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Do you support Trump?

I completely believe that the US government needs to be completely revamped and revised before we can actually do any good for this country. But - taking that out of the equation, for now, I'd really love to hear people's (honest, respectful and mature) reasons why they do or do not support Trump. (or is unsure). Please, no disrespect or rudeness. He is our president and deserves at least the respect that position affords him (that does not mean we agree with him, but we shouldn't be slinging insults and such)

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smilnjan 6 Oct 6

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I can certainly see why someone who is wealthy would support him, but any poor person who supports Dumpster or the republicans is voting against their own economic self interest. There is 30 years worth of evidence which shows this to be a logical, reasonable conclusion to make, just as atheism is a logical, reasonable conclusion to make about the existence of a god.


I am from Iraq.
l like trump.
I think he is great politician.
because he will save America from socialism.
and he will fight ISIS Seriously.

What a load of BS.

trump is a blowhard who would just as soon kill anyone he deems to be "different" especially if they are from the middle east. if you like him, you can have him. we would all rather see him hung!

Why are you so against socialism? Do you not know how very many socialistic programs there are here in the USA? Try the police, fire and sanitation departments, public schools, libraries, public parks, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps) road, dams and bridges, and SO many more. Our taxes pay for these vital entities. Would you rather privatize them all? Good luck if you need a police officer or fireman and can't afford to pay for them!

ok ,miss janfin
I am classical liberal so
I like trump because he is against (sharia law)
obama supported the jihadist groups in sirya that is why you see the middle east in total mess .
I hate socialism because it destroyed our economy and our iraqi society.

Save us from socialism... only to destroy us with fascism. Two sides of the same hell minted coin. Pick your poison.

Oh no!!!! You need to listen to James Brown Living in America...

Great reply! You one of the few in this group who has any sense!


He's not prepared or qualified for the job. We need someone much smarter in this position.

did you consider the COmmunity Organizer qualified? If so, how?

Just a community organizer? Definitely not. But I would certainly consider someone who has also served as Dean of Harvard Law as well as a sitting US senator more than qualified.


He is a piece of trash.


I don't support his clumsy implementation of policy.
I don't support his "pay for play" cabinet.
I don't support his inability to lead his party.
I don't support his party or his policies.
I DO support the office.


Over 9 months so far, and he has yet to do anything that would benefit average people.

When he ran, I at firs thought ti was funny. Then, we he got the republican nomination, I was a little concerned, but I thought most people were smart enough not to vote for him. Still i told people that if he got elected he would use th0 eoffice to just enrich himself, his family and soem of his friends. When he won (evidently with the help of the Russians), I really hoped with all my heart tht I was totally wrong about him, but very quickly he started to prove me right, and then he managed to exceed even my worst expectations.

It is much easier to destroy than to build or rebuild, and just with the damage he has done so far, it will take at least 5-8 years to recover. The longer he is in office th worse things will get. I hope he and Pence are both impeached soon for colluding with the Russians to undermine our poltical process.

impeachment is not a "hillary lover" trait. It's a wish by anyone who actually cares about getting a dangerous person out of the white house.

The first three members of Team Trump have indictments, one of which admitted or confessed to Russian collusion taking place. Those are just the first three. By the end there may be more indictments than with any other administration, the current record being held by the Reagan Administration over mostly the Iran Contra scandal where they sold weapons to terrorists to fund an illegal military action in South America, an dthere were a few smaller scandals too. Tht Reagan managed not to have anything stick to him personally got him the nickname of the "Teflon President", but if Reagan wasn't involved, you have to ask yo7urself who was really running things when he was in office?

BTW, I am not a "Hillary lover". I voted vor Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

@GryffinSong yes that is all its about.I cringe at the blindness when some says I am just upset about losing the election. I don't care who or what party was seated,it is the dangerous behavior independant of political view that is most disturbing to me


Yes, I was highly disappointed that he became (cough, gag) our leader. But I wanted to give him a chance - hoping we would all be pleasantly surprised somehow. Well - that time is long over, and now he only brings daily dismal, and often potentially deadly news, and a certainty that if allowed to continue, he will do anything but make us "great".


If I believed I would say he portends the end of times!!!

Well... it's possible that he constitutes evidence. I try to keep an open mind...


I hate the fucking asshole ?


If I had to choose between trump and shoving a thousand rusty nails up my vagina into my uterus and then going horseback riding saddle me up

He has done nothing to earn any respect. He's bullied, threatened, and incited violence. He has put children in concentration camps. He has sexually assaulted a dozen women and girls and nominated a rapist judge.

Where I come from, respecting someone like that enables a dictator.

And if you want to shake hands and let that pig walk all over you, you are no better than the Germans who did nothing when hitler rose.

Respect is earned. It is not freely given just because of a title.

@LadyAlyxandrea ............This is what happens when you buy into the mockingbird media. Compare released documents with what MSM has been feeding us for decades.......I personally think something should have been done about the CIA media machine years ago....because some people aren't in my position of knowing the purpose: perpetual wars and supporting their groomed marionette. Unfortunately for the deep state the people started to wake up, and the blatant 20% uranium give-away, incessant pay to play, wikileaks, coupled with a true outsider set the stage. You didn't get your groomed puppet with Ivy League debate chops but you got somebody that will speak for the people and not for the military industrial complex.

@Mikie1977 you are hilarious if you think that billionaire toddler cares at all about the people. A man that spent his life scamming people and throwing tantrums on Twitter from his gold toilet has no fucking concept of how to help THE PEOPLE.

@Mikie1977 Dude!! You've got to be kidding me!! The "uranium give-away" is complete BS as there are several stages (9 agencies) of approval that such a transaction would have had to have gone through. It's been clearly shown she was never involved. In addition, the bulk of the $145M was sold by Frank Giustra (Clinton Foundation donor) 1.5 years BEFORE HRC became Secty of State. Both parties have been involved with 'pay to play', Wikileaks was and is 'agenda' driven...HRC is a classic centrist who promotes the congressional-military-industrial-complex (Eisenhower had said this originally before his outgoing speech removed the word 'congressional'😉, but Trump is the 'village-idiot' who has been manipulated (quite easily) to support their agenda. And Trump DOES NOT speak for the people; that is pure delusion and ignorance. The 'tax reform' is a classic BS example of how the wealthy (elite et al) literally steal from the people and Trumpy was all over it. Now, besides a very unstable market has moved from a 'bull' position to a 'bear' position, wages are still flat as major companies who benefited from the 'tax-giveaway' simply bonused C-level employees, purchased huge stock buybacks', paying big dividends to stockholders, and almost nothing to labor (in most cases). Get your facts straight. JFK wanted to trim back the CIA and was killed for it. BTW Bernie was always my choice and that's because he was FOR THE PEOPLE, unlike Capt Orange Bonespurs


He does not deserve any respect. Number 1 he is an illegitimate president. He didn't really win. Number 2 he is an idiot. Number 3 he is ruining America. And destroying the environment. And making America the laughingstock of the world. And he's a corrupt criminal who surrounded himself with criminals.. and he's owned by the Russians.. so, no, doesn't deserve one ounce of respect. Parts of Puerto Rico still don't have power. And Flint Michigan doesn't have clean water. And children were taken away from their parents and put in cages and have not been reunited yet.


No I do not. But I do support the idea of the rule of law and the office. But Trump is shitting on said office. The guy cannot resist personally attacking any single person who opposes him with half truths, alternative facts and insults. He flip flops on his positions based solely on his need to be liked. He insults a senator who was a POW as a loser. He is the president America deserves though; a product of our reality show, denial of facts in favor of dogma(both religious and not) culture. He claims victories were there are none to be had such as North Korea and his border wall. So no I do not support him and if the evidence bears out I will be content to see him impeached or more likely resign so he can claim to be a victim of the deep state.

Quarm Level 6 Aug 24, 2018

How delightful to read through these comments only seeing references TO the Trumpies I have blocked. Keeps the BP within normal range. Btw, "satanism" is a BELIEF; in my opinion, one who considers oneself to BE one does not belong on this site.

Son of a slumlord and the BDSM slavemaster to Yawn Hannity.

I'm a Satanist. I'm on this site.
Fight me. Your opinion is extremely uninformed.


Ever since commenting on this poll, i now have all these redhat creeps "hovering" on my page, lol. Fellers that look like theyd try to grab my hands to see if I work for a living, but they are all like 70 and work for a living watching some fox.

They should listen to all the stories they heard growing up and "mind thier place" and not try to push it, lest shit go all Saul Alinsky/Weather Underground on them. Or FDR on them. They forget that not even shitbird Nazis lasted about 10 years, and not 1000. There are more good noncriminal people than bad deplorable ones.

Thankfully, there are relatively few people who voted that they support Trump in the OP’s poll. They are just loud and noticeable because they spout nonsense. Trumpism is a cult of personality that demands unwavering loyalty and that you ignore your lying eyes to accept Trump’s narrative.


Chump TYRANT-A-SOREASS WRECKS is bought and paid for by our closest ally Russia! Can you imagine a POTUS That hates our former closest allies Canada, France, Germany, and England !??!! The old "what if Obama did it" makes it sooo apparent.


TRUMP IS AN ATHEIST...he had to pretend he wasn't to win the election

Yes, so he is a liar. The picture of him holding a bible is funny.

@Countrycuz666 uh...

@Countrycuz666 ive found that "satanist" people tend to use that as an excuse to get groupnaked around each other, and its usually people that should not be naked in public. Brr. Ack. Ewww. Talk about teabaggers, lol! Barffff!

@Countrycuz666 Anton Le Vey was as shady a bullshitter as they come,sir. Just another church with sexy "do as thou wilt" sort of rituals, very boobs focused, lol. Stuff about goats and horns, lol. Sort of telegraphing that one, Beelzebubba

@Countrycuz666 ive actively studied all sorts of subcultures, gangs, cults, intentional communities, you name it. I think i got it down pretty good. Funniest was when Sammy Davis Jr tried to pitch that "oh you Devil!" pilot, which was sort of a reverse "Its a wonderful life" where he played a demon trying to bring like Jack Klugman's soul to "hell". denotes the seriousness it deserves.

EWWWWWW....I don't want him in OUR GROUP!

Maybe though I have known plenty of people who identify as Christian, go to church etc who basically are Trump lites.


I like The Trumpster!
As far as I can tell, the "party in power", the individuals in office at the national level, neither have ever really affected my personal life or standard of living. I'm always more concerned about who's in office at the local level.
NOTE: I voted for Trump as a "not Hillary" voter. And, as an added bonus, my pick has provided more entertainment than I could have imagined. Go Trump!!

This is serious, bud. It's about the future of our country, the world, our kids. It's not entertainment.

I believe in our system of government. The pendulum will swing back the other way in 2020.
Meanwhile, I'll get some more popcorn and tune in Fox.

If nothing else, he's shaking the hell out of the professional politicans. Go Trump!

@bigpawbullets Nawww, he's one of them in his own right and following the 'game plan' laid out by the oligarchs to whom the professional politicians (mostly Republicans) pay homage to. He's a semi-intelligent shill who will change his mind in a NY second when someone whispers hosannas in his ear...a complete narcissist

Well, I'm a practicing sociopath. We all have our quirks.

@bigpawbullets Oh yeah...I remember those days...still have those occasional moments of fancy..

@Countrycuz666 underestimation of the outcast who could give a fuck. And they did act like snowflakes in a most pathetic way that has been their style for many elections now. Oh yes, I invented electricity

@bigpawbullets Government institutions - most importantly the State Dept. - have already been hollowed out, and expertise and experienced deliberately and vindictively pushed aside. A wedge has been driven between the US and its traditional allies of long standing allies. Trade agreements and political treaties have been shredded at the whim of The Donald. There is no long-term goal, much less strategy, other than disruption for the sake of itself and the repurposing of the presidency for personal gain... oh, we're doing really well.

(And how long do you think it's going to take to repair all this damage and deliberately inflicted chaos?)

Well, I don't think everything he's done needs to be "fixed". But, to answer your question, 4 to 8 years after he leaves office should suffice to "change course".

@bigpawbullets You really think so?

He's wreaking the kind of damage to governmental institutions and democratic norms - the leaked memo to Robert Mueller, for example, indicates that he clearly believes himself to be above the law, something long the lines of George III or, more accurately, Louis XIV and "l'etat c'est moi (what next, the claim to the divine right?) - that will take a generation to repair, if at all. The rifts he's created worth traditional allies and long-term trading partners, almost on a whim, may be unrepairable. And, to top it all, rather than"drain the swamp" (a rallying , by the way, that originated with Mussolini), he's filled his Cabinet with self-serving corporate mandarins whose chief contributions seem to be sucking up to the boss, bilking the taxpayer, and trampling ("job killing" - read profit-reducing) regulations put in place to protect the public.

I think we're "caught in the moment". Everything looks worse, or better, than it really is.

@bigpawbullets Wish I could agree - look further and you'll see that, behind the scenes, this White House is laying whole tracts of government to waste and trashing accepted constitutional norms.

@Countrycuz666 No, actually I smelled a 'Repub shit-sandwich' coming and knew the Hillary had badly run campaign. Also, knew about 'voter-suppression' was having a very positive impact for the Repubs: interstate-crosscheck; shutting down polls in precincts where dominant voters were people of color and restricting hours of access; literal chance of votes tallied, cutting out the presidential vote on ballots and it happened in Michigan to the tune of around 75,000 ballots. What's it like to be part of one of the anti-democratic Republican parties ever??

@Countrycuz666 The points I made are events that occurred in just the 'red' states, and primarily in MI, IN,Ohio, Wisc, and the south. This info is verifiable. Can you back up your own declaration that nothing 'happened' in your state??? Doubt it...

@Countrycuz666 Diebold is a Republican Company. Republicans ? VOTER intimidation in black districts, you should try your cornpone bullshit on some that didnt read lee atwaters campaign strategy book. Conservatives are incompetent backstabbers that infight all the time, get nothing done, and have policies that no one wants and that don't work. You should try Abstinence Only with talking, goofball. Youll just end up sounding like a racist and take your soccer ball back to Moscow. American stuff like that, lol.

Interesting observation & comment sir.

Assuming there's no 'Creator' is an idea, a preposition, so to speak. Still the question, what makes you you?? Which begs the question about 'creation' and what it comprises. So, seems to me to be inherent, an integral part of our inner nature when 'awakened'. A way of saying we are loving by nature, and desire the company of others....but 'early learning' can sway such feelings...all behavioral driven

Yes, the 'oligarchs' have played this game for many decades and it's how the Dems became so centrist. Now there's a progressive movement to make a separation, away from the, I'm hopeful


I think we all support him as taxpayers ...beyond that he has not earned respect but instead been a tool to divide the country and start the process of undoing democracy.

Why would you support him as a taxpayer?? His latest tax cut benefited the wealthy which is gutting our tax revenues for needed projects: education, infrastructure, and so on. This tax cut is "undoing democracy", allowing the wealthy more financial control...don't think that is what you really want

again, it was obama who started the divide

@peaceman1948 I did not mean that I support him. I meant American's taxes support the White house and Trump
So other than paying taxes I do not support him
I think Republicans don't even like him but knew they would get tax cuts for the rich hanging on to his bazare popularity. I think he is an embarrassment, a buffoon, with either narcissistic
Personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder. And he is getting closer and closer to threatening our democracy...and I have been cynical for a long time about our electoral system and our democracy.

@blueskies Obama "started a divide" in the sense that white racist people felt offended that black Obama was in the WH. His birth color and actual policies had nothing to do with it.

@DenoPenno if that is what you wish to believe there will be no changing you, however the facts are out there if one wishes to know the truth about that jackass who hated our country.

@DenoPenno Obama was a racist, arrogant idiot who did this country a lot of harm which we will probably never completely recover from! @Gater

@blueskies Nope...McConnell and the core of party leadership conspired on Obama's inauguration to block any and all legislation that would make him look good. They wanted to make him a one-term president. They started division from the 'get-go' and made a crisis out of everything he attempted to do. Then McConnell blocked EVERY judicial Obama attempted to pass through; first time during a presidency that has ever happened...that is as close as you get to being treasonous...

@blueskies Which divide?

@DenoPenno I agree. It was all about race. It brought the racists out from under their rock. It is so disturbing.

@Countrycuz666 That is BS from the get-go as countless people who businesses have countered that 'regulation' didn't have a significant impact. The analysis is public and you have NO idea what you're talking you listen to conservative media??

@Countrycuz666 You're implying the 'small businessman' has little power in dealing with govt and the regulations they impose. There is some truth to what you're saying but it's far from universal. The system is indeed imbalanced and needs serious correction, but you won't see that kind of positive change with the current administration

@Countrycuz666 you seem extremely guillotineable, just sayin. Youre a small business owner, but you of course talk about "the poor" that float your bullshit lifestyle, or any business for that matter, like you are lord of the manor.

It is sad that you and many conservative lapdogs like yourself don't realize that its one fall off a ladder, a bad car wreck, or maybe a little touch of cancer, and you are right there on the ground with the other mortals. It usually works out

@Countrycuz666 hallooooo!

@Countrycuz666 No, he didn't stop Obamacare, but he tried with something that was deceptive and poorly put you know, it flopped.


Trajan61; As I post this 31 votes support Cheetolini. 476 DON'T! How does that work out in your percentile?

It’s obvious that there’s a bunch of idiots on this website. In my home town people were so disgusted with the democrats Trump carried 87% of the vote. If the democrats and Obama were so good how come they lost over 1,000 seats at the state and national level during the 8 years Obama was in office. @SpikeTalon, @Gater, @Captain_Feelgood

@AndyMoreau So let me get this straight, you believe a poll on a site that is for mostly one group of people (atheists) out of conceivably many different walks of life in this country, somehow states the absolute truth? How a majority truly feel on the topic? I'm from Pennsylvania, and I could tell you firsthand that many of my fellow Pennsylvanians absolutely disdained Hillary Clinton, and that is the reason why my state turned red even though historically speaking has been a blue state. That is the truth, but something you will not hear from the liberal medias. For freethinkers, there are truly alot of brainwashed folks on this site. @Trajan61

@AndyMoreau Trump didn't steal from me, but Obama sure did with all of his socialist policies, and he blatantly lied about The Affordable Care Act.

@SpikeTalon well said Spike!

@Countrycuz666 You sir are one of the wise ones! Good to have a fellow conservative here as there don’t seem to be very many of us in this particular website.

@Countrycuz666 I take it that your grandfather was uneducated?

@Trajan61 like with Hitler, trump supporters won't realize theyve been conned by that crew until stuff like Crab Season is wrecked

@rafferty You sound just like a brainwashed liberal. Trump has done more good for the country in 1 1/2 years than that idiot Obama did in 8.

@Trajan61 idk, brainwashed by who? Its weird. Trumpies seem brainwashed into mentioning this "brainwashing". A lot, lol! Like from Jade Helm operatives? That sort of thing?


Sure I support Trump. He’s a damn sight better than that idiot Obama or that crook Hillary!!! I’m surprised at the number of idiots on this website who refuse to support him especially after 8 years of Obama who was probably the most hated president in American history and did a lot of damage to this country.

Man ,have you lived under a rock all your life and a bigot too.

@AndyMoreau: Your the one who’s been living under a rock. Hell people in my hometown were so disgusted with the Democrats after 8 years of Obama Trump carried 87% of the vote and he lost all 77 counties in my home state. @Lancer, @Gator

@Trajan61 @AndyMoreau
I'll say this. Trump MAY not have been the best candidate (I would say he was but I can't predict a future that never happened).

BUT he was leagues better than Hillary, I would never vote for a person who left their fellow countrymen and women to die, someone who abandoned them out of fear for their own life is no patriot and is not fit to lead.

I think we should let Trump's term finish before we jump to any rash conclusions. I think he's doing a good job putting America first, I wish my own prime minister or premiers or councilors would put my country and our people first. But alas, the liberal agenda and political correctness have produced sub-standard politicians.

Umm, you live in OKLAHOMA. Nuff said. I'd expat to Canada before I ever set foot there.

@hemingwaykitten There were some counties in Texas that were even stronger for Trump! You might as well get over it as Trump’s going to be here for 8 years. Hell Obama hurt the democrats bad as that lost over 1,000 seats at the state and national level!

@Lancer Facts are your friends and I suggest you review the public records on Benghazi. Hillary, in no way, left her fellow countrymen and women to die; that, if anything, is some BS diatribe from conservative media. Both the military and Congressional panel found HRC NOT guilty of neglect in any way. Why don't you ask the repub leadership why they wouldn't increase funds requested by that embassy when it was needed. Sorry, but your statement is completely idiotic and ignorant of the facts.

If you look honestly at Trump's list of actions taken during his first 1.5 years of office, you should be tired of his failure to live up to campaign promises. Really, how is he "doing a good job putting America first"??? Repealing EPA regs that protected riverways and lakes?? You want more pollution? Breaking down Dept of Education with an ignorant dufus, DeVos, who has no educational experience?? The constant parade of buffoons who've passed through the WH, making this admin the worst on record for outright corruption...look at what's happening with Pruitt. Stupid is as stupid does. Trumps failure to make good on his campaign promises is embarrassing, but for those who support him because he's leaving them at the wrong end of the stick. Pulling us out of the Paris Accord has been very damaging and there's so much more...let's not forget the tax cuts that primarily go to the 1%, Check out the CBO findings...not good. We'll have an extra $1T in debt. This is a disaster and nothing close to "jump(ing) to any rash conclusions". Liberal agenda, my ass. PC, are you kidding me?? The whole Republican leadership has praying at the altar of the 'swamp' with the likes of the Koch bros, Adelson and many more. Stop relying on just conservative media for your info

I don't trust the court rulings over Hillary's actions in Benghazi. I trust the people who worked and lived there. I know these people and they are much more trustworthy than an obviously corrupt presidential candidate. A fact is a fact and the truth is the truth, but sometimes the facts aren't the truth.

Also if we apply the idea that we need an educator to be in charge of the department of education (Which in principle I agree with). There may be a reason behind it which you just can't see at the moment. Because theory and practice can produce different results than those which are expected.

Also going through staff doesn't equate to corruption all the time. Sometimes it shows that those people were not suitable for the role they were in. Maybe the idea behind this was to remove the people who were not doing their jobs right. Because in the business world you either perform or you get laid off.

The Paris accords won't have a significant effect because people don't understand the real cause of human influenced climate change. If we had a logically planned civilized society we could decrease our environmental impacts by making small changes. Unfortunately we are human, thus we are inefficient by nature.

I'm not saying the American Republicans are right or wrong. Both parties have to accept their role in the degradation of the USA.

@Countrycuz666 That was a farce when they did that. I doubt the movie director is in prison as Trump would have turned him loose before now.

@Countrycuz666 am aware of the video but not sure how much impact it had. If it did, not as much as the overall situation dictated

HRC was cleared by a panel of military experts and other congressman. The facts simply didn't support the intense allegations. It was sad to lose 4 people in that tragedy, but during the Bush years, we lost about 65 people and no one fussed over it. The issue with the emails is similar in that Bush dumped about 22 million, far surpassing Clinton, yet nothing. And the issue of security is the same re high-level clearances; throughout Washington, how Clinton handled her emails is literally identical to what others (congressman/senators) have done and are doing now. A nothing-burger.

Clinton is corrupt but nothing showed. You say you trust "the people who worked and lived there" so what does that mean?? How did 'they' possibly know what Clinton did or didn't do?

DeVos has a 'severe' agenda with regard to pushing 'charter schools' as becoming, perhaps the primary educational source. The problems created this direction are legion and the disproportionate share of resources is highly problematic. Leaders in education have been incensed with her perverse lack of knowledge and arrogance. So, no, I do know what the reason is behind appointing her to this position; it fulfills an agenda that doesn't consider the greater good, and has little to do with "theory and practice." They KNOW the direction they wish to pursue.

In this case, regarding the WH's revolving door of cabinet members et al, it is exactly the case in being an issue of corruption. And it reflects the severe instability of Trump as his behavior is erratic and all over the map. You're commenting as if this is just another average, normal presidency and it just isn't. First off, the initial people hired, like those who followed in their footsteps, were not qualified for their positions. They've hired people who've never been in government and/or the extent of their experience was quite limited, with one person having only driven a truck. What Trump demanded was fealty, absolute loyalty no matter what, meaning "yes-men/women", such that his ego had to be assuaged on a daily basis to curry his favor. You're describing a conceptual view of how things would normally work in the business world when people don't perform to a level of competence, but that was not a requirement with Trump's cabinet; their job was to cannibalize their agencies with the intention of literally erasing Obama's impact and serve their mega-corp supporters. Money talks.

RE the Paris Accords you could not be more incorrect. Scientists have actually nailed down, extremely well, how humans have influenced climate change. The science is clear, solid and expanding on this topic continuously. It's not a question of whether or not it's real (that's a political BS meme, irresponsibly played with) but rather to the timing of certain changes that will affect us all. Regardless of how we're all human and subject to error, does not preclude the idea that there are many among us who are considerably smarter than most and have developed cognitively to such an extent as to be able to counter the challenges as they arise. And civilization is not 'logically planned' but is rather in a continuous process of evolving, dependent heavily upon the hope that enough people will wake up to push their leaders into making positive, proactive choices...Both parties are to blame for the mess we're in and the citizenry needs to wake up and learn about their country and democracy to a level that will promote the healing we need to thrive as a country.

@peaceman1948, @Countrycuz666 this video about Bill Clinton having a black son is probably the funniest Birther type crackpot Alex jones thing ive seen in a while, and i still can't see the Stormy Daniels Relevancy to what inthe Hope Hicks is going on with this and why the Don Jr. that this matters that Ivanka and Jared made 82 million dollars off of.. uh.. doing uh?.. but sure, im sure this Paula Alex jones stuff from WND is true

2013 Moscow Trump pee pee hooker tape.


I don't support him because he has the emotional control of a 2 year old in the midst of a tantrum. I will say I don't support impeachment because while Trump is childish, Pence is dangerous. Neither one of them has the intellectual capacity to do the job.

I believe that as soon Ryan and McConnell get the most offensive of their goals push through, they'll have Trump removed from office and install Pence. Trump is their fall guy.


A) I have no desire to take seriously someone who doesn't use the grammar taught in grade school. B) It seems to me that the Trumpettes I have encountered are the snowflakes here. They can't seem to accept criticism of their Fuhrer. These are most likely the same snowflakes that posted effigies of Obama hanging from a tree and on fire.


Well, he's a wake up call, inspiring a lot of women and LGBTQ people to run for office now.


I don't think trump would qualify for concealed carry. But he has the nuke button? Wtf?


I don't see how even a devoted Republican can support him at this point.

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