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Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Being a naturist (nudist) I was just curious. Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Here are some things I myself have done, while naked.

  1. Sleeping. It is much more comfortable and it is easier for your body to maintain homeostasis and an even temperature if you sleep naked.

  2. Cleaning House. I started to just clean the shower naked, as then I didn’t have to worry about t getting wet or dirty. However, I reasoned there was no reason to worry about getting dirty at all when cleaning if I cleaned the whole house naked. I still ended cleaning in the shower, as after cleaning the shower, I’d also clean myself up.

  3. Gardening and yard work. I saw no need to get clothes dirty if I didn’t have to. I did and do wear clothes in the front yard, or if I am handling a mower or chainsaw, as a matter of safety. The function of clothes is warmth and protection, and some aspects of yard work require sensible protection. I’ll also do hand watering nude too. I don’t worry about getting wet, and if it gets hot, I can just turn the hose on myself and cool down without getting any clothing wet.

  4. Sunbathing. I think an all over tan looks much better and more natural than tan lines do, and much more attractive.

  5. Swimming. I hate wet swimwear. It gets really cold really fast once you get out of the water. Strangely, when naked, you don’t’ get as cold. You also don’t have to deal with a wet swimsuit getting everything else wet in your bag.

  6. At a Spa. This includes Jacuzzis, Steam Rooms and Saunas. Again, no wet swimsuits, and also it is easier to shower off sweat if you aren’t' wearing a swimsuit.

  7. Hiking. I love being out in nature and being naked enhances the experience as you feel the sun and wind (and sometimes rain) on your skin.

  8. Bicycling. I’ve gone on quite a few naked bike rides, usually as part of protests. The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), which happens in many major cities, is a protest about our dependence on fossil fuels. The WNBR in Portland, Oregon, in the USA attracts over 10,000 riders each year.

  9. Streaking. This is basically jogging while nude. In the e1970’s a lot of exhibitionists (persons who get aroused by others seeing them naked) did this, but for nudists it is always about just being naked and never about being seen by others… unless protesting, but then being seen still isn’t about sex.

  10. Table Games. Such as pool/billiards or ping pong.

  11. Boards Games/ card games. Oddly enou8gh I never played strip poker or any other stripping game. If nudity is no big deal for you, there is really no attraction to such games. However, I have played board and card games while naked.

So, what have you done naked (excluding sex and bathing)?

snytiger6 9 Nov 5

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Worked in an office. It was the weekend so I was the only one there.


I sleep naked most of the time and especially in the hot weather, when even the nights don't drop below 40 degrees centigrade. (That's 144 Farenheit) But in winter, when its frosty outside, I sleep warmly wrapped becaiuse, unless there's a howling gale and rain pouring in, I always have the French windows of my bedroom wide open for fresh air.
I like to swim naked, one feels so unfettered. But it is a shared pool, so not always possible.
When it is decently warm weather, I don't bother to get dressed until I'm going out, which can sometimes mean all day.
However, I am not a naturist.

People who sleep naked usually have a more restful sleep. Without clothes it is much easier fro the body to maintain homeostasis, or specifically to matain a uniform body temperature while sleeping.

I was surprised that you specifically said you are not a naturist. However, on thinking bout it, naturists/nudists usually engage in social nudity. I hadn't thought about it before, but a person who likes to be nude, but only when alone, is not quite the same category as a naturist/nudist.

In any case, I tend to think other people should identify themselves as they choose, because theorectically they shoudl know themselves better than others could know themn.

Where do you live that nights dont go down below 144 degrees?.... Hell?

@lookinhard Oops! That should have been 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Hell has improved, I gather, The devil doesn't spend much time there these days, too many priests!

@lookinhard evidently we are all going to hell here my mother tells me, so I've been practicing sleeping naked for 50 years now. I'm ready 😛

@snytiger6 If I sleep nude, as a stomach sleeper it's like sleeping on a short fat branch of 'woodie' all GD night!!

@Agr8m8 I'm a stomach sleeper, and especially if it's a woman's. 🙂😉


Boating ,Water skiing,nude sunbathing,taking the trash out to the curb ( my neighbors wife came over to check me out once while I was sunbathing nude in backyard)

During the warmer months, I will garden and water the plants in the backyard nude, and sometimes jus tlay out. I make a point to try to avoid getting tan lines.


Sleeping, sitting on front porch. Live in the country and sitting out watching Nature/wildlife..Try being naked in the Mojave Desert at night. Freeeeeezing! I can't imagin a yoga class...nope..too much meets the eyes.


Everything on the original list apart from hiking (though I've been for the odd short walk, 'free range' - does that count?) board/card games and streaking. In addition...

Driven a car naked. Several times at night. Once or twice in broad daylight.

Been on various naturist/nudist holidays, including UK caravan sites and a naturist complex in Spain (Costa Natura, near Estepona.)

Flown a kite and various drones and model helicopters.

Had many a barbecue.

Naked social afternoons/evenings with friends.

I'm a bit envious. You seem to have a much more full calendar of social nudity.


I am a naturist since eeeeeeeever.

There is a nudist group on the site.

@snytiger6 I know; I was invited to be a member...and I accepted.


Dungeons and Dragons. I'm not sure what lead to naked D&D, as it was many years ago when God was but a mere boy and the first dust had yet to settle. I recall it was me, another guy and two gals. All taking a week vacation to my parents cabin on a lake. The rest is a blur.

@jellyfish I remember a debate on if one of the girl's character's who was a half-cheetah? Would have shaved her nether-bits. Because the girl playing this character did, but the character was half Cheetah and therefore covered in fur. How the debate ended? No idea.


Painted walls, got drunk (after getting naked not before), watched tv, read, trod mudbricks, hunted goannas (very young at the time).


Water Skiing


I write naked.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 24, 2018

I am often naked when on the computer, and I often think of writing (more than comments of social websites), but when it comes down to something like a book, so far, I am just not disciplined enough to sit down and work on writing everyday for several hours.

I endeavor to write 1000 words a day. But I admit, some days I end up with only a page. But in the grand scheme of things that's enough to get through it.


Mmm; scuba a few times (scary), jogging (painful); and the usual: Sleeping, skinny dipping, sauna, hot tubing, sun bathing.

I don't think I'd care for scuba, as I am hesitant about hazards of swimming in the oceans.. there are creatures that can eat you out there.

Probably the most hazardous thing I do is ride a bike naked. I have wiped out and it was bloody, but I'd still do it.

@snytiger6 There are s'posedly about a fifth of folks that share your sensibility Sny... I am an old timey content provider in the field (you can Google my name), and well-accustomed to the oddness. Now, driving on the roads... REALLY scares me at times!


swimming and sleeping....and sauna


I had a naked out-of-body experience once. Yuck! It was like the Predestination movie.

godef Level 7 Dec 31, 2017

I have enjoyed jacuzzis naked with friends and neighbors (I used to live in a cohousing community), and I used to hang out in a clothing optional resort in Topanga Canyon (on the west side of Los Angeles) called Sandstone.

I lived in Los Angeles until 2010, and had never heard of Sandstone.

I just read on Wikipedia that Sandstone closed in 1976; evidently it was never profitable for the founders.


Eating sandwiches. What? Sandwiches taste better while naked 😀 Girl, I couldn't hope to survive streaking. My chest would be the death of me :/


I like to be in as little clothes as possible while camping and at home. I sleep nude usually.

I don’t like having to see other people naked, as I don’t like looking at fat/rolls, genitals, and other nasties. But before I’m jumped on for it, I don’t make others look at my body either.

I think we are taught our ideas of what is beautiful to soem extent. Most people, at least in the U.S. are a bit over weight. Like it or not that is normal. Not he photophppped models with eating disorders. As an example to make my point that a lot fo our conception of beauty was learned, in the middle ages, plump was attractive as is denoted in virtually all the paintings of nudes from that time.

Personally, I think body shaming is one of the worst things our society does to people, as it affects virtually everyone and saps their self confidence and self esteem. At some point in my life I realized my attitudes about bodies was nto healthy, and I changed my attitude. I still desire a better body, but not having one is no longer a reason (for me) to feel inadequate or somehow lacking. I see my current attitude are beign more mentally healthy. Not to mention more realistic.

I’m not going to apologize for not like to look at things that gross me out.

I don’t like body shaming, no one deserves to be shamed for who they are in their own home, but I also don’t like people trying to normalize obesity. All that bs about healthy fat might be ok while your adding the weight on, but long term it’s not. Our kids are growing up obese, their parents over feeding them crap and telling them it’s ok to be fat. It’s not.

I am all for people going at theeir own levels of comfort ability. That is why the World Naked Bike Ride says to fo "As Bare As You Dare".


I spend the majority of a 24 hr day naked

Lucky you!


Are members of the 300 Club allowed to post in this theme? 😉

Had to look up 300 club. I do not see why you might think there might be a limitation for that.

As it is so extreme, so limited and so very few can claim membership I posed the question with a slanted emoji. At least you now know the requirements for a 300 Club membership.

  1. Took a summer walk and communed with nature in the middle of Arizona desert.
  2. Streaked on a dare.
  3. Rode a motorcycle.

OK. Rifing a motorcycle is something i would NOT do naked. I've got some scars just from wipe outs on my bicycle. On a motorcycle, I'd feel a need to be more protected.


I have made snow angles in the nude, in extremely cold weather.

Then ran like mad to a roaring fireplace.

I have not tried that. I might, it sound sliek fun, but only if there is already a a wrm fire redy for afterwards.


Cooking (no bacon, obvs)

d_day Level 7 Dec 18, 2017

Swimming, beg a policeman for a break on the beach. Nude Beaches in Europe, Black Beach in San Diego, CA. Happening Hang Out on friend's apartment, Hide and Seek Games. Streaking on Mar y Sol Blues Jazz Festival in Puerto Rico circa 1972 during Good Week.


One of these days I'd like to make to a WNBR event. Otherwise, I've done hiking, swimming, spa & sauna, and I worked part time as a nude model for art classes. I've done in-house activities as well, but I don't consider those much of a big deal, since all those activities could be categorized under the heading of "being naked in my own house." So far, naked hiking is probably the most exhilarating.


Reverse strip poker. ????strip poker. Riding a motorcycle with a pizza box..


1,2,4,5,6. I like clothes for protection. Keeps me out of gaol too.

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