retired educator who grew up in the southern bible belt, but row totally rejects that biased culture. Profoundly influenced by several years in Berlin, Germany at the height of the Cold War.

A new friend of mine who is wanting to start up a business in past life regression therapy wants me to be her guinea pig. She says it takes about 4 hours!!! Now I work four days a week with lovely people but I enjoy my solitude on my Wednesdays. It's a day to recharge, do some craft or potter about. This friend seems to think she can persuade me that I will become a believer. No one is more of a skeptic than me and all I can think is this is going to be 4 hrs I will never get back. Part of me thinks I should do it just for the experience, another part thinks: I could just take a nap. What would you do?
wordywalt comments:
Regression therapy is pure, unadulterated horse manure. Anyone who risks it is simply being stupid.
If Burma became free of all threats of Islamic terrorism. An islam free nation. Would you consider moving there to bolster the country? What would be the pros and cons?
wordywalt comments:
Hell, no, I would not move there. There are no pros.
We can't be having that.
wordywalt comments:
An expression of truly evil praise of ignorance.
Why do we hate?
wordywalt comments:
There is no one answer. Sometimes, it is ecause the persons DNA hard-wired the person to be a vicious sociopath. In other caswes it is due to a twisted personality development. Some cultures harbor much hatred. Sometimes is is a mixture.
I'm a rock star!
wordywalt comments:
Congratulations! Any time you enable another person to accomplish something, you have done something of great value!
Is Reality Just a Figment of Our Imagination?
wordywalt comments:
No, our reality is not a figment of our imagination in the way you insinuate. Our reality is constructed through our interactions with our environment. We develop cognitive schema which we used to interpret and analyze data from our interactions. We then build cognitive structures or patterns of meaning which inform and guide us.
Republicans Call For Christianity As ‘Official Religion’ of US
wordywalt comments:
Any such action is clearly and unequivocally unconstitutional. Shows what hypocrites Republicans are: They pronounce veneration for our constitution, then proceed to violate it.
NFL Bans Kneeling During The National Anthem | HuffPost
wordywalt comments:
This is a phony issue, created by Trump. Kneeling is a sign of deference and respect. As a veteran and native southerner, I say that those who want to make an issue of this are bigots andirrational right wing reactionaries.
A Federal Court Just Ruled Trump Can't Block People On Twitter
wordywalt comments:
Trump is going to hate this ruling. Good!!
Can you "green-thumbers" tell me my tomatoes won't fruit? In N. Florida
wordywalt comments:
You a.lso may need more phosphate. You might want to try Miracle-Gro.
wordywalt comments:
Trump and his entire cabal constitute the locus of evil and the seeds of dictatorship. These are men to be hated and fought against at every turn.
A Pastor and his 2 wives believe the Bible supports their relationship With 19 and 60 Year Old. A perfect example of Cherry-picking the Bible.
wordywalt comments:
All that proves is what a moral degenerate and charlatan that so-called pastor is.
Hello. Newbie here just trying to figure my way around this site. I have been getting depressed on Facebook with all the negativity and people thinking they can do and say whatever using religion as an excuse. It seems people who don’t have religion actually believe in making the world better since it’s the only one we have. I believe evangelicals are actually cheering for the end of the world to come quickly so they can go to that exclusive afterlife.
wordywalt comments:
You are right.
Republican Who Claims Holocaust Was Orchestrated by Gay Nazis Wins Enough Support for Massachusetts Governor Primary
wordywalt comments:
shows what moral lunacy too damned many Republicans have stooped to!
Is the self an illusion?
wordywalt comments:
All of our cognitive structures, including our definition of self, are constructed in our own minds from our interactions with our environment. . We define who we are, what we believe in, what we value, what our standards are, and much more. This mental construct is our sense of self.We could not function as a human organism without such structures.
In America, will justice ever be blind?
wordywalt comments:
Justice has rarely been blind in any culture. Nevertheless, it is goal worth aspiring toward.
Hemingway's *The Sun Also Rises* I think I'm getting the hang of Hemingway with this 3rd book of his I've read. I really enjoyed the book. I got a feeling for what it would have been like to have the means to travel Europe at your whim in the early 1930s, an American "expatriat" having adventures with others like you.
wordywalt comments:
The more you read of Hemingway's works, the more you will see that all of his works follow the same model. He takes his protagonists though difficult times, takes them to prosperity and happiness, then virtually destroys them. The settings and characters change, but the plot never does.
Why is there so much anger here?
wordywalt comments:
There are 2 main sources of anger: (1) outrage at the incivility and lack of morality in the behavior of irrational haters and fear-mongers, and (2) dissatisfaction with oneself which the person has difficulty dealing with. I often feel anger toward those in the first case, but I am not angry about who I am and/or my circumstance.
Why is it so difficult for the public to take good care of public spaces? Public restrooms, parks, and even the side in the roads have garbage just tossed anywhere and a lot of the times are just nasty. Do we have a civic responsibility to keep these area nice for everyone to enjoy?
wordywalt comments:
Yes, we do. But, too damned many people are thoughtless boors.
Do you want to "evangelize" chistian family and friends? If so, how does this affect your relationship with them?
wordywalt comments:
They have to find their own way to truth. Many of them never will. The best way to promote change is to immerse a person in a different culture which gets them to challenge their beliefs, but treats them with dignity.
Do people become more bigoted as they age? My mom had never been the type to speak poorly of any group of people. But in recent, she has gone on tirades about Obama, Muslims, and now that Starbucks has stated they will allow anyone to sit or use the bathroom, she is appalled that the homeless will be stinking up the place and trashing the bathrooms. This coming from a woman who is all about LBGTQ rights and is agnostic. Is this an age thing? It angers me when she speaks like this and I tell her she's wrong, but she'll just shut up and spew the hate at a later date. Thoughts?
wordywalt comments:
Most people do NOT become more bigoted with age. Usually, the bigoted person has become so by late teens to early adulthood. They then tend to identify with and associate with others of the same angry, irrational, hate-filled, and fear-filled ilk -- forming a self-reinforcing culture. In effect they give over theair thought processes to the irrationality of the bigotry of the group. For some reason, he same thing is now happening to your mother. She has given control over who she is and what she thinks to the culture of bigotry.
Argh. My friend is making all these terrible bird puns just to annoy me. Well, toucan play at that game.
wordywalt comments:
I'll bet you are crowing after that one.
What happens when we die?
wordywalt comments:
There is absolutely no reason to believe that when we die our consciousness continues to exist. You are falling into the same trap that religious people do when they believe that we have a soul and that soul continues to live after our bodies die. It is simply a selfish expression of a desire to live forever, to believe that we are something more than we are. Our consciousness is nothing more than the cognitive structures and schema which our brains construct to make sense of our environment. That cognitive structures and those schema do not exist outside of a living, functioning brain -- period! Face reality -- with dignity!
OK babyboomers, how many of you are like me and thinks todays chart topping music really sucks compared to our generations
wordywalt comments:
I g=have not heard any contemporary music worth listening to. The greatest jazz was that of the 1950s and 1960s. The greatest pop music was that of the late 1960s through the early 1980s.
Will Democracy correct itself in the United States?
wordywalt comments:
I have to believe that it can be fixed. If not, this would not be a place I would want to call home.
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