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Do you support Trump?

I completely believe that the US government needs to be completely revamped and revised before we can actually do any good for this country. But - taking that out of the equation, for now, I'd really love to hear people's (honest, respectful and mature) reasons why they do or do not support Trump. (or is unsure). Please, no disrespect or rudeness. He is our president and deserves at least the respect that position affords him (that does not mean we agree with him, but we shouldn't be slinging insults and such)

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smilnjan 6 Oct 6

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Trump doesn't EVEN deserve the respect the position calls for. He has degraded the office to the point of mockery. In fact, Trump might be evidence for diabolical intervention in human affairs... except that it can actually be chalked up to sheer willing blindness and fecklessness on behalf of the people who voted for him.
No matter what you think of Clinton (ugh...) it's impossible to justify voting for a man who lies over 70% of the time, boasts about sexually assaulting women (and claims they love him for it), breaks contracts left and right, has gone bankrupt multiple times yet claims he's a brilliant businessman, started with his father's money but claims he worked his way up to where he is... I could go all day.
No, I do not support him.

they won't put that on fox news lol

Feel the Bern, Still...


He is not intelligent enough to be president. He doesn’t have a mature handle on his temperament. He appears racist and uses religion as a method to ostracize. He lies too much.

Very diplomatically put. I would have been much more harsh on our sweet little president. Just joined. I'm seeking enlightening conversation.


He is a dangerous man.


I would use a live rattlesnake as a condom before I trust Trump.

Holy shit, that is frikkin funny! And, a very scary vision! LOL

You win the best comment award! BTW, my dearest friend of 35 years is from Butler Alabama. What a small word. ROLL TIDE! I'd message you but I just joined and I can't. My email is if you care to message me.


Trump is a flawed human being in many respects. He is unstable mentally, has demonstrated a lack of respect, empathy and compassion for others, is an habitual liar, and is concerned only for himself, his family, and his brand. Any other questions?


Everyday he disrespects someone. You have to show respect to others to have any expectation of getting respect in return. No one is automatically 'entitled' to it. No I don't support him.


Never will! He is just horrible!


I can't think of a single day since his inauguration when there hasn't been some sort of scandal, incident, or negative event involving the Trumps or someone incredibly close to the Trumps.


No, I do not support Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the trust fund baby of a daddy who left him 22 billion dollars.... and he has still managed to piss away well over half of that nest egg in one single lifetime.

How are we supposes to trust a man to turn our country around who can't even take 22 billion dollars and turn it in to a profit? Even a freaking monkey could inherit 22 billion and at the very least still have close to 22 billion when it croaks from old age.

Let's be perfectly honest here. Donald Trump is a failed real estate mogul who has had to be bailed out of bankruptcy multiple times. The sheer magnitude of his failure as a businessman and a human being is astounding.

The one thing I will give him credit for is being a good con artist. His ability to take advantage of the least educated and least intelligent amongst us perplexes me to no end.

I won't even get in to what a vile and disgusting individual he is just as a human being. His laundry list of despicable actions is long and already widely known. No sense rerunning that sick horror show again.

Not a trump supporter but most sources say his father's estate was between 100 to 300 million. Not billions.


I don't understand how anyone can like him or believe anything he says. He is evil


I for one hope that Don and his entire cabinet, administration, are ousted, sooner the better, and each of them are put into 8x8 concrete cubes, with a small window. Preferrably having them dragged off in chains.

Drawn & quartered works for me!

@yppahagn I've been saying for years that we need to bring it back!


I have an advanced degree in psych, but I don't think that is required to perceive this narrow-minded, self-serving, shallow-thinking person. He apparently has not read the constitution. He has trouble locating nations (Nambia?) on a map. It's far too obvious that the color of a person's skin or their religious beliefs outweigh their merits or contributions. This person is not qualified nor does he possess the skills to hold any high office.


No, I believe in reason.


Absolutely not.


A more apt question would be, "Would you shoot Trump as an intruder if he came knocking at your door?"


At every step of the '16 campaign, I kept thinking that there REALLY can't be that many people who would actually think that Donald Trump is Presidential material...

I've been around for enough decades that I understand that there are a lot of mind-bogglingly stupid Americans (WHY???), but "President Trump" is still a massive shocker.

More voters actively voted against trump than voted for him .... we are stuck with because of the electoral college. Not to mention the 50% of voters who didn’t bother to vote.


Trump is brilliant at marketing aka propaganda; however, I find that he sells nothing more than snake oil and racism.

But you wait, "It is the greatest thing anyone has ever seen or done!" What the eff it is, nobody knows, but it will be epic!!!

It works though


Like Bikersurfer, I respectfully decline to elaborate upon my deep-seated antipathy toward 45. He has long since squandered any respect I might have automatically had for him as my elder or as POTUS. I remember my feelings from November thru January. I was ready then to give him the benefit of the doubt - knowing that I would dislike his presidency, but ready to grin and bear it. But he has been far worse than I feared. I have absolutely nothing pleasant to say about him; to describe him accurately is, by definition, to speak disparagingly of him.


Sure We'll show him, his cronies and Trumpers the same respect he showed Obama. Lol!



another clever response from the left

@gater nope. Really don’t need a clever reason to not support a president who uses children as a trading chip to bully support for his ill-conceived border wall.
It definitely doesn’t take the mental gymnastics of trying to justify being in support of a racist, misogynistic sociopath.

@A2Jennifer Wow a racist, misogynistic sociopath Do you have any proof of your allegations? Or are you repeating something you hope is true?

@gater when a man brags about grabbing women “by the pussy” = misogynist. When you refer to human beings as animals and call immigrants rapists = racist. A sociopath is someone who persistently violates the rights of others, who lies, manipulates and who lacks empathy = Trump.

@gater why is it ok to casually call her a sociopath, but not admit that Don clearly has NPD?

@A2Jennifer You forgot idiot & narcissist!

@A2Jennifer Well said. Thank you for being clear headed and eloquent. When I see comments like gater’s, my words fail me because I’m shocked by the level of cognitive dissonance required to support Trump. I’d be less shocked by someone who openly admitted to being a racist misogynist supporting Trump. But how anyone outside the David Duke crowd can rationalize this I just don’t understand. Why does any regular republican think this is going to make the US great again?

@Ian607 I don’t think they all do. I think a lot of them just want to hold onto the power.

@Ian607 I don't think they care about making America great. They care about getting there pound of flesh.


I support Trump and consider myself very liberal on a lot of subject matters but that does not mean I agree with everything he does....but I would never disrespect him...he is the best President we've had in a long long time....

Want to give us a list of his ''best in a long time'' contributions to our reputation? To our general welfare? To endangered animals and lands? To the climate degradation? To the sick and the poor? How about as a good example of civility and respect?

Give us a list. I'll wait.

@LucyLoohoo you act like he orchestrated all bad policies that were already enacted by Bush....and Obama....

I meet lots of "liberals" like this on here. Oh yeah, this putting kids in cages and taking them right off the tit and saying they are getting a bath sounds super "liberal". Were always out at the Rainbow Gathering, doing bonghits and talking about which neighbor needs to be ratted out to ice and put in a cage as a toddler.

@Countrycuz666 of course, funny guy, youd be instigating a fight you wouldnt want to start. Im not a "play you kumbaya" sort of lefty, citizen.

@Countrycuz666 youd be the first to do that, snowflake, lol. "Ladies" first, tough guy, to use your vernacular.

Respect has to be earned.

You need to seek professional psychiatric help as soon as possible.

@Ravenwolfcasey Bush and Cheney didn’t put kids in cages. End of story. He didn’t “have” to do that - he did it as LEVERAGE to get his stupid f-ing wall.

@Ravenwolfcasey You're fooling yourself! He's enriched himself and his family without a single thought for anyone else/the nation. He's allowed himself to become Putin's sock-puppet. We now have TRILLIONS in national debt and he doesn't care, because his family is now rich enough to get by on their own. He's a swine.

@A2Jennifer your brainwashed by the media..and you bet your sweet ass kids were separated from their parents when Obama was in office

You must be joking, or out of your mind if you think he is the best president ever.

@Ravenwolfcasey Right you are about the kids getting separated under Obama.


Trump is a vile bigoted sociopath that is creati thing serious divisions in our country. He has no knowledge of history and leads only for his own benefits and adolescent ego. He has daily degraded our country with ignorant e and racism!

the divisions were an obozo trait

@rafferty you maybe cuz it don't live here

@blueskies seems legit, lol

Thank you for your comments. I support them.

Obama was a racist and incompetent SOB. Trump has done a lot of good just undoing what that idiot did.


I came here to meet others who live a reality-based life. Judging by the results of the poll I came to the right place. Trump is a big man-baby who has harmed our reputation around the world.

@Countrycuz666 No....actually, the rest of the world needn't care what our view of them might be. We are not in charge...we're just betraying our friends, our commitments and our dedication to principles.

@Countrycuz666 only those that want to suck off what this country can give them so they play the pity me and suck up to us

I love Trump

@Countrycuz666 uh oh, nutty Exceptionalism. Super white people. Here we go with this bullshit.

@Countrycuz666 nonsense. You just believe in some super white guy fantasy, yet most of the people in the world are named "Chang". Kind of the way it is. "Mediocrity" at what? More trump nonsense about everyone needing to be a reality star egomaniac.


He deserves no respect; he disrespects the office. This is not an insult, but I hate the man, and I have never truly personally hated someone whom I have never met. He is sexist, racist, narcissistic, and care only for himself and his offspring (who are extensions of himself). I could go on, but the only thing that I will add is that when he made fun of the handicapped reporter, it was unforgivable. He lacks empathy, which is the basic cornerstone of everything positive about human beings.

I would throw in a little antisocial personality disorder

@gigihein That, too, for sure.

People grovelling for respect deserve none. "Did you see my ratings?" lol

@rafferty He is pathetic. He cannot understand that the ONLY reason why people have shown him "respect" is because of his money. His employees show him obeisance because he pays their wages; I could not work for the man.

@Gwendolyn2018 maam, im from a .0001% richie town in new england. The richiest. Don is normally like a cheesy lowlife nonperson among them, but since he has been elected, it is hilarious to watch them kiss his fat ass in order to get tax breaks. They are Claus von Bulow type creeps. He doesnt have that much money, and is a deadbeat that rips off people he employs, all the time. He is a scumbag slumlord like his dad.

@rafferty Agreed on all points. PT Barnum said that a sucker is born every minute, but in the US, I think it has become every second.


I find it interesting that you are so concerned about not offending the dignity of the office. No one has been more offensive to the office than Mr. Trump in so many ways. His tweets. His name calling. His ignorance of the separation of powers.

Bravo, sir! You're a gentleman and a scholar...

@Countrycuz666 Nope, that one escapes this relate to 'schwinnrider's' comment??

obama tops the list for me in his disgrace as potus

I find it extremely amusing that the people defending Trump think that attacking Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is relevant to the discussion. Here is a hint - if you can't point to Trump's actual words and actions to defend him, you aren't making a case. If you have to attack other commenters, you only look weak.

@blueskies What do you base your opinion on?

@moNOtheist read facts much?

Agree and much more. The exaggerated version of what they called the ugly American.

@blueskies not give me a few of the facts that support your comment?

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