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Do you support Trump?

I completely believe that the US government needs to be completely revamped and revised before we can actually do any good for this country. But - taking that out of the equation, for now, I'd really love to hear people's (honest, respectful and mature) reasons why they do or do not support Trump. (or is unsure). Please, no disrespect or rudeness. He is our president and deserves at least the respect that position affords him (that does not mean we agree with him, but we shouldn't be slinging insults and such)

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smilnjan 6 Oct 6

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Canadian here- ehh. I have no vote really. Appalled by Trump but I see 13 votes in support. We all have opinions....


No no no no no. I never liked him but I gave him the benefit of doubt because I was hoping he was going to do something good. I was in Florida during the elections and I remember people constantly knocking on my door to get me to come out and vote for Hillary. I didn't vote I thought both of them were garbage.


He doesn't represent me so I cannot support him. For the record, I voted for Obama and felt like a fool afterward. I have not felt represented by any president in my lifetime and started voting libertarian since 2012.


He is a despicable, corrupt, sociopathic, lying excuse for a human being and deserves NO respect whatsoever!!!


Can't stand the man.


He doesn't respect the office therefore he gets no respect. Not to mention the racism and the misogyny, idiocy and on and on and on

lerlo Level 8 July 28, 2019

You tell me why he is worthy of respect and I will still never give him one iota. He deserves nothing but scorn. If you are trying to drum up a little positive spin for this amoral anal orifice I can't help you. If I ever had been a supporter, which I wasn't, he would have lost me the day he mocked a disabled man. Anyone who saw that and still thought he was deserving of the highest office in our land is as bad or worse than he.


Compassion tells me to feel sorry for this man - he's highly insecure, under-educated, terribly mean-spirited, & has narcissistic personality disorder on top of it all. I don't think he knew exactly what he was getting himself into by running to be POTUS. The current government shutdown is a complete disgrace, especially since he reports being "proud" of it. But whatever, he is definitely NOT presidential material. Hopefully, by 2020, the majority of Republicans will have awakened & smelled the covfefe, though I'm not holding my breath.


I just don't remember all this discord in previous administrations. Could be because of the internet and the ease of access to it by infiltrators and trolls. It is hard for me to not get caught up in the stuff sometimes. Thanks for posting


I agree that we need stonger immigration policies and we need to withdraw quite a bit from the global economy. I disagreed with the his intervention in Syria and his views on Patriot Act.

KenWG Level 3 Dec 2, 2018

@FlyingSpaghetti like I said you have issues, and it is clear that facts don't matter to you. And excuse me oh supreme critical thinker, nice try, Dude. I genuflect at your obvious superior intellect. I only wish I could be like you!


I knew it would be heavily "Don't support," but that is by a better than 10-1 margin.


president mushroom is the head of the white evangelical/nra party


What do you think? []


I don't like Hillary or Trump.
I don't like being pigeon holed into the "either or" debate.
Its a much bigger, much more important question then choosing the lesser of two evils.

Angus Level 5 June 7, 2018

Its too late for this nonsense now. If you are unable to pick a side, somethings wrong. Harambe doent have a shot anymore.

There is nothing evil about Hillary. She was never a perfect candidate, but compared to the Donald she was an easy choice. As far as I am concerned the overly ardent supporters of her Independent opponent in the Primary is what cost her the election. He split the democratic Party like never before.

Yes, something is wrong. Neither side is worth picking.
I also don't understand why you reference Harambe.

@Angus because 20,000 adults voted for a dead gorilla in the last election. in this last election, with everything riding on it.

@mickeyrom Hillary lost for several reasons. She should not have called people Deplorable. She didn't have a great campaign. The final nail was Comey's investigation. Then there was the voter suppression and gerrymandering. Personally I feel that Americans are not ready for a woman president.

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