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Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Being a naturist (nudist) I was just curious. Excluding sex or bathing, what activities have you done naked?

Here are some things I myself have done, while naked.

  1. Sleeping. It is much more comfortable and it is easier for your body to maintain homeostasis and an even temperature if you sleep naked.

  2. Cleaning House. I started to just clean the shower naked, as then I didn’t have to worry about t getting wet or dirty. However, I reasoned there was no reason to worry about getting dirty at all when cleaning if I cleaned the whole house naked. I still ended cleaning in the shower, as after cleaning the shower, I’d also clean myself up.

  3. Gardening and yard work. I saw no need to get clothes dirty if I didn’t have to. I did and do wear clothes in the front yard, or if I am handling a mower or chainsaw, as a matter of safety. The function of clothes is warmth and protection, and some aspects of yard work require sensible protection. I’ll also do hand watering nude too. I don’t worry about getting wet, and if it gets hot, I can just turn the hose on myself and cool down without getting any clothing wet.

  4. Sunbathing. I think an all over tan looks much better and more natural than tan lines do, and much more attractive.

  5. Swimming. I hate wet swimwear. It gets really cold really fast once you get out of the water. Strangely, when naked, you don’t’ get as cold. You also don’t have to deal with a wet swimsuit getting everything else wet in your bag.

  6. At a Spa. This includes Jacuzzis, Steam Rooms and Saunas. Again, no wet swimsuits, and also it is easier to shower off sweat if you aren’t' wearing a swimsuit.

  7. Hiking. I love being out in nature and being naked enhances the experience as you feel the sun and wind (and sometimes rain) on your skin.

  8. Bicycling. I’ve gone on quite a few naked bike rides, usually as part of protests. The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), which happens in many major cities, is a protest about our dependence on fossil fuels. The WNBR in Portland, Oregon, in the USA attracts over 10,000 riders each year.

  9. Streaking. This is basically jogging while nude. In the e1970’s a lot of exhibitionists (persons who get aroused by others seeing them naked) did this, but for nudists it is always about just being naked and never about being seen by others… unless protesting, but then being seen still isn’t about sex.

  10. Table Games. Such as pool/billiards or ping pong.

  11. Boards Games/ card games. Oddly enou8gh I never played strip poker or any other stripping game. If nudity is no big deal for you, there is really no attraction to such games. However, I have played board and card games while naked.

So, what have you done naked (excluding sex and bathing)?

snytiger6 9 Nov 5

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Dining - it's great when nudist friends get together for a clothes-free dinner party.


streaking, swimming, cooking (i use an apron if oil is involved), sleeping (sometimes), just hanging out with one of my lovers (past and present). probably more that i just can't think about


Sleeping and swimming. I also clean my shower/bath during my shower. I don't know about riding a bike though that sounds a bit uncomfortable, but you never know until you try, right?


Trolling the internet. 😀

@MissKathleen 😀


Swimming and sleeping. There's really nothing like the free feeling of your breasts without gravitation in the water. It feels really good.
And having pajamas wrapped around you is uncomfortable. Naked is better.




I like nude beaches. Nothing like swimming nude. The sand is a bit of an issue though!

Me too. My legs are ugly & I figure people won't be looking at my legs as much then.


Video games with friends or significant others



Para Level 3 Nov 2, 2018

Sleeping and spa

rajga Level 2 Oct 28, 2018

I tried option 2 today and it was awesome. Has anyone painted rooms in your house naked? I did a few years ago and it quite helpful in sweating less and ruining clothes while you do it.

If you can do any kind of work where you will just get dirty doing it, naked, where, you don't 'need clothing for safety reaspns, clean up is definitely a lot easier.


I have done 1 and 4 and might try 2 later today or tomorrow.


Eating, sleeping, cleaning, cooking (except frying, guys know what I mean), swimming. Stayed at a nudist colony for two months is Florida in my twenties. I wouldn't recommend sports.

Maybe just sports played in water?

@snytiger6 Good point!


Fishing (shore ) and boating.


I convinced my second wife to go to a local naturalist camp twice. The actual reason we went twice was the first time she did not get naked and was told she could not be in the pool area in a bathing suit. So I convinced her that she didn’t really have the nudist experience and talked her into going and actually being naked. She was not comfortable with it and we never went again. I also spent three days by myself at Hedonism II in Jamaica nude resort. I consider this to have been one of my best vacations ever, though it would have been much more fun if I had a partner there to enjoy it with.


Sunbathing,swimming & cleaning I like also a light wrap The other not at all Biking courageous

EvaV Level 7 June 28, 2018

I think it makes a lot of sense to clean while naked. You don't get your clothes dirty cleaning that way, and just clean the shower last, not carign if you get wet or cleaning stuff on you, because you just shower off when done.


Always sleep in the nude.

Bubaj Level 4 June 25, 2018

Sleeping,absolutely. Handstands. Sea swimming.
I find that,for many things,I prefer to at least wear underwear simply because,beings guy,things can rather get in the way when I'm trying to get things done...

I agree that for seem activities clothing should be worn for either warmth or protection. Some activities, liek when I'm runnign a chainsaw, just screams via common sense to wwear protection.

Yes,I think chainsawing in the nude is...unwise.
I'm not certain but I think it likely there's a sub-section on that somewhere in the Health and Safety at Work Act.

@EdMalarkey I just used chainsawing as an extreme example. I also would not do cross country skiing naked, but evidently soem people do. Then again I was hiking on on Mt. Hood in March one year and the air temperature was above 80F. As all the winter snow was still there, I guess I coudl see cross country skiing under those conditions. We did have to end the hike early because the trail was covered with snow. (We were hiking nude tht day due to the high temperatures.)


walking in the countryside. i walked 12 miles around Foreland Head, only put some shorts on twice when the path crossed the beach.

I hike/walk nude when I can. My friends and id use kilts with velcro fasteners to cover up when encountering hikers with kids.


Have a Hawaiian party in the snow ...well, not quite naked, grass skirts were involved ?



ebdb Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

1, 2, 4 at the beach, 5, & 9.


Dancing, painting the back porch, run, taken sun, swimming, reading, hiking......


Nudist, pics?!

I have nudist pics, but don't share them. It isn't about seeing people naked. To nudists nudity is passe. People who ask for nudist pics usually are not of a mind consistent with nudist culture.

@snytiger6 Sorry buddy, it was tongue in cheek!

@Zoidburg Yeah, no worries. I have often encountered cases where emails or texts where taken out of the context in which they were intended. Because written words have no vocal intonations or facial expression to help convey meaning, there are a lot of times where things get read the wrogn way and the writer's meaning doesn't come though as intended. I think the more a person knows the other person the less likely this is to happen, but often people will say something as they would to a good friend, to someoen they hardly know, and then it is easy for misinterpretation to take place.

I often think that technology is decreasing the quality level of our communications, because of a lack of vocal intonations and facial expressions in communications, which makes it very easy to misinterpret meanings.

I tend to write longer emails, texts and so on because I want to try to be clear about what I mean and for better communication and understanding... although I tend to get complaints about my long notes.

@snytiger6 I couldn't agree more with every single word of that. It's happened to me a few times on here, already!

@Zoidburg 'tongue and cheek', is that like salad tossing?...oh wait, that would be 'tongue IN cheek'...never mind..hahaha


frying meat, I do not recommend frying meat while naked.

Turkey bacon doesn't really splatter.

slip on a sock til done....hehehe

@snytiger6 Turkey bacon doesn’t taste good.

To me.

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