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Do you support Trump?

I completely believe that the US government needs to be completely revamped and revised before we can actually do any good for this country. But - taking that out of the equation, for now, I'd really love to hear people's (honest, respectful and mature) reasons why they do or do not support Trump. (or is unsure). Please, no disrespect or rudeness. He is our president and deserves at least the respect that position affords him (that does not mean we agree with him, but we shouldn't be slinging insults and such)

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smilnjan 6 Oct 6

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I joined this dating site in HOPES there were less conservatives here.

I have walked away from family and friends who support trump and will refuse to date anyone who does. Not being snobby but its more of a moral decision than a political one


Hello Ronjames438! I am brand new here. How are you?

I agree. I have a difficult time with people that defend him. And, quite frankly, I get literally sick when I see or hear him. And, yes, I cried like a frikkin baby when I woke up to find he won. How could we allow this to happen? All because people hated Obama so much simply because of 2 things - he is African American and a Democrat. No other basis. Sometimes I'm just ashamed to be an American, and more& more often ashamed to be Human.

I cried too. The world has just gone mad. All the racists crawling out of the woodwork feeling empowered by this monster ????

I hear you. I desire to get along with everyone but when they start to tell how they support a guy that is so screwed up it makes my skin crawl. I usually just let it go over my head and flee as soon as possible...LOL

For me it's not a moral decision to not date Trump supporters - it's that I wouldn't want to date someone that stupid.

I've lost a few friends because their racism started showing once trump got into office.

hi sunshine! when are you going to let me sweep you off of your feet and bring you over my threshold! lol got any new post lately?

I'm from Texas but no friggin way am I conservative and I don't live near Austin!!!

It really doesn't pay to be either/or. Both sides are all about the money.

There's a lot of Trump bashers out there and there are a few things that I don't like about him however I think he's a man that's looked at politics just like the rest of us and realised that nothing is being achieved, this is exactly the same in Britain, Our NHS is still in a mess but nothing happens, the amount of people that's living rough on our streets is growing but nothing happens, the divide between rich and poor is getting bigger but nothing happens and we are still being blown up by mad twisted Islamic terrorist and nothing changes, Trump has come into power with good intentions of changing things for his country, instead of using a feather duster to get things down he's decided to take a firmer hand and take stock of things, he is now realising that you can't just snap your fingers and do this because of congress, the Trumpy bashing media who are able to control the minds of the masses won't let him speak or move without attacking him, I am disappointed with his take on climate change however I think he's more concerned on other issues at the moment and maybe in time climate change will be addressed, he was voted in so I think everyone should allow him to run the show for the time being, sadly people seem happier with leaders that do nothing much !

Trump is a piece of shit, plain and simple.I have some goofy right wing "sheeple" in my family, but no way i'm gonna go along with their beliefs, i am 54, and this is about the most messed up Congress i have ever seen!

@delboy2kent I hope as time goes on it becomes clear to you that Trump has nothing but his own self interests in mind when he chose to run for president. He had no grand plan beyond feeding his ego and his bank balance. He's literally incapable of seeing beyond that. It's called narcism and he's a textbook case.

... fox news is media, unfortunately breitbart is also considered media, the kiss his ass more than the other mainstream media “bashes” him... it’s just mainstream listens to Main Street America. So far as his good intentions.... bwaah... he has none. He is a shill for Koch brothers and the wealthiest 10% of America. He’s literally destroying America... he’s an embarrassment. @delboy2kent

@SunnySmiles your "I Cried. . . " reminds me of the day after Trump was elected. I teach at en elementary school with predominantly Native American students. The day after trump was elected. Several students also said they they cried after Trump was elected. I told them I was similarly affected by the nightmarish outcome. Some students (with what I remember as fear in their eyes) said they were afraid to come to school that day because Trump was elected. We have several hard core theists teachers and they were joyous about president Trump. Two continues to valiantly support trump.

Spot on. I don't understand how anyone who has the intelligence to renounce religion can support such an excuse for a human being . It beggars belief. This is a man who supports division, racism, greed, and who has been given power by people who deny evolution,global warming and believe that we lived alongside dinosaurs.

@delboy2kent Our situation is nothing like America. Yes we have the greedy self serving tories, but they are nothing compared to the parasitical Republicans. Our NHS is being destroyed by the Tories. As for Trump giving a shit about his own people, with his track record he cares nothing for anyone but himself. The Republicans monopoly of power (even when they are not the government) has to be diluted, and this dangerous child has to be impeached asap.

I've had to do the same with my family as well, plus some are super christiansand extremely delusional.

@delboy2kent Great are going to be belted for your comments.

Sometimes, I think people are ten times worse than the politicians they attack / criticize. Yes, if their party didn't win they lower their arms and senselessly wiggle their tongues during four years....when the truth is they should join their efforts to build a better country.

"Is not what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country." JFK

I'm with you! Trump is the worst thing about our country since slavery. We will not be safe as Americans until he is GONE!

Damn right! If you're a trumpbilly (not you sunnysmiles) you are a rock short of a bag full. Are there actually dumpster-fire-atheists?

@pennyc14 For me it would be a toss up as to which would be worse.
A devote Christian would be a little less harrowing, but only slightly.


Trump is the antithesis of presidential. He is nothing beyond a petulant spoiled toddler who has never been required to grow up. He surrounds himself with yes-men (or women), and is incapable of taking criticism. He seems to think the United States is a junior high school, for clearly he has never matured beyond puberty.

If he hadn't been born into money, he'd be nothing more than just another broke, loudmouthed, con man from Queens. He'd probably have done time by now.

@Countrycuz666 well, actually Trump is an empty suit with an empty head; he is incompetence on steroids, but he sure has been a 'lightning rod' for waking people up...that has prompted the current success of the 'blue wave'...Obama was smart and earned his accolades through law school legitimately based on his talent and intellectual skills. Where I balked was his ties to Wall St; that was an ultimate let-down


It is literally unbelievable that such an incompetent, lying ass is president of the United States. It is a disaster for common sense and democracy around the world.


When Drumpf entered the race for President, I had a visceral negative reaction and nothing has happened since to change that. I'm offended by every indecent and immoral action he has made, i.e., his mockery toward a man with a physical disability, his inability to respect any woman ever, his determination to trample the Constitutional rights of anyone who opposes him and, last but not least, his inability to tell the good guys from the bad guys (white supremacists) and further inability or unwillingness to call them out. He is a disgrace to the principles of our Country,

Chesan Level 2 Oct 16, 2017

the feeling of a wet blanket soaked in a mild acid draped over my shoulders kind of sums up my visceral feeling

There is no such thing as white supremacy. Claiming it’s to blame for anyone’s woes is ignorant and racist . Denying history is being stupid . Just put your head in the sand. Colonisation is civilisation!

@Seriousreason Sadly for you, your statement is one of the most ignorant I've seen on this site. So sad. White supremacy is akin to 'white privilege' and it's very real and alive as we speak. 'Chesan' just stated the facts re Trump, so, how has he denied history, and what do you mean by "Colonisation is civilisation"??? I have my own idea of it but would like to hear yours....


Hes a racist, sexist pig that should have never been able to run for president.

@Countrycuz666 My, my....are you comparing Trump's escapades with Clinton's??? Trump has screwed anything that walks. Interesting. Actually there is public domain proof of Trump being guilty of discrimination against blacks by denying them access to renting one of his properties.

@Countrycuz666 Seriously??? "It does not matter that he does what he says." Let's see if I can make sense of say he does what he says he'll do, no matter what is 'other' behavior is about?? Well, he promised to revive the coal industry, hasn't happened;
he promised to lower pharmaceutical drug costs, backed out;
would replace Obamacare with something better, came up with something worse; renegotiate Iran deal, just exits;
immediately terminate DACA, fed judge orders Trump admin to accept new DACA requests; suspend immigration from "terror-prone" places, then removes Chad from travel ban list; build a safe zone for Syrian refugees, amidst troop withdrawal announcements NOTHING; build a wall & make Mexico pay for it, has $1.6B secured;
no cuts to Medicare & Social Security, after tax reform passed, cuts are proposed;
end the defense sequester, it's still on the books rendered moot by spending spike;
expand mental health programs, budget offers new money but possible Medicaid changes could offset, i.e., nothing;
invest $550B in infrastructure & create infrastructure fund, just $200B in fed outlays;
take no salary, hasn't happened yet;
create private WH veterans hotline, nothing yet;
enact term limits for Congress, stalled;
impose death penalty for cop killers, not happening;
appoint special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton, not happening;
enact temp ban on new regulations, not happening;
eliminate 'Common Core', nope;
impose hiring freeze on fed employees, nope;
slash fed regulations, YUP now rivers and lakes can repolluted & we can gut out the Grand Canyon;
put lifetime ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections, ooops, not happening;
defund 'Planned Parenthood', not happening;
approve Keystone XL project & reap the profits, nowhere; achieve energy independence, snore....;
add additional fed investment of $20B toward school choice, nowhere;
eliminate wasteful spending in every department in first 100 days, still nothing;
open up libel laws to be able to sue those who write "negative and horrible and false articles...and win lots of money," nowhere;
cancel global warming payments to the UN, compromised;
close up part of the internet where ISIS is found, nothing;
bring back waterboarding, nope;
develop plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days, still nope;
establish commission on 'radical' Islam, nothing;
cancel Paris climate agreement, YUP, got it done & considered worst decision ever;
provide Air Force with 1200 fighter aircraft & rebuild 350 Naval ships & subs, cuz we need all this shit for war with those who have next to nothing;
ask countries we protect to pay more for joint defense, nothing yet;
guarantee 6-week paid maternity leave, nope;
change vaccination schedule for children, nope;
allow individuals to deduct health care insurance premiums from taxes, NOPE;
allow free access to the drug market so providers of can offer safe, cheaper products, nothing;
increase Veterans' healthcare, not yet;
cancel funding of sanctuary cities, nothing yet; establish a ban on Muslims entering US, ZIP; use US steel for infrastructure projects, nowhere;
raise tariffs on goods imported into US, he's doing it carelessly, despite advice;
declare China a currency manipulator, a big NO;
adopt 'penny plan' reduce spending by 1% yearly (not touching defense or 'entitlement' spending, got nowhere;
save the Carrie plant jobs, had it for a few months then ownership stripped plant...gone;
eliminate fed debt in 8 years, nada...he just signed tax reform adding $1.5T in debt
sue his accusers of sexual misconduct, HAHAHA, yeah, NOWHERE & now he's buried;
not take vacations, HAHAHA, yeah, has more golf vacations than Obama had in 8 years;
release his tax returns after audit completed, NOT;
create targeted child care tax credits, up to 4, GONE;
cut taxes for everyone, especially the middle class, YEAH, the 1% are sure happy
cut number of tax brackets, repeal alternative min tax, eliminate carried interest loophole, ZIP;
Balance fed budget 'fairly quickly', HAHAHA, just added $1.5T in debt...fat chance;
create 10% repatriation tax, GREAT for sizeable corps;
eliminate estate tax, some compromise, but this is for the 'wealthy' only, don't get taxed only on dollars beyond $5M (individual) or $10M (married), this tax should be raised;
scale back Dept of Educ, he did hiring DeVos, a completely ignorant dolt of a person who has ZERO experience in education, clueless;

Churchill was not the 'nice guy' people have made him out to be, a ruthless character in his own right.

Trump's children are a mess; Don Jr is walking on thin ice and may face a prison term; he and Jared, even Eric are under scrutiny. Ivanka's business practices are being exposed for their manipulation in the labor market. Jared lost his 'top secret' status for stupidity. For two years, prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office had been building a criminal case against them for misleading prospective buyers of units in the Trump SoHo, a hotel and condo development that was failing to sell. With their father, they coordinated false info given to prospective buyers. Manhattan DA, Cyrus Vance, overruled his own prosecutors and dropped the charges. A lot of money was exchanged, among other things, helped Vance's reelection campaign.

I could go on, and I've already provided a lot of info for you to get the 'picture' of who these people are as well as the fact that Capt Orange doesn't keep promises very well.

Your criticism of me is just the sound of a old bore who can't think well for himself. Why are you here???

@peaceman1948 You really know your stuff bro. Too bad the FOX news audience doesn't know these things.


I find it hard to believe (but not really) that a site that touts reason and logic can still have members who support one of the most insane, unreasonable, hateful and dangerous misanthropes of our time. Evidently emotion still reigns supreme in some peoples mind.
Do I support this person - I am not a violent person but people as Trump deserve the same end as il Duche (Mussolini - executed by firing squad, hung upside down along with his mistress and-with the Italian mode of emotional excess left in the street for people to, lets say, perform certain bodily functions upon). I guess I am being emotional in this regard.

Thankfully there are very few here. I can overlook them if you can. They’ll find they’re unwelcome eventually & go away.

@Tampatomgirl I live in a very rural county (composed of >150 islands) of which is surrounded by more rural counties. They are all strongly Democratic. It depends on what county and, more importantly, what state.

Being a business person I could never have voted for Trump. Anyone who doesn't pay people they hire to do work for them and file bankruptcy not one not twice but 4 times and who has been sued as many times as Trump has should be banned from ever owning a business. Many small business owners were put out of business due to his non payment for work they had already done. No wonder there weren't a bunch of his fellow NY business owners standing up and endorsing him.

@Countrycuz666 Trump does dislike humankind and is a cynic simply by observation of his actions, does define as such...remember, he doesn't trust anyone, he's a classic narcissist


He deserves the amount of respect that he has given Americans and the rest of the world: None.

after all he is only the President of the ELectoral College of the United States


I live in the UK so it doesn't matter what I think, it won't get rid of him.
I do not support trump, and I do not welcome him in my country.

My mother was from England and my English grandfather and uncles fought against the Nazis. Yes, we Americans came in the end - thank goodness, but please remember we didn't do it alone.

@Harleyman Roosevelt in no way compares to Trump. Inviting Trump would be like inviting Hitler to their country. I may be one of those bleeding heart liberals but my parents are not, THey have voted REpublican all their lives and are ages 94 and 81. They voted for Trump and have no problem expressing regret and wish he were impeached

I don't think any civilized countries do either.


Mr Popovitch sums Trump up very well with this:

“This man in the Oval Office is a soulless coward who thinks that he can only become large by belittling others. This has of course been a common practice of his, but to do it in this manner—and to lie about how previous Presidents responded to the deaths of soldiers—is as low as it gets. We have a pathological liar in the White House: unfit intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically to hold this office and the whole world knows it, especially those around him every day. The people who work with this President should be ashamed because they know it better than anyone just how unfit he is, and yet they choose to do nothing about it. This is their shame most of all.”-Gregg Popovich

We have a saying here in San Antonio..."In Pop We Trust". 😉


I do not support Trump at all. Not only does he not deserve the position that our outdated electoral college gave him, he is unworthy of the respect the office normally affords its holder. His campaign should have been over the minute he mocked the disabled reporter, and his continued lies are weakening not only our international stature, but our entire political system. He has not passed any legislation since assuming office, instead he is relying on executive orders to implement his plans. This tells me he wants to rule by edict instead of consensus. His insistence on evicting immigrants and on building the wall of separation at the Mexican border tells me he is an isolationist, totally ignoring the rich history of how this country was founded and became strong. Since his campaign and subsequent election, we have regressed as a society, undoing much of the social progress achieved during my lifetime (I'm 58). Trump is a cancer of the body of America, and needs to be removed as soon as possible so the healing can begin.


I was a plaintiff in the Trump University Lawsuit. We won, he lost to the tune of $25 Million pay back. The man child conned me out of $7,000. That swindle alone most will understand why I didn't vote for him, then add to the mix his Cray Cray approach to life and leadership and my objections to him are dyed in the wool and cast in concrete. NO I DON'T SUPPORT HIM.

He lost nothing in that lawsuit! I doubt you got your money back. 25 million is a drop in the bucket compared to what he raked in. Can’t wait to see him lead out of the White House in handcuffs!


Not gullible enough to buy the man baby's BS. He is a petty thief and con-artist.

I'd actually like to hear something more out of his mouth then "It's going to be the best thing you've ever seen!" Because, prolly not.

"Believe me."


I give him all the respect he deserves. Zero


I think he's a fool, and I'm sorry but I don't feel I have to have respect for the office when someone like him doesn't respect it himself.


Why would anyone in their right mind support that whiny little bitch

Because of their hatefulness and willful ignorance.


trump is the most dangerous man in the world.

He is a spoiled, entitled, opposititional-defiance-disordered, psychopathic teenager with an endless arsenal of nuclear flame throwers at his disposal.

Trump was just a disgusting show-off until he ended up in the position of the most powerful person in the world. He didn't even think he would get the job. He would not have gotten it without massive social-persuasion from the Russians, and the rabid support of the American press. Trump is a "celebrity", and they capitalized on that, to the world's utter detriment....

@Seriousreason And you are just as bad condoning it with your own name calling and childish behavior, so before you start pointing fingers, look in the mirror.

Exaggerate much?

@“ support of the American press” wow . Lost for words.

@geeky1965 why should I rise above , I’m sick of pointing out logic , reason , self control and understanding. Can’t you see how destructive and divisive this hatred for one human being is ....Derailing Democrats bid for power by calling for impeachment. Like Russian collusion, Trumps impeachment has no basis in fact.


I do not believe I need to respect him by proxy. He is not my president.

He is everyone's President..because he won the matter how much you say he's not doesn't matter...REALITY is a bitch huh..

He's still a pig and I do not have to respect him.

@RCAngel thank you for that response. I was struggling for the high ground

@RCAngel Very True Respect is a subjective concept. You may respect your husband for having a successful and satisfying bowel motion this morning. Trump needs no ones respect.


I’m sorry, but the man has mental (and sexual) issues that should have disqualified him. He has NO IDEA what he is doing. He’s an amateur trying to act presidential, and doing a lousy job of it. Many from his administration are under indictment for collusion with Russia against the United States, and HE could potentially be indicted at some point. But, here’s the kicker. Do you REALLY want this golf happy clown impeached, and replaced with #ChristianShariaLawPence!?? HE scares me more than Trump! #CarefulWhatYouWishFor

I feel the same. Pence scares me more than Trump. We can only hope that the indictments take them both out. But then what? Ryan??? How far down that list do you go until you get somebody worthy of the position?

Why because you watch CNN??

@Ravenwolfcasey I don't watch CNN, OR #FauxNews!

@trasinater Sad but true. I just hope we can vote that entire hot mess OUT OF OFFICE in 2020. But I won't hold my breath. Thanks to SCCOTUS (Supreme CORPORATE Court of the U.S), and their "Citizens" United decision, the Kochs and other billionaires, now largely control the system. I, sadly, expect to see #ChristianShariaLawPence elected in 2020, if the plutocrats succeed in bringing down MUELLER before he can complete his investigation.


I support him and his entire administration being sent to Guantanamo and waterboarded until they each die of a stroke or heart attack. Divide their illegally-obtained billions among programs to improve homelessness and hunger throughout the world. Then everyone gets the chance to piss on their corpses before they are thrown into space to get sucked into the sun.

Best reply yet...thank you, I needed a chuckle.

don't hold back

Commie!! . I hope all you regressives get what you deserve . Bernie, Nancy, and Maxine, . No military. Immigrants up to you eyeballs. White genocide. No boarders , just kiss your ass goodbye Red , white and blue. Post modern marxists want the end of you.


No, he is not my President, and OP, please be aware, we don't all live in the USA. He deserves no respect as he shows none to anyone who disagrees with him, either within the USA or that much larger territory, that part of the planet that is not the USA.
The USA have had many past presidents, some better than others, some quite awful, but they have all been statesmen. How on Earth did a large minority of USA electorate think that Trump was fit to follow on from President Obama?

There was nothing 'large' about how he was elected, other than gerrymandering. The majority of the US citizens, minority included, did NOT vote for this prick. He did NOT win the popular vote, not by a long shot. This is another aspect of our inadequacies and lack of actual democracy.

A chimp could follow on fron obama.


Wanker! Dumbfuck! Moron, Dotard, Narcissicist, Idiot, etc, etc.

Couldn't say it better myself


Drumph is a nut job and should be hanged for treason !! I will never call that whack job my president !!!

The Cheeto monster

The Cheeto Monster must be impeached... Bernie Sanders should be president


No, the man is an idiot and has made us the laughing stock of the world. He's made the world an unstable and hostile place to live while doing nothing but golf on a regular basis. He has no idea what he's doing and I can only hope we can survive this disaster of a presidency.


Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States
Oh sure, he has the title and he has the bully pulpit – from which he’s bullying everyone from NBA players to people protesting white supremacists to DACA kids.
But he’s not actively governing the United States. That work is happening elsewhere – in Congress, the courts, the Fed, the career civil service, lobbyists, and in the states. Or it’s not happening at all.
It’s not just that Trump lost the epic battle to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Trump never understood the Affordable Care Act to begin with, and played no part in developing Republican alternatives.
The budget Trump submitted to Congress in March was dead on arrival. House Republicans ignored Trump’s request for $54 billion in cuts to departments and agencies and decided instead to cut non-defense spending by just $5 billion, and explode the defense budget.
Trump’s relations with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have become so strained they have no interest in looping him into policies before they have to.
Meanwhile, Trump has run out of Obama executive orders he can declare void. Major regulations, such as the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, can’t just be repealed. They have to go through a legal process that could take years.
Trump doesn’t seem to be aware of this. He told a cheering crowd in Alabama recently that he had ended the Clean Power Plan by executive order. “Did you see what I did to that? Boom, gone.”
Nope. The EPA will soon reveal its strategy for reversing the Plan, but whatever it is, environmental groups are almost certain to appeal it in the courts. Big businesses and utilities, fearing that the courts may rule against the administration, are lobbying the EPA to come up with a replacement rather than try to eliminate the Plan altogether.
Although General John Kelly has reduced White House chaos somewhat, the firings and shakeups are unremitting.
Trump’s Cabinet secretaries don’t seem to have a clue. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos still wants to spend taxpayer money on for-profit schools and colleges that cheat their students. Won’t happen. The EPA’s Scott Pruitt is trying to strip the agency of scientists. Another brainless scheme.
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin still has no idea how to deal with Congress. He tried to persuade Republican House members to support Trump’s budget deal with the Democrats by asking them to do it “for me.”
Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price wasn’t fired for his ethical breaches. If ethics were the criteria, most of the Trump administration would be gone. Price broke Trump’s cardinal rule, which was never to get bad headlines for Trump.
Top echelons of departments and agencies are still empty. Trump has said “in many cases, we don’t want to fill those jobs,” which means decisions are being made by career civil servants and industry lobbyists.
By the start of September, more than a third of the leadership positions at the Federal Emergency Management Agency were still vacant. Not a good way to begin hurricane season. Puerto Rico, anyone?
As of mid-September, out of 599 key government positions that require Senate confirmation, Trump had made only 159 nominations, according to The Washington Post. Trump had yet to submit nominations for 320 positions.
Trump’s political clout is waning among Republicans. He couldn’t even get his pick elected to a Senate primary in Alabama, a state bulging with Trump voters.
Business leaders have deserted him over his remarks over Charlottesville. NFL owners have turned on him over his remarks about players. Tom Brady, who once called Trump “a good friend,” now calls him “divisive” and “wrong.”
Don’t get me wrong. Trump is still a dangerous showman and conman – tweeting condemnations of critics and ranting before friendly crowds at his never-ending campaign rallies. He continues to fuel bigotry and meanness. He has reduced America’s standing in the world. His outbursts could start a nuclear war. His people call him a moron.
But when it comes to the actual work of governing America, Trump is becoming utterly and completely irrelevant.

I'm really enjoying the conflict going on with Sen. Corker. Now that Corker has stated that he will not run again, he is free to speak his mind about Trump, and Trump is imploding!


I do not support Trump. I am amazed he became President! He thinks and talks like a spoiled four year old who never got off the teats!

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