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Do you support Trump?

I completely believe that the US government needs to be completely revamped and revised before we can actually do any good for this country. But - taking that out of the equation, for now, I'd really love to hear people's (honest, respectful and mature) reasons why they do or do not support Trump. (or is unsure). Please, no disrespect or rudeness. He is our president and deserves at least the respect that position affords him (that does not mean we agree with him, but we shouldn't be slinging insults and such)

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smilnjan 6 Oct 6

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I can't stand the orange bloviating asshole trump

Trump is simply an opportunistic, narcisstic, self absorbed pathological liar. Those I think are his good points. I'm still glad HRC did not get elected though. I wonder if people calling for his impeachment have thought it through, next in line is Pence, than Ryan, and after that McConnell, that is like throwing the baby the baby out with the bathwater, or jumping from the fry pan into the fire. He is President because he is a great puppet of the Israel Zionists just like all our recent President's. But no matter who is elected the end result is the same, more wars, more drone strikes, reduction in personal freedoms, 24/7 surveillance, militarization of the police, the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the general population. There is much more. But that is all for now. Thoughts??


Honestly Trump's behavior truly makes me wonder about his mentally stability.
He seems far to reactionary to be in a such a powerful leadership role.


This is the most inept leader our country has ever put into the White House. He is always causing some stupid drama on Twitter, insulting those who disagree with him or his policies, and just a triggered special snowflake in general. And chances are, if you support him, you might be a snowflake as well.


I don't think he has performed the duty of president well in any function during his time so far in office. He has done nothing productive or successful. I have zero reason to respect him as a human being or president.


I strongly disagree that Trump deserves respect just because our outmoded Electoral College gave him the presidency. He has has debased the office, undermined our democracy, lied to us on a delay basis, defied the rule of law, attacked the free press, and undermined our most basic norms of governance. He deserves nothing but contempt.

Lalo Level 5 May 6, 2018

@Countrycuz666 Trust me, ignorance is not an attractive trait to launder out in the public domain. Oh and idiocy isn't a good trait to have either. The 'electoral college' was a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens. This was done because our founders were a bit in fear of democracy. So as Hamilton said, to preserve "...the sense of the people,” while at the same time ensuring that a president is chosen “by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.” The college is a Constitutional limitation on direct democracy and a reflection of the 'distrust' that our founders possessed, so the electors ("qualified citizens" ) were charged with making, what they believed, a more informed decision. It'd outlived its true usefulness by the time the Civil War had ended. All the electors, primarily, do today is to vote for the candidate who won the election in the state, but it gives smaller populated states far too much power to sway elections. And, also, only reflects the political values of the time, and times have absolutely changed. []

What is preferred is appropriate representation and the 'electoral college' is the antithesis of that point. So, the 'wealthy state' argument is entirely bogus, a favorite meme of conservative (can't think for themselves) pundits.

Interesting you'd come up with "Klippothic folk" as a descriptor of people you wish to condemn. It's an esoteric reference to the 'shadow' side of humanity, after 'the fall' type of scenario. However, it actually represents ALL of humanity as we're all going through the process of 'alchemy', burning our way through the 'world of shadow' in reclaiming our true selves, our Divinity, through a series of awakenings. I surmise that you haven't awakened given your tendency to disparage others; that's low brow thinking showing you still yet lack the consciousness of someone who's spiritually awakened. In other words, you may have knowledge of certain esoteric areas but clearly lack the wisdom. You are a sad person...

@Countrycuz666 You presume to know the thinking of those who disagree with you.

Who are you referring to in pointing to "your history books"? And what is the code you speak in - "dark tradition", "Klippothic", "no difference between the police mind and the military mind"?

Unlike you, most here don't read minds.

@Countrycuz666 Apparently, you're incapable of making a 'cogent' argument of reply. I made several distinctive points and you've addressed NONE of them. Typical of Trump supporters who lack critical thinking and comprehension skills. Your comment about my repeating "a thing will give truth to it" is meaningless without reference. Speak to the argument and make your case, or go back to your crayons

@Countrycuz666 Yes, you made some money in the first year or two but it's short lived. The debt will get much worse. My points on the electoral college are completely verifiable (I know you understand the meaning of that word) and the arguments are solid. If you disagree, then cite where you feel I've erred...same with my points on the 'Klippothic folk' just cite it and state WHY you disagree. Just saying someone is wrong says nothing. Maybe that's all you got...

@Countrycuz666 Begorrah! What sort of lad calls torch carryin NAZI pieces of shit on our streets, "fine people"? And yet, here you are, singing this hemmerroid's praises, but he will end up discarded like George Bush, and youll be all "errr, im an "independent"

@peaceman1948 im not following why this special interest group Satanic masonic Hellenistic Keeper of the Eternal Poobah person wants me to give a crap and put me and my family behind his crackpot nonsense about "dark overlords" and "god emperors" and instead, why i sholdnt get the neighbors together and HOUND him from polite society as a real enemy to things working right, and yknow, "good". Sure people got rights and all of that, but there are also consequences for adopting this sort of extremism, that is wildly unpopular and carries a social stigma, which is why these societies are "secret".


He disrespects women, he disrespects immigrants, he disrespects the poor and the middle class, he disrespects minorities. NO, he has NOT earned my respect. I have nothing but loathing and disdain for him.


He lies (alternative facts) about 70% of the time. He doesn't understand nor respect the Constitution - per his comments on the free press and protesting. He is also clearly racist - per his comments on Puerto Rico and Charlottesville. So far he has done nothing good for the country. His actions have proven him to be a bigot, racist, homophobe and xenophobe. I do not respect anyone like that.

CS60 Level 7 Oct 13, 2017

He needs to be impeached for his conduct. His attitude against women, minorities. His connections with Russia


Two steps forward one step back I call it. I was a Hill supporter and actively volunteered for her camp. Sure Bernie had a lot of good ideas but the country just wasn't ready for free college tuition for everyone. He had a lot of supporters but not enough to win the Dem nomination. I'm with him though when it comes to national health care. And not because that will benefit me because I'll be 65 next month.The sooner we see that and get it over with the better. That may be a tough slog though with 150 million in this country now though getting health care from their employers. One thing I do know for sure. A 2009 study done by Harvard medical school showed that if your a working age American and you don't have health care you have a 40% higher chance of dying then someone that has private insurance. The Republicans know this but having a massive tax cut for the wealthiest in this country is more important to them. As far as I concerned all Republicans that supported repeal of the ACA should be charged with attempted murder. What I find so unbelievable now is that Trump seems to be purposefully alienating just about every segment of the population. This last week it was women by signing an executive order that can remove insurance payments for 62 million women's birth control. Maybe we'll all be lucky and Mueller will find enough to get him impeached on sooner then later.


Have NEVER been a fan of DT. As part of my due diligence during the campaign, I watched two documentaries about him, watched Frontline and the news shows and read one book. I knew I would never support him as a potential POTUS.

I actually cried the night of the election when I saw what was happening. I was incredulous. HOW could this have happened? How is it that SO many people didn't see him the way I am all of my friends did? What was happening in America? Was this the end of America as we have known it for over 200 years?

Since the election night, he has done not one thing that was Presidential or that would benefit Americans. He has alienated our allies and cozied up to our enemies and is now waging a very, very dangerous word war with Kim Jong Un while threatening to undo the Iran nuclear deal. I have never been so scared personally and for our country in my entire 70 years.

World War III starts over (excuse me, please) a FUCKING TWEET! I'm so embarrassed for our country.

I agree, I am very embarrassed and ashamed and scared. I don't remember much about the cuban missile crisis because I was a kid but I know a lot of people were scared enough to build bomb fallout shelters! I am that scared now but there's nothing to be done other than to let Mueller do his job--which he seems to be doing very effectively AND he's keeping his mouth shut--a near miracle in Washington, DC. I live close enough to a huge city that if there were a nuclear bomb, I doubt that I and the people in my area would be spared which in the end would be a blessing.

I AM trying to remain optimist and I've limited myself when it comes to watching the news. I live on a very limited income but as of January 2017, I committed to sending at least a token amount of money every month to a different group that would help fight DT's actions: the ACLU, FFRF, AHA, Planned Parenthood, NPR, PBS, DCCC, TYT, NOW and others. I also have marched (January 21, 2017) and participate in local politics when I can.

The bottom line for me is that once DT was elected it lit a fire in me that I MUST fight back in every way I can. I have never been this motivated so in a way, his election was a good thing. I and many of my friends are similarly minded and we have taken up the banner of freedom and we are waving it high as we fight to hold our ground on all of the important issues of today. So, here's to freedom, democracy and the separation of church and state!


No, the guy is a joke.

Tejas Level 7 Oct 6, 2017

I'm from Canada, so I'm mostly wondering how someone so shallow, racist and sexist could end up being elected. He has repeatedly shown that he does not respect women or their rights and people of minorities through his words and acts. Economically-speaking, his whole life has been one of losing money (he'd be much richer if he never used the money he got from his parents than he is now) and he's even trying to lower taxes for the rich now and cut services for the poor and middle class people.

MarcO Level 5 Oct 6, 2017

Sadly trump represents what MOST of america is- there are a few of us not at all like him. My son and I have always had a European state of mind and would love to be living in Canada ?

How could you possibly reach the conclusion that Obama was the most hated? That's demonstrably false; and not only because of the record-breaking low approval ratings that Trump has consistently gotten. But also compared to W. Bush, Obama's approval ratings were significantly higher. As far as calling Obama the most divisive, I am again at a complete loss for how you could believe that. I'm willing to look at any evidence that you may have to support those statements. But I don't believe there is any evidence to produce which would support that.


He will go down as the biggest mistake in our country's history. He is a total incompetent idiot with no respect for our constitution or laws. A racist and Narcissist beyond compare. Each day I wonder if we have hit bottom with him and each day he proves that his presidency has even lower to go. I only hope our country can survive and then fix the damage he has done!

@Countrycuz666 you are just one little 'brilliant' toady-boy, who like other small, conservative minds, are unable to respond to points made with your fact-supported points, so, all you can do is lash out like a tantrum-driven child...never got past 5th grade??

sounds like you are speaking of obama

Obama’s the sorriest president we ever had. Trumps done a great job so far!

@Trajan61 And the evidence of that is...?

Trump is fixing the damage that idiot Obama did. What in the hell are you talking about? @gater, @bigpawbullets

@Trajan61 Who will fix the damage that Idiot Trump is doing?

@DenoPenno What damage are you referring to?

@Trajan61 It's like the house is burning and nobody can see the fire. They think the orange haired child with the matches is really their friend. Maybe when the house around them has burned they think there will still be a roof over their heads.

@DenoPenno You are very radical.

@Trajan61 I am radical? OK. I suppose that if we have 8 billion people in the world and 4 percent of them have all the money that the real problem is that person who is on food stamps.

Naaaaa that was bush

Well, then Mr. Toad it is!! With respect, of course


If anyone should not be slinging insults, it should be the person in the Oval office. As citizens it is our right to check our government and criticize it. It is a duty, actually. The person occupying the Oval office should in no way be immune to criticism and scrutiny. And this president deserves every insult cast his way.

I couldn't agree more. Can't stand that A hole

@Countrycuz666 Awwwww...did you crap your diapers again??? Gee, got a full load going on there, buddy?? I'd say so by what continues to spew out of your mouth. Such a hypocrite and clueless to what's going on in the world. So sad, just another typical Trumpster-file spewing BS. Wonder how many sites you're trolling?? Just an FYI, the 'blue wave' is taking back seats through a more progressive direction (which doesn't make the DNC happy as they want to hold to power just like the RNC), and will retake the House this fall; there's an outside chance for the Senate but we'll see. Oh, you're definitely snowflake material...way to go, Puddles

@peaceman1948 you don't know shit about me or my party or even if I have one!

@Orval Hoping you're not daft, look who I addressed the comment towards. HINT: it wasn't you! So, please open your eyes next time you read someone's response, see who actually sent it, first, before you go firing off into the wind

@Countrycuz666 May I ask, with due respect, what the weather's like on your planet?

@Countrycuz666 wow, you redhat nitwits seem so nice. Jail any toddlers today?


NEVER and cannot wait until he is GONE FOREVER!

ParkS Level 4 Nov 19, 2017

NO, I could not, did not, and I will not ever support Trump.


Trump has shown himself to be a narcissistic, bigoted, racist, dishonest, and dangerous person. I hope that he and Pence are taken out of office with whatever legal means are possible, or that such pressure is put upon them so that they resign. There is no room in an enlightened society for someone like him to be in charge of the lives of millions of people.


For the most part, I have taken the position that I don't care what kind of personality the President has. He could act like an ass, say ridiculous things, be a womanizer... you get the point. the President is, in a sense, our political boss. I don't have to like my employer personally as long as he runs the place well, treats his employees well and is generally fair. His personal life or character defects are his business. Jesus or Horus has never been a candidate, so lets not hold any of them to that standard.

But Trump is worse than an a-hole with typical character defects. IMO, Trump has never grown emotionally speaking, older than a 12 year old; when his father shipped him off to the military boarding school. you can see this in the way he responds to most everything . If you close your eyes, that is a 12 year old boy talking.

So in effect, we have a 12 year old running this country. Ok, the GOP likes him because you can steer a 12 year old into signing off on your stuff and tolerate the rest. But intentionally or not, through his childish behaviour, he is breaking down the checks and balances that are supposed to keep us from sliding into a dictatorship.

It's a simple path. make half the citizens your friends and turn them on the other half. Illegitimize the press and setup a news outlet of your own. Demean the judicial and assign judges there who are your people.Strong arm the legislative into doing what you want.

We lost our democracy years ago but we are headed to something far worse.


Trump is an asshat who will kill the last few things good about the US.


He is a person of zero integrity and cares about no one except himself. Maybe worse than that is the fact that he is an imbecile, having only childlike thoughts. He poses a great danger to our our world today.

@Countrycuz666 Whataboutery, last refuge of the scoundrel.

@Countrycuz666 Hllary is always the go to for Trumpsters when they have nothing truly intelligent to add. Our country has lost all credibility, allies, and the forecast for jobs is in the shitter, thanks to a 7X failed mafia style businessman who hijacked the White House, and an impotent Congress ready to retire with the spoils they stole from the American People. Anyone who defends that Russian agent and his eastern block family is a traitor. Period.

@Countrycuz666 The NRA wouldve crapped themselves like Ted Nugent if Hillary got elected. The red people have proplems dealing with her out of control ladypowers, and were all afeared, talking about "a coronation" trembling in fear that she would assassinate them like she did allegedly with lee foster, or invade iraq, or mistreat them like thier friends osama bin laden (who george bush let escape) or Momar Quaddafi (who they call an innocent Sovereign) lol.

Hillary sure wouldnt be getting humped by Putin like Trump is, lol. Speak, puppet, speak! Hahaha!

@Countrycuz666 yes, now you can be a part of history where they had nazis marching, kids in cages, and the economy tanks, the country is a laughingstock. No, really man, id figure wed expand healthcare, get everyone to put em on the ground in Syria and back the fuck off, reign wall street in effectively. you redhat dummies made up all the rest of this shit about guns and Sharia law and brains being harvested by the pap smear people. Its kind of what religious crackpots such as yourself do. Endtimer nihilist cultists with empty lives are predictable in their behaviors.

"Please tell us all of all the wonderful attributes of Hillary Clinton.
Go right ahead."

how much does being your remedial social studies tutor pay, mr.redhat? 0 trump dollars?


I absolutely do not support that sociopathic Cheetaro, and I do not understand anyone who does. Anyone who likes Trump has either got to be 1) stupid or 2) a bigot. And if you’re either, I don’t want to have anything to do with you.


i have to remind myself that trump did not win the popular vote so that means the most of us did not vote for him either. maybe we can get rid of our electoral vote to revamp our country to start off with.


Trump is an abomination and an embarrassment to our country. He will go to prison for a long time.


Hell to the no.


I honestly can't even believe that, that man is president. I am very liberal and don't align with republicans but Trump isn't even a Republican in my opinion. He is a dangerous narcissist that may be the death of us all.


I am so far to the left of Republicans in general. But Trump is a an entirely dangerous, narcissistic, ignorant, imbecile. He pushes all my negative buttons and I will sleep better knowing when he is no longer president - which I hope is soon.

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