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While everything is taken place in the world right now, how many of you have starting talking to God, and Pray that you stay alive, and well?

TonyCarl1 6 Mar 21

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My late father once told me, in a more vulgar way, that there was a simple test I could perform as a quick check on reality vs prayer. It was basically to defecate in one hand and ask for my answered prayers to be placed in the other and see which hand got full first. Metaphorically speaking I would have had to empty the former hand out countless times and the later none at all. I will add the disclaimer that I consider an answered prayer one that has no rational explanation as to how it came about....

Like a "wish come true".


The reason i posted this, I remember during the wars, how many atheists and agnostics started to pray , while they were in there foxholes. I am a fatalists, and I feel i have the ability to change anything i put my mind to.

I will try to accept this as just tongue-in-cheek facetiousness.

I've always seen that story as propaganda.

The myths that are pissing me off right now is the delusion/ lie that America was not founded as a Secular Nation. I'll eventually get on over the current superstitions regarding the Covid-19.

@TonyCarl1 Atheists turning to religion at times of crisis is a myth. Do you have any evidence for what you say? I saw my mother die without turning to religion, instead getting angry with those who tried to encourage her to do that. I have heard and read interviews with atheist soilders who did not turn to religion in the foxhole. Did you actually see an atheist turn to religion in the foxhole, or just hear made up stories about it?

I don't believe you remember that at all. You may have seen believers who didn't practice religion suddenly decide to pray. I assure you that the guy who said there are no atheists in foxholes didn't do any research but was only describing on his own reaction to fear.


Nope. Cause if there was a "god" this crap would be "his" fault.


Yeah...I tried talking to God, but no one answered. I also prayed that my left hand would be filled and I shit in my right...guess which one got filled. 🙂


From all the comments I can add me to the list.

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