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Do you support Trump?

I completely believe that the US government needs to be completely revamped and revised before we can actually do any good for this country. But - taking that out of the equation, for now, I'd really love to hear people's (honest, respectful and mature) reasons why they do or do not support Trump. (or is unsure). Please, no disrespect or rudeness. He is our president and deserves at least the respect that position affords him (that does not mean we agree with him, but we shouldn't be slinging insults and such)

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smilnjan 6 Oct 6

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I Am Not A Fan Of Trump At All But I Am A Fan Of Bernie Sanders

Unfortunately, I Am "Not" Supporter of Trump At All Or His Views and I Did Not Vote Neither For Clinton Nor Trump But I Voted For 3rd Party Candidate, Jill Stein (Green Party) Instand.

@TheMiddleWay I agree. I couldn't believe they did that.


He's such an idiot.


I support getting rid of him by any means... and dread the thought of pence... how the heck did we get here? jeez...


Honest, respectful, and mature? So we are expected to meet higher standards than the POTUS? I support not a single move the fella has attempted since he conspired with the enemy to steal this position from the 'real' President. I do not support his racist attempt to keep people of color out of the country with either a wall, or a mandate against 'certain' countries. I do not support his attempt to ruin our health insurance, our kids' education, or our environment. I do not support the conflict of interest his businesses bring, nor the fact that he has filled every top seat with people woefully unqualified-including his own children! Finally, I do not support that he is giving the rich more tax breaks, and will likely cause another recession like the last repug did. But no worries folks; it's obvious by taking a look at the recent elections in Virginia and New Jersey that he has caused the pendulum to swing the other way with a vengeance, and our next democratic President will clean the mess up- just like last time.


Being a supporter of Trump is definitely a deal breaker for me in terms of my respect for another person. With all he has said and done, the harm he has caused, allowing the racism and bigotry to run rampant without serious condemnation..... the man sickens me and anyone who could sing his praises sickens me as well.


the only reason trump is in the white house is because a bunch of white people were scared of black and Muslim people


Trump is quite capable of supporting himself... seriously, though, I bear him no ill will, I just think that his ignorance and arrogance are dangerous qualities in a head of state.


His arrogant, malignant narcissism makes him the most detested person on the planet today. I believe that he's insane as a result of neuro-syphllis acquired during his years of unprotected sex in NYC during the 70s and 80s, which he claims as his "Vietnam". As a Combat Infantry Vet of that adventure I detest his draft-dodging and would like to choke the dogshit out of him when he mocks true Patriots like John McCain, Pat Tillman, and Gold Star families.


He doesn't support our veterans, women, people of lower class, minorities, by giving support to him you are saying that what he stands for is ok. No I stand by my country. I'm ashamed to say that he represents the interests of this great country.


We know he’s a liar as he has lied about things that can easily be checked. We have an immoral president and it gives our country a poor image.


Hell yes I support him. I voted for him to completely turn the government on its ear and change the way this country is run. Less government regulation is ALWAYS better. Run it like a business, it's not a freakin' charity clearinghouse. NO more immigrants, NO more money leaving this country to support other countries... NO leeway for criminals.

You, dear sir, need to be farther educated in how the world works.

You have noted several points that you find positive. But what about the long list of less then "what I would consider ""Tolerable"" attributes such as his excessive lying? This behaviour should not be supported.

trump's so called business had no one with any say except himself. He was the dictator. He wanted to be the dictator of this country. He lied and cheated then. He lies and cheats now. I have difficulty believing that someone intelligent enough to be agnostic could say what you have just written.

Please go read the US constitution. Our government is run on a three branch system in which neither branch holds dominant power over the others. Our government is not a business, nor should it ever be run like one.

The sole purpose of a business is to turn a profit. The purpose of a government is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of a society in a manner which creates a level playing field for all inhabitants.

When the line between government and private interests blurs, a society quickly devolves in to plutocracy.

Nice to have a conservative with a little sense in the group!


All the hate for Trump by sheeple.All the intelligence Agencies 17 is it can't find anything on trump after 12 months must tell you something he ether a good person or a very clever person.Your personal hate for president trump is hurting your own country.The man has lived up to all that he promised he has been obstructed by everyone and anyone,but hes still there not giving up and walking away as most people would,because he is a strong man and leader imagine how strong the usa would be today if everyone worked with him.Instead you go out and wreck your own cities undermine your own constitution and make your self's look like little children while the whole world lol at you.Clintons past deeds are coming to light not made up bs like they tried with trump but documented evidence.She is a lunatic and so many of you wanted her as the president thats very telling about you me thinks as a people

Wow...don't you feel slightly out of place on a board full of intelligent people who are laughing at YOU? Go away Troll..plenty of other places you can go off the rails.

And what of the daily cry baby, poor little me posts on Twitter? Obama took childish abuse from conservatives on a continuous basis for eight years and chose the high road every single time. That's how a man acts.

Great reply! Nice to have someone with a little sense in the group!


without a doubt hands down 1 million % NO. I have lost trust in my government. He can't even put folks in key spots that have hope.


He's a mess. No support from this voter.


Here's the bottom line, folks. ALL politicians are really nothing more than self-serving, ego driven Narcissists, who suffer under the delusion that they are better than most others in some way, and therefore think that they have some kind of innate right to act as our master.
Agreeing that others have some kind of right, obligation or duty to be your nanny IS a form of mental illness!! Why don't you just take 100% full responsibility for your own life and your actions in it? Or are you still too immature to know right from wrong, and so you need someone to take the blame for you when you make a mistake??
For someone to begin spouting off about a subject before they educate themselves as much as possible in that subject, are no better than a total fool who refuses to learn the facts.
We do not need to revamp the government at all, just learn that it's all done by the CONSENT of the governed, and then take our stolen powers back!


all politicians, that kinda sounds like a hasty generalization

Yes, it does sound like an unfair or hasty generalization, but then can you name me just ONE politician who is different than what I say they all are? Ron Paul was the only one of them who ever came anywhere close to breaking out of that broad accusation, but you don't see him around anymore now, do you?
Shitlery has got to be the absolute WORST of the worst when it comes to self-serving, diabolical, murderous, selfish, greedy and lying over inflated egotists that the planet Earth has ever had to be disgraced with, it's soiled by her mere presence here! And that's my high praise for that sleazy scumbag! And Dumpster is no better, so don't think that I'd ever approve of that pile of fertilizer who walks around in suits that cost more than many people earn in a month!


Wow, Randy. You obviously don't even understand the function of Government....

And Trump isn't even a politician. He dabbled in making "political" statements just because it got him more attention.

By FAR the vast majority of people who go into politics are different from your caricature.

Most who go into politics have a genuine desire to make things better for their city, county, state, country; whatever level they're at. Your definition or my definition of what constitutes "better" will obviously differ, but that's why the process of politics is to compromise. At least it used to be. Once upon a time there was a "loyal Opposition". Now the other party is demonized. I take it for granted that almost everyone loves America, but the form that love takes is the problem. Some want to love America by turning it into their idea of what it was in 1783 or 1850 or 1950, and others think the way to love our nation is to let the people who live in it do more or less what they want as long as no consenting adults are hurt.

Can I name one politician? Bob Corker. Jeff Flake. Sherrod Brown. John McCain. Al Franken. Al Gore. Olympia Snowe. I could go all day, but then my post would cover the page.


Best of two evils. Hillary was a savage narcissistic horrible human. At least trump is a closet atheist .

Not sure (Agree with) that Trump is a closet atheist. Been noticing he's making Christian Policies work for them with Policies that works against Atheist. (If that is the case, seems contradictive to me)

Which policies work against us?

You mean like the religious liberty policies that say religious assholes can fire whoever they want as long as they say "because god"? They're focused on LGBT and Muslims for the moment but will easily scoop up atheists in that net. Mike Putz is the biggest dominionist on the list.

Who got fired? From what companies?


He does not deserve our respect. He disrespects the office, government, the Constitution and the citizens of this country.


Donald Trump is what you get when a pile of shit becomes sentient and is then made president.


I respect individuals, not positions or uniforms. That tub of goo deserves nothing but derisive remarks. He is a complete waste of skin. Sorry, that is as respectful as I can get for that sorry motherfucker!


No, he does not deserve respect. If I steal a badge, does that make me a cop?


What we are witnessing is not only the worst POTUS in history...and he hasn't even gotten rolling yet. IF we can escape without nuclear war or the end of Democracy it will be a good day PLEASE VOTE BLUE!


Not even a little bit.


Stupid people hate Trump!

gater Level 7 June 28, 2018

@maturin1919 No, smart people see the big picture.

@maturin1919 No because Trump is making America great and the World safer.

@maturin1919 You can laugh, but its true.

My, what a deep, message of free thought thar, tater. "Durrrr, stoopit peeple hateses Tromp! Moon made of cheeze! Yall caint see bigger picture, jus' filled wit white folks!" Lol

No, Gater, smart people see Trump for what he is and a gathering storm of 'blue' is heading your way this fall. This BS 'Trump-train' is already beginning to unravel and will be off the rails over the next year. But, in a way, it's a good thing that 'Trumpettes' can't see it coming

@gater WHAT??!!?? He's tryng to hand over America to PUTIN!!! That Ain't Great!

I do not hate him. I do hate quite a lot of what he says and does and stands for yes. Just like there was somethings I hated that Obama did. But Obama had empathy and compassion and class. Trump has none of those things.

@peaceman1948 Obama was an idiot who made a lot of stupid deals like the Iran deal and the Paris climate deal. Also stopping the Keystone and Dakota pipelines was just plain idiotic.

@peaceman1948 I saw that so called blue wave your talking about.

@Trajan61 such a funny guy...Obama had an over-connected relationship with Wall St and a hand in perpetuating the CIA's wars in the ME, and should have prosecuted the Bush administration for 'war crimes' and prosecuted Wall St. It's been quite clear that the Iran Deal was fine, just not politically appetizing for the R's just as the Paris Climate Accord (data coming out now has more than ever vindicated their existence as due to the coming dangers of severe weather. So, time for you to remove your head from that dark cavernous space of yours. Keystone & Dakota pipelines are known recipes for environmental disasters given the dirty oil and several conservative states are not happy about the 'risks' they're now facing.

Oh, yeah...cute pic. Is that object in it you??

@peaceman1948 Without oil the world economies would come to a screeching halt. So what in the hell are you talking about?

@Trajan61 seriously, the world is NOT dependent on these particular pipelines by a long shot. Facts are that more emphasis on alternative resources beyond oil are viable and working. It's the politics that makes you say things that are not accurate, it just makes you an oil-bot. Get a clue; the world economies have been manipulated around oil for many decades even though other alternatives have been available...POLITICS and the current power structure don't give 2 shits about the planet

@peaceman1948 I’ve yet to see a semi truck running on anything but diesel. Also most train locomotives run on diesel as well. The only way Solar and wind energy is viable is with a heavy government subsidy. So once again what in the hell are you talking about?

@Trajan61 He don't know himself what the hell he is talking about, which is why I blocked his leftist arse...

@Trajan61 Haven't been on the site in awhile and saw your post. Of course you know what I'm talking about. The obvious 'elephant in the room' is the issue of the oil industry and how they've repressed the markets through political power when newer technologies are available that, over time, are showing higher efficiencies, cleaner tech, non-pollutive dynamics which will vastly improve in time. That would mean eventual replacement of diesel fuels, etc.


How unAmerican it would be not to stand behind the commander and chief.

Since the rule of Bush II, the lesson is question every move of the Commander in Chief!

You know, that's exactly what the soldiers of the Wehrmacht said. Unquestioned loyalty is surely not a virtue.

@moNOtheist Yea and Atilla the Hun sailed his unstoppable army into seeming clear seas intending to attacking Japan. The Hun never made it because of a wicked storm crippled his fleet. If not for that we would all be the clan of Hun. Point being one has nothing to do with the other. If your logic would apply it should be illegal for the democratic party to exist because of President Harry S. Truman nuclear attack cause one of the worst aftermaths in all of recorded history. I defiantly do not agree with any political party. We should be way past the point of one person controlling the fate of a free world in this point in our history.

@azzow2 I don't see how those examples either prove your point (unless it was written as irony) or dispute mine. What have Little Boy and Fat Man, much less the divine winds, to do with unquestioned loyalty? Getting behind the president, no matter who he (or she) might be, just because they are the president is like "my country right or wrong" or "follow the flag", and blindly leads down some very dark pathways, as US veterans were to see in the liberation of Europe.

@moNOtheist We have a lot of military taking transports through out town. I being a veteran when I see them in passing we exchange solutions. Just about everyone comments about the leaders. What they say and not verbatim is that they feel more confident that the leadership is tougher and that we all agree that maturity is lacking with unquestionable considerations.

@azzow2 Not sure that a tough leader is what's required, or that he is one.

Trump, having depleted the State Dept. to the point of ineffectiveness, sees the use of military force as the only solution, perhaps because he's oblivious to the subtleties of diplomacy. And I have real problems with someone who evaded service in Vietnam because of supposed bone spurs (not to mention openly insulting John McCain, who suffered months of pain and misery as a prisoner-of-war) ordering young men and women to war, and into physical situations beyond his understanding or apparent concern.

@moNOtheist The disrespect of Mister McCain was very distasteful this point I agree with with you 100%. Loved when McCain and Palin were running together He knew he would not win got an awesome spot in the history books and he had a lot of fun doing it.

@azzow2 I think that he thought he had a good chance at winning, but that he now looks back at his choice for the VP slot as having been something of a misstep.

@azzow2 Japanese people took the Island of Japan from another people called the Ainu, and then started doing brush paintings about not being invaded by Huns. They did it by invading, while the Kamikaze wind was off i guess. it wasnt working for the Ainu.


The orange clown needs to go!

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