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Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Being a naturist (nudist) I was just curious. Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Here are some things I myself have done, while naked.

  1. Sleeping. It is much more comfortable and it is easier for your body to maintain homeostasis and an even temperature if you sleep naked.

  2. Cleaning House. I started to just clean the shower naked, as then I didn’t have to worry about t getting wet or dirty. However, I reasoned there was no reason to worry about getting dirty at all when cleaning if I cleaned the whole house naked. I still ended cleaning in the shower, as after cleaning the shower, I’d also clean myself up.

  3. Gardening and yard work. I saw no need to get clothes dirty if I didn’t have to. I did and do wear clothes in the front yard, or if I am handling a mower or chainsaw, as a matter of safety. The function of clothes is warmth and protection, and some aspects of yard work require sensible protection. I’ll also do hand watering nude too. I don’t worry about getting wet, and if it gets hot, I can just turn the hose on myself and cool down without getting any clothing wet.

  4. Sunbathing. I think an all over tan looks much better and more natural than tan lines do, and much more attractive.

  5. Swimming. I hate wet swimwear. It gets really cold really fast once you get out of the water. Strangely, when naked, you don’t’ get as cold. You also don’t have to deal with a wet swimsuit getting everything else wet in your bag.

  6. At a Spa. This includes Jacuzzis, Steam Rooms and Saunas. Again, no wet swimsuits, and also it is easier to shower off sweat if you aren’t' wearing a swimsuit.

  7. Hiking. I love being out in nature and being naked enhances the experience as you feel the sun and wind (and sometimes rain) on your skin.

  8. Bicycling. I’ve gone on quite a few naked bike rides, usually as part of protests. The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), which happens in many major cities, is a protest about our dependence on fossil fuels. The WNBR in Portland, Oregon, in the USA attracts over 10,000 riders each year.

  9. Streaking. This is basically jogging while nude. In the e1970’s a lot of exhibitionists (persons who get aroused by others seeing them naked) did this, but for nudists it is always about just being naked and never about being seen by others… unless protesting, but then being seen still isn’t about sex.

  10. Table Games. Such as pool/billiards or ping pong.

  11. Boards Games/ card games. Oddly enou8gh I never played strip poker or any other stripping game. If nudity is no big deal for you, there is really no attraction to such games. However, I have played board and card games while naked.

So, what have you done naked (excluding sex and bathing)?

snytiger6 9 Nov 5

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fried bacon

I switched to turkey bacon, because of less splattering... and it is healthier. Yeah, I guess I ave cooked while naked too.

@athiest I have skills now

Cooking, shower


Never again!

Living dangerously! Lol! 😀


I don't generally do yoga, but if I did, I'd probably do that naked too. I live near Portland, OR, so there are naked yoga classes. My frugality always kicks in though. For what an hour naked yoga class costs, that wodl cover the day use fee at a nudist resort. One hour versus all day... no contest.

Tease! lol


I've been a nude model for art classes a few times. It helps when I'm not wearing my glasses, that way I can't see anything...


1,2,5,6 + Home office work. Pretty much anything I can do at home really.



Cooking bacon naked is risky business, but sometimes bacon takes priority over pants.

I switched to turkey bacon, partly due to less splattering, but mostly because it is supposed to be healthier.


1,4,5,6 and Skydiving, but never again. A parachute harness can be agonizing to your nuts if not in properly fitted. I made an exhibition jump along with 3 others into a rodeo arena. Our reception was so much fun that we decided to give them a free one. We raced back to our nearby drop zone, shucked down, and jumped into tha arena bareassed. You can imagine the view from the arena as we circled it down to about 100 feet and then landed in the parking lot and hopped into a waiting van to make our getaway. The roar from the crowd was deafening. As far as I know there were no complaints made to the cops. My only regret is that we didn't take any pics.

I thought about a naked parachute jump, but decided a bungie jump would probably be safer.


You don't actually think I'm wearing clothes right now, do you?

Duke Level 8 Dec 23, 2017



I live alone. I do sleep naked. Clean naked. Cook naked. Watch tv naked. Paint naked. Install floor naked.


1 2 3 4 and 5 I'm a potter , it a lot easier to clean up after


I sleep naked, and swim sometimes


I'm an accountant and stock market trader that works mostly from home. Nothing quite getting a winning trade bollock naked! 😀


Sleep, garden, swim, suana, steambath, hottub then into the snow. Not so much anymore, it has to be at least 78 degrees before I get naked. Must be the lack of that happy hormone - estogen. Even as a child my mother could not get us to keep our clothes on.

When hiking, I find it only needs to be 60F to be naked because the exercise keeps me warm enough.

Definitely going to the sauna and running out to the pond once hot enough!


Modeling, for photography and a drawing class. This was just before digital cameras went mainstream. I have no digitized photos from that time. I did a little more last summer but I didn't get any nude photos (just clothed ones) and now I'm done with all that.

I started out having no shame or reservation re nudity, and actually enjoyed the chance to indulge in something at once completely natural AND culturally subversive. It was never a big deal to me. I used to skinny dip regularly with a bunch of friends, male and female, on the Georgia coast.

Modeling was fun (albeit not necessarily easy) and I honestly loved it. I worked with some really great photographers who didn't absolutely refrain from signalling their interest in me but were nonetheless respectful and professional, and I never felt harassed or taken advantage of. The last photographer I worked with was putting off some low-key creeper vibes so I ghosted.

I have recently come into some challenging emotional conflicts and some fundamental value changes that have left me unwilling to be visible at all, let alone dressed in flattering clothing that draws attention and reveals the shape of my body. Nudity (outisde the privacy of my own home) is out of the question at this time. It's not a shame thing, it's something mixed up and bizarre and highly personal that I wouldn't expect anyone to understand or believe.

I don't miss being comfortable with visible (as opposed to solitary) nudity, because I never felt very strongly about it in the first place. I miss feeling comfortable with being seen, period.

TL;DR: I used to do nude modeling. Now I don't. DON'T ASK FOR PIX.

The first time I went to Squaw Mountain Ranch, which is the oldest nudist club west of the Mississippi, I talked with some people who said they were nudists when they were younger, but when they lived in the suburbs and raised kids they stopped, then after the kids were grown and moved ttu they became nudists again.

I think for some people the need for conformity and fitting in changes under differ5ent circumstances. Mostly I think it depends on how they think other people i their lives will view them, such as other suburb parents.

I learned when studyign sociology that the most influentual thing that determines how a person behaves is hwo they percieve others will view them. Especially those they love and care about most.

So, as life changes who comes into our life and changes oru life situations our attitudes change accordingly.

@snytiger6: Very illuminating; TYVM!

@stinkeye_a You are welcome. To be honest, I was a littler concerned that my generalizing with social theories might have seemed to be presumptuous. I am glad you took it for what it was as intended.

People here are so much more open minded and thoughtful and not so quick to take offense, as they are on Facebook.

@snytiger6 actually that perspective threw an unanticipated but delightfully helpful light on an issue with which I've been wrestling, painfully, for quite a while. What a gem of serendipity! It is without a shred of hyperbole I say I cannot thank you enough. 😀

@stinkeye_a I'm happy my words gave you some long sought insights or at least helped get pst a mental block.

Most of my thinking as far a human behavior goes, derives from ideas io learned in Sociology classes in college. That all humans belong to various groups, and they behavior is both generally dictated and influenced by the various groups they belong to, and some behaviors are let over from past group associations.

As an example of behaviors left over from past group associations, many peopel here still carry the dogmas they learned while they were religious.

Various groups I would belong to which influence my behavior are I am a male, am gay, I was raised Mormon, butan atheist, a naturist, someone who identifies more with left wing politics, I am disabled (legally blind), a state school college graduate with an AA in Addiction Studies and a BA in Sociology, in college I minored in theater and film, a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, a member of the United Food and Commercial Worker's union, I have a gym membership... and so on.

My behavior is mostly dictated by an amalgamation of the various groups I belong to or have belonged to and how well I fit into each group and what position I held within each group. If you want to understand a person, whether yourself or anyone else, you learn about their life and what groups they belonged to and what role they played in those groups. It is very complicated, which is why psychology is often preferred by people as a field of study over sociology, but sociology gives much more useful relevant information.

On the downside, human diversity is such that there can never be any one social theory that explains human behavior. Other than generalizing that people are mostly the products of the groups they belong to or associate with, if you get any mroe specific, then human diversity will insure that virtually any theory that is more specific theories are full of flaws and are at best thought experiments.


From your list #1, 2, 4, 5, and 7, plus a couple wine-tastings, potluck dinners, dances, camping, and sitting around a bonfire talking. With the exception of 1 and 2, these activities were at a handful of nudist resorts.

At a nudist resort, the question would have to be, "What did you do clothed?" For me, the answer to that is "check in". After that I am naked until it is time to leave the nudist resort.

For me, the answer would just be park.


All those things except #'s 8, 9 and 11. I've also done Yoga. I now live in an apt so no longer do yardwork but am almost always naked at home. I've learned to slip into underwear while cooking anything that can splatter, though. Possible ouchies.

I tended to change what I cooked to things that don't splatter so much. Like switching from regular to turkey bacon, and cooking by "oven frying" instead of frying on the stove top. I actually shy away from frying in general, just because other forms of cooking are healthier. I forgot to include cooking naked, but I only listed what was on the top of my head at the time. I coudl probably think of other stuf too.


I like to clean house naked with doors and windows open. Does that make me an exhibitionist?

I don't think so.

What is your address? 😉


Honestly, most the things did lead to sex. Had a naked day with my gf at the time, we just hung out, watched movies, talked, listened to records, napped, and drew. Hmmmm.


A girl and I went horseback riding bareback. Both naked then had sex on the horse . Lind of fun while it was trotting lol.


Sleeping; hot springs resorts - soaking, sunning, hiking, bathing, sauna... ahhh!


I forgot! My house sits pretty far back from the road and my screened in porch is protected by crepe myrtles so on hot summer nights I'll take a cold shower and air dry in my porch swing.


I don't care about societal BS i like silk caressing my body. And if an interesting friend pops over ??? Yeah

EvaV Level 7 June 28, 2018

Interesting friend?Male or you have a significant other to join y`all? you use the shaes for light domination.Man,I would like to find out do we get together.Do you have any pictures from times like that?just asking.what would your choice be,a real hardbody woman or a well hung guy?or both?please keep me alone posted.I wanna join in.

@lookinhard. I appreciate your candor and imagination

@EvaV ...I thought this was a place where we could really open up with our answers.I know its probably rude,but some more details would have been appropriate.Not"I appreciate your candor......".Anyway,if you wouldnt mind,I would love to hear more.At least about what you would prefer.If not,thats cool.If you ever want to get together to give an example,get in touch with me.Thanks for listening.

@Allamanda Eva and I have been friends for a while.just friendly banter.sorry to rilr you up so



It's amazing how taboo our society views nudism. I have been to a nude beach before and I found it to be a liberating experience. You quickly realize that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and there is no need to be insecure about your own.

That is the exact experience of most persons who become nudists/naturists. You stated it so well!


I would never have thought that sleeping in the nude would be worth mentioning. If anything I wear a t-shirt. Swimming in secluded ares or beaches where it's tolerated.
In Germany nudity was not really a big deal. People sunbath naked, swim in lakes naked ... Sauna: They used to be segregated but most saunas seem to be mixed and nudism seems compulsory. I have never seen anyone wear anything, except a wedding ring, in a German sauna.

I have traveled a lot, Turkey, Korea, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, lived in Brazil and Spain for a bit. Visited Mongolia, Canary Islands, the Philippines, Mexico, Hawaii and I find it is mostly the U.S. (mainland) that seems to be so uptight about nudity.

@Agr8m8 and Australia in a twisted way

@AncientNight i remember once my neighbours complained about us running around naked in our house. They would have had to climb on chairs to see that.


I was raised a nudist, so I did everything naked inside the house, and we also went to naturalist camps so I was naked outside, but didn't include a lot of things on your list (based on what amenities etc. were there, and my age at the time). Eventually I stopped being nudist outside of my bedroom, due to my step-dad taking advantage, and at this point that's generally where I keep it. I'll occasionally won't bother putting clothes on outside my room if no one else is home, but even then, I still tend to take clothes on and off pretty much every time I leave or enter my room. As it is, my laptop's moved back to my room, so I'm doing that naked again.

I wish I were raised as a nudist instead of as a Mormon. My childhood would have been a lot happier.


I work on my lathe.

@icolan Only when I get excited.

@GlyndonD hahahahaha.....

@GlyndonD Use it to shape wood?

@Pen-n-Ink, they don't call me Spindle Man for nothing!

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