar 16 Mar 16 44 comments
During what time period did white people become the majority of humans in what is now the United States? By MsAl 7 MI Mar 15 Mar 15 1414 comments
Hope this isn't a repeat - because it's really important article explaining why climate change science isn't making an impact - particularly outside the intelligentsia - [] By Allamanda 7 Virgin Islands, U.S. Mar 15 Mar 15 1313 comments
Today would have been our 44th Wedding Anniversary if Lisa hadn't lost her battle with cancer. On the day we were Married up on Long Island, all the weathermen were saying that the temperatures would be in the very low 30's F (around 0 C) with ...
By AncientNight 8 VA Mar 15 Mar 15 1414 comments
freaky mammata at sunset
By btroje 9 NM Mar 15 Mar 15 66 comments
My Cat and I. Girls are simply the prettiest things My Cat and I believe And we're always saddened When it's time for them to leave We watch them titivating (that one takes a while) And thought they keep us waiting My cat & I just smile... By Jolanta 8 Australia Mar 15 Mar 15 66 comments
Space (A.K.A. Outer Space, Cosmological Space) is not an empty void, not free of substance or form. By TheAstroChuck 8 NY Mar 15 Mar 15 1616 comments
LINK The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change | HuffPost By tnorman1236 9 WV Mar 15 Mar 15 1111 comments
LINK Humanist marriages least likely to end in divorce, official statistics reveal » Humanists UK By zblaze 7 OR Mar 15 Mar 15 66 comments
Hey, I just got a note from the NY Daily News Voices that they're publishing my letter to the editor. I wonder what Rudy will think of it. Somebody is bound to mention it to him. Hope he doesn't sue me. Even better I wonder what the mobsters will... By Aristopus 6 FL Mar 15 Mar 15 55 comments
LINK A Life of One’s Own: A Penetrating 1930s Field Guide to Self-Possession, Mindful Perception, and the Art of Knowing What You Really Want – Brain Pickings By tnorman1236 9 WV Mar 14 Mar 14 66 comments
As a parental father figure,Old Testament God does not appear to like children very much (or uses their suffering to threaten their parents to obey him...).[] Are we parents supposed to use God as a role model? I have always ... By mojo5501 6 WI Mar 14 Mar 14 1616 comments
Space explained - look in a "empty" cardboard box - what do you see - space, or area. That space is no different than the space that is light years away. now put 2 tennis balls in the box, push them in opposite directions - what do you have? you ... By gater 7 CA Mar 14 Mar 14 2525 comments
This made me chuckle
By Namaste 5 SC Mar 14 Mar 14 1111 comments
GoT only 4 weeks left!
By TajI 3 IL Mar 14 Mar 14 99 comments
Do we know if Socrates was a historical character or a literary device used by Plato? By Geoffrey51 7 Australia Mar 14 Mar 14 2020 comments
A fun project I did a while back for my kids. The challenge was to disprove something in the bible but in an original way. Well the kids decided Noah's ark as the topic and since most of the arguments I've heard have always been about Noahs age or ...
By JohnnyMiller 5 OK Mar 14 Mar 14 1010 comments
Thought I should post a picture of me in my new shirt!! I can't tell the many of you I have connected with on this site, how much you all mean to me! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life experiences with me. It has helped me so ...
By Redheadedgammy 8 TX Mar 13 Mar 13 3434 comments
To show desire for dating or community on your profile? I have waffled back and forth on this since I started. The problem is both are kind of applicable. I am here for the community but if I met a person and we became friends and later wanted to... By mzbehavin 8 OK Mar 13 Mar 13 3535 comments
"Humans are often said to be intensely tribal. Indeed we are. But if “tribal” refers to a sense of solidarity with a large social group, the same is true of most primates. Tribalism does not distinguish us, nor does reactive aggression. It is ... By Matias 7 Germany Mar 13 Mar 13 1515 comments
[] US Again Cuts Women from State Department’s Human Rights Reports By Knitfreak 7 MI Mar 13 Mar 13 99 comments
Judge tells ani-vaxxers to keep their kids home. [] By Elganned 8 MI Mar 13 Mar 13 1616 comments
LINK Paul Manafort indicted in New York moments after sentencing in D.C. case By jerry99 7 CO Mar 13 Mar 13 88 comments
Open discussion. Zoroastrianism and the influence on Abrahamic religions. By SeamusFarrell 4 AR Mar 13 Mar 13 88 comments
Is there a way to block group posts I'm not in from my main stream? By celticagent 7 MA Mar 13 Mar 13 55 comments
Cosmic Gate - Halo (Album Mix) Going for my early morning walk. I hope my pups and I can beat this storm before it hits. Earphones in, replay button set, here goes! Spotify is my best friend for music. Youtube
Posted in World Music group
By SleeplessInTexas 8 TX Mar 13 Mar 13 44 comments
Australia's most Senior Catholic cleric, and, until recently, the 3rd most senior world wide, Cardinal Pell, was sentenced today to a custodial sentence of over 6 yrs for sexual offences against 2 minors. Although the conviction is subject to ... By Doubting 5 Australia Mar 13 Mar 13 2222 comments
Finally i becomes real human I’m out of religion piece of shit By Yabani83 3 NY Mar 12 Mar 12 1414 comments
More antivaxx logic, for your dining pleasure!
By Charlene 9 Mar 12 Mar 12 1717 comments
Chip, chip, chip... Federal court allows Ohio law that defunds Planned Parenthood. [] By Elganned 8 MI Mar 12 Mar 12 88 comments
I found this idea of classifying moral behavior fascinating so I thought I'd share it to discuss. Reciprocity and social exchange for example, are some of the more interesting behaviors: gift giving, being 'fair', resolving made me ... By mojo5501 6 WI Mar 12 Mar 12 1111 comments
One do over.... By Namaste 5 SC Mar 12 Mar 12 3333 comments
AOC takes on the CEO of the blatantly corrupt Wells Fargo over funding the pipeline and caging children. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The CEO of Wells Fargo said they chose to finance the unstable Dakota Access Pipeline over Standing Rock Sioux ... By jerry99 7 CO Mar 12 Mar 12 77 comments
My monarchs are born today.
By Redheadedgammy 8 TX Mar 12 Mar 12 1313 comments
LINK Billionaire Musk releases all Tesla patents to help save the Earth By snytiger6 8 WA Mar 12 Mar 12 55 comments
Bad Reactions When "Coming Out" Atheist? By Clarkefan 4 VA Mar 12 Mar 12 2626 comments
Relationships By TonyAndrews 4 IN Mar 12 Mar 12 1111 comments
I was a member before and left. My user name was Thomas3. I like being honest with members. This site is different from other sites. That is what I missed about it. Thank you for letting me return. By Thomas366 4 NJ Mar 12 Mar 12 1313 comments
I’m curious about how many women believe they have a one track mind. I watched a show on the Science channel that says women multitask better than men. I also know women that claim to be OCD but I wonder if they’re reacting to being single ... By Novelty 8 CA Mar 11 Mar 11 2929 comments
Looking forward to International Atheist Day!
By artistrobfuller 4 UK Mar 11 Mar 11 1919 comments
LINK NYT’s Exposé on the Lies About Burning Aid Trucks in Venezuela Shows How U.S. Government and Media Spread Pro-War Propaganda By Knitfreak 7 MI Mar 11 Mar 11 1111 comments
"Einstein and Hawking: Unlocking The Universe" produced by the BBC for the Science Channel. i watched this last night, these guys should have been science fiction writers. They both produced silly theories that many accept as true. neither ... By gater 7 CA Mar 11 Mar 11 3939 comments
Morality without God By AaronW 3 TX Mar 11 Mar 11 3434 comments
LINK Former Florida officer accused of using police database to find women to date By BookDeath 8 VA Mar 11 Mar 11 2626 comments
Did you hear about the Explosion at the Cheese Factory in France? There was nothing left but de Brie...... By Heidi68 8 NC Mar 11 Mar 11 2424 comments
Seriously. And tomorrow.... oh my.
By SaucyCheryl 8 WA Mar 11 Mar 11 88 comments
For me... assassination of JFK.
By BeeHappy 9 NV Mar 11 Mar 11 5959 comments
To this day it still amazes me how many people still believe in the literal interpretation of angels and heaven. They are indoctrinated at such an early age and at that age decision making is limited. Speaking out against the idea of God or Jesus , ... By petewillia 4 OH Mar 10 Mar 10 1010 comments
I want it baaaack..
By Charlene 9 Mar 10 Mar 10 1515 comments
At least 10 tornadoes confirmed in Louisiana and Kentucky By FreddieAlfie 4 PA Mar 10 Mar 10 88 comments
What are some things By TonyAndrews 4 IN Mar 10 Mar 10 66 comments
Does the concept of human dignity need to be justified? By Matias 7 Germany Mar 10 Mar 10 2929 comments
Be kind. Be relevant.
By Marcel3405 7 WA Mar 10 Mar 10 1313 comments
Read 'em and weep, folks. Read 'em and weep. []
By evidentialist 8 NM Mar 10 Mar 10 1414 comments
Ebola treatment centers under attack in Congo. [] The pandemic takes one step closer. By Elganned 8 MI Mar 10 Mar 10 77 comments
What do you think of this post? The author was a professor at the University of Toronto for 40 years and identified the problem of the Army of Marketeers. [] By ToolGuy 7 Canada Mar 9 Mar 9 66 comments
The art institute of Pittsburgh, a school I'd worked at for 12+ years, just shut down today. While it was always a possibility, it came as a surprise to find a termination notice in my mail today... oh yeah, and I'm in the middle of classes so I ... By TheMiddleWay 8 CA Mar 9 Mar 9 1212 comments
Read a good book yesterday and wanted to pass it along. Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite by William Deresiewicz A former Yale professor, Bill Deresiewicz presents a look at how the top Ivy League colleges in America are ... By linxminx 7 NE Mar 9 Mar 9 2020 comments
I've been hiking two hours a day early in the morning in the desert valley below my hilltop housing development, near Albuquerque, NM, then climbing the almost sheer water culvert back up to my cul-de-sac. Yesterday I walked down the mountain to ... By birdingnut 8 NM Mar 9 Mar 9 1212 comments
Don't forget!
By tnorman1236 9 WV Mar 8 Mar 8 1010 comments
Just wanted to let you know about two bug fixes that are now live. First, you'll probably see that you have a few more points than before due to a calculation error. Second, if you are using our apps (and you should!), you'll now be getting alerts ... By Admin 8 Online Mar 8 Mar 8 3131 comments
any merit to this? [] By hankster 8 TN Mar 7 Mar 7 2323 comments
I had a trully upsetting and shocking experience today. I just feel so angry about it. I have two students of afro-carribean descent. I'll call them Julie and Tommy. Julie is from a rather well to do family from London. She speaks in very pronounced ... By Amisja 8 UK Mar 7 Mar 7 5353 comments
Guilty while being black in America (again) ? [] By Science-guy 8 Canada Mar 7 Mar 7 1616 comments
What is your favorite word or phrase quirk? Something not in the general population lexicon? For example, I like using the word human as a pronoun. I use people as a verb. I've been known to use food as 'man i'm hungry, i should food'. I ... By CommonHuman 7 KS Mar 7 Mar 7 4242 comments
NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER said today that: "The Milky Way weighs in at about 1.5 trillion solar masses (one solar mass is the mass of our Sun), according to the latest measurements. Only a few percent of this is contributed by the ... By cava 7 FL Mar 7 Mar 7 55 comments
LINK High School Students Shovel Woman's Driveway At 4:30 AM So She Can Make It To Dialysis Treatment By Knitfreak 7 MI Mar 7 Mar 7 1313 comments
How do you answer someone who says I'll pray for you like they are judging you? By sillyangel 3 Philippines Mar 7 Mar 7 1919 comments
Wow! Deep. People fined and jailed for dissing their gov't? What should be done if the gov't disrespects it's citizens? [] By IAJO163 7 PA Mar 7 Mar 7 1010 comments
How many of us are there in NC? By Grady302 3 NC Mar 7 Mar 7 2222 comments
Has "God" helped some atheist/agnostics? By Antifred 7 TX Mar 6 Mar 6 3737 comments
I am about to lose my most dear niece to the evils of Ewings Sarcoma. I'm close to broken. She is 12 and deserves NONE of this. I'm angry. I'm sad. I'm hurt. By Ken 5 AR Mar 6 Mar 6 5454 comments
LINK There’s probably another planet in our solar system - MIT Technology Review By david75090 7 TX Mar 6 Mar 6 66 comments
The Do No Harm Act (H.R. 1450, S. 593) is a bill that would limit the negative impact of religious exemptions in federal law in areas such as civil rights and health care coverage. We need your help to build support for this important legislation....
By AtheistNews 5 TN Mar 6 Mar 6 1313 comments
This seems so common sense, but so many people refuse to see it. The radical moral implications of luck in human life [] By Benthoven 8 NY Mar 6 Mar 6 1515 comments
I got into a fb discussion with someone and this is his argument. The "existence" of a god is wholly dependent on the definition that we ascribe to the word "god." Humans have traditionally assigned that which is unknown to a god (wind, fire, ... By ToolGuy 7 Canada Mar 6 Mar 6 2020 comments
LINK Why Renewables Can’t Save the Planet - Quillette By zblaze 7 OR Mar 6 Mar 6 1010 comments
LINK Health Experts Recommend Standing Up At Desk, Leaving Office, Never Coming Back By resserts 8 NY Mar 6 Mar 6 1717 comments
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