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Do you support Trump?

I completely believe that the US government needs to be completely revamped and revised before we can actually do any good for this country. But - taking that out of the equation, for now, I'd really love to hear people's (honest, respectful and mature) reasons why they do or do not support Trump. (or is unsure). Please, no disrespect or rudeness. He is our president and deserves at least the respect that position affords him (that does not mean we agree with him, but we shouldn't be slinging insults and such)

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smilnjan 6 Oct 6

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Under qualified in all requirements neccessary to be the POTUS. Lacks all working knowledge of how our three branches of government function, does not possess the communication skills required to inspire other leaders to lead, and worst of all he lacks the ability to connect with others in a manner which is beneficial to both parties. A bad recipe for a leader if there ever was one.


He is not fit.


No he is a piece of shit and he won't get any respect from me. He gave no respect to Obama for 8 years he gets none.


There is nothing to say here that hasn't been said. I'm still in shock that he was elected.

I would never have a relationship with someone who supported him. I've got enough misogynists in my life already.


Trump represents the antithesis of what our society should be about.


I'm a native New Yorker (now in Florida), and Trump has been shoved down our throats by the NY media for decades. Never understood why, or the fascination w/him? He's always been viewed as tacky, nasty, predatory, and just an all out LOSER by those of us who know him best. So many stupid people in America, and so many of them religious. See the connection?


If by support you mean voted for, I did Not. However, Yes, he if the US president but I would not take personal ownership and call him "My" president. I would say to a certain degree I do support him to make good decisions with the help and knowledge from those along side him. So far, I am greatly disappointed with how he presents himself through speech and action. I just hope as a nation we can pick up where our wonderful President Obama left off and continue to progress forward and not backwards into our horrible history.

RJAU Level 4 Oct 14, 2017

Glad I found this site. Always thought there should be such a thing like or something to that nature. Its a breath of fresh air to interact with like minded individuals who are actually informed on issues and enjoy intellectual conversation.


sorry, he deserves as much respect as a painful rectal itch, which he closely resembles. he is not the office and the office is not him. i respect the office, which he does not. asking for no disrespect sort of scotches the poll, doesn't it? if you mean no disrespect for each other, that's fine; we can be civil here. but no disrespect for trump? disrespect doesn't even BEGIN to cover the contempt with which i view him. you ask why? well, he's a self-serving, lying little wannabe dictator who, for reasons not yet specified, feels more loyalty (i use the term loosely) to putin than to the united states; he's a white supremacist; he's a misogynisyt; he's a moron; and he's a moron. also he's a moron. did i mention he's a moron?


He is also a moron. ....

@Cutiebeauty true!



Youll notice that Trumpies want "political correctness" as long as its correct like being nice and civil to Donny tic tacs and his dummies


@powder aw cmon, its just locker room talk snowflake.

@powder Pat Robertson agrees with you


I don't think Donald Trump is Satan, but Satan is the wind beneath Donny's wings.

@Countrycuz666 Huh?

@Countrycuz666 smh

I think country cousin, the gentleman Satanist, got all offended that i made fun of his stupid ass comments about Satan and Don being a "god emperor" and blocked me. Its scary to think this is how far the GOP has drifted away from reality. This being a grown ass man as old as my dad was, except, yknow, Pop would never high five some Nazi or be talking crap about "Satan" unless he wanted to end up at the rubber room.


"but we shouldn't be slinging insults and such". well, that went well.... smfh


I agree with the first sentence in your post, and both Democratic and Republican parties need to go bye bye if genuine change is to ever take place.


@Countrycuz666 The eliminate corruption and go back to a strict understanding of our Constitution. Hardly any politician these days truly follow what the Constitution says.

@Countrycuz666 With that said though, I am glad Trump won, and he has done more for this country so far than any other president has.

@SpikeTalon your president thinks the Constitution affords him a dictatorship. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha! Soon, he and his ilk will be in a hard labor camp in the deep south and I hope his immediate warden is black. Could be a reality show the majority of Americans would pay to watch and all the proceeds towards minority and womens rights groups.

After awhile I get tired of debating the radical liberal progressives, as these folks are too damn emotional. The only dictatorship I ever lived under was the Obama Administration, and the part about a black warden was over the edge. Some incoherent and radical jackass just got blocked...


Wow... 485 NO, vs 31 Yes, as of today! That's 16:1. OK, good, I'll assume MOST users are not supportive! Whew. And that MOST here are not religious! Yay... "dating" in red-state WV is very difficult. Those are the two big issues I have to get past around here. Never happens. This man has no business in the WH and it was a combination of Russian influence and the Electoral College that got him there... and look what he's done. He respects no one but himself and his blood family. He's worked only to reward those who will reward him back and takes it all out of the other 99% and the future of mankind. Didn't we get ourselves a mess here? Maybe this year we can get Progressives, minorities and new voters to actually vote. It DOES make a difference.

@Countrycuz666 OMG....well that explains a lot! Ayn Rand was one very disturbed, psychopathic, narcissistic personality if there ever was one... but it does explain well the 'disconnect' you exude in your comments

so in your bigoted response, the minority here need to go away. it's bad enough that ppl who don't believe in religion are the minority to begin with, but then you would wish to make it even smaller. okay then.

@Countrycuz666 I doubt it. She was an intellectual he wouldn't be able to understand her books and essays

@Countrycuz666 any rand lived on social security and was pen pals with a serial killer. She also gave a speech to west point cadets, in which she said that Indians had no concept of rights, so it was ok for white men to civilize the savages n stuff. She was a real monster.


He is a closed minded richman that has no clue to deal problems of this country. His views on race, sexuality are hateful. I wsh Hilary won instead of him. I think we would be alot better off today.

I disagree regarding Hillary. I am tired of the Status Quo and both her and Trump are just that. No more silver spoon fed fascists in the Oval Office. I want younger, and someone who had to struggle to get there so that they may serve The People, and not serve the elite or corporations. It's past due time for a real Revolution in America. I say we start with the current Thief in Chief.

@LilithGone I revolution should be started by a protest by our belief group. I would love 2 be part of it.

@Countrycuz666 Your efforts to maintain a presence of stupidity is quite impressive. You know DT cares only about how he can "get off" and get away with it as often as he can. Maples and Melania were his mistresses first before marrying them; and the list of other affairs during and between marriages is long. And, race is not an antiquated term as you suggest as it implies a very obvious type of behavior. DT has been found guilty of "racism" when renting properties. You're attempting to obfuscate the issues. What's antiquated is your own prejudice that you attempt to veil

@Countrycuz666 While you're going sidewise on yourself, yeah, the 'Donald' was out with another woman (Celina) and cornered Melania. Point being he still cheats and could care less how it affects his family. Yay, Stormy!! He can't just get enough...

I have had few relationships outside my own race; one black, 3 asian (one for 3 years) and what does it matter??? The point was that Trump is a racist and has demonstrated that through his refusals to rent to people of color. So WTH point do you want to make here??

@Countrycuz666 omc. I lived in nyc for near 20 years. Donny tic tacs has stood in arms reach more than once in the past. I saw that whole central park five thing, and his cartoon divorce. He is a barking nitwit, and id say probably like you, or your racist uncle Larry that can't stfu about how 17% of the country is in one giant, connected (like on the phone) club are out to git im, lol.

He may have been nice to the 'homeless woman' you're referring to but records were revealed where it was encoded that literally all of his properties were not to rent to people of color. He was fined a few million...


He's a racist, a bully who belittles people and calls them names, he knows nothing about the government (I learned more on schoolhouse Rock than he knows about the government), he's arrogant ( knows more about Isis than the generals and will fix obamacare), he's been bankrupt at least 4 times, he's cheated on his wives, he's been sued hundreds of times, he hires people that he owes favors too, then fires them, and who have no knowledge or experience in what he puts then in charge of, he doesn't read, he doesn't learn, he is not diplomatic, he's rude, and that's just the tip of the Titanic iceberg!


Haha definitely fuck trump!!!


I feel like he doesn't respect the office that he holds and he acts as if the government, and all branches of the government, are his and his alone to do as he pleases with. There's supposed to be separate but equal branches for checks and balances of each other and he's trying to make them all do his bidding.

LizL Level 5 Jan 30, 2018

No disrespect? Get real! It is impossible to discuss #45 (I refuse to say his name) truthfully without being disrespectful.

I don’t say his name either. And usually call him drump or dump.


im not from the US but even i know trumps an ass


it kind of stands out doesnt it?


I do not subscribe to white nationalism or Evangelical insanity.


The only support I give to Cheeto Pendejo is for his impeachment.

d_day Level 7 Nov 24, 2017

There is a con-man in the White House. He is owned by the Russian’s, who pay him in golden showers! ????


Trump is I bold faced liar, how could anyone support a man who tells lies on a daily basis. Donald Trump is not the problem so much as his radical Trump Supporters that believe his lies and refuse to accept the truth as it stares them in the face.Hitler had Trumps ability to confuse and lead people like sacrificial lambs, so did the so called Rev Jim Jones, Trump Supporters and the Republican Party will lead this country into oblivion.


Nice to know that when you free yourself of the prison of religion, you also can see our Tweeter & Thief for what he is.

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