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Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Being a naturist (nudist) I was just curious. Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Here are some things I myself have done, while naked.

  1. Sleeping. It is much more comfortable and it is easier for your body to maintain homeostasis and an even temperature if you sleep naked.

  2. Cleaning House. I started to just clean the shower naked, as then I didn’t have to worry about t getting wet or dirty. However, I reasoned there was no reason to worry about getting dirty at all when cleaning if I cleaned the whole house naked. I still ended cleaning in the shower, as after cleaning the shower, I’d also clean myself up.

  3. Gardening and yard work. I saw no need to get clothes dirty if I didn’t have to. I did and do wear clothes in the front yard, or if I am handling a mower or chainsaw, as a matter of safety. The function of clothes is warmth and protection, and some aspects of yard work require sensible protection. I’ll also do hand watering nude too. I don’t worry about getting wet, and if it gets hot, I can just turn the hose on myself and cool down without getting any clothing wet.

  4. Sunbathing. I think an all over tan looks much better and more natural than tan lines do, and much more attractive.

  5. Swimming. I hate wet swimwear. It gets really cold really fast once you get out of the water. Strangely, when naked, you don’t’ get as cold. You also don’t have to deal with a wet swimsuit getting everything else wet in your bag.

  6. At a Spa. This includes Jacuzzis, Steam Rooms and Saunas. Again, no wet swimsuits, and also it is easier to shower off sweat if you aren’t' wearing a swimsuit.

  7. Hiking. I love being out in nature and being naked enhances the experience as you feel the sun and wind (and sometimes rain) on your skin.

  8. Bicycling. I’ve gone on quite a few naked bike rides, usually as part of protests. The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), which happens in many major cities, is a protest about our dependence on fossil fuels. The WNBR in Portland, Oregon, in the USA attracts over 10,000 riders each year.

  9. Streaking. This is basically jogging while nude. In the e1970’s a lot of exhibitionists (persons who get aroused by others seeing them naked) did this, but for nudists it is always about just being naked and never about being seen by others… unless protesting, but then being seen still isn’t about sex.

  10. Table Games. Such as pool/billiards or ping pong.

  11. Boards Games/ card games. Oddly enou8gh I never played strip poker or any other stripping game. If nudity is no big deal for you, there is really no attraction to such games. However, I have played board and card games while naked.

So, what have you done naked (excluding sex and bathing)?

snytiger6 9 Nov 5

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The only thing I do naked is bathe.


Sleeping. Massage. Swimming. Sauna. Oh, and dancing, once.


Since college, I've preferred to sleep naked. If I'm cold, I might wear a t-shirt, boxers, and socks, but generally I prefer to go au naturel. Fortunately, I don't sleepwalk anymore.

I sleep naked, and on cold nights just thrown on another comforter onto the bed. I sleep better in a coller room.

i started sleeping naked when I red how it is easier for the body to maintain homeostasis and an even body temperature if you sleep naked, whci gives you a better rest.


I did a lot of things naked: sleep, house chores, hiking, beach, swimming.


I have skied naked, sauna, gardened and since I sleep naked sometimes have breakfast that way.


sleeping, swimming and gardening mostly.


pretty much just sleeping and I haven't done that very long. I hope to visit a clothing optional resort some day. has a listing of clothing optional clubs and resorts.

The rules for most clubs are that clothing is optional except in "wet areas" like the pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and showers. In those areas nudity is mandatory. The resoning being that if you mix clothed persons and nude persons in such persons, the clothed persons are more likley to misbehave or engage in inappropriate behaviors.

I don't mind the nudity part, heck other than a brief glance now and then I doubt I would pay much attention at all in a very short time. I don't want to go to ogle folks, just to see if I like the sensation of being outdoors nude.


Do shoes count? ...those river rocks were sharp 😉

Varn Level 8 Dec 25, 2017

No. Shoes don't count. I wear shoes when hiking nude, or riding a bike nude. Unless I went barefoot 24/7, to toughen up the soled of my feet, my feet wouldn't be tough enough to handle some activities without shoes.

Clothes serve two practical pu8poses, which are warmth and protection. For some things you just don't need either of those purposes fulfilled, however proper sfety is just good common sense.


Streaking and modeling nude for an art class. Guess which one I broke my ankle doing?

I also once modeled nude for an art class. They were impressed at how long I could hold still.


Hanging around the house. Rituals with close friends. Hot tubbing, sleeping. Hiking. Most people seem pretty freaked out about their bodies. It's sad.



That's a good one! And it also makes great sense.


Nothing recently, however I know what you mean about the feeling. In my teens, I used to skinny dip in a spring near a music camp I attended in High School. It was fun and magical! Especially at night with candles on the edge.


If I am home alone I am either half dressed or not dressed. I have a robe I can slip on and my windows are fixed to where I see out but you cannot see in.

I'll put on a robe in the winter when it is cold. Otherwise, if home alone, no clothes needed.


Definitely sleeping......and sometimes when cleaning the shower. I am a huge "bug magnet" so I try to cover up every available bit of skin when I go outside - otherwise they will devour me.


Unless i am cold or have visitors, i do everything in the house naked. i just don't wear clothing in the house.

my fiancé and i went to a clothing-optional resort in jamaica and i just loved it. i loved being naked outdoors. it was so liberating! it's certainly the only way i could ever enjoy playing volleyball (and it has to be in the swimming pool, too!)


I ofen hear stories about peopel wh onever considered going nude, bu tthem they were with friends who went to a nude beach or a nudist resort, and they were suprised at how mucy they enjoyed themselves.


Feed the chickens. Housecleaning. Playing my guitar. Talking on the phone. Having a meal.

We had chickens when I was growing up, and I'd say I'm not about to dangle MY bits around them. Chicken are one of those instances where I think clothing is warranted for protection. Perhaps your chickens aren't all that aggressive....

@snytiger6 My girls are highly civilized ! But then I have nothing that "dangles" either ....(ha)

@evergreen Perhaps the chicken yard growing up was a bit over crowded. It was only about ten by twenty feet, and there were about 30 chickens. I'd think they'd need more room than that.

I remember pulling tomato bugs off the tomato plants and throwing them to the chickens and how aggressive they got going after them... which is why, as a male, I'd be a bit concerned about my dangly bits.


As someone else said - I was raised a nudist so I have covered many things naked. Neighbors are a bit close so I have to be a bit careful - one day the hedge I planted will fill in.....


I love lingere.....alot.... Fun to take off too

EvaV Level 7 June 29, 2018

I'm a very WHITE woman! There are men out in the world who are SNOW BLIND, having seen me nude. It's like flash bulbs going off! I don't expose this snowy white bod to the's a public service on my part!

burn baby burn !


Skinny dipping and sleeping.


Skinny dipping, sleeping, and sitting in front of the air conditioner on a hot humid Arkansas day.


Many of those you mentioned, bike ride no though, cooked, eating meals, done my taxes, watched movies (non porn) house work, gardening, sun bathing and the spa of course, but no hiking in the nude....sounds amazing.....


I used to sleep naked, but since the insulin pump took over my life, I have not. The annoying little thing needs something to clip on to. I once sunbathed nude on the roof of a house. It was slightly windy ( from the sea) and I wound up with second degree burns and sun poisoning. None of that anymore!

@AncientNight I think the '20 minute rule' needs to be modified by basic skin color. If I spent 20 minutes in the sun I'd be like bacon -- extra crisp. Even with maximum blockage sun screen I begin to burn within ten minutes.


Worked in an office. It was the weekend so I was the only one there.


I sleep naked most of the time and especially in the hot weather, when even the nights don't drop below 40 degrees centigrade. (That's 144 Farenheit) But in winter, when its frosty outside, I sleep warmly wrapped becaiuse, unless there's a howling gale and rain pouring in, I always have the French windows of my bedroom wide open for fresh air.
I like to swim naked, one feels so unfettered. But it is a shared pool, so not always possible.
When it is decently warm weather, I don't bother to get dressed until I'm going out, which can sometimes mean all day.
However, I am not a naturist.

People who sleep naked usually have a more restful sleep. Without clothes it is much easier fro the body to maintain homeostasis, or specifically to matain a uniform body temperature while sleeping.

I was surprised that you specifically said you are not a naturist. However, on thinking bout it, naturists/nudists usually engage in social nudity. I hadn't thought about it before, but a person who likes to be nude, but only when alone, is not quite the same category as a naturist/nudist.

In any case, I tend to think other people should identify themselves as they choose, because theorectically they shoudl know themselves better than others could know themn.

Where do you live that nights dont go down below 144 degrees?.... Hell?

@lookinhard Oops! That should have been 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Hell has improved, I gather, The devil doesn't spend much time there these days, too many priests!

@lookinhard evidently we are all going to hell here my mother tells me, so I've been practicing sleeping naked for 50 years now. I'm ready 😛

@snytiger6 If I sleep nude, as a stomach sleeper it's like sleeping on a short fat branch of 'woodie' all GD night!!

@Agr8m8 I'm a stomach sleeper, and especially if it's a woman's. 🙂😉

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