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MAYBE WE'RE WRONG -- Recently I've found myself wrestling with the question of God. I know I've been proclaiming my atheism loudly and consistently for months but the fact is, I'm not as certain about it as I pretend to be. I frequently find ... By Sgt_Spanky 7 FL Apr 1 Apr 1 2626 comments
POLL I'm starting a petition to God. Apparently life's too short and we would like more please. By Biosteelman 7 NV Apr 1 Apr 1 44 comments
Trying to think up a new April Fool's joke to play on my family. I can't use the marriage thing... I've pretty much done that one to death. By Duke 8 CO Apr 1 Apr 1 77 comments
The local Baptist minister just rang my doorbell offering me a pamplet for the upcoming celebration of the death of Jesus. I told him no thanks. That's not for me. How do you handle religious people ringing your doorbell? By freeofgod 7 KY Apr 1 Apr 1 5858 comments
Catholic priests in Northern Poland recently burned "sacrilegious" Harry Potter books. l was going to ask if they were worried that people would actually believe that fiction, but then realised these same priests expect people to believe their brand... By Petter 8 Spain Apr 1 Apr 1 1111 comments
POLL Anyone favour a mirror site to this one, but just for atheists and agnostics? By David1955 7 Australia Apr 1 Apr 1 2727 comments
Islam is not a religion, rather a death cult for apostates. It's a mousetrap. You will be rejoiced when you will join the brotherhood but will become an automatic target for hate and death threats when you even start doubting its tenets before ...
By mufassil 5 UK Apr 1 Apr 1 1515 comments
I would be interested in finding a person or persons that would be with out bias interested in working with me in research for understanding that could supply a level of explanation that would supply at least a "theoretical" level of evidence for God... By Antifred 7 TX Apr 1 Apr 1 1919 comments
I'm back bitches! Did you miss me? Or has the entire neighborhood changed since I left? By Duke 8 CO Apr 1 Apr 1 2828 comments
For those who have missed "Deadwood". I just found out about this about 15 minutes ago. Youtube By KKGator 9 GA Mar 31 Mar 31 1515 comments
Everyone believes that their religion is the right one, but who is right? Their are the believers and then their are agnostics and atheists. If that is the case, and those believing in heaven, and then theres the religion where the virgins are ... By TonyCarl1 5 NV Mar 31 Mar 31 1818 comments
Are you able to contain your emotions about religion when discussing/debating belief with a christian? I ask because emotions get in the way of discourse and often shut down conversation and possible learning of perspective. My honest true ... By Seeker3CO 7 CO Mar 31 Mar 31 2525 comments
[] SPAMMER ON SITE Don't click on the link it could be MALWARE. Report if you see it posted so it can be removed. It's an add for work for housewives posted as a response.
By RavenCT 9 CT Mar 31 Mar 31 1111 comments
After a conversation with a Christian, I've had some continuing thoughts. If our purpose is to worship and praise God and failure to do so results in eternal punishment. Doesn't this mean we are simply tools with an expected use? If we fail to ... By ponderingatheist 6 FL Mar 31 Mar 31 2121 comments
And yet more religious "logic":
By Piratefish 7 IN Mar 31 Mar 31 1111 comments
EQUALITY BETWEEN PEOPLE. Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism or other personal fulfillment that aspires to the better good. The term humanism (Latin: humanitas = humanity) has two meanings: A philosophical position ...
By Venerable 3 Romania Mar 31 Mar 31 55 comments
Yesterday's target, and the reason I cycled 50 miles, was this place: the Church of All Saints and Saint Andrew in Cambridgeshire. I liked the sound of it for three reasons: 1, the silly name (why add St Andrew when you'd already covered everything ...
By Jnei 8 UK Mar 31 Mar 31 1717 comments
Today I found out California had the first, and only in the country, Atheist governor. Youtube By DUCHESSA 8 NY Mar 31 Mar 31 88 comments
LINK Florida police caught using mug shots of black men for target practice | MSNBC By THHA 7 AZ Mar 31 Mar 31 77 comments Adminstration owes most of us a couple hundred points in lost points due to the inoperative "likes" pull down menu. By t1nick 8 NM Mar 31 Mar 31 2222 comments
I came into existence by happenstance with an indeterminant probability and I will die by circumstance with a probability of one. Man created god in man's image. Christianity is a fraud since its two main tenets, the virgin birth and the ... By retiredguy 3 TN Mar 31 Mar 31 1818 comments
I work for a nonprofit organization created by Catholic lay people. I was very skeptical at first. I thought I'd feel too uncomfortable to work there long-term. But, it turns out, they're really decent people who welcome all and force no one to ... By Instincts65 4 MO Mar 31 Mar 31 77 comments
🤡. Most of us in the community either don't believe in God, don't know if God exists, or don't care either way. Based on these various traits, we are considered more intelligent... Afterall, we are members of The Community of Reason. From ... By Cutiebeauty 9 NY Mar 31 Mar 31 3838 comments
I have just been watching a BBC pseudo religious programme. Well it is sunday. The presenter was a young Muslim woman. She was bare headed and dressed casually so I wouldn't have known unless she had said so. She was talking to a humanist celebrant ... By Moravian 7 UK Mar 31 Mar 31 66 comments
Never mistake what you do not understand as magic or divine intervention. Learn to let your unknowns be unknowns until a logical conclusion is found. Our need for conclusions in place of admitting our ignorance is what fuels the misguided, and ... By Caymen 4 Canada Mar 31 Mar 31 1111 comments
There are at least a million hate messages against me on Face Book including pages with thousands of followers dedicated simply for the purpose of preaching hate against me. Most of the messages want my death. This has to be a world record. There are...
By mufassil 5 UK Mar 31 Mar 31 2121 comments
If you do not know me then know this . I instigate discussions on issues by making statements which I do not believe myself to help people exercise their analytical mind. I have followers worldwide who will keep flocking into this website now that I ... By mufassil 5 UK Mar 31 Mar 31 1818 comments
The US is not a christian nation . . . .
By THHA 7 AZ Mar 30 Mar 30 1919 comments
Maybe I should go to church tomorrow By Darkthorn13 4 FL Mar 30 Mar 30 2626 comments
How can someone be agnostic and a believer both? By Oldcurmudgeon 6 OH Mar 30 Mar 30 2222 comments
Identity politics It seems to be the trend now that everyone is group. We are all now defined by what we are instead of who we are. Gone is the dream of one world. Martin Luther Kings vision up in smoke. You are the race, gender, sexual orientation... By 273kelvin 8 UK Mar 30 Mar 30 1919 comments
I just want to tell everyone I am so pleased to have found this site. I haven't been an active member long, but I am having a blast. It has really lifted my spirits to read and converse with like-minded people. This place is so bad I get asked by ... By Elaine57 6 NC Mar 30 Mar 30 3636 comments
Living the illuminated life By Cathamy 2 UK Mar 30 Mar 30 1717 comments
It was just about this exact hour, one year ago, that I stumbled across Agnostic and signed up. I apologise to all those members who had to endure my presence since then. The bad news is that I shall continue to visit this site! By Petter 8 Spain Mar 30 Mar 30 2626 comments
What's the fucture of humanist atheist and secular classes??? By ZahidMahmood1 3 Turkey Mar 30 Mar 30 1414 comments
The Church of Satan isn't having it... LOL ?
By Dmej114 7 MI Mar 30 Mar 30 1414 comments
LINK World Happiness Report 2019 | The World Happiness Report
By jerry99 7 CO Mar 30 Mar 30 1010 comments
No believers in foxholes, if the atheist is begging for for god not to kill him it's just what the fuck, who cares at this point? But isn't a "believer" doing the same thing just proving he doesn't trust god's wisdom and mercy. By Buttercup 7 WA Mar 30 Mar 30 99 comments
Remembrance day, a great day in the year that just for a few hours brings everybody together to remember those who died so that we can have the freedoms that we have today. They died because they did something, actions make things happen, prayers ... By TerrySchofield 2 UK Mar 30 Mar 30 99 comments
The Loony Tunes Have Their Say on Public School Education – Christianity Style. The loony tunes right-wing fundamentalist Christians want, of course, all American public schools to be 100% Christianity-focused with lots of prayers and lots of ... By johnprytz 7 Australia Mar 30 Mar 30 88 comments
When you dont understand what logic is; or that existential claims have a metric by which their validity can be determined; or that there are rules to intellectual discourse; and if you do not care to understand anything beyond that which you wish ... By Caymen 4 Canada Mar 30 Mar 30 99 comments
I cannot comprehend the amount of bigotry and intolerance I see among my fellow atheists sometimes. You would think a group of people who constantly experience religious persecution, attacks, disrespect, judgement, harassment, and blatant hatred ... By LadyAlyxandrea 8 KS Mar 30 Mar 30 3939 comments
After some internal debate, I make this post in this category. Some of the other options included "Health & Happiness", " Love & Relationships", "News & Links" and "Philosophy & Meaning". Here in Victoria, Australia we are at the end of a hot ... By FrayedBear 9 Australia Mar 30 Mar 30 77 comments
What are we so proud about this 21st century lifestyle ? Money is evil, yet you need money to defeat evil. We are all caught into this vortex of lies. Our leaders are liars. The Britain of today is humane to her citizens but is it humane to the poor ...
By mufassil 5 UK Mar 29 Mar 29 1414 comments
I was wholeheartedly a pro-BREXIT campaigner but now I want the UK to remain in the EU ! Though as someone under death threats from the Islamists, getting out of the EU makes me feel safer, yet, considering the future of the economy and the prospects... By mufassil 5 UK Mar 29 Mar 29 1313 comments
Gimme dat ole time religion!
By WilliamCharles 7 CA Mar 29 Mar 29 44 comments
LINK Is Jacinda Ardern a Humanist? - By zblaze 7 OR Mar 29 Mar 29 44 comments
Today is Vietnam Veterans Day, it is bittersweet that a day has been set aside in our honor, while today is the commemoration of the last combat troops leaving Vietnamese soil, the war raged on for another 2 years with both overt and clandestine ... By glennlab 9 TX Mar 29 Mar 29 1111 comments
I have been watching discussions about Christianity on Youtube. Everybody talks about the bible as evidence for the existence of God. I think the discussion should go with a question: "Which came first, God or the Bible?" If God came first and ... By Donwelty 4 CA Mar 29 Mar 29 2121 comments
Posts beginning with "As an agnostic, do you...?" I've noticed more and more posts beginning with "As an agnostic, do you..." or similar, and it's beginning to annoy. Well, it's called, right, so we're all agnostics, right? Only ... By David1955 7 Australia Mar 29 Mar 29 2020 comments
What do you think of advice columns? By LiterateHiker 8 WA Mar 29 Mar 29 55 comments
How do I delete myself completely from By mary25y 5 NJ Mar 29 Mar 29 1212 comments
LINK Christian or Nothing: Buddhist Prisoner to be Executed Without Buddhist Chaplain - Rewire.News - Religion Dispatches By Elganned 8 MI Mar 29 Mar 29 99 comments
LINK Conservative Bible Project aims to rewrite scripture to counter perceived liberal bias - New York Daily News Conservative Bible Project aims to rewrite scripture to counter perceived liberal bias By 1of5 7 NM Mar 29 Mar 29 1212 comments
LINK Death Threats and Drained Bank Accounts: Life on the Wrong End of the Mueller Probe - POLITICO Magazine By david75090 7 TX Mar 29 Mar 29 1212 comments
Hello everyone, I am really shocked for the fire of Dhaka Bangladesh . Condolence for all off people those who are really suffering or death. It is very emotional strategic scenerie , we would not see once again. Please forgive us . Thanks for all...
By Das389346 2 UK Mar 29 Mar 29 66 comments
Each and everyone of us in the picture is under death threats for speaking our mind. No not from a fringe few rather the vast majority of Muslims hate us for leaving and criticising our previous faith “Islam” and the BBC won’t allow us to speak...
By mufassil 5 UK Mar 29 Mar 29 1212 comments
LINK Why EU arming foreign militaries will backfire By William77 7 India Mar 29 Mar 29 77 comments
You know I like it here. It is quite different than facebook,, and the various "hookup" sites. On many of those sites I am the hand up Mona Lisa's skirt. I manage profiles, pics, etc but stay in the background. I am the ... By GnosticLove 5 VA Mar 29 Mar 29 55 comments
I am one of the people who has not been forced to go to church while I was growing up, although there were people in my family who did go to church. My heart goes out to those people who came to a conclusion and then had to deconvert with grave ... By Donwelty 4 CA Mar 29 Mar 29 66 comments
By permanwilson 7 NJ Mar 29 Mar 29 88 comments
Keep seeing Amazon PrimeVideo's advert for the series; "American Gods," and that tune for the trailer sounded so familiar. Low and behold, it's cover of XTC's "Dear God," done by Lawless [feat. vocals by Sydney Wayser] Here is the song Youtube... By MarcusMethod 5 Canada Mar 29 Mar 29 55 comments
I wish I had more Atheist and Agnostic offline friends...It would be a relief to have liberating conversations over coffee (or your choice of beverage) about things that have nothing to do with God or me being crazy about not believing in a God. ... By CatiValti23 5 TX Mar 28 Mar 28 1919 comments
LINK Texas Senate kicks off fight over religious exemptions - News - Austin American-Statesman - Austin, TX By chalupacabre 8 WA Mar 28 Mar 28 66 comments
Pastor who bought $200K Lamborghini for wife lives in $1.8M house paid for by church [] By Charliesey 7 FL Mar 28 Mar 28 2121 comments
"Mercier and Sperber (in their book Enigma of Reason) proposed a novel theory of human reason-giving, grounded in human evolution. Their proposal is that as human societies grew larger, problems of trust became more prevalent. In a groupwhere ... By Matias 7 Germany Mar 28 Mar 28 99 comments
Does the fact that you are agnostic with regard to religion make its way into effecting your everyday life? If you get a problem where you “ Just do not know the answer ” how do you tackle the problem? Is it the same as how you tackle religion.... By Mcflewster 7 UK Mar 28 Mar 28 1515 comments ---> 'God Is Awesome!' (And some dip shits are exceeding the bounds of stupidity) Tornado Destroys House, but Prayer Closet Still Standing
By THHA 7 AZ Mar 28 Mar 28 77 comments
The world is a better place when humanity strikes out and refutes scientific ignorance, hatred, bigotry, racism and stupidity. Religion is a ever receding practice.....good riddance.
By RedskyRiver 6 TN Mar 28 Mar 28 44 comments
And people wonder why print newspapers' appeals are slipping... ?? Here are two items found in the straight news section of the Kansas City Sun from May 9, 1921 News just isn't as innocent and entertaining these days. And I love the honesty ... By RichCC 7 AZ Mar 28 Mar 28 44 comments
Well I'm glad the Christchurch shootings are over, & I'm happy about the changes to gun regulation. Beliefs of racial or religious superiority are really just for stupid people, but I really feel for the Muslims here in NZ, some of whom are refugees.... By Kohelath 6 New Zealand Mar 28 Mar 28 88 comments
Where is the middle ground in U.S. politics? I think watching televised news is like watching squirrels wrestle over an acorn, except the news is less interesting than actual squirrels would be and the news is much more full of polemic and stilted ... By JCII 5 AZ Mar 27 Mar 27 1919 comments
This is to inform as many members of Agnostic that if points are mysteriously removed from your account Admin will do nothing and they will ignore you. They won't even respond to you. no one is at the helm. For this reason Sunday will be my last day... By steve148 7 NV Mar 27 Mar 27 6262 comments
This is to inform as many members of Agnostic that if points are mysteriously removed from your account Admin will do nothing and they will ignore you. They won't even respond to you. no one is at the helm. For this reason Sunday will be my last day... By steve148 7 NV Mar 27 Mar 27 2828 comments
Is there such thing as Atheist tattoos? If so where can I find the designs for them? I'm thinking about getting one and put it on my bucket list. Any thoughts? By freedom41 7 IL Mar 27 Mar 27 3131 comments
POLL I'm wondering about something which is going to cause me to post this same question twice, once from and once from Don't blame me, its how the site works AND I WANT ANSWERES, DAMMIT! So anyways, if you go to your account... By 1of5 7 NM Mar 27 Mar 27 1414 comments
POLL I'm wondering about something which is going to cause me to post this same question twice, once from and once from Don't blame me, its how the site works AND I WANT ANSWERES, DAMMIT! So anyways, if you go to your account... By 1of5 7 NM Mar 27 Mar 27 66 comments
Damn Catholics. You know, the one thing that really bothers me about religion or a particular religion? It's that fish on Fridays crap! lol We have a sizable Catholic population in my town and so you'll find it in a lot of restaurants and the ... By josh_is_exciting 7 IL Mar 27 Mar 27 3131 comments
What Are Your Thoughts About Spiritualism ? By alon 5 CA Mar 27 Mar 27 3131 comments
What do you say about near death experiences where the person claims they've seen heaven or hell? By cynical 3 WV Mar 27 Mar 27 3434 comments
Mom called me this morning at 5am (because fb said I had been online 11 minutes earlier) to debate the existence of sky-daddy. She wants me to read the bible and go to church to find a nice girl and some friends with good morals. What would you ... By PJWanders 5 OR Mar 27 Mar 27 3333 comments
LINK Missouri House votes to allow Bible courses in public school By Elganned 8 MI Mar 27 Mar 27 99 comments
Who watched that movie Jesus Camp? By Badbrad 4 FL Mar 27 Mar 27 88 comments
So my mom's birthday is coming up next month, on the 20th. We have a strained relationship that has gotten to the point that we haven't spoken to one another in months. I love her but I think that may be for the best, at least at this time. Anyhow, I... By Byrd 7 WA Mar 27 Mar 27 99 comments
Donald Trump is the most nauseating whiner-bully-loser I have ever even heard of. If anyone even disagrees with him in a significant way, he whines, then lashes out and does his utmost to demean, hurt, or destroy the perpetrator. He has nothing to... By wordywalt 8 FL Mar 27 Mar 27 1313 comments
Trump's campaign promise: “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” Robert Reich: ‏Trump's budget calls for cuts to: --The Special Olympics --Independent ... By jerry99 7 CO Mar 27 Mar 27 66 comments
Is it me or this app feels like a religion or govt? In order to get points you must like a post, place a post, comment on a post or add a photo. I may get kicked out ... but if I freed myself from any religion... then so be it! I feel like I’m ... By latinstingray 4 FL Mar 27 Mar 27 4141 comments
Post my blog? By Damercer1961 4 FL Mar 27 Mar 27 44 comments
Hell is here!
By rockarol 5 IL Mar 27 Mar 27 1111 comments
Hi everyone. I've not been here in a while. I was Been busy writing and substitute teaching. Yesterday, I had dinner with a childhood friend whom I've not seen in 30 years. We have many parallels, including a rejecting of our religion. It was nice... By Damercer1961 4 FL Mar 27 Mar 27 55 comments
A new study suggests that the formation of complex societies came first and that the beliefs in such gods helped unite people under a common higher power. There are some misunderstanding about this study published in NATURE There is a theory that... By Matias 7 Germany Mar 27 Mar 27 1010 comments
Gods come into being the same way luck or karma does; as a direct result of anthropomorphizing reality. Attributing intent and will to the chaos, because we ourselves operate with intent and will. - Gods are imagined and created in the minds of ... By Caymen 4 Canada Mar 27 Mar 27 55 comments
Any addicts/alcoholics in recovery here. I’ve been clean since 01/13. However, AA, NA, and CMA didn’t do much for me. I would get to step 2 and stall. There is so much dogma and “high power stuff” in the 12 step programs. I’m just curious ... By jpouch1 5 TX Mar 27 Mar 27 1717 comments
Who can think outside the body? By Antifred 7 TX Mar 26 Mar 26 66 comments
LINK The 12 worst ideas religion has unleashed on the world | By altschmerz 8 IL Mar 26 Mar 26 99 comments
Being agnostic or any other ideology is alright. Until we dont make it a religion. These days, people become believers, and that's the only important problem I see. When someone start believing in anything. That guy will become blind, he/she won't ... By DavidFar 4 Iran Mar 26 Mar 26 1212 comments
If you're a numbers kind of person, I suggest you look at They have done some excellent work in exploring people's beliefs. Read a very interesting column this evening on why they use self-identification to assign people into belief ... By schwinnrider 6 MI Mar 26 Mar 26 55 comments
So, the neighborhood kids were playing in the backyard with mine. One's parents are from Singapore and vegetarian, so they may be Hindu (or Buddhist I guess). Two more are siblings and I know they are Muslim. My boys haven't been indoctrinated ... By towkneed 7 TX Mar 26 Mar 26 88 comments
So I had Jehovah witness come to door the other day and they started with there usual questions . So when the we’re done I asked them, Do you drive a car? (Yes) Than I asked,, Do you believe in evolution? (No) So than I said,,, The fossil ... By Dombrowski47 4 FL Mar 26 Mar 26 2020 comments
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