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Do you support Trump?

I completely believe that the US government needs to be completely revamped and revised before we can actually do any good for this country. But - taking that out of the equation, for now, I'd really love to hear people's (honest, respectful and mature) reasons why they do or do not support Trump. (or is unsure). Please, no disrespect or rudeness. He is our president and deserves at least the respect that position affords him (that does not mean we agree with him, but we shouldn't be slinging insults and such)

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smilnjan 6 Oct 6

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While I respect the office this evil narcissist has tainted it. As Joe Biden said I hope this is the American exception. Hopefully he will facilitate the end of the Republican Party as a viable organization.


He is a boil on the buttocks of America.


He needs to be IMPEACHED!!


Trump was a well known fraud and criminal, and a pervert for decades before he ran for President, his followers knew that before they voted for him, just for those reasons.


Would not spend any time with someone that did.


We need more mature person as a peesident....

Mickey Mouse would be a better prez.



My faith in humankind has been renewed. Thanks, Agnostic members!


I'm a little scared of what could happen under Trump. But who is crazier, Trump or Pence?


F Trump


Absolutely not...everything he has done has been an embarassment


What I want to see happen to SEWOL (Stinking Eukaryotic Waste Of Life - my name for Drumpf), his criminal family, and all who have aided and abetted him in commerce or government is probably not appropriate for this message board.


Absolutely not. He and his clown posse need to go. This country is falling apart. There is no making America great while he's running the show. He's a nut job!


I forgot if I answered this before and I'm too lazy tonight to look. I do not support the buffoon and I would not even walk across the street to hear him or see him. He is provably the biggest liar in politics today. The sooner he is gone the better off America will be.


Atheism and politics are completely separate issues. Just because I DON'T believe in a God doesn't necessarily mean I DO agree with all other atheists about anything else. We are a very diverse group. Personally, I think it's hilarious how upset Democrats are getting about not getting the white house.


"Who was sexually attacked"... umm... What? You mean who claimed she was sexually attacked? Because that's what happened. I'm surprised that someone who can, conceivably, see clearly the distinction between RELIGIOUS claims vs matters of fact is so confused when it comes to our JUSTICE SYSTEM and people's claims vs matters of fact. When we catch alleged sexual predators, we give them an innocent until proven guilty assumption. (Or to put it in terms you might yet understand, since this seems alien to you, a 'null hypothesis'😉.)That necessary cornerstone seems to be seriously eroded by the current trend. And it seems that's a trend you applaud. Gross. Welcome back to Salem. Or the Red Scare and the McCarthy trials. Just a claim is not, and should not be, enough to destroy someone's career or life. The president making fun of the seeming holes in her story aside, seems to me like you're missing something vital here buddy.

In any event, your simple assertion that the president is -fill in the blank-, or that she was sexually assaulted, or that I have issues... are just that... assertions. I expect more valid arguments from critical thinkers.

Especially 70 year olds.

Get with it.

@FlyingSpaghetti Dr. Ford was vetted and found credible BEFORE the hearings. There was nothing fake about it and she was factually supported when her medical records showed her revealing Kavanaugh's assault during a counseling session 6 years prior to the hearings. So, yes, it's still a claim but rather revealing when the Republican led committee and the WH made impotent, the following FBI investigation. Hmmm, why would that be?? Perhaps there's a there there?!?

Your rationale is fine but a woman's story of sexual assault, when made public is doing so at great risk to herself and her family (verified). People don't do that unless there's something to be gained; in her case, it was the issue of keeping someone away from a position of power who has an abusive history of behavior. Remember, he's had 83 complaints against him for poor conduct, that the Senate (republicans) simply overlooked and nominated him. Once a justice, the SCOTUS removed all the complaints...not a good sign for what's left of a free country. So, how does that suit your rationale??

Thought you might find this of interest....


Yes I do support The President. Never in my life have I seen the liberal media endlessly attack a sitting president, nor the defeated party whine so much after an election. It seems every other month Hillary has yet another excuse for why she lost. Poor baby, get over it, people didn't like you.
Yes, Trump is obnoxious and many other things, but his is a presidency of NOT politics as usual. It was his intent from the beginning to shake up the system and it is working. Under Obama my investments lost a lot, now under Trump I am getting great returns. Industry in my area is going great, companies are hiring and the economy is strong, couldn't say that under Obama.

You are a complete idiot...I was going to discus things with you, but there's no point.

You are one of the few sensible ones on the main part of this website and may want to join us in the conservative atheist group on here if you haven’t already.

@Trajan61 Thank you, I was not aware there was a conservative group. In fact I rarely come on the site anymore because I am sick of all the liberal Dems on here bitching about everything.

@16classic You will find the conservative atheist group to be a lot different than the main group. There’s a lot of good sensible people there.

Gosh, 16classic, au contraire...Trump's presidency is absolutely politics as usual as the oligarchy gets more of the country's wealth from the middle and poor classes; in other words, YOU! Both Obama and Trump have little affect on the markets re your investments; you get an F for economic understanding....good grief

@16classic If you are interested- "Conservative Atheists"

@16classic The libtards here on the main part of this website can definitely have that effect. I’ll be looking for you on the conservative atheist group.

@Lop-Eared-Mule Any one that does not think like you is a moron .Thank for the typical moronic liberal response


Not just no, but f--- no.


Maybe the Russians can poison his KFC.


@Countrycuz666 You wouldn't know a "commie" if he/she gave you a BJ

@Countrycuz666 what a nutty comment! Lol!


He isn't my president. I will show him respect when he starts respecting this country and it's citizens. He lies to us all the time and has no concern for anyone or anything other than his big fragile ego.


He has lied more times than I have hair on my head. He is an adulterer. He doesn't have much of a brain. He is vulgar, vain, and seems to care only for himself. He is a bully and thinks the only way to win is to put down the other person. He is short sighted and has no long term vision or direction aside from his own desires.

A narcissist . No empathy . Lacks a conscious. The earth revolves around him


As a person whose political views swing way to the left, I would never support Trump or any other GOP politician. Trump and his three ring circus have made a laughing stock of our country. It will take years to repair the damage that they have done. I live in Michigan and my heart breaks for the people of Flint who still can't drink their water. The GOP politicians and emergency managers need to be held accountable for the thousands of lives negatively impacted by the lead in the water. I'm actively promoting the campaign of progressive Dem Dr Abdul El Sayed for governor. I'm an avid Bernie Sanders supporter. I marched in Philly in protest of the DNC and after what the Dems did to Sanders and their members I left the Dem party. I will vote for progressive Dems if they don't take money from corporations and they support universal healthcare and tuition free college.


I find it ironic that you would ask that we not sling insults because he is the president, when it is a rare day that goes by that he isn't slinging his childish insults.


I do not support him as President. He has not shown himself to be presidential. He responds to anything against him with his twitter, which in my opinion is inappropriate. He does not seem to be trustworthy of the position. I find his narcissism and arrogance to be beneath the position of President of the United States.
Just my opinion.


As with all Presidents, I expect them to do some things I agree with and some things I don't.

Unlike any President before him, he's about as amoral, conspiracy believing, fear mongering and dishonest as they come. The United States has become an international embarrassment to all who are decent.


He is loathesome. A classic narcissist (everything is about him). A pathological liar. Several mental health issues. Does not believe in the Golden Rule, that's for sure. A con man at heart. I could go on and on and on, but that might get depressing. LOL

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