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How do you tell religious people that you're an atheist?
Bingogwak CA Sep 10 Sep 10 837837
How do you deal with Door-knockers?
Nicsnort IN Oct 14 Oct 14 808808
Should religion be taught in schools?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 757757
What is your response when people threaten you with religious punishments? (i.e. Hell/Jahannam)
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 615615
Fellow agnostics, how do you feel about believers joining?
Draco UK Sep 25 Sep 25 614614
How comfortable are you with the word "Atheist" ?
Chris90045 CA Sep 29 Sep 29 586586
What moral code do you follow now that you are non-religious?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 516516
When did you first doubt religion?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 444444
Would you raise your children religious just to fit in?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 417417
are you afraid of death?
DavidDeLa89 MI Dec 28 Dec 28 391391
For atheists - what makes you believe no deity exists?
RYSR10 NC Sep 23 Sep 23 372372
Are you an open or closet agnostic/atheist, and why?
GoodMan CA Sep 25 Sep 25 361361
Dating after 50
Crimson67 KY Jan 6 Jan 6 359359
Do you ever miss the religious life?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 329329
POLL Do you support Trump?
smilnjan NC Oct 6 Oct 6 329329
POLL Incest: Immoral or Moral?
paul1967 CA Oct 12 Oct 12 326326
There is no agnostic vs. atheist! The peeve I have...
silvereyes OK Jan 20 Jan 20 326326
Should public nudity be legal?
snytiger6 WA Oct 18 Oct 18 321321
Describe your love life in one word.
Mea CO Mar 21 Mar 21 272272
What is the non-theist replacement for "I'll pray for you?"
silvereyes OK Nov 2 Nov 2 264264
My dads entire life he was an Atheist. He battled cancer for several years and upon his death bed when he was not of sound mind, his wife had him baptized and had a minister save his soul. This angers me bc I know it was more for HER peace of ...
SunnySmiles IN Oct 9 Oct 9 254254
Boyfriend is agnostic, I'm an atheist. How to cope with disagreements?
TaliaElizabeth92 GA Oct 18 Oct 18 245245
Am I the only atheist that doesn’t smoke pot?
PeppermintDreads OH Apr 20 Apr 20 229229
What is your Heaven?
anonymous Online Oct 19 Oct 19 222222
What would you say to God if when you died you were faced with him?
DiablitaRoja AZ Apr 24 Apr 24 221221
Should I attend a wedding at church as an atheist?
dragon4104 Canada Nov 14 Nov 14 208208
Why do you reject the idea of religion?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 206206
Godless Vagina
anonymous Online Jan 4 Jan 4 201201
What are you most looking for in a relationship? Just your 1 Thing
ProudHeathen CA Oct 17 Oct 17 197197
What if you are wrong and there IS a god
DavidDeLa89 MI Jan 9 Jan 9 195195
I found love on! We went from "We'll probably never meet because of the distance but it's cool to have online friends" to "Oh my god we absolutely have to be together". We met irl for the first time last weekend but we've been talking on...
Fearlessfreep KS May 26 May 26 194194
POLL Do you celebrate religious holidays?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 189189
DUCHESSA NY Nov 19 Nov 19 187187
This could go for either gender. :) Just a great one liner, had to share
mistymoon77 MN Nov 8 Nov 8 182182
A pastor told me today that he is sorry that I have not felt the love of god. Pastor, I am the one who is sorry. I'm sorry you believe a god who does not seem interested in loving everyone. I'm sorry you feel the need to apologize for this "all ...
Foxonaut IN Dec 8 Dec 8 181181
Would you dare to have sex in a church?
Sarahroo29 CO Mar 29 Mar 29 173173
What is the bible to you?
CeciRosane60 FL Dec 11 Dec 11 166166
POLL Do you listen to religious music?
chlorine413 CA Nov 15 Nov 15 165165
Music or no music during sex?
MUGGLEborn MD Sep 11 Sep 11 160160
How do you deal with Christmas?
AgnosticJeff GA Nov 8 Nov 8 157157
MEN: What would your reason be for asking a woman what she does for a living, upon meeting her?
Athena Canada July 8 Jul 8 153153
What was your worst experience with religious people?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 151151
I just had a mind blowing conversation with my fundamental christian mother. We discussed the bible, evolution, the universe, and other light subjects. She tearfully admitted that she does not believe the bible to be infallible. She said that it ...
Donotbelieve PA Sep 13 Sep 13 150150
Religion is like a penis.
silvereyes OK Feb 7 Feb 7 146146
I have a master's degree I was born to my parents, in an apartment, in Tacoma, WA. The same apartment I'd spend the rest of my childhood living in. I moved out shortly after 19. The apartment was run down, and the walls were covered in mold, ...
nutrition_nerd AR Aug 11 Aug 11 145145
Would you move for love?
Wchairgal NY Oct 10 Oct 10 143143
Are you a dog person or a cat person? (I'm a cat person)
Redcupcoffee MI Aug 20 Aug 20 142142
Do atheists observe Halloween?
freedom41 IL Oct 6 Oct 6 141141
Could you stay isolated for five days in total isolation as an asocial experiment?
EmeraldJewel OK June 6 Jun 6 139139
POLL Is it OK to be racist against white people?
MamaMOB IL Apr 30 Apr 30 138138
What’s the origin of your name?
bleurowz NJ Aug 2 Aug 2 138138
How would you respond to "You can't have true love without God"?
Biblebeltskeptic SC Sep 15 Sep 15 137137
So there is a condolence card in the break room for one of my coworkers who’s dad just died. It has a bible verse on the front and may God give you peace stuff inside. I don’t really want to put my name on it. Would you?
LisaL81 TX Aug 22 Aug 22 134134
Sin or not, if yes, why?
Manka77 UK July 20 Jul 20 133133
So coming up to Christmas please tell me Athiests what you think of the Holiday season since you don't believe in Christ ?
AdrianDiadato3 Australia Dec 18 Dec 18 132132
If you were once religious, why are you not now?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 130130
What would make you believe in a God?
paul1967 CA Sep 22 Sep 22 130130
I'm a middle school Science teacher. I have to say that I HATE it when my students claim they are Atheist or Agnostic. It bothers me because I came to be Agnostic/Atheist through research over the years. I took several Science and Ancient Greek ...
Tomofhb CA May 5 May 5 129129
What is better than sex?
Redcupcoffee MI Apr 4 Apr 4 128128
I’ve been on this site almost a week now, and haven’t received a single unsolicited dick pic so far. What a refreshing change of pace! Are non-believers more enlightened when it comes to that sort of thing? Or have I just been lucky?
IndySent Norway Dec 26 Dec 26 126126
Are atheist as racist as religious people?
Rideauxb CA Oct 5 Oct 5 126126
How do you make life meaningful without the help of religion?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 124124
Are You Lonely?
LiterateHiker WA Mar 22 Mar 22 124124
Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?
Alliegirl SC Oct 28 Oct 28 123123
Ruin a first date in 4 words
UndeniablyMe OH June 4 Jun 4 123123
Do you talk to yourself?
silvereyes OK Mar 26 Mar 26 123123
POLL Should prostitution be illegal?
RoboGraham MD Dec 30 Dec 30 123123
With or without music during sex?
EmeraldJewel OK Mar 13 Mar 13 122122
While everything is taken place in the world right now, how many of you have starting talking to God, and Pray that you stay alive, and well?
TonyCarl1 NV Mar 21 Mar 21 122122
How would you reply to a theist who says, "You send yourself to hell"?
Biblebeltskeptic SC Sep 8 Sep 8 121121
If you had to recommend someone watch 5 TV series, what would you pick? (here are mine) 1. Breaking Bad 2. Better Call Saul 3. The Walking Dead 4. Stranger Things 5. X-Files 6. (bonus - Billions)
Redcupcoffee MI Sep 10 Sep 10 120120
Is life meaningful without religion?
Admin Online June 19 Jun 19 119119
Proof of no god?
Swingdancer CA Mar 30 Mar 30 119119
What movie fucked with your head the most?
IndySent Norway Feb 13 Feb 13 119119
LINK We're on a road to destruction if we don't make changes. Some thoughts on outrage and an idea to get human.
Admin Online Apr 27 Apr 27 117117
God hates porn?
VictoriaNotes MS Mar 24 Mar 24 117117
Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?
snytiger6 WA Nov 5 Nov 5 116116
POLL Would you date a woman that had sex on the first date?
Marcie1974 MN Mar 27 Mar 27 116116
POLL Being Completely Honest, Is There A Bible Or Cross Anywhere In Your Home Right Now?
twshield TX Feb 4 Feb 4 115115
I’ve been shot in combat. And as a veteran, I’m telling you: allowing teachers to be armed is an asinine idea
Crimson67 KY Feb 22 Feb 22 115115
When did you start to identify as an atheist/agnostic?
AshleyM1997 FL Oct 4 Oct 4 115115
Where do agnostics go when they die?
Count OK Apr 10 Apr 10 113113
What would your pet name you?
Shawnah WI Oct 4 Oct 4 113113
Would you as an agnostic or atheist marry a Christian?
AstralSmoke TN Aug 13 Aug 13 113113
Does god exist?
JpGee NC Jan 1 Jan 1 112112
I would like to know how many of you would vote against someone soley due to their open religious agenda even if they might have good ideas in other areas. What are your thoughts on this?
DavidLaDeau CO Feb 4 Feb 4 111111
Very first concert you attended?
Dew25 NM July 19 Jul 19 111111
How would you handle unsolicited touching?
anonymous Online Aug 25 Aug 25 111111
What is the one creature, snake, spider, rodent, bat, etc, that creeps you out the most?
ebdb PA Apr 9 Apr 9 110110
LINK What Would You Tell Your 18-Year-Old Self?
bleurowz NJ Oct 29 Oct 29 110110
How to deal with religious family and friends?
Admin Online Aug 30 Aug 30 110110
Atheist = Depressed?
Lucignolo FL Oct 22 Oct 22 109109
Suicide: a cowardly move? True or false?
EmeraldJewel OK June 12 Jun 12 109109
I have a question for the people that are 100% certain that no gods exist. How are you THAT certain? I’m not 100% certain of anything. There is always the possibility that evidence will come to light that supports the opposing opinion. Do I think ...
Leeshi MA July 21 Jul 21 109109
What is your absolute favorite TV show of all time?
JenBeberstein CA Aug 2 Aug 2 109109
Are you very concerned what happens to your body after death?
Marine CT Sep 13 Sep 13 108108
Would you ever date somebody who is religious, if they respected your beliefs and did not try to sway your decisions?
LoyalDynamic UT Oct 28 Oct 28 108108
Don’t set the bar too high ;)
AMGT CA Jan 1 Jan 1 107107
What gives your life meaning? Why keep going? (just curious)
Jinx5555555 NE July 27 Jul 27 107107
Do you attract a certain type of the opposite sex? Do you have a preferred type?
UrsiMajor MD Oct 6 Oct 6 106106