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While everything is taken place in the world right now, how many of you have starting talking to God, and Pray that you stay alive, and well?

TonyCarl1 6 Mar 21

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No, but it sure seems to be working in reverse.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 21, 2020

This is perfect!!


I would pray to my tomato plant before I would pray to any sky daddy ,at least I am getting something in return .

granny Level 6 Mar 21, 2020

Praying is one of the most moronic rituals ever thought up by humans .It is passed on by indoctrination and is absolutely devoid of any logic or common sense on all levels .


Why would I talk to something/somebody that never existed?


Let me see...ZERO!

I felt no need to talk to a god when my daughter lost a pregnancy at 17 weeks. I felt no need to talk to a god when my brother got killed at work at the age of 43 (he would have turned 60 two days ago). I never felt the need to talk to a god when I found out my husband had been cheating on me for five years (and fathered a kid--or maybe two-- during that time). And, I feel no need to turn to a god during this. I will look toward reason, common sense and science.


It never even crossed my mind. Why would i talk to a fictional character?



Uh......why would I suddenly start practicing make believe now??


Oh yeah? 25,000+ children die of starvation alone every day on earth, "God" going to help you out though?


You are on the wrong site.

Totally agree - trolling!!!!!


WTH? You can’t be serious.


I talk to my cats - and myself. I also answer.

I put my fate in my own choices, and the directives of scientists.

I see nothing wrong with having an opposing side of one's brain answering back because of one's thoughts. I deliberately do it in a comic voice to make it fun. We all - or nearly all put on a baby voice to say what we hope the baby is thinking.

@Mcflewster Since I'm not big into babies - I use an adult voice ... : )

@evergreen Sorry of course you do.


😂🤣😁 talking to god?.. Praying?? You should take that comedy show on the road. 😄


Atheists in fox holes?
Seriously? Do you know which site you are on? Or are you just trolling?


Yes! We see the giant pink bunny rabbits too!


Ohhhhh F--K NO. I did "tell" god if he carried off McConnell, Pence, Trump, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, and most of the Republican party and Xian Coalition I might start to tithe. I didn't say where I'd send those tithes.


The concept of praying to and asking for help from something that supposedly created you makes absolutely no sense. Why would a so called god put his own creation in peril in the first place or not Alleviate it’s suffering .These are the traits of a sadist and a psychopath. But this is the god invented by man as depicted in the Epicurean paradox which assumes human and divine definitions of evil are the same .


Are you serious? Why would I do that?


No. But I've been spending a lot of time in the garage talking to my invisible dragon,,,,,,,Bert.

What about his friend Ernie?

@Cutiebeauty That's superstitious nonsense..........There's no Ernie....

@PondartIncbendog no cookie monster either? 😪😖

@Cutiebeauty Well of course there is! Don't cry, I'll do anything! I can't stand crying.


I started talking to my TV. Wait, are you saying my TV is a god? Makes sense. Knows everything, always watching me. If one dies, it comes back, though sometimes in a different form. It works in mysterious ways (the remote doesn't always work, and it can change its own channels). Sometimes, I yell (a prayer) to the TV to let things go my way for my sports teams and it makes it happen. Sometimes, I yell (a prayer) to the TV to let things go my way for my sports teams and it makes it happen. Hell, even kids know this inherently. Leave a child in front of a TV, they will get on the ground and just listen to its words as long as you let them. I suppose that is a form of worship.
Dude, we gotta get the good word out, TVs are gods! Praise be unto the TV gods.


Zero. Have been an atheist since age 13.


To paraphrase John McEnroe ...”you cannot be serious!” I read on your bio page that you are psychic how exactly does that work, can you read the future? If that is will this all end?

@Marionville -- It was a typo. He meant 'psycho' or something like that.

@evidentialist 😂...perhaps so!

@Marionville -- Let's see. How did the advertisement go? Oh yeah, now I remember:

The Psychic's Association meeting has been postponed because of unforeseen circumstances.

@evidentialist Not exactly a great advert to promote their psychic skills!




EVEN IF I believed in some kind of omnipotent, omniscient deity, why would I pray? He (or She or IT) would have set this thing loose in the first place. Why would My insignificant prayer convince it to do anything different?


No gods yet BUT I have started talking to my lamp. I was getting a tad lonely there for a while in my self-imposed isolation but then I noticed how attractive and steadfast Lamp was. He's tall and slim, doesn't prattle on and is always there for me. I turn him on every night. Ahhh; he just lights up my day. 😀

Not the smartest bulb in the bunch, but he keeps you warm.

You can even ask (pray to) your lamp and expect the same outcome as praying to a jug of milk


or a god.




I can't speak for everyone but I think the vast majority of us outgrew the invisible, untestable, sky-daddy childhood-fable long ago.

Your question is as silly as asking ". . how many of you have starting talking to" Santa clause.

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