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This is a place where I'd love to hear about the documentaries that moved you emotionally or made you want to look into or study something. Real life is more fascinating than fiction. What should I see?

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Food Choices
Wildgreens May 10 May 10 11
Lucent free on youtube
Wildgreens May 9 May 9 00
Unity free on youtube
Wildgreens May 9 May 9 11
Earthlings Free on youtube
Wildgreens May 9 May 9 22
A cool documentary about the history of my home port.
BDair Apr 27 Apr 27 00
New for Earth Day - Planet of the Humans This is quite disturbing.
BDair Apr 22 Apr 22 11
Watched this the other day...highly recommend it.
Stefanie Apr 17 Apr 17 11
with José Mujica
trashcendence Apr 5 Apr 5 00
Is aany discordian pope here?
trashcendence Apr 5 Apr 5 00
Very well crafted documentary.
BDair Mar 25 Mar 25 22
An entertaining and information documentary.
BDair Mar 23 Mar 23 11
A powerful story (started in my neck-of-the-woods) No Way Out But One (FULL DOCUMENTARY)
FearlessFly Mar 22 Mar 22 00
How the Universe Works is a documentary everyone should see. Planetary scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists explain the origins of the universe, our planet and ourselves. Stunning visuals and explanations nearly anyone can understand makes ...
JustAskMe Mar 13 Mar 13 11
I just watching the saving capitalism documentary, its nice....
William77 Mar 7 Mar 7 11
I've been spending more time on Youtube lately. In just the last couple of years, there have been a lot of new History docs and Atheist shows added. Follow one and they suggest another like it. Digital Hamurabi and The Study of Antiquity and ...
uttertim Feb 23 Feb 23 11
I’m new here, and my favorite documentary is “JFK to 911 everything‘s a rich man’s trick” I learned a lot from that film. And the zeitgeist series is always informational.
Bob_1 Feb 10 Feb 10 11
Free Angela and All Political Prisoners (2012)
FearlessFly Jan 26 Jan 26 00
The Impossible Row Trailer
FearlessFly Jan 1 Jan 1 33
The Guardians (Prime Video Original) 1h 44min 2019. 13+ An investigative documentary that examines the systemic abuse of elderly people in Las Vegas, Nevada exposing a cautionary tale where some of our society's most vulnerable citizens are ...
KittensandSage Dec 23 Dec 23 22
The story of plastics problems.
BDair Dec 13 Dec 13 44
Jefferson Davis: An American President (2008) I found no 'trailer'. This 3-disk DVD I checked-out of my local library. As a lifelong northerner, I never understood how southerners (continue to) say the Civil War was "an invasion by the north"....
FearlessFly Dec 9 Dec 9 00
Searching for Sugar Man Official Trailer
FearlessFly Dec 6 Dec 6 11
. . sequel to "Who killed the electric car" Revenge of the Electric Car - Trailer
FearlessFly Dec 4 Dec 4 00
"The History of Electric Vehicles Began in 1830" . . . the above post prompted me to post this (I have seen it)
FearlessFly Dec 3 Dec 3 22
Sorry I don't have a photo except where it's got a tree on one of the covers but the documentary is called " I am "
Sept-10th Dec 1 Dec 1 22

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